Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CNN Calls for Photos & Information About Missing Victims

CNN Calls for Photos & Information About Missing Victims
Find out what you need to know in order to add your loved ones to the list on CNN.

CNN is collecting photos and vital information about people who are still missing from the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. If you would like to post information about your loved ones on the internet please contact CNN at
CNN invites anyone who is seeking information about a loved one to send the following information:
  • A scanned image, at highest resolution, of no more than 600x600 pixels saved in JPG, GIF or PSD format.
  • In the email message please list the missing person's full name, nicknames, age, employer, location (NYC or Pentagon), hometown, nationality, and tracking number (if one has been assigned to your case).
  • Some other important information you could consider adding to your email; last known location, when you last heard from the person, the person's cell phone number, license plate number (if they travelled by car), hotel where they were staying (if a tourist), people they may have been travelling with and any identifying marks or unusual health concerns.
  • Include your full name, phone number and email address so that a CNN reporter can contact you to verify facts. CNN states that not all email will be answered and not all submissions are guaranteed to appear on the website.
  • Send all information via email using the special email address.
Not all the information you submit will appear online, some information will only be passed on to authorities. If you provide information that you do NOT want to appear online, please identify it clearly by listing it as "for authorities only." Your name, phone number and email will not be posted and is for verification purposes only.

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