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Karen Silkwood II

Kay McCarthy, UPI
David Burnham, NYT
Blanche Wiesen Cook, Gannett News Service

November 22, 1974, UPI - Pampa Daily News (TX) page 5, Employe's Death Ruled Accident,

November 24, 1974, UPI - Clovis News-Journal (Clovis, NM) Death Due To Injuries,

November 24, 1974, UPI - The Brownsville Herald (Texas) page 43, Plutonium Not Cause Of Death,

November 26, 1974, AP - Hobbs Daily News-Sun (NM) page 12, House Panel Probing Plutonium Contamination,

November 26, 1974, AP - Las Vegas Optic (Las Vegas, New Mexico) Tight security told by worker,

November 27, 1974, The Lawton Constitution (Okla.) page 17, Oklahoma News Briefs,
November 27, 1974 - Page 17,

November 27, 1974, NYT - The Gallup Independent (NM) page 12, Silkwood Death-Plutonium Connection Hearings Set, by David Burnham,

December 5, 1974, The Lawton Constitution (Okla.) page 32, Oklahoma News Briefs,
AEC spokesman Jan Strasma
Harold Swanson, special agent in charge of the Oklahoma FBI

December 18, 1974, UPI - The Brownsville Herald (TX) page 10, Workers Exposed To Radioactivity,


December 22, 1974, Gannett - The San Bernardino County Sun (California) page S-4, Atomic power, 'ugly cloud over America, by Blanche Wiesen Cook,

Crescent, Okla.
150 families are dependent on work at the plant
Steve Wodka, OCAW legislative liaison officer
AEC's James Keppler
Pat Petree, Kerr-McGee public relations director
Public Safety Commissioner, Roger Webb
Lt. Larry Owen
Pauline Stoehr, a grocer at Crescent
Ted Sebring, the town's Ford dealer
Raymond Neal, plant employee
Virginia Stout, co-publisher with her husband James of the
local newspaper, the Logan County News
Mayor Mile (Buddy) Johnson
Janet Barber, wife of a plant guard
Miss Ellis, Miss Silkwood's roommate
an attorney,D. C. Thomas
Miss Sherry Ellis left her plant job Jan. 20, 1975
The Oklahoma Highway Patrol and state medical examiner said Miss Silkwood was heavily sedated with methaqualone, a drug she was taking for a back injury she received in a car crash two weeks earlier.


December 24, 1974, AP - The Lawton Constitution (Okla,) page 1, Congress To Investigate; CIA Official Resigns After Probe Request


December 24, 1974, NYT - The Edwardsville Intelligencer (Ill.) Investigator Raises Doubts About Death,
37-page report by A. O. Pipkin Jr., an accident investigator from Dallas,
OCAW's Washington representative, Anthony Mazzocchi
Atty.-Gen. William B. Saxbe
Silkwood and two colleagues met in Washington D.C.

December 26, 1974, AP - Statesville Record & Landmark (Statesville, NC) page 20-A, Second Vehicle Is Indicated,



January 7, 1975, AP - Arizona Daily Sun (Flagstaff) page 15, Plutonium Thefts Thought Possible,

January 7, 1975, AP - Lincoln Evening Journal (Nebraska) page 2, Contamination Plot Appears Contrived

January 8, 1975, AP - The Indiana Gazette (PA) page 12, Worker Deliberately Contaminated,

January 8, 1975, UPI - The Amarillo Globe-Times (Texas) page 18, AEC Reports 3 Plutonium Violations, No Danger,

January 9, 1975, Wash. Star-News - The San Bernardino County Sun (CA) page 4, AEC closes case on troubled plant,

January 9, 1975, UPI - Clovis News-Journal (NM)page 14, Union spokesman Not Satisfies With Commission Report

January 11, 1975, AP - Abilene Reporter-News (TX) page 3-A,  Contaminated Worker's Death Called Accidental

January 15, 1975, AP - Tri-City Herald (Pasco, Washington) page 9, WA-worker's crash 'accidental',

January 16, 1975, AP - The Des Moines Register (IA) page 5, AEC Warns Nuclear Firm,

January 23, 1975, UPI - The Cumberland News (MD) page 18, Danger Present In Nuclear Use,

January 24, 1975, UPI - Clovis News-Journal (NM) Official Of AEC Calls For Probe,

January 26, 1975, UPI - Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (TX) page 6G, Nuclear Resources Raise Questions,

January 31, 1975, UPI - Las Cruces Sun-News (NM) page 14, Karen Silkwood's Death Gives Aura Of Mystery,


January 31, 1975, AP - The Lawton Constitution (Okla.) page 15, Commission Claims Rule Over N-Plants,

Nuclear Regulatory Commission, successor to the Atomic Energy Commission

Myron S. Karman, NRC staff
James Allan, chief of the agency's radiological and environmental protection branch
William Fisher, senior health physicist, both from Glenellyn, Ill.


February 2, 1975, UPI - The Lincoln Star (Nebraska) page 9, Publicity Fallout of Plutonium Plant Incident Riles Town, by Kay McCarthy,

February 7, 1975, UPI - Ames Daily Tribune (Iowa) page 4, The death of Karen Silkwood; Scandal, mystery, or nuclear politics,

February 13, 1975
The Times Recorder (Zanesville, Ohio) Thursday, - Page 5,

February 21, 1975, AP - The Lawton Constitution (Okla,) page 17, Actions Against Plutonium Plant Rapped By Bartlett,
Senator Dewey Bartlett, R-Okla.

February 27, 1975
The Daily Tribune (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin) Thursday, - Page 7,

March 1, 1975
The Oil City Derrick (Oil City, Pennsylvania) Saturday, March 1, 1975 - Page 5,

March 1, 1975
The Oil City Derrick (Oil City, Pennsylvania) Saturday, - Page 5,

March 3, 1975
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March 9, 1975
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March 24, 1975
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May 2, 1975, AP - The Lawton Constitution (Oklahoma) page 14,  FBI Finds No Evidence,

May 3, 1975, The Des Moines Register (IA) page 4, Energy unit won't back nuclear plant moratorium

June 4, 1975, Waco Tribune-Herald (Waco, Texas) page 11, Evidence Planted, GAO Study Implies,

June 5, 1975, Panama City News-Herald (Florida) page 3, FBI Data Banks Infringe On Privacy,

June 5, 1975, Panama City News-Herald (Florida) page 3, Plutonium At Kerr-McGee May Have Been Planted,

June 5, 1975, Panama City News-Herald (FL) page 3, Intelligence Committee Claims Evidence of CIA Murder Plots,

June 5, 1975, AP - The Des Moines Register, page 11, Stray plutonium pellets may be employee sabotage,

July 3, 1975, The Hays Daily News (Hays, Kansas) page 10, Woman Wants 'To Be Killed',

July 26, 1975, The Charleston Daily Mail (WV) page 4, Golda Meir Sues,

August 23, 1975, The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) page 30, Television-Nova,

August 23, 1975, The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune (Missouri) page 1, Now calls for nationwide strike by women,

August 23, 1975 , The Daily Capital News (Jefferson City, Missouri) page 6, Plutonium pocket found near Los Alamos motel,

August 24, 1975, The Kansas City Star (Missouri) page 7, N.O.W. Sets Date for Strike by All Women,

August 26, 1975, The Bakersfield Californian, page 2, NOW calls for death case probe,

August 26, 1975, UPI - Irving Daily News (Texas) page 2, NOW protests FBI move,

August 26, 1975, UPI - The Naples Daily News (Florida) page 3, Militant Women Protest; Coverup by FBI Charged

August 27, 1975, AP - The Argus (Fremont, California) page 30, NOW wants probe in death reopened,

August 27, 1975, AP - The Danville Register (Danville, Virginia) page 20, Women's Group Wants Probe of Death Case Re-Opened

September 29, 1975, UPI - Waco Tribune-Herald (TX) page 3A, Patricia Hearst Used False Name To Sign Up at California College,

September 29, 1975, UPI - Waco Tribune-Herald (TX) page 3A, Group Suing for Information On Death of Safety Crusader,

November 4, 1975, The Kingston Daily Freeman (NY) page 10, Anti-Nuclear Rally Slated,

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November 13, 1975, UPI - Lebanon Daily News (PA) page 22, Squeaky Talked of Killing Ford,

November 13, 1975, UPI - Lebanon Daily News (PA) page 22, Giant N-Pant Closing,

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November 14, 1975, UPI - Pampa Daily News (Pampa, Texas) page 14, She Never Made Meeting,

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November 20, 1975, Redlands Daily Facts (Redlands, California) page 16, A quiet and disturbing decision,

November 20, 1975, Redlands Daily Facts (Redlands, California) page 16, FBI attack on King was outrageous,

November 24, 1975, UPI - Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM) page D1, Silkwood Case To Be Probed,

November 25, 1975, Bennington Banner (Bennington, Vermont) page 4,  A dangerous decision, by Rom Braden,

Northwest Arkansas Times (Fayetteville, Arkansas) page 8, Nuclear Power Both Applauded and Condemned, by Mary Costello, Editorial Research Reports,.
  Monday, December 1, 1975 - Page 8,

March 7, 1976, Tri-City Herald (Pasco, Washington) page 50, FFTF builder predicts Westinghouse will branch out, by Jini Dalen, Herald Science Writer,

April 8, 1976, Arcadia Tribune (Arcadia, California) page 22, PCC Radio Wins Two Top Fetes,

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May 14, 1976, May 14, 1976, The Index-Journal (Greenwood, SC) page 2, Mrs. Srouji Under Criminal Investigation

May 16, 1976, NYT News Service - San Antonio Express-News, page 3-B, Panel to probe relation of FBI, reporter,

May 19, 1976, The Salt Lake Tribune (Utah) page A2, Alleged Conversations With Bureau; Ex-Editor Denies Being FBI's Informant, by Mat Yancey, Associated Press Writer,

May 19, 1976, The Salt Lake Tribune, page A1, Staff Report Notes LBJ, Nixon Pressures on CIA, by Joseph Volz, New York News Writer,

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May 21, 1976, Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph, Official Denies FBI Aided Journalist With Answers,

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June 2, 1976, AP - The Kansas City Star, page 16C, Inquiry to Determine FBI Role In Biasing Nuclear Safety Probe,

June 14, 1976, AP - Pampa Daily News (Pampa, Texas) page 12, Bomb kills reporter,


June 14, 1976, AP - The Odessa American (TX) page 3, FBI Admits Contacts Prior To Testimony,


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November 4, 1976, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (Texas) page A-7, New Hearings Set In Nuclear Probe,

November 4, 1976
The Odessa American (Odessa, Texas)
Thursday, - Page 56

November 6, 1976
The Indiana Gazette (Indiana, Pennsylvania)
Saturday, - Page 9

November 6, 1976
Anderson Herald (Anderson, Indiana)
Saturday, - Page 14

November 6, 1976
The San Bernardino County Sun (San Bernardino, California)
Saturday, - Page 1

November 6, 1976
Neenah Menasha Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin)
- Page 23

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February 4, 1977, Independent (Long Beach, California) page 2, Death probe ends

The Lawton Constitution (Lawton, Oklahoma)
Thursday, February 3, 1977 - Page 13

April 4, 1979, The Daily Oklahoman, page 7, Mom's Testimony Rests Silkwood Case, by Paul Wenske,