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Federal Bureau of Investigation Interview with Deena Lynne Burnett, September 11, 2001,

Federal Bureau of Investigation Interview with Deena Lynne Burnett, September 11, 2001,

DEENA LYNNE BURNETT was contacted at her residence, [in San Ramon, CA ] After having been advised of the identity of the interviewing agents and nature of the interview she provided the following information:

Starting at approximately 6:30 a .m. (PST) BURNETT received a series of three to five cellular phone calls from her husband, THOMAS EDWARD BURNETT; JR. THOMAS BURNETT was talking quietly and
told his wife that the flight he was on had been hijacked. He advised her he was on United Airlines flight 93 from Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco, California. THOMAS BURNETT instructed his wife to call the authorities and advise them that the plane had been hijacked. The hijackers claimed to have a bomb. He also told his wife that a passenger had been knifed.

Approximately ten minutes later DEENA BURNETT received another call from her husband, THOMAS BURNETT. THOMAS BURNETT was speaking in a quiet voice and asked his wife if she had heard about any other planes. DEENA BURNETT advised her husband that two planes had flown into the World Trade Center. THOMAS BURNETT asked if they were commercial planes. DEENA BURNETT responded that the planes were unidentified at the time. DEENA BURNETT stated it seemed that her
husband knew other flights had crashed into the World Trade Center, although this was never specifically brought up. THOMAS BURNETT mentioned during this conversation that the hijackers were talking
about flying the plane into the ground, location not specified.

Approximately five minutes later she received another cell phone call from her husband. BURNETT was able to determine that her husband was using his own cellular telephone be cause the caller identification showed his number, Only one of the calls did not show on the caller identification as she was on the
line with another call. THOMAS BURNETT advised his wife in this call that the passenger that had been knifed had died. He told her "they" were in the cockpit. She asked her husband to sit still. THOMAS

BURNETT asked his wife, who previously worked in the airline industry, what was the probability of a bomb being on board the plane. DEENA did not respond and THOMAS BURNETT stated he did not
think they had a bomb because he did not see one ; only knives. THOMAS BURNETT then told his wife "we are turning toward the World Trade Center, no we are turning away." BURNETT then told his wife "I
have to go" and hung up the phone .

During the last call to his wife BURNETT told her "a group of us are getting ready to do some thing" and he may not speak to her again.

DEENA BURNETT advised that her husband, other than referring to the hijackers in the plural, never provided any descriptive data regarding the hijackers. She never noted any background noise other than what one would normally expect on an airplane. DEENA BURNETT noted that her husband usually flew first class. In closing she noted that her husband was a former college football player and very intelligent. If he concluded he was going to die he would not sit there, he would take action.

THOMAS EDWARD BURNETT, date of birth May 29, 1963, was the Chief Operating Officer for Thoratec Corporation, 6035 Stoneridge Drive, Pleasanton, California 94588, (925) 735-0155.

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