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Texts: ABS-CBN: June, 2001

June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, Troops fan out vs Abu,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10 hostages sighted in Basilan,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, US tells Abu: Free hostages ASAP,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:12 PM, Enrile: Power Bill passage improper,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:08 PM, MILF not negotiating with ASG,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 7:45 PM, Palace dismayed over AFP's performance,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 7:30 PM, Senate: Oust 'trigger happy' cops,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 7:14 PM, Comelec count: It's still 8-4-1,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 7:07 PM, BIR reshuffle to boost collections,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 6:56 PM, Bicameral body signs power reform bill,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 6:42 PM, Abu Sayyaf's boats recovered,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 6:14 PM, Palace junks MILF offer,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 5:46 PM, No preparations for talks with ASG,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 4:56 PM, Peso stronger on yen's rise,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 5:07 PM, Tiglao: US yet to offer help,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 5:04 PM, SC junks PCGG petition,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 4:53 PM, Desierto: Erap trials over in six months,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 4:32 PM, Ombudsman may still use MJ vs Erap?,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 4:05 PM, DECS, GSIS ink pact for teachers,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 3:51 PM, DECS floats optional 3-day school week,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:32 PM, Adan admits slack, ineffective blockade,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:19 AM, An Abu Sayyaf guerrilla's confession,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:19 AM, Troops, bandits clash in Basilan,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:19 AM, Abu clashes with military in Basilan,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:48 AM, AFP denies hostages' boat recovered,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:33 AM, PPC: Recto in winners' circle,
June 1, 2001, ABS-CBN, US help on hostage crisis ruled out,

June 4, 2001, ABS-CBN, Roxas allays fears on hostage crisis,
June 4, 2001, ABS-CBN, Arroyo hails soldiers' gallantry,
June 4, 2001, ABS-CBN, ASG beheads 2 hostages,

June 5, 2001, ABS-CBN, Abu hunt could use 'emergency',

June 6, 2001, ABS-CBN, Abu contacts mediator as battle rages,

June 7, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10:39 PM, Bandits' secret: Shabu Sayyaf,
June 7, 2001, ABS-CBN, 7:30 PM, ASG threatens to behead US hostages,

June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:04 PM, Malacañang open to charter change,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:07 PM, MILF to close camps to ASG,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:04 PM, Talks on for ASG hostage swap,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 6:11 PM, Murder raps vs Bacalla slay suspects,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 5:56 PM, US gov't calls on ASG not to harm hostages,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 2:43 PM, Aetas find missing US Navy officer,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 2:34 AM, Tatad: Philippine media running gov't,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 2:27 PM, Arroyo signs supplemental budget,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 2:13 PM, Arrest orders out vs ASG leaders,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 1:53 PM, Officials believe MILF 'in bed' with ASG,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:47 PM, Adan: Sabaya under pressure,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:29 PM, Erap lawyer want alias charge dropped,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:22 PM, Senate to consult Narvasa charter change report,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:07 PM, Adan urges Abaya anew to make contact,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, ASG claims American hostage hurt,
June 8, 2001, ABS-CBN, Aetas find missing US Navy officer,

June 9, 2001, ABS-CBN, 7:00 PM, Gov't cool to Abu demand on negotiators,
June 9, 2001, ABS-CBN, 6:25 PM, Lack of witness delays Manero case anew,
June 9, 2001, ABS-CBN, 6:16 PM, FBI agents arrive in Zamboanga,
June 9, 2001, ABS-CBN, 4:52 PM, Gov't 'not alarmed' by ASG deadline,
June 9, 2001, ABS-CBN, 2:56 AM, Romero denies paying ransom,

June 10, 2001, ABS-CBN, 7:22 PM, Erap 'plunder watch' formed,
June 10, 2001, ABS-CBN, 5:05 PM, AFP: ASG hostages split into 2 groups,
June 10, 2001, ABS-CBN, 4:38 PM, ASG deadline lapses with no word from Sabaya,

June 11, 2001, ABS-CBN, Libya offers help, scores Abu,
June 11, 2001, ABS-CBN, ASG deadline Monday, not Sunday?,

June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, Bandits snatch 15 in new attack,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, Palace allows Malaysian in Abu talks,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:10 PM, Headless body not Sobero's,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:09 PM, Golez: Sobero's death not yet confirmed,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10:54 PM, Military denies headless body found,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10:47 PM, Church supports all-out war vs ASG,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10:42 PM, AFP: There's no headless body,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10:37 PM, Sobero's headless body found in Basilan?,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:06 PM, Agi bodyguard: 'There were three killers',
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:02 PM, Aguinaldo killed in ambush,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:32 PM, Vigilantes ready for war vs Abus,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:13 PM, Muslim religious leaders slam Adan,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:10 PM, Malaysia won't talk with ASG,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:49 PM, GRP, NDF takes up human rights issues,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:51 PM, Erap lawyers to set next move,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:44 PM, Basilan church supports all-out war vs ASG,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:20 PM, Arroyo calls on Filipinos to unite,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:16 PM, ASG hostages starving,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:15 PM, AFP cites reasons for beheading of US citizen,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:10 PM, Malaysians threaten to boycott talks with ASG,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:10 PM, More ASG hostages killed,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:05 PM, Sandiganbayan asked to reconsider decision,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:58 PM, Complete list of ASG hostages,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:05 PM, Opposition optimistic of Senate leadership,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 02:40 PM, Southcom: ASG holds 28 hostages,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 02:27 PM, AFP to consider switching strategy,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 01:37 PM, Kin hopeful about Sobero,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 01:28 PM, US condemns reported beheading,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 01:04 PM, Adan cites 2 motives for execution,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:01 PM, GMA on Abu: 'Merciless, ruthless',
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:35 AM, Arroyo on Abu: Ruthless, cowardly,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:23 AM, Rizal prosecutors get larger jurisdiction,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:09 AM, Military scouring Tuburan for hostage,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10:26 AM, Cabrera: Abu's action is evil,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10:32 AM, Fire rages at Cebu City Hall,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10:16 AM, Military to pursue ASG without letup,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:56 AM, Adan: ASG claim could be a ploy,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:54 AM, Negotiator awaiting OK from Malaysian gov't,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:30 AM, Gordon: Tourist destinations safe,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:25 AM, Gov't set to process undocumented Indonesians,
June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:57 AM, Golez: Malaysia amenable to allow negotiator,

June 13, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:48 AM, Congressman Aguinaldo shot dead,

June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:39 PM, 'Sabaya to release two hostages',
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:58 PM, P1-M for video of Sobero beheading,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:51 PM, NDF refuses to explain Agui's death,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:34 PM, Piston condemns proposed oil price hike,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:41 PM, Cost of living in Manila surges,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:39 PM, Singapore TV apologizes to Filipinos,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:33 PM, Arroyo wants gradual hike in water rates,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:13 PM, Ping de Jesus acquitted of graft charges,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:34 PM, Police want Estradas detained at Crame,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:40 PM, Singson summoned to testify vs Erap,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:19 PM, Peso ends slightly lower at P51.36:$1,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:24 PM, Erap arraignment postponed,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:13 PM, Missing Malaysian barge found,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:07 PM, Sandiganbayan asked to sanction Erap lawyers,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:55 PM, Petron may hike pump prices anew,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:53 PM, AFP sends more troops to Basilan,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:38 PM, NDF justifies Aguinaldo slaying,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:22 PM, Aguinaldo slay suspects identified,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:57 PM, Desierto bares new witnesses vs Erap,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 02:46 PM, Jimenez given 3 days for Erap affidavits,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 02:23 PM, BIR officials seek to bar revamp order,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 02:11 PM, Reyes: No more negotiations,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:40 AM, Agui slay puts Oslo talks on hold,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:46 AM, Jalandoni: Get on with Erap trial,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:29 AM, NDF: Oslo talks should go on,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:18 AM, NDF: Revolutionary justice must go on,
June 14, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:16 AM, Jalandoni to RP panel: Stay, don't go,

June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, NDF threatens to resume fighting,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:39 PM, Traders fear high prices due to oil,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:55 PM, One dead, 20 injured in Iligan explosion,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:26 PM, AFP reactivates OJ9,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:19 PM, ARMM plebiscite to push through,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:10 PM, No amnesty for ASG surrenderees,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:09 PM, AFP braces for final push vs ASG,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:37 PM, Alleged Aguinaldo 'hitman' surfaces,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:37 PM, Chavit: Robot to surrender soon,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:21 PM, Serapio's bail hearing postponed,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:41 PM, NDF threatens to scrap talks with GRP,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:29 PM, Joma slams plan to honor Agui,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:07 PM, MILF warns of more terrorism in Mindanao,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:45 PM, ASG links to int'l terrorists probed,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:36 PM, Peso slides to P51.59:$1,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:20 PM, Tiglao: Order creating anti-crime body drafted,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:59 PM, LDP's choice: Angara or Pimentel,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:56 AM, Lawyer: Why drag Erap to Serapio's hearing?,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:46 AM, Jalandoni: Get on with Erap trial,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:28 AM, NDF: Oslo talks should go on,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:18 AM, NDF: Revolutionary justice must go on,
June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:16 AM, Jalandoni to RP panel: Stay, don't go,

June 16, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:25 AM, Ani: Gov't should speed up Erap cases,
June 16, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:16 AM, Governor: Basilan needs long-term development,
June 16, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:08 AM, Akbar: Civilian leaders key to Abu capture,
June 16, 2001, ABS-CBN, 2:10 AM, Police identify Iligan blast victims,
June 16, 2001, ABS-CBN, 1:32 PM, Villagers flee war zone,
June 16, 2001, ABS-CBN, 1:16 AM, AFP unaware of Robot's surrender feeler,
June 16, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:25 AM, Ani: Gov't should speed up Erap cases,
June 16, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:16 AM, Governor: Basilan needs long-term development,
June 16, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:08 AM, Akbar: Civilian leaders key to Abu capture,
June 16, 2001, ABS-CBN, 2:10 AM, Police identify Iligan blast victims,
June 16, 2001, ABS-CBN, 1:32 AM, Villagers flee war zone,
June 16, 2001, ABS-CBN, 1:16 AM, AFP unaware of Robot's surrender feeler,

June 20, 2001, ABS-CBN, Palace, AFP clash over Robot,

June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10:17 p.m. GRP, MILF ink cease-fire accord,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10:12 p.m. Chinese kidnapped in N. Cotabato,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10:10 p.m. PNP to deploy 2,000 officers at Sandiganbayan,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:56 p.m. Golez reveals ambush plot vs Estrada,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:17 p.m. British embassy confirms abductions,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:49 PM, Gov't, MILF to ink truce pact,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:35 PM, PPC fails to choose speakership bet,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:23 PM, Golez: Erap's security threatened,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:07 PM, Gov't workers to get pay hike July 15,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:39 PM, Three more ASG hostages freed,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:25 PM, Jinggoy's lawyers to file new motion,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:13 PM, Erap's trial at VMMC pressed,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:02 PM, NBI revamp set,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:23 PM, Ramos: RP economy 'bound to improve',
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:00 PM, 12 alleged kidnappers arrested,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:54 PM, Peso recovers on talk of BSP intervention,
June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:46 PM, Lawmakers misuse DA funds,

June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:39 PM, Singson removed from hold departure list,
June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:06 PM, Lina vows to go after 'untouchable' gambling lords,
June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:03 PM, Miriam calls for new charter,
June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:59 PM, MBC supports Romulo as new Finance chief,
June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:39 PM, Singson removed from hold departure list,
June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:06 PM, Lina vows to go after 'untouchable' gambling lords,
June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:03 PM, Miriam calls for new charter,
June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:59 PM, MBC supports Romulo as new Finance chief,
June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:57 a.m. Two ASG hostages beheaded.
June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:31 a.m. Blast rocks Basilan town,
June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:24 a.m. Negotiator: Three ASG hostages freed,
June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:08 a.m. Money-laundering ultimatum issued vs RP,
June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:01 a.m. Train plunges off bridge, 19 dead,

June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:03 PM, Basilan folk told: Keep off operations,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:08 PM, GMA orders rushing of Cabinet selection process,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:14 PM, Malacañang to complete appointments in 10 days,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:02 PM, IBP condemns hold-departure order vs. Estrada et. al,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:00 PM, New US president congratulates Arroyo,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 02:52 PM, Villar gives way to Belmonte,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 02:45 PM, Abadia to NSC, Wycoco to NBI,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 02:40 PM, Cebu port workers call for ouster of port officials,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:52 PM, Manila stocks close slightly higher,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:23 PM, RP peso strengthens,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:25 AM, Binay relieved as MMDA chairman,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:05 AM, Wycoco tapped as new NBI chief,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10:35 AM, Davao del Norte representative is new DoTC secretary,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:56 AM, Oust Mendoza as PNP chief -- Agarao,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:51 AM, LDP set for national convention,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:47 AM, "Rosebud" links PNP top brass to crimes,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:12 AM, Man takes kid brother hostage in Antipolo,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:07 AM, Tessie now at peace with Aquinos,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:00 AM, Belmonte named new House Speaker,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 02:20 AM, Bomb delivered to SSS-Cotabato office,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 02:15 AM, "Maintain status quo in House" -- GMA,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 01:14 AM, Warrant of arrest out for Jason Webb,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 01:05 AM, Army man charged with rape,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:19 AM, Swiss execs present expansion plans to GMA,
June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:07 AM, GMA to reinvigorate anti-poverty commission,

June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:09 PM Albay placed under state of calamity,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 9:03 PM, ASG hostage's head found,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:53 PM, Palace prefers no delays in Erap trials,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 8:31 PM, PPC to choose Senate presidency bet,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 7:40 PM, Erap lawyers want no live coverage of trial,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 7:26 PM, Sabaya prevents Robot's surrender,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 6:42 PM, AFP girds for 'Mata Hari' coup bid,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 6:29 PM, DoJ clears Erap in Dacer slay,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 6:10 PM, PNP now has DNA testing facility,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 6:22 p.m. Erap arraignment moved to July 10,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 5:57 p.m. Perez offers Arroyo options for NACC,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 5:46 p.m.Tiglao: Palace is not paranoid,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 5:33 p.m. Airplanes advised from flying over Mayon,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 5:22 p.m. PAL cancels Albay flights,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 5:03 p.m. Peso slightly lower at 52.265 against dollar,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 5:02 p.m. Senators urge GMA to convene NSC,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 3:58 p.m. Govt-NDF bilateral truce pressed,
June 25, 2001, ABS-CBN, 3:34 p.m. Paper: China has warships in Spratlys,

June 26, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:15 PM, House to file Fair Elections Act,
June 26, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:11 PM, Shell says no more rollbacks possible,
June 26, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:09 PM, Local governments should take control of police - Lina,
June 26, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:26 PM, Mercado to pursue case vs Abadia,
June 26, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:43 PM, Mild quake jolts Luzon,
June 26, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:02 PM, NAIA holds two dollar shipments,
June 26, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:43 PM, Mayon still in abnormal state,
June 26, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:15 PM, House to file Fair Elections Act,

June 27, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:11 PM, 6 NPAs reported dead in Laguna skirmish,,
June 27, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:25 PM, GMA scraps ECC,
June 27, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:06 PM, Coast Guard heads clean up ops on Marikina oil spill,
June 27, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:31 AM, BoC releases multi-million dollar shipment,
June 27, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:32 AM, NBI to speed up Dacer probe,
June 27, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:43 AM, Convicts escape from WPD jail,
June 27, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:37 AM, Co-eds victimized by cellphone snatchers,
June 27, 2001, ABS-CBN, 02:17 AM, Rapist grandpa arrested in Tondo,
June 27, 2001, ABS-CBN, 01:23 AM, FVR influence in DFA evident,
June 27, 2001, ABS-CBN, 01:14 AM, BA defends shipment of US$4.3-M,
June 27, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:22 AM, Perez chides Saguisag on HDO issue,
June 27, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:15 AM, DFA asks for addt'l funds,

June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:29 PM, SC junks live coverage of Erap trial
June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:07 PM, GMA admits seeking US help vs Abu,
June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:09 PM, Morato: Pagcor officials behind Bentain murder,
June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:19 PM, Arroyo hands-off on Congress leadership,
June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:35 PM, Drilon pushes charter change,
June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:16 PM, ASG renews demand for Malaysian negotiators,
June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:04 PM, Mayon breaks silence
June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:50 PM, DoH warns of rising dengue cases,
June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:34 PM, Comelec: Party-list issue resolved before Congress opens,
June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:08 PM, Court: Sorry, Erap can't attend oath-takings,
June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:51 PM, ASG demands $1-M for American couple,
June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:46 PM, Lozada suspects given deadline to reply,
June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:38 PM, Security tightened in wake of Abu threat,

June 30, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:50 PM, Milosevic to appear in court on Tuesday,
June 30, 2001, ABS-CBN, 08:40 PM, 'Ka Ador' to undergo lie detector test,
June 30, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:10 PM, Arafat, Peres meet amid fresh Mideast violence,
June 30, 2001, ABS-CBN, 06:15 PM, DOJ to challenge SC ruling,
June 30, 2001, ABS-CBN, 05:00 PM, Militant groups assails SC,
June 30, 2001, ABS-CBN, 04:45 PM, Japan PM to discuss his tough reforms with Bush,
June 30, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:50 PM, Clash in Indonesia's Aceh kills 20 ahead of peace talks,
June 30, 2001, ABS-CBN, 03:10 PM, Loi, JV take oath at VMMC,
June 30, 2001, ABS-CBN, 02:30 PM, North Korean asylum-seekers leave RP for South Korea,

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June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 11:10 PM, Headless body not Sobero's,

Headless body not Sobero's

National Security Adviser Roilo Golez said the headless body found by soldiers in Tipo Tipo town in Basilan was not that of American hostage Guillermo Sobero.

"The body was that of a Filipino," said Golez. He also said another person died when he voluntarily went to an Abu Sayyaf stronghold to negotiate with the bandits.

June 12, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:02 p.m. Aguinaldo killed in ambush,

Cagayan Congressman Rodolfo Aguinaldo died of gunshot wounds at around 7:20 p.m. after still unidentified assailants shot him in front of his residence in Tuguegarao, initial reports said.

Aguinaldo did not make it alive to the hospital after sustaining gunshot wounds to the head.

The Cagayan Valley police and the National Bureau of Investigation immediately went after the assailants.

June 15, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:09 PM, AFP braces for final push vs ASG,

Government security forces have been stocking up on weapons and other combat gear, a sure sign that they are gearing for a decisive push against the bandit Abu Sayyaf Group holed up in the boondocks of Basilan, along with over two dozen hostages.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has decided to accelerate its modernization program by making quick purchases of multibillion-peso equipment, ABS-CBN correspondent Rodney Jaleco reported Friday.

According to Jaleco, former modernization board head Brig. Gen. Cristolito Balaoing said the budget for the purchase of the modern military equipment will come from the P5.5 billion AFP modernization fund released last year by then president Joseph Estrada.

Balaoing said the AFP will focus on 27 priority projects for the Philippine Army, Air Force and Navy.

Among the hardware the AFP needs are night vision goggles, sniper scopes, armored vehicles, trucks and artillery piece and fast patrol craft for the Navy that can match the Volvo Penta-powered speedboats used by the bandits.

The Air Force will also upgrade its helicopters and C-130 cargo planes.

Earlier, President Arroyo already hinted that the country should prepare for "a long and bloody" fight with the ASG, which purports to be an revolutionary Islamist organization fighting for an independent Muslim state in the south.

ABS-CBN also learned that at least 5,000 troops are now on Basilan hunting down the bandits, who on Tuesday claimed to have beheaded one of their American captives, Guillermo Sobero, and threatened to kill two others, Christian missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham.

The government's forces now massed in the island-province include the crack Philippine Marines who rescued American Jeffrey Schilling from the Abu Sayyaf two months ago.

Schilling, who had been held for seven months, was rescued unscathed after a 30-minute gun battle on nearby Jolo island.

Two thousand additional troops, including most of the battalion that rescued Schilling, have poured into Basilan since Tuesday to join the pursuit of an estimated 460 guerrillas through the jungle-clad hills on the island.

Basilan Gov. Wahab Akbar told radio dzMM the ASG numbers were swelling amid a recruitment drive of Moro youths who have been promised a share of the ransom money the bandits expects to get for their captives and a chance to own high-caliber firearms.

The hard-core group of bandits is said to number only about 200 but officials on Basilan have said they are attracting more recruits by offering villagers P30,000 pesos and handing out assault rifles.

In the poverty-stricken, Muslim-dominated area, cash and guns are a big inducement, military officials pointed out.

Final showdown

Meanwhile, government and AFP officials have met with residents of Basilan apparently to prepare them for possible massive evacuation in the event the military launch intensified operations to finally crush the ASG.

ABS-CBN correspondent Aladin Bacolodan reported that several consultations were conducted with local government officials to put in place a "rehabilitation plan."

In Lamitan, Mayor Inocentes Ramos met with AFP and Philippine National Police officials as well as civic leaders.

Lamitan Catholic parish priest Cirilo Nacorda, one of those who attended the meeting, said the top priority is the safety of civilians in the event the "final showdown" erupts.

Top security officials who visited Basilan on Thursday agreed to arm civilians and train them as militiamen to be deployed against the bandits.

"We've been waiting [for the arming of civilians] for a long time," Nacorda said.

Also, ABS-CBN reported that a blockade has reportedly been set up in the province to prevent the ASG from acquiring food supplies.

June 22, 2001, ABS-CBN, 10:17 p.m. GRP, MILF ink cease-fire accord,

The Philippine government and the secessionist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) signed Friday a formal cease-fire accord at the conclusion of peace negotiations in Tripoli, Libya.

Libya, Malaysia and Indonesia will monitor the implementation of the accord, which also includes relief and rehabilitation for Muslims who have been affected by the all-out war policy effected by the Estrada administration against Moro rebels.

Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Eduardo Ermita and Presidential Adviser on Eastern Mindanao Affairs Jesus Dureza signed the agreement on the part of the government while MILF vice-chairman for military affairs Al Haj Murad represented the secessionist group.

The second round of talks between the government and the MILF will be held in Kuala Lumpur in July.

The Ghadaffi Foundation, which hosted the talks in the Libyan capital, promised to put up a multimillion-dollar palm oil plantation in Cotabato once the provisions in the initial agreement are properly implemented. The program is aimed at improving the lives of Muslims in the province.

Government and MILF representatives began talks Thursday in Tripoli with Ermita heading the government delegation at the talks.

Positive point

Earlier, Libyan ambassador to the Philippines Salam Mohamed Adam said the negotiating parties "will sign the Tripoli Agreement of peace and unity, very likely on Friday."

Presidential Spokesman Rigoberto Tiglao confirmed the impending agreement.

"We see this as a very positive point and that peace could be finally attained with regards to the biggest Muslim separatist group," Tiglao said during a news briefing at Malacañang Friday.

Michael Mastura, a member of the MILF delegation, said they will not leave Tripoli "without signing something." He declined to elaborate.

The MILF is the main rebel group fighting for an independent Islamic state in Mindanao.

Adam said the Tripoli agreement would include a cease-fire, an accord to implement previous agreements, the rehabilitation of evacuees and economic development of Moro-controlled areas affected by fighting between MILF and government troops.

The accord would call for the setting up of a cease-fire supervisory committee composed of observers from Indonesia, Libya and Malaysia.

Talks between the two parties collapsed August last year after the Army seized more than 40 rebel bases in an attack ordered by jailed ex-president Joseph Estrada.

Libyan mediations

President Arroyo suspended military operations against the MILF in February.

The 16,000-fighter strong MILF, in turn, ordered its forces in early April to halt all attacks on government troops to pave the way for peace talks.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, whose country has brokered previous agreements between the Philippine government and Moro rebels, agreed with Arroyo that the rebels should abandon their goal of secession in Mindanao.

Tripoli burst into the troubled local political scene last year when it successfully negotiated the release of foreign hostages kidnapped by the terrorist Abu Sayyaf Group.

"Libya does not encourage any minority group to seek secession. It wants the government to treat Moro people like other Philippine citizens," an aide quoted Gaddafi as telling Vice President and Foreign Affairs Secretary Teofisto Guingona on Wednesday.

Guingona and Indonesian Foreign Minister Alwi Shihab attended the formal opening of the talks on Wednesday and left Tripoli on Thursday, officials said.

Arriving from Libya, Guingona said he is optimistic that "good progress" will be attained during the negotiations.

In a statement, Guingona said the Libyan leader has raised two significant points that could have a bearing in the ongoing talks. First, his firm opposition to secessionism and second, his personal commitment to assist in the country's development programs for the benefit of Filipino Muslims in Mindanao.

"He [Gaddafi] urged the Filipino Muslims to pursue their aspirations within the context of the national vision, and to excel as citizens of the Republic," Guingona said in his statement.

June 23, 2001, ABS-CBN, 12:24 a.m. Negotiator: Three ASG hostages freed,

ISABELA CITY, Basilan (Reuters) - A "independent negotiator" who claimed to have been in constant communication with Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) leaders claimed on Friday that the bandits made good their promise to release three of their 26 hostages.

The intermediary, who asked not to be named, claimed that the three freed hostages were released on Friday near the bandits' hideout in the forest, and are expected to reach the nearest municipality within 48 hours.

He did not identify the three hostages but said they are all Filipinos. One was reportedly among those kidnapped from a tourist resort on Palawan island last month, while the two others were hospital employees seized from the Jose Ma. Torres Memorial Hospital in Lamitan.

"I have just spoken with Abu Sabaya, he said he released three of the hostages," said the intermediary, who likewise provided accurate information in the past.

Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes said he could not confirm the reports.

"We are not privy to those negotiations," he told reporters. "The policy of the government remains the same -- we relentlessly pursue the Abu Sayyaf, we do not negotiate with terrorists and we pay no ransom to terrorists."

Two Americans seized at Dos Palmas resort in Palawan and 21 others are still being held by the bandits.

The same intermediary earlier bared the bandits' plan to let go three hostages.

The planned release came a day after three severed heads were found in an area where the bandits said they beheaded American hostage Guillermo Sobero.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said they have found no trace of Sobero.

Government authorities have said they believe Sobero was killed even though his body has not been found. The US embassy in Manila said it was gravely concerned about his fate but there was no independent confirmation he was dead.

Besides claiming to have beheaded Sobero, the bandits have also said they decapitated three soldiers captured in a gunbattle earlier this month with troops pursuing them. The military has denied the claim.

Sobero family's plea

A sister of Sobero appealed to the ASG in a local radio broadcast to help his family find his body so it could be brought home to the United States.

"We need to know if he is still alive or dead," the sister, identified by the Zamboanga-based Radio Mindanao Network as Anna, told the station by telephone.

"If he is alive, don't hurt him ... He has four children who are crying for his return. He also has brothers and sisters who miss him so much, and a father and a mother that pray every day for his safe return."

"If he is already dead, give us some information or give somebody information where his remains are because my family would like to have him back to give him the proper burial here at home where he belongs," she said.

Sobero, 40, from Corona, California, was among 20 people, including two other Americans and 17 Filipinos, snatched during a raid in Palawan island on May 27 and taken to Basilan island, 900 km south of Manila.

The other Americans are a missionary couple, Martin and Gracia Burnham, of Wichita, Kansas.

The ASG said they beheaded Sobero on June 12 because Philippine government forces were attacking them.

Last prayer

A commander of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the biggest rebel group fighting for an independent state in Mindanao, said reports from his men in the field indicated the Abu Sayyaf had killed Sobero.

"He was killed early in the morning of June 12 between four and five a.m. He was allowed to pray and after that he was beheaded," MILF commander Shariff Julabbi told Reuters by telephone.

Julabbi said Sobero was apparently sick and his captors decided to kill him because he had become a burden as they trekked through jungles to evade pursuit by government troops.

The military said Sobero was wounded in the foot in a clash between soldiers and ASG and his wound would not heal despite medication because he was apparently a diabetic.

June 24, 2001, ABS-CBN, 09:03 PM, Basilan folk told: Keep off operations,

"Do not take the law into your own hands," this was the message of Malacañang to Basilan residents Sunday following the beheading of two more hostages by the bandit Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).

In a telephone interview, Presidential Spokesman Rigoberto Tiglao said that authorities will not allow civilians to get involved in the hostage crisis, adding that only members of the Citizens Armed Forces Geographical Unit (Cafgu) are allowed to assist the military in going after ASG.

"We understand their concern, but we still have to enforce the rules and regulations. Any armed intervention could only be done through the Cafgu system and second, the security agency system," Tiglao said.

Last Friday, the headless bodies of Primitivo Falcasantos and Crisantos Suela were found in Isabela, capital of Basilan.

Falcasantos was a security guard of the Golden Harvest Plantation in Lantawan, Basilan, while Suela was a laborer.

They were among 15 workers of the plantation seized by ASG bandits on June 11 in Barangay Tairan, Lantawan.

Strongest terms

President Arroyo condemned the beheading of the two hostages and vowed to put an end to the nearly month-long hostage crisis that started with the abduction of 17 Filipinos and three Americans from the Dos Palmas resort in Palawan last May 27.

"She is very sad because the carnage of ASG continues and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms. We condole with the family and it gives us more resolve to end this crisis immediately and to capture and annihilated ASG," Tiglao said.

ASG has so far beheaded 10 of their hostages including two Dos Palmas resort workers. The bandits have also claimed to have beheaded Guillermo Sobero, one of the three Dos Palmas American hostages, but his body has not been found yet.

"The executions only emphasized the brutality of ASG, and that they would be murdering people out of whom they think they cannot make money," Tiglao said.

Meanwhile, Tiglao said that the government was no longer encouraging civilians to sign up as Cafgus, since the recruitment and training had been in place since last year. Only their mobilization was delayed due to the failure of the Estrada administration to release funds for the purpose, Tiglao explained.

June 29, 2001, ABS-CBN, 07:07 PM, GMA admits seeking US help vs Abu,

President Arroyo said Friday she had asked Washington to provide surveillance and modern equipment to help the government crush the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), which has taken dozens of hostages on the island-province of Basilan.

Arroyo told an Economist Intelligence Unit business conference that the ASG had done serious damage to the country's tourism industry as she once again vowed to destroy the bandits.

"They are scum and we will get them," she said, adding that the United States has been asked to assist with surveillance and to supply equipment. "Their [Washington's] response has been quite positive."

ASG seized three Americans and 17 Filipinos from the Dos Palmas resort in Palawan last May 27. The group said it has killed Guillermo Sobero, one of the American hostages, but no body has been found yet.

The bandits are still holding 25 hostages, including a mother and daughter it seized earlier this week.

As this developed, military and police authorities have intensified security in vital installations after intelligence reports revealed that ASG members have been sighted in General Santos City as well as in North and South Cotabato.

Police said the report is "raw," but is considered "A-1 information" since it came from the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency.

Abu asks for ransom

Radio dzMM correspondent Melo del Prado reported that the ASG has demanded $1 million as ransom for two of its American hostages, missionary couple Martin and Gracia Burnham.

A congregation in Wichita, Kansas, where the Burnhams come from, is reportedly already putting up the money.

The bandits are also offering a videotape recording of its hostages for another $1 million.

Del Prado reported that ASG had yet to get any offers for the video although negotiations for ransom are said to be ongoing.

Despite this development, Arroyo told the gathering that the foreign business community had nothing to fear in the Philippines.

"In the past 12 months, we have had the impeachment trial [of jailed ex-president Joseph Estrada], EDSA Dos [people power uprising in January] and an attempted rebellion [on May 1] yet democracy survived and the effect on business was minimal," she said.

"There were no tanks crawling the streets, no curfew, no fear or threat to your lives or property," she said, adding that she could guarantee the government would thwart troublemakers and businesses would be protected.

She also said the government had shown it could beat back forces seeking to destabilize it. "Those out to create trouble have been shown they cannot win."

Last week, Arroyo bared a destabilization plot that was purportedly going to be staged by the opposition on the day that Estrada was arraigned at the Sandiganbayan for perjury. Estrada refused to plea in last Wednesday's arraignment.

No one is above the law

The President said that the prosecution on charges of plunder and perjury of Estrada, whom she replaced in January, had a wider significance. "No matter how exalted your position is you cannot be above the law."

She also denounced her predecessor's failure to reduce poverty despite frequent vows to do so.

"Between the cup and the lip is many a slip and this is what I hope to avoid," she said, pledging to "win the war against poverty within this decade."

Arroyo said plans to boost business included a new tax system based on levying tax on gross income. She added that a law to combat money laundering will be a high priority in the incoming 12th Congress and capital market reforms were also well up on the government's agenda.

Recognizing the need to improve the country's heavily burdened infrastructure system, Arroyo pledged the government would spend heavily on constructing key new roads around Metro Manila as well as pursuing the light rail system as a means of transportation.

She also pledged to allocate around P20 billion a year to modernize the agricultural sector.

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