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Orchid Gene Screen General Answers


General Answers

What is DNA?
DNA is Deoxyribonucleic Acid and is the genetic material that is found in the nucleus in most cells in the human body (nuclear DNA). DNA is also found in the energy-producing mitochondria of a cell (mitochondrial DNA).

Nuclear DNA is inherited in equal portions from a person’s mother and father. Therefore, each person shares 50% of their DNA with their mother and 50% with their father. Full biological siblings also share DNA with each other. To a lesser degree, individuals also share DNA with other relatives such as aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

Mitochondrial DNA is inherited maternally. Therefore, every child (male or female) of a particular woman has an exact copy of his/her mother’s mitochondrial DNA.

DNA on the Y-chromosome (present in males only) is inherited paternally. Therefore, all males who share the same paternal lineage would be expected to have the same Y-DNA profile. Back

How do people use DNA testing services?
Some of the ways people are using our services right now include:
• Positively identifying the father of a child so child support can be collected
• Giving a child the emotional support of knowing his/her father
• Helping people verify the parents of a child they want to adopt
• Helping to ensure estates go to true heirs
• Helping immigration authorities reunite families
• Satisfying curiosities about family relationships
• Providing a graphic representation of your DNA pattern and a DNA ID Card for security
• Determining whether twins are fraternal or identical
• Helping grandparents identify their grandchildren Back

Are there different tests for different uses?
There are tests that are legally admissible in court and there are self-collected or home tests that are not admissible in court. The "sample collection," "lab processing" and "PhD analysis" are exactly the same. The difference between the tests is that the legally admissible test is AABB approved and requires an impartial third party witness to the collection and chain of custody procedures. Back

How are the samples collected?
The inside of the cheek of each person being tested is gently wiped with a soft cotton swab. Because almost every cell in a person's body contains his or her unique DNA, swabbing a cheek is a safe, easy way to collect the sample. Each sample is then sealed in its own envelope, labeled for identification purposes and sent to our lab for processing. Back

How reliable are the results?
Our highly accurate DNA paternity testing procedures and technology virtually eliminate the chance of false negatives or false positives due to random chance, racial similarities, or a non-paternal blood-relative relationship.

We can deliver accurate conclusive results even in difficult cases, such as those involving incest or where the alleged fathers are related to each other - providing evidence that can quickly streamline court proceedings and facilitate pretrial settlements. If required, Orchid Cellmark can also offer skilled expert witnesses to provide depositions and expert testimony in court. Back

What accreditations does Orchid Cellmark have?
Orchid Cellmark is certified and accredited by:
• American Association of Blood Banks (AABB)
• New York State Department of Health
• American Society for Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics (ASHI)
• Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA)
• Standards Council of Canada Back

What DNA testing services do you offer?
Our services include:
• Ready-To-Know ® Home Sampling Kit
• Self-Collected, At-Home Paternity
• Legal Paternity
• Prenatal Paternity
• Maternity/ Paternity for adoption cases
• Immigration
• Estate Settlement
• Family/Sibling Relationship
• Twin Studies
• Personal Identification & Security

If you would like more information on Orchid Cellmark and our full line of DNA Testing Services, please call 1-800-DNA-TEST (800-362-8378). Back

What makes Orchid Cellmark the best choice for DNA-based testing services?
Each person's DNA is unique, and this uniqueness can be identified through the use of DNA markers. Orchid Cellmark has nearly 20 years of experience in using genetic markers to discriminate between individuals. As one of the very first DNA testing labs in the world, we continue to be an industry leader in paternity testing services with innovations in science, technology and customer care leading to reliable, accurate, confidential results.

Orchid Cellmark is part of Orchid BioSciences, Inc., one of the largest providers of identity DNA testing services in the world. When you see DNA testing in high profile custody battles on TV, read about DNA forensics testing and hear of DNA identification in missing persons cases, there is a good chance that Orchid BioSciences is the company behind getting those jobs done right. In fact, Orchid BioSciences was contracted by the New York City Medical Examiner's Office to analyze degraded DNA samples from the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster. Back

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