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The Baltimore Sun

Maryland residents shocked by terrorist act The Baltimore Sun (Sep 11, 2001)
Jet flies headlong into the Pentagon - Baltimore Sun (Sep 11, 2001)
Members of Congress vow revenge The Baltimore Sun (Sep 11, 2001)
Terrorists probably trained pilots, experts say The Baltimore Sun (Sep 11, 2001)

Baltimoreans turn to God for solace
People of all religions head to area houses of worship to pray, deal with grief; 'It is the best way to see that all of us are the same'
Sep 11, 2001

State flocks to give blood
Thousands of donors line up at hospitals, Red Cross centers
Sep 11, 2001

Security tightened throughout Md.
State of emergency declared in wake of terrorist attacks; High alert at military installations; Government buildings protected
Sep 11, 2001

Best of America exemplified in acts of heroism, tolerance
Michael Olesker

Terror suspects' trail brings FBI to N. Laurel
Men who stayed at motels draw notice of investigators

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Attack on America
Full coverage of the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, including photo galleries, article archives and multimedia.

More photos
Photos of the missing
Gallery of Maryland victims
Bush visits New York
Day of Remembrance gallery
Scenes From Tower One's Evacuation
The World Trade Center before the attack
Manhattan skyline changed forever
Sequence of hijacked airliner crash into WTC
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Sept. 12 Sun coverage

Hijacked planes destroy World Trade Center towers; Third jetliner slams into Pentagon; Thousands feared dead in worst U.S. terror attacks (Sep 12, 2001)

Fire, chaos after attack on Pentagon
Military, civilian workers flee after hijacked plane smashes into building; 'Large numbers of injured' (Sep 12, 2001)

Everything changed yesterday
Vulnerable: By midmorning, we were already a country wistful for its sense of security. (Sep 12, 2001)

Frightened parents, confusion prompt schools to close early
Amid tears, trembling, mothers and fathers retrieve their children; 'Everything was chaotic'; State officials say report of governor's decree was erroneous (Sep 12, 2001)

Loved, hated, center's profile was towering
The 110-story towers together loomed largest in the psyche of New York (Sep 12, 2001)

Don't rush to blame, Arab-Americans urge
Organization says slurs, threats followed attacks (Sep 12, 2001)

On warm Md. day, chill of fear spreads
Heightened alert empties schools, offices across state; Frantic calls to D.C., N.Y. (Sep 12, 2001)

Baltimore travelers get left in the lurch
Planes, trains, buses in metro area halted, some traffic rerouted (Sep 12, 2001)

For many, response to terror is appeal for divine guidance
Churches, synagogues, mosques open doors for prayer, meditation; Counsel against despair(Sep 12, 2001)

Phone lines, Internet inundated
Customers are told to avoid making nonemergency calls; Less disruption than in tunnel fire(Sep 12, 2001)

State flocks to give blood
Thousands of donors line up at hospitals, Red Cross centers; 'This could be us'; People already at doors when sites open; staffs rush to handle influx (Sep 12, 2001)

Bush vows justice, calls for unity
President returns to D.C. to address nation after cutting short Florida trip (Sep 12, 2001)

'A great people has been moved to defend a great nation'
Text of President Bush's televised speech Tuesday night (Sep 12, 2001)

A spectacle of horror, captured vividly by TV
Competent anchors, riveting images and a few rough spots (Sep 12, 2001)

Events shake belief in a better future
Dan Rodricks (Sep 12, 2001)

Stunned tourists, district workers flee unreal scene
Many struggle to stay calm while trying to find way home or call family (Sep 12, 2001)

Jet flies headlong into the Pentagon
Plane carrying 64 shears freeway lights before crashing; 'Still taking bodies out' (Sep 12, 2001)

Tempting targets in towers
Symbols of capitalism destroyed, changing New York's skyline (Sep 12, 2001)

Financial markets won't open today
Stock prices plunge overseas; those of gold and oil surge (Sep 12, 2001)

Thousands are sent home early by malls, banks, brokerages
Hotels near BWI swamped as stranded travelers seek rooms; 'A general malaise' (Sep 12, 2001)

Strong, calm reaction by government urged to avert recession
Maintaining confidence of consumers vital, finance experts say (Sep 12, 2001)

World reacts with horror, sorrow - joy
Most express grief, opposition to terror; Palestinians celebrate; Security measures taken (Sep 12, 2001)

Taliban leaders condemn attack
Afghanistan's rulers deny any involvement of nation or bin Laden (Sep 12, 2001)

Shocked, angry members of Congress vow to continue
Lawmakers emerge from secret locale, show their solidarity (Sep 12, 2001)

In New York, lives preserved by chance
Survivors recount efforts to escape towers as they collapsed; 'We couldn't outrun it' (Sep 12, 2001)

No survivors expected in Pa. jet crash
Officials dismiss theory that terrorists planned to attack Camp David; 911 call from passenger(Sep 12, 2001)

Witnesses come face to face with terror
Towers' collapse leaves those at scene dazed, fearful amid debris (Sep 12, 2001)

Medical workers treat host of injured
Hospitals put on alert in neighboring states; triage centers set up (Sep 12, 2001)

International offensive against terrorism urged
Threats too widespread, flexible for one nation to defeat, experts say (Sep 12, 2001)

In attack, suspicion turns inevitably to bin Laden
Terrorism resembles previous bombing in New York City (Sep 12, 2001)

Pilots not surprised by airport security breaches
Flight experts believe hijackers brought own aviators aboard (Sep 12, 2001)

Travelers wait as public transportation shuts down
FAA halts air travel; highways, rail lines frozen in Northeast (Sep 12, 2001)

Jet fuel-fed fire may have melted steel in towers
Md. demolition specialist analyzes collapses (Sep 12, 2001)

City, state officials tighten security; military installations go on high alert
Glendening declares emergency; section of downtown cordoned off (Sep 12, 2001)

Television served to bring us together
News: In anchors' calm reports, Americans could be assured that the country was shaken but not undone. (Sep 12, 2001)

'Never Forget'
Veterans of Pearl Harbor live by those words. And yesterday, in Columbia, one survivor sadly saw the connections between two dates that will live in infamy: Dec. 7, 1941 and Sept 11, 2001. (Sep 12, 2001)

Helping children deal with tragedy
Advice: Psychiatrists recommend how to approach these events and explain them without creating more fear. (Sep 12, 2001)

Web connects friends even as phone lines fail
Aftermath: Online friends manage to connect and update one another from around the country, even as other lines of communication get tangled. (Sep 12, 2001)

Networks overlook insightful city story
Documentary: TV has neglected 'History Hill,' which offers a glimpse inside a Baltimore neighborhood. (Sep 12, 2001)

Difference in attacks is enormity, experts say (Sep 12, 2001)

Baseball puts down balls, bats for a second day
Selig postpones games in wake of tragedy, a first since '44 D-Day; Safety, mourning cited; Angelos supportive (Sep 12, 2001)

National schedule uncertain
NFL, NCAA have not decided on weekend (Sep 12, 2001)

Diversion from painful reality
Sports: Postponing major-league games after yesterday's national tragedy is a departure from the past, when events often went on with the hope of raising the country's spirits. (Sep 12, 2001)

Games are postponed throughout Maryland
Racetracks closed; schools' plans on hold (Sep 12, 2001)

Answer terror with resolution
Sun editorial: Nation needs unity, clarity, purpose to thwart terrorists' objectives. (Sep 12, 2001)

Letters to the Editor (Sep 12, 2001)

Another day of infamy (Sep 12, 2001)

Remember who we are (Sep 12, 2001)

Act of war shows terrorists must go (Sep 12, 2001)

U.S. shouldn't fight violence with violence (Sep 12, 2001)

Sept. 13 Sun coverage 

Tracking the terrorists
Clues scarce, survivors few in N.Y. rubble; 15 to 21 hijackers identified; Associates are hunted; 4,000 FBI agents on case; Fires, fears of more building collapses hamper rescue efforts (Sep 13, 2001)

Comfort amid misery: 'They all just want to help' Michael Olesker (Sep 13, 2001)

In memoriam
Here are short sketches of the first Marylanders known to have died in Tuesday's terrorist attacks. (Sep 13, 2001)

Engineers blame collapses on fires
Burning jet fuel's heat softened steel supports of WTC towers, they say; Sprinklers disabled, outmatched (Sep 13, 2001)

During Cold War, Islamic radicals were allies of U.S.
When Soviets withdrew, Taliban began their rise (Sep 13, 2001)

The face of evil, the voice of terrorism
Osama bin Laden teaches his comrades why Americans must die (Sep 13, 2001)

Events alter congressional agenda
Democrats, GOP put their differences aside to support president (Sep 13, 2001)

Attacks open new debate over national security
America's vulnerability to terrorism will color talks on missile defense (Sep 13, 2001)

Multibillion-dollar insurance loss expected
Attacks likely to surpass L.A. riots as most costly man-made U.S. disaster (Sep 13, 2001)

Firefighters, police toil through grief
Many are shellshocked as they wait to learn fate of countless co-workers; 'You are our heroes'(Sep 13, 2001)

Cell phones and Internet convey vivid human stories
Newer technologies give voice to victims, spread information; Survivors phone for help (Sep 13, 2001)

Lack of warning highlights spy agencies' shortcomings
High-tech CIA, NSA didn't adapt after Cold War, critics say (Sep 13, 2001)

Tiny Pa. town's residents play reluctant role
Borough of farmers, coal miners unsettled by crash investigation (Sep 13, 2001)

Current events overshadow all other subjects
In metro-area schools, students aren't the only ones looking for answers (Sep 13, 2001)

U.S. mired again in gray area
Attacks: America begins a familiar process between pursuing security and justice that has yet to produce a resolution in two recent assaults. (Sep 13, 2001)

What seemed like just another day actually wasn't
Kevin Cowherd (Sep 13, 2001)

Acts of war demand focused response
Sun editorial: Attack shattered national life but should strengthen our values and determination. (Sep 13, 2001)

Stunned Staff reactions to the terrorist attack (Sep 13, 2001)

Terror tables turned for American journalist in Israel (Sep 13, 2001)

Sept. 14 Sun coverage

U.S. vows a 'global assault,' warns of more terror attacks
10 detained at airports in N.Y.; 'A number' of others are being held; Bin Laden labeled suspect; Death toll of 5,000 estimated; 'Black box' from Pa. crash found (Sep 14, 2001)

In memoriam
The names of more Marylanders killed or missing in Tuesday's terrorist attacks became known yesterday. (Sep 14, 2001)

Airport security measures
Because of the threat of terrorism, airports across the country are instituting stricter regulations for passengers, airline employees and airport workers. (Sep 14, 2001)

An intrepid few take the first flight out of BWI (Sep 14, 2001)

N.Y. displays spirit, defiance
Attitude: As volunteers continue their work in lower Manhattan, residents react in their inimitable style. (Sep 14, 2001)

A plea for peace to the one God of Muslims, Christians and Jews Dan Rodricks (Sep 14, 2001)

Marylanders face aftermath with resolve
Dozen residents added to list of dead, missing as state combed for clues; 'The best place in the world' (Sep 14, 2001)

Military can't always fight on own terms
Intelligence is more valuable than firepower against terror groups (Sep 14, 2001)

At Pentagon, despair sets in on 3rd day
Attention shifts to care of rescue workers as hope for survivors dims (Sep 14, 2001)

Md. Muslims brace against harassment
Many feel threatened; police officer stationed at mosque, school; 'People think that we did it'(Sep 14, 2001)

A reassuring call -- then doubts, fears
With one member missing, a family in Towson waits (Sep 14, 2001)

Military plans 'campaign' against terrorists, supporters
Nations offering shelter would be among targets (Sep 14, 2001)

Muddled views of martyrdom
Muslims: The notion that the Quran advocates indiscriminate violence in the name of Allah represents a distorted view of Islam, scholars say. (Sep 14, 2001)

Our routines will keep us busy, but the sadness will stay with us
Susan Reimer (Sep 14, 2001)

When will it feel right to feel right again?
After Tuesday's attack, our routines and rituals can seem trivial. What is appropriate, and when? (Sep 14, 2001)

Safety first is right call for major sports
Mike Preston (Sep 14, 2001)

We aren't in this alone
Allies: Grief, anger and fear are worldwide, as are offers of help in the war against terrorism.(Sep 14, 2001)

More secure airports
New rules: Law enforcement and new measures must form stronger defense against terror.(Sep 14, 2001)

U.S. must lead effort to end terrorism
Jules Witcover (Sep 14, 2001)

Sept. 15 Sun coverage

Call-up of 50,000 troops OK'd
Reserve and Guard forces to aid in cleanup, security; No specific units chosen yet; Duties will include aiding FBI, inspecting ships, flying patrols (Sep 15, 2001)

A day of prayer for strength
Mourning: Religious services across the country, from cathedrals to an auditorium of the Pentagon, focus the nation's grief and try to restore hope. (Sep 15, 2001)

More than 100 sought in probe
Investigators release the names of 19 suspected hijackers (Sep 15, 2001)

Taliban repeat defense of bin Laden
Terrorist suspect lacked means to train pilots, ambassador asserts (Sep 15, 2001)

Pentagon names 84 more victims
Repair to building will cost 'certainly more than $100 million' (Sep 15, 2001)

Maryland's lost
Yesterday brought word of more Maryland residents killed or missing in Tuesday's terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. (Sep 15, 2001)

Some businesses may profit from attacks
Demand blossoms for American flags, data protection systems (Sep 15, 2001)

Fate of National debated again
D.C. airport, long prized for convenience, to stay closed indefinitely (Sep 15, 2001)

Congress endorses the use of force
Lawmakers approve $40 billion for relief, military response; 'Solemn responsibility' (Sep 15, 2001)

Those cheering for terrorists live in short-sighted hypocrisy Gregory Kane (Sep 15, 2001)

The comfort of familiarity Jacques Kelly (Sep 15, 2001)

This week, cell phones took on a noble role Rob Kasper (Sep 15, 2001)

Coming home
For many, Tuesday's events renewed their appreciation for the ties that bind. (Sep 15, 2001)

Sept. 16 Sun coverage

'We're at war,' Bush warns
U.S. response to attacks to be 'sweeping, sustained'; President says sacrifices loom; Pakistan promises support; Iran seals Afghan border; (Sep 16, 2001)

Bin Laden, associates elude spy agency's eavesdropping
Encrypted calls may keep NSA off track (Sep 16, 2001)

Terrorist search leads FBI agents to Md. suburbs
Hijack suspect traced to Laurel apartment (Sep 16, 2001)

Material linked to suspected hijacker found in Germany
Girlfriend leads police to a suitcase in Bochum (Sep 16, 2001)

$231 million in gold, silver lies beneath tower rubble
Precious metal hoard is used by traders for futures contracts (Sep 16, 2001)

Anxiety accompanies return to skyscrapers
Back at their jobs, jumpy workers scan the skies for planes (Sep 16, 2001)

Union for pilots advises new crisis measures
In switch, it advises crew to resist, kill hijackers (Sep 16, 2001)

Americans grapple with problem of evil
Grieving citizens ask religious leaders why God allows tragedies; I'm not sure, Billy Graham says; Religious leaders debate why God allows tragedies (Sep 16, 2001)

Taliban leadership threatens U.S. allies
Afghanistan regime vows to attack nations that assist retaliation; 'Extraordinary danger' (Sep 16, 2001)

Muslim opinion jeopardizes support
Pro-American leaders must compete with anti-U.S. sentiment; Won't 'clash with their people'(Sep 16, 2001)

Airlines ground 20% of schedule; workers laid off
Government bailout is needed to avoid bankruptcy, analysts say; 'Unprecedented financial crisis' (Sep 16, 2001)

President finds unity in shift of priorities
Bush vows to end threat of terrorism; long struggle looms (Sep 16, 2001)

How to give help effectively (Sep 16, 2001)

Maryland's lost (Sep 16, 2001)

Attacks create Pakistani dilemma
Sympathy expressed for U.S., but retaliation in Afghanistan opposed (Sep 16, 2001)

Survivor's account eclipses unreality of terrorist attacks
Michael Olesker (Sep 16, 2001)

Sympathy for Palestinians another victim of attacks
Gregory Kane (Sep 16, 2001)

Greenspan and his Fed have saved markets before
Key players: President Bush and Europe's chief central banker are among others who can help avert a financial breakdown. (Sep 16, 2001)

Weary patient needs tonic if it's to sit up and smile
Economy: Last week's tragedy has stoked fears of recession, and events of the next few weeks may determine if the economy can weather the challenges. (Sep 16, 2001)

Wall Street struggles to renew connections with rest of the world
Collateral damage: The World Trade Center attacks crippled Wall Street's ability to communicate. They've also united telecom firms in repairing the damage. (Sep 16, 2001)

Making peace with terror
Lessons from those who live where death is a way of life. (Sep 16, 2001)

Game plan puts safety at forefront
At venues locally and around country, security is increased; Break is chance to reassess; Olympics, schools, horse racing, NASCAR all feeling the effects (Sep 16, 2001)

War against terrorism
Tactics: Isolate the enemy, don't play his game with actions that recruit more terrorists. (Sep 16, 2001)

Terrorism's cold-blooded legacy
Why? Terrorists with a cause nearly always want their victims to know their identity and purpose. (Sep 16, 2001)

Limit kids' exposure to media madness
(Sep 16, 2001)

Bin Laden driven to protect Islam from U.S. control
(Sep 16, 2001)

Sept. 17 Sun coverage

Taliban face ultimatum
Warning: Give up bin Laden or feel 'full wrath' of U.S.; Pakistanis to present U.S. demand; Bush urges patience, return to a sense of normality (Sep 17, 2001)

Maryland eases pain in prayer
Churches: Thousands flock to the first Sunday services since Tuesday's terrorist attacks seeking counsel, solace. (Sep 17, 2001)

U.S. was ready to shoot down 4th hijacked jet
Vice president offers details of White House reaction to attack (Sep 17, 2001)

Memories of reunion give husband hope
Missing wife survived '93 bombing, so man says he can't give up (Sep 17, 2001)

Camp David's neighbors wary
Fear: Thurmont residents who have proudly shared their neighborhood with presidents now find the longtime retreat a little too close to home. (Sep 17, 2001)

Attacks bring out a gentler New York
Many residents notice a rebirth of politeness and concern for others (Sep 17, 2001)

'Casualty aversion' overcome by terror
Many Americans prepared to accept military loss of life (Sep 17, 2001)

Stock markets resume trading today
Amid uncertainties, N.Y. Stock Exchange, Nasdaq will answer bell (Sep 17, 2001)

Agents focus on Fla. resort
Neighbors report late-night visitors who spoke Arabic; FBI eyes connection to terrorists (Sep 17, 2001)

Hometown misses its heroes
Home: Although Washingtonville, N.Y., is more than 60 miles from the World Trade Center, the town has been dealt a hard blow. Many New York City firefighters and police officers live in the suburb, an (Sep 17, 2001)

Words of solace for a city
New York: Places of worship fill with believers and nonbelievers trying to understand the past week's events. (Sep 17, 2001)

2 teams to develop plans for air travel safety
Transportation chief calls for completion of review in two weeks (Sep 17, 2001)

Wealth of bin Laden family can be seen in Boston area
$2 million donated to Harvard University; relative owns 4 condos (Sep 17, 2001)

Battling flames, fears
Pentagon: Moments after a hijacked airliner slammed into the military headquarters, a firefighter from Joppa was on the scene. (Sep 17, 2001)

Maryland's lost
(Sep 17, 2001)

FBI keeps presence in Laurel
Agents maintain watch; link sought to hijack suspect (Sep 17, 2001)

Americans enter a test of will with new clarity
Dan Rodricks (Sep 17, 2001)

Art emerges from tragedy, as it should
Response: Fiber, water, even drumbeats bring solace in the aftermath of shattering events.(Sep 17, 2001)

Collectors want skyline memories
Mementos: There is brisk demand for images of the World Trade Center. (Sep 17, 2001)

Between grief and fear
Like everyone else, Sam Khdeir feels sympathy and frustration about Tuesday's attacks. But as a Palestininan, he's also concerned about his family's safety. (Sep 17, 2001)

'Hoping for little miracles,' says firefighter of operation Kevin Cowherd (Sep 17, 2001)

Web helps Americans connect during their darkest hour Mike Himowitz (Sep 17, 2001)

Major-leaguers return to work
Focusing on the field difficult for players after terrorist attacks (Sep 17, 2001)

Stadiums around league have empty feeling
Typical football Sunday is atypical in every way (Sep 17, 2001)

Lake won't forget day he joined Ravens
Ex-Jaguar's arrival with team coincided with terrorist attack (Sep 17, 2001)

Top teams scrambling to make up lost games
Schools shuffle schedules as many key contests will be played on Dec. 1 (Sep 17, 2001)

Ryder Cup postponed until '02
PGA sought delay amid safety concerns at biennial golf event; Matter of 'common sense'; Cup, set for this month in England, postponed 1st time since WWII (Sep 17, 2001)

Yankees tour help sites, lend emotional support
Torre: 'I sort of feel a little more useful now' (Sep 17, 2001)

A rare opportunity for world to unite (Sep 17, 2001)

Seek grace, or they died in vain (Sep 17, 2001)

Muslims here, abroad will now be put to test (Sep 17, 2001)

Sept. 18 Sun coverage

Take bin Laden 'dead or alive,' president says
Bush threatens force against Taliban, warns of casualties; U.S. sharpens rhetoric (Sep 18, 2001)

Markets reopen, then tumble
Wall Street goes back to work after trade center attack; Dow has largest point loss; Investors nervous despite 1/2 -point cut in rates by Fed (Sep 18, 2001)

'Face of terror not true faith of Islam,' Bush declares
President's words from Islamic Center broadcast to Arab world (Sep 18, 2001)

Pakistan chief 'on horns of dilemma'
Military president faces intense U.S. pressure, unstable backing at home (Sep 18, 2001)

Survivor shares his story to offer 'glimmer of hope'
Owings Mills man got out before second tower fell (Sep 18, 2001)

Maryland's lost (Sep 18, 2001)

New Yorkers go back to work in emotional tangle
Many feel obligation or need for normality (Sep 18, 2001)

For better and worse, attacks breach divide between U.S. Muslims, neighbors
Adherents re-examine customs as others gain closer look at faith (Sep 18, 2001)

Broad anti-terror measures sought
Ashcroft to ask Congress to expand wiretapping and toughen penalties (Sep 18, 2001)

Waiting for God, fleeing for border
Afghans: Exhausted by years of drought and war, thousands head for the borders to escape the U.S. attack they fear will come. (Sep 18, 2001)

US Air to lay off 11,000, cut schedule
Mass bankruptcies predicted for airlines (Sep 18, 2001)

In Md., errands, exercise filled hijackers' final days
Bowie flight school, Greenbelt gym used (Sep 18, 2001)

New Yorkers cling to fading hope that their loved ones will return Michael Olesker (Sep 18, 2001)

A graveyard for many armies
War: Throughout history, several invaders have tried to conquer Afghanistan, but few have succeeded. (Sep 18, 2001)

Red, white & blue Monday
Like thousands of other commuters, Robert Polansky goes about his work routine -- but with new significance. (Sep 18, 2001)

Monday happened
America's resilience: U.S. showed that terrorist attacks could not destroy its determination.(Sep 18, 2001)

With us or against us
Coalition: Objective must be to drive wedges between terrorists and Islamic mainstream. (Sep 18, 2001)

Sept. 19 Sun coverage

U.S. shifts its focus to recovery
$40 billion package to rebuild, respond gets Bush signature; Hope dims for survivors; Rumsfeld warns nation to be ready for new kind of war (Sep 19, 2001)

Fanatical, yes, but not insane
Terrorists: Sociopaths are incapable of the discipline and teamwork required of suicide attackers, experts say. (Sep 19, 2001)

Brave new world for air passengers
Flying: For even the most experienced travelers, changes in the aftermath of the attacks are turning well-planned days to chaos. (Sep 19, 2001)

After ground zero, a volunteer feels shock, sorrow in spades
New Yorker sorts through experience; 'A time ... to be silent'; Brooklyn carpenter there from beginning (Sep 19, 2001)

Taliban delay reply to U.S.
Afghan leaders seek proof bin Laden orchestrated attacks (Sep 19, 2001)

What value in removing bin Laden?
Impact: Eliminating the Al Qaeda mastermind might do little to uproot his widespread network of terror, analysts argue. (Sep 19, 2001)

Israelis and Palestinians cease fire
Terrorist attacks on U.S. altered the equation in Mideast (Sep 19, 2001)

Maryland's lost (Sep 19, 2001)

U.S. finds comfort, kinship in Bush's down-home style
Unscripted moments garnering accolades (Sep 19, 2001)

History provides us lessons as U.S. sets out after bin Laden
Gregory Kane (Sep 19, 2001)

We follow routines, but everything has changed Dan Rodricks (Sep 19, 2001)

Crisis brings out surprises in media
Reaction: Since last week's attacks, TV, radio and newspapers have made some intriguing decisions. (Sep 19, 2001)

Why, why did I survive?
It's a question common to those who survive disaster, like the Hunt Valley man who escaped the World Trade Center while a classmate died in the attacks. (Sep 19, 2001)

Tenants believe Empire's profile a disadvantage
Stature: Some are scared to work in the prominent building. (Sep 19, 2001)

Fighting terrorism requires law changes
Security vs. liberties: Modern technology gives ample opportunities for terrorists to hide. (Sep 19, 2001)

A view from abroad Jules Witcover (Sep 19, 2001)

Government's pursuit of Pancho Villa a lesson in hunting for terrorists (Sep 19, 2001

Sept. 20 Sun coverage

Bush orders planes to gulf, will speak to nation tonight
U.S. edges closer to retaliation for terrorist attacks; 'Operation Infinite Justice'; U.S. rejects Taliban offer of talks, asserts Iraqi involvement (Sep 20, 2001)

Airlines to lay off 40,000 more
United, American join cuts; Congress pressured for bailout (Sep 20, 2001)

Pakistani leader urges calm
General tells faithful nation's fate at stake (Sep 20, 2001)

Tears, song, remembrances mark Baltimore-area rallies
Aging war veterans 're-up' in gesture of support for America (Sep 20, 2001)

Red Cross freezes much of surplus blood given after terrorist attacks
Group seeks to prevent waste; most will serve local hospital needs (Sep 20, 2001)

Waging the war against terror
Broad strategies called for in rugged Afghanistan terrain; 'Have to remove old rules' (Sep 20, 2001)

Arab newspapers view attacks
A sample of editorials published yesterday in the Arab press, translated and compiled by The Sun's bureau in Jerusalem. (Sep 20, 2001)

DNA identification is a daunting task
Experts' job, matching thousands of samples, is unprecedented (Sep 20, 2001)

Ashcroft links foreign governments to terrorist acts
Says the networks were 'sustained, protected' (Sep 20, 2001)

Security at BWI continues to confiscate banned items
Many say they forgot the objects were packed (Sep 20, 2001)

Evidence is plentiful, but translators aren't
Long before attacks, U.S. painfully aware of dearth of linguists (Sep 20, 2001)

Attacks create a void in city
Impact: The legacy in Baltimore from the Sept. 11 terrorism is uncertainty and the loss of possibilities. (Sep 20, 2001)

Best of America exemplified in acts of heroism, tolerance
Michael Olesker (Sep 20, 2001)

Terror suspects' trail brings FBI to N. Laurel
Men who stayed at motels draw notice of investigators (Sep 20, 2001)

BWI expansion forges ahead
Officials say worries over air travel won't halt $1.8 billion effort; Improvements said needed(Sep 20, 2001)

The show must go on
Drama: At the Globe Theatre in London, Shakespeare's poetry becomes a prayer. (Sep 20, 2001)

BWI is now an eerie ghost town
Kevin Cowherd (Sep 20, 2001)

Rebuilding confidence in the U.S. economy
Faith: Individuals and government share responsibility for stimulating economic revival. (Sep 20, 2001)

Sept. 21 Sun coverage

Bush braces nation for battle
Speech to Congress shifts U.S. focus beyond bin Laden; A global overture; President plans new Cabinet agency on civil defense (Sep 21, 2001)

US Air plan to cut MetroJet would deliver blow to BWI
Airline's move comes as U.S. leaders agree on $15 billion aid plan (Sep 21, 2001)

Easier to give lots than allot
Charity: Public and corporate generosity creates the challenge of setting priorities. (Sep 21, 2001)

Striking balance of toughness, compassion
Sober, resolute speech shows caliber not seen in past 8 months of term; Nothing equivocal in demands (Sep 21, 2001)

Doubt arises on identities of hijackers
Investigators backtrack to pin down names, histories of terrorists; New suspect held in Chicago; Translation under way of 'what little dialogue' on Flight 93 recorder (Sep 21, 2001)

New estimate of missing in N.Y. is 6,333
Probable death toll from attack includes many foreigners; First reservists called up (Sep 21, 2001)

Fragile Uzbekistan is key to region's fate
If Afghanistan neighbor collapses, impact likely throughout continent (Sep 21, 2001)

FBI van stolen during search for hijacker evidence in Laurel
Agents suspect 'regular, everyday common thieves' (Sep 21, 2001)

Afghan clerics say bin Laden should go
U.S. officials reject move as insufficient (Sep 21, 2001)

Islamic cleric from Laurel says he has no links to bin Laden
Moataz al-Hallak denies rumors connecting him to terrorist attacks (Sep 21, 2001)

Egyptian key to bin Laden, expert says
Doctor's intellectual edge keeps terror group going (Sep 21, 2001)

Postal commemorative to benefit rescuers' kin (Sep 21, 2001)

3,000 join to mourn pilot who was killed in Pentagon crash
At Naval Academy service, classmates, family recall dedication, patriotism (Sep 21, 2001)

Um, make that Operation Never Mind
Action's name changed after Muslim complaints (Sep 21, 2001)

Activist Berrigan confined alone after terrorist attacks (Sep 21, 2001)

Authorities trying to track money back to bin Laden
But crucial financial trail could lead to dead end, anti-terror experts say (Sep 21, 2001)

'Homeland' security post not new idea
House had asked for creation of top-level coordinating council (Sep 21, 2001)

Launch site in Alaska eyed in wake of terrorist attacks
Commercial facility is well-situated for anti-missile test site (Sep 21, 2001)

Attacks Digest (Sep 21, 2001)

Veteran warns of Afghan fight
Conflict: A Russian recalls the hidden dangers and hopelessness he and fellow troops faced in the 1980s. (Sep 21, 2001)

Townsend visits Md. guardsmen at Pentagon (Sep 21, 2001)

'Crash Cafe' has no place in our strange new world Dan Rodricks (Sep 21, 2001)

Learning to minimize risks
Parallels: The natural world teaches us better ways to protect ourselves from our enemies.(Sep 21, 2001)

State, local health officials mindful after terrorist hits
Efforts grow to prepare medical staffs for threat of biological attacks (Sep 21, 2001)

RTKL to gauge Pentagon damage
$1.6 million contract includes sketching plans for rebuilding (Sep 21, 2001)

Magazines are devoted to mourning (Sep 21, 2001)

Archive of devotion
In the hundreds of photographs of the missing, one sees a picture of happier times -- and the tension between hope and despair. (Sep 21, 2001)

Folklorists record reactions for the sake of history
Voices: Folklorists capture people's reactions for the Library of Congress. (Sep 21, 2001)

More celebrities, outlets join fund-raising telethon Today on TV (Sep 21, 2001)

Empire State Building reflects on the attacks Liz Smith (Sep 21, 2001)

NASCAR pays up to fight terror
Sponsors, teams pledge millions for rescuers, families of attack victims (Sep 21, 2001)

Gibbons' Muhammad faces different test Mike Preston (Sep 21, 2001)

When President leads, the world will follow
'Calm and resolute': Bush follows the precept that it's better to be right than quick. (Sep 21, 2001)

Letters to the Editor (Sep 21, 2001)

Tragedy didn't start airline woes Jules Witcover (Sep 21, 2001)

No experience prepares for pain of personal loss (Sep 21, 2001)

Leaders must cooperate as well as terrorists do (Sep 21, 2001)

Sept. 22 Sun coverage

Taliban refuse U.S. demand
Prove bin Laden aided terror, they say (Sep 22, 2001)

Some say airlines to blame for woes
Analysts note industry slow to react to economy before Sept. 11 attacks (Sep 22, 2001)

Standing up for America as criticism continues
Gregory Kane (Sep 22, 2001)

Mending the fabric of torn community
Project: Carroll students are creating a quilt with scenes from New York and messages of hope for residents of the city. (Sep 22, 2001)

No small thing
People everywhere seem moved to do something -- anything -- to show unity in these times.(Sep 22, 2001)

A brand new ballgame
As baseball returns to Camden Yards, sports, real heroes mix; Security is heightened; Police, firefighters, rescue workers are honored before game (Sep 22, 2001)

Sept. 23 Sun coverage

Selling the mall generation on the likelihood of war Michael Olesker (Sep 23, 2001)

Terrorist attacks bring out the good, the bad and the ugly in all of us Gregory Kane (Sep 23, 2001)

Sept. 24-26 Sun coverage

U.S. plans Pakistan's role
Military team heads to area to prepare Afghanistan attacks; Broad support seen; Transportation, staging areas for troops at issue (Sep 24, 2001)

Family remembers sons lost in service Dan Rodricks (Sep 24, 2001)

Attacks bring out everyone's inner expert Kevin Cowherd (Sep 24, 2001)

U.S. freezes bin Laden assets
Bush acts to cut off flow of money to militant, associates; Foreign banks warned; President describes executive order as part of war on terror (Sep 25, 2001)

Pakistan Muslims urged to rise up
Bin Laden calls for holy war against 'crusade' led by U.S. (Sep 25, 2001)

Putin opens skies for U.S. aid
Russia to give arms to Afghan opposition, help in search, rescue (Sep 25, 2001)

Ashcroft eyes wider power, files charge in terror case
Va. man said to help hijackers get fake IDs (Sep 25, 2001)

Gas masks become a hot sales item
Area customers fear chance of biological, chemical terrorism (Sep 25, 2001)

Close-up images of war-torn nation
Preview: A series on anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan brings stunning scenes, but beware of its impact on public opinion. (Sep 25, 2001)

Storm cancels prayer concert
Event was to show support for victims of terrorists attacks (Sep 25, 2001)

Little faith in Taliban's holy war
Perspective: Neither God nor the Afghan people side with the ruling militia, says a veteran of the jihad against the Soviet Union. (Sep 25, 2001)

Attacks Digest (Sep 25, 2001)

Patriotic fervor isn't translating into recruits Michael Olesker (Sep 25, 2001)

Giuliani hints at support for write-in campaign
Term limits bar mayor from seeking third term, but many back a bid (Sep 25, 2001)

Loss of insurance after attack halts U.N. flights to Somalia (Sep 25, 2001)

Congress eager to boost economy, not sure how
Lawmakers consider remedies with hope of avoiding backfire (Sep 25, 2001)

Hitting bin Laden in the wallet not easy
Previous U.S. efforts to find, block his money were unsuccessful; Some cash moves in suitcases (Sep 25, 2001)

State Department objects to airing Taliban interview
The Voice of America planned to run an excerpt (Sep 25, 2001)

FBI checks records at Md. airports, pesticide suppliers
Ashcroft says terrorists could use crop-dusters for chemical, biological strike (Sep 25, 2001)

N.Y.C., state cut red tape for survivors
Process to be streamlined for death certificates (Sep 25, 2001)

Success of action by U.S. may rest with Afghan rebels
Small army, America, Russia see Taliban as common enemy (Sep 25, 2001)

British show their support, debate the proper reaction
Many oppose casualties among British troops and Afghan civilians (Sep 25, 2001)

Iran's president cautions U.S. not to strike terrorists by itself
Khatami warns of clash between Muslims, West unless U.N. directs war (Sep 25, 2001)

Afghans urged to defy Taliban
Bush calls on them to help rout terrorists harbored by regime; 'Not into nation-building'; Powell says handover of bin Laden might keep aid flowing (Sep 26, 2001)

In 'Little Kabul,' love of country, homeland
Afghans in California display allegiance to all things American (Sep 26, 2001)

Saudis further isolate Taliban
Afghan Embassy in Pakistan is sole link to outside world; U.N. boosts aid for refugees (Sep 26, 2001)

OPEC split over what to do about oil prices
Fears of recession, war in Afghanistan haunt meeting today (Sep 26, 2001)

Terror expert stands ready
Police seek to hire ex-N.Y. official for preparedness plan; He calls time 'a luxury' (Sep 26, 2001)

Bush, Congress consider more marshals on flights
New cockpit doors, federal bag inspectors also might be proposed (Sep 26, 2001)

Ashcroft thinks planning was done overseas
French, Germans, Interpol target people linked to bin Laden (Sep 26, 2001)

Fear, hatred of U.S. culture
Interview with Walter LaFeber, a professor of American history at Cornell University (Sep 26, 2001)

Congress wary of anti-terrorism proposal
Bush package raises civil liberties concerns (Sep 26, 2001)

Newfound friendship between local, N.Y. firefighters cut short
Dan Rodricks (Sep 26, 2001)

America should be proud of Islamic influences
Gregory Kane (Sep 26, 2001)

New Yorkers return to polls to pick mayor
Bloomberg leads GOP race; city term limit law blocks wish for Giuliani (Sep 26, 2001)

Israelis reach for gas masks amid talk of war
Jews fear U.S.-led effort to fight terrorism could turn Israel into a target (Sep 26, 2001)

Attacks Digest (Sep 26, 2001)

Washington struggles toward normality
Having Reagan National closed further depresses tourism, businesses say (Sep 26, 2001)

Complaints of bias aboard flights increasing
Some with Mideast names or appearances are told they must leave planes (Sep 26, 2001)

At London ceremony, Britons gather to mourn their losses
At least 200 were killed at World Trade Center (Sep 26, 2001)

Putin defies hard-liners in offering to help U.S. with anti-terror campaign
Some see 'new style' in ties with Washington (Sep 26, 2001)

A little peace breaking out?
Mideast: World crisis forces both sides into cease-fire steps as U.S. recruits anti-terrorist coalition. (Sep 26, 2001)

Alleviate conditions that breed terrorists (Sep 26, 2001)

Foreign news back in demand
Coverage: The question is how long viewers' interest in other countries is likely to last. (Sep 26, 2001)

A million thanks to stars who donated to the victims quietly
Liz Smith (Sep 26, 2001)

Sept. 27-29 Sun coverage

Bush wants U.S. back in the air
President to unveil his proposals for better airline safety; 'Confidence-boosting' acts; Ideas include putting armed federal agents on most flights (Sep 27, 2001)

Map led FBI to security guard
Judge denies bond to Va. man called 'essential witness'; Unrelated charges filed (Sep 27, 2001)

Eyes turn to Iraq in attack on U.S.
Some policy-makers, analysts see Hussein as potential suspect (Sep 27, 2001)

Afghan refugee crisis looms as thousands flee
With winter nearing, Pakistan border shut, U.N. fears disaster (Sep 27, 2001)

Pakistani schools put faith in Taliban
Allegiance: Afghanistan can count on many Islamic students to trust bin Laden and fight the United States. (Sep 27, 2001)

In Russia, doubts, skepticism
Putin: The Russian president's policy reversal in offering to let the United States use his country's airspace to strike Afghanistan is greeted with suspicion by Russian newspapers. (Sep 27, 2001)

Numbers overwhelm tradition
Firefighters turn out for comrades' services, but they're spread thin; Out-of-town volunteers fill in (Sep 27, 2001)

Attacks Digest (Sep 27, 2001)

D.C.-area leaders push U.S. to reopen National Airport
Politicians, businesses say shutdown is harming economy, hurting image (Sep 27, 2001)

U.S. says Russia fights terror in Chechnya
White House statement seen as reward for Putin after his offer of support (Sep 27, 2001)

Iran rules out aid to U.S. against Taliban
Head ayatollah objects to accusation of aiding Middle East terrorism (Sep 27, 2001)

US Airways to lay off 800 in area
Unions vow to fight airline's plan to trim 11,000 jobs; 'Act of corporate terror'; Delta to cut 13,000 workers; caterer will dismiss 4,800 (Sep 27, 2001)

Company stock buybacks aid market, SEC says
It may continue to allow unrestricted repurchases (Sep 27, 2001)

High-wire walker mourns towers
Stunt: Philippe Petit drew attention and affection to the World Trade Center by walking a tightrope between the buildings in 1974. (Sep 27, 2001)

Database of city buildings being prepared to help in response to terrorism
Police intelligence unit gets higher priority (Sep 27, 2001)

Giuliani explores ways of staying on
He'll discuss his role with mayoral candidates (Sep 27, 2001)

Arming pilots both concerns and comforts
Kevin Cowherd (Sep 27, 2001)

College Park needs lesson from N.Y. on community
Michael Olesker (Sep 27, 2001)

Pakistanis to plead for handover
Clerics, general say, 'Give up bin Laden or face U.S. military'; Taliban ask him to leave; U.S. backs mission, but says there is no room for negotiation (Sep 28, 2001)

FBI chief links hijackers, bin Laden
Mueller acknowledges confusion about identity of some suspects; Photos of 19 men made public (Sep 28, 2001)

President says it's safe to fly
Bush unveils plan for more marshals on U.S. airliners; Tougher cockpit doors (Sep 28, 2001)

In many forms, places, hatred of America lives
Target: Millions worldwide see the U.S. as the enemy; some resent its political and economic powers, others oppose its troops on their soil. (Sep 28, 2001)

Fresh pressure placed on Israel, Palestinians
Need to mount war on terror forces shifts in U.S. foreign policy (Sep 28, 2001)

Switching tracks to meet demand
Amtrak: With fear grounding airline industry, rail service has gone from passe to a priority. But trying to get up to speed, its cars are loaded down with years of neglect. (Sep 28, 2001)

Powell shrugs off visit by Jackson to Taliban
Trip to Afghanistan would be waste of time, secretary of state says (Sep 28, 2001)

2 N.Y. mayoral candidates back plan to extend Giuliani's term
Bronx Democrat says no, worries about precedent (Sep 28, 2001)

New Joint Chiefs head steps into inferno
Myers, Air Force general, is up to the terrorist test, supporters are confident; Background, imagination lauded (Sep 28, 2001)

Red Cross declines to take part in charities' victim database
20 organizations trying to coordinate assistance (Sep 28, 2001)

Missing in N.Y. drops to 5,960
Duplications were found in lists, mayor says (Sep 28, 2001)

Manhunt said to thwart 2 attacks
Evidence found of plots on U.S. interests abroad (Sep 28, 2001)

Attacks Digest (Sep 28, 2001)

Bullets penetrate flesh, not steel
Ammunition considered for arming airline pilots (Sep 28, 2001)

National Guard to provide security at Md. airports
While they're trained, state police stand guard (Sep 28, 2001)

Shipping pets by air gets more complicated, costly (Sep 28, 2001)

20 arrested in crackdown on terror network in Europe (Sep 28, 2001)

Pentagon announces medals for victims of terror attacks
Defense of Freedom, Purple Heart designated (Sep 28, 2001)

Plane-storage field lands lots of business
In wake of attacks, airlines seek space for grounded aircraft (Sep 28, 2001)

Laid-off airline workers face turbulent job market
Skills of employees, especially pilots, seen as too specialized (Sep 28, 2001)

Getting back to 'normal' not an easy thing to do Dan Rodricks (Sep 28, 2001)

Banner days for the flag
Pride: Baltimore's star-spangled shrines feel the effects of a surge in patriotism. (Sep 28, 2001)

U.S. in 'hot pursuit' of terrorists
Bush won't comment on reports U.S. has forces in Afghanistan; Talks with Taliban rejected; $25 million released to assist refugees; Pakistan offered aid (Sep 29, 2001)

Algerian pilot called hijackers' instructor
U.S. eyes extradition of man British claim trained 4 attackers (Sep 29, 2001)

Taliban refuse to be swayed
Trying to avert force, Pakistan fails to win bin Laden surrender (Sep 29, 2001)

Old pain mixes with new fears
Mother: A Joppatowne woman with two sons in the military worries that they might have to go to war while she remembers her brother's death in the Vietnam War. (Sep 29, 2001)

Bush seeks extension of jobless benefits, additional tax cuts
Economy was stalled before terrorist attacks, new figures indicate (Sep 29, 2001)

Recovered letter links 3 hijackings, Ashcroft says
Document provides instructions, spiritual guidance to terrorists (Sep 29, 2001)

Glendening, 4 other governors to make flying visits to NYC, D.C. attractions
Officials hope to set example for renewed tourism, airline use (Sep 29, 2001)

Attacks Digest (Sep 29, 2001)

Army boosts forces protecting chemical stockpiles at APG
Aberdeen base among 8 in U.S. used for storage (Sep 29, 2001)

Officials put Trade Center recovery cost at $39 billion, including $7 billion cleanup
Replacing of building set at $8 billion, if undertaken (Sep 29, 2001)

Actors help Broadway get on with show
Campaign seeks to boost attendance after attacks (Sep 29, 2001)

National Airport expected to reopen within days
(Sep 29, 2001)

Security Council approves anti-terrorism resolution
Measure aims to improve information-sharing, sets rules on freezing funds (Sep 29, 2001)

Rushing into the line of fire
Duty: Baltimore County firefighters spent eight days searching for survivors amid the rubble of the World Trade Center. (Sep 29, 2001)

Md. factories, labs good on defense
Billions for defense: State ranks fourth in the nation in terms of prime contracts from the Pentagon. (Sep 29, 2001)

Sept. 30 Sun coverage

Retaliation will come, Bush vows
President reassures public that military will take action; Forces 'ready to answer'; White House memo indicates that ouster of Taliban is favored (Sep 30, 2001)

Pilots defending U.S. take on grim mission
Sept. 11 attacks raise the specter of firing on a commercial jet; 'It's almost unfathomable' (Sep 30, 2001)

Cutter guards nation's capital
175-foot vessel keeps its eyes on capital and possible threats (Sep 30, 2001)

Women flee grip of rigid Taliban
Network of schools caters to Afghans seeking knowledge (Sep 30, 2001)

Tourists are scarce at holy sites
Israel: Economic hardship hits both Israelis and Palestinians as tourism evaporates in the continuing violence and unrest. (Sep 30, 2001)

In midst of disaster, some in New York stole from stores
'They would risk their lives for a few earrings' (Sep 30, 2001)

Attacks Digest (Sep 30, 2001)

A search for holiness amid rubble
Greek Orthodox priest seeks relics of saints, while hoping to rebuild (Sep 30, 2001)

Thousands plead for U.S. to avoid war
Protesters for peace, counter-demonstrators avoid violence in D.C. (Sep 30, 2001)

Litigation threatens to entangle recovery
Lawyers seek ways to avoid victims' fund and sue over attacks (Sep 30, 2001)

Anti-war rallies in Berkeley evoke memories of 1960s
In Bay area, elsewhere, demonstrators protest Bush's march to war (Sep 30, 2001)

U.N. sends food to Afghanistan
Aid resumes in case U.S. launches attack on nation (Sep 30, 2001)

Europe moves to unify efforts against terror
Streamlined extradition, arrest warrants valid throughout EU sought (Sep 30, 2001)

Eastern-looking shoppers rattle town
Strangers buy knives from Oakland Wal-Mart (Sep 30, 2001)

Children's revenge fantasies after attacks called normal
Fear, lack of power exacerbate emotions (Sep 30, 2001)

Empire State Building reopens observation deck
Tourists flock to building, now Manhattan's tallest (Sep 30, 2001)

Kids donate savings to victims
Texas schoolchildren had collected money for playground for 7 years (Sep 30, 2001)

Students express emotions on attacks through writing
Fear, anger, anxiety pour out in projects (Sep 30, 2001)

Catholic leaders shifting on use of force
Several take new look at concept of 'just wars' in wake of terror attacks (Sep 30, 2001)

Germany arrests 3 Muslims suspected of attack plots
No links found yet to terrorism in U.S. (Sep 30, 2001)

A local firm rebuilds from ground zero
Reconstructing: Baltimore's May Davis is literally piecing itself together after losing its World Trade Center offices. (Sep 30, 2001)

N.M. execution prompts reflection on violence after terrorist attacks
Vigils' goal is to spur thought about national response to disasters (Sep 30, 2001)

Special British forces to help fight Taliban
Troops expert in covert, counter-terror missions (Sep 30, 2001)

Action plan for defending the homeland (Sep 30, 2001)

Firefighters forced to sit after N.Y. trip
5 from Balto. County deal with suspension (Sep 30, 2001)

Congress must help Bush round up all the suspects Gregory Kane (Sep 30, 2001)

Bailout pays airlines for years of bad management Jay Hancock (Sep 30, 2001)

Recovering from trauma
Stress: Americans may find it harder than expected to re-engage with normal life in the wake of Sept. 11's terrorist attacks. (Sep 30, 2001)

All we can do for safety is embrace each other Susan Reimer (Sep 30, 2001)

Hitchcock's take on terrorism
In the director's 1936 thriller, a sleeper agent is ordered to kill, and his innocent family pays a horrible price. (Sep 30, 2001)

Disasters have never kept New York down
More parts of Ric Burns' documentary show how the city rose from distress in the 1930s and 1970s. (Sep 30, 2001)

The ties that bind
In a frontier town 2,000 miles from the East Coast, one teen-ager teaches her neighbors that no American is a stranger. (Sep 30, 2001)

Oct. 1-3 Sun coverage

Bin Laden under Taliban's guard
Suspected terrorist in hiding for his safety, envoy says; U.S. 'not negotiating'; Afghanistan says Saudi exile silent on suggestion he leave (Oct 1, 2001)

U.S. boosts aid to Afghan rebels
Money will help buy Russian weapons for fight against Taliban; CIA to support exiled king(Oct 1, 2001)

The voice in Bush's ear
Conduit: National security chief Condoleezza Rice has emerged as one of the president's most trusted advisers, distilling for him the complexities of foreign relations. (Oct 1, 2001)

Paradise lost, air base gained
Dispute: Transplanted Diego Garcia natives seek to resettle their island, which has been a key U.S. military base during strikes against Iraq. The base could prove useful again if America decides to b (Oct 1, 2001)

Politicians urge return to normal
Glendening, colleagues visit New York, District, hoping others will follow; OK to travel, shop, they say (Oct 1, 2001)

'Cybersecurity' expert, general in line for posts
Clarke and Downing to work alongside chief of Homeland Security (Oct 1, 2001)

Thousands join capital peace rally
Marchers mourn victims of the terrorist attacks, demonstrate against war (Oct 1, 2001)

Hopes rise among opposition
Northern Alliance says Taliban can be beaten with help of U.S., Russia (Oct 1, 2001)

Middle schoolers voice views on terrorist attacks Ellicott City/Elkridge Neighbors (Oct 1, 2001)

Redefining where we look for our heroes Kevin Cowherd (Oct 1, 2001)

Once-mellow September will never be the same Dan Rodricks (Oct 1, 2001)

The Inner Harbor Saturday, midnight (Oct 1, 2001)

Bush OKs some flights at National
Airport to operate on limited schedule under tight security; D.C. strained by closing; Air marshal to be put on every departing and arriving plane (Oct 2, 2001)

Pakistani Christians face suspicion, violence
Tiny minority says it is perceived as being loyal to U.S. (Oct 2, 2001)

Federal power, spending expand
Recession, attacks drive new urgency to boost economy (Oct 2, 2001)

Longing for Afghanistan
Emigrants: Thousands who fled to Pakistan want to go home - to defend their soil or to build a new, open society after the Taliban. (Oct 2, 2001)

Pentagon turns focus to homeland defense
Top military mission to mostly fall to Guard, Reserves, report says; Largely written before Sept. 11 (Oct 2, 2001)

U.S. winning war on terror, Bush says
Money transfers tracked to Giant Food store in Prince George's County (Oct 2, 2001)

Giuliani urges U.N. to act on terrorism
'No room for neutrality,' mayor tells world body (Oct 2, 2001)

Curbside check-in resumes at BWI, other airports
FAA allowing restart under tighter security after Sept. 11 attacks (Oct 2, 2001)

Pakistan leader says Taliban's days numbered
He says he expects U.S. military action against Afghanistan (Oct 2, 2001)

A tragic fluke or epic battle?
Essays: Two worldviews emerge after attacks: One sees Sept. 11 as a final gasp after centuries of struggle; the other warns of an erupting clash between civilizations. (Oct 2, 2001)

Attacks Digest (Oct 2, 2001)

Chilling, 11-volume Manual of Afghan Jihad outlines basic rules of sabotage, terrorism
(Oct 2, 2001)

Air Force medical staff to train at city hospital
Shock Trauma offers opportunity to treat wartime-like wounds (Oct 2, 2001)

Md. Air Guard unit going to Mideast
Mission by 175th Wing ordered before attacks by terrorists Sept. 11 (Oct 2, 2001)

O'Malley launching defense forums for U.S. cities
Mayor hopes Baltimore can be anti-terror model (Oct 2, 2001)

CPAs told to treat attacks as not 'extraordinary'
Accountancy board rules they are just part of doing business (Oct 2, 2001)

Let's terrorize the terrorists (Oct 2, 2001)

After attacks, nation must still agree to disagree Michael Olesker (Oct 2, 2001)

Waiting to exhale
Consumer worries about further terrorist attacks have one small Maryland company busier than expected (Oct 2, 2001)

Comic relief isn't easy to find these days
Laughter: In days like these, many find it tough to offer comic relief. (Oct 2, 2001)

Rumsfeld heads to the gulf
Defense secretary to lay groundwork for anti-terror strike; 'No need for more evidence'; Bush assures Arabs, supports statehood for the Palestinians (Oct 3, 2001)

Inspections found gaps in BWI security
Airport: In FAA tests, 50 weapons passed undetected through checkpoints between 1995 and 2000. But records show lapses at BWI are not unique. (Oct 3, 2001)

Attacks on U.S. affording Kremlin a new boldness
Russia puts pressure on Chechens, deals in arms with Iran (Oct 3, 2001)

Congressional panels fault NSA intelligence failures
Agency needs staff, money, reports say (Oct 3, 2001)

Outgunned Taliban still a threat
Conflict: Though the ruling militia's forces lack cutting-edge weapons, a guerrilla war would play to their advantages. (Oct 3, 2001)

The Taliban, through some Moroccans' eyes Liz Smith (Oct 3, 2001)

Accord eludes conference on anti-terrorism package
Slow pace of talks with senators has Ashcroft concerned (Oct 3, 2001)

Remote-controlled passenger jets may not be such a far-fetched idea Dan Rodricks (Oct 3, 2001)

Reagan National set to reopen tomorrow
With prime location near D.C., airport key to regional economy (Oct 3, 2001)

Quick boost for economy is in the works
Bush, lawmakers weigh new tax rebate, aid for laid-off workers (Oct 3, 2001)

Attacks Digest (Oct 3, 2001)

Advisory panels recommend steps to boost security for air travelers
Stronger cockpit doors, better training for crews among ideas examined (Oct 3, 2001)

Britain's prime minister gives Taliban ultimatum
Give up bin Laden or give up power, says Blair in party speech (Oct 3, 2001)

On Pakistan's frontier, conflict a way of life
Arms, unrest the norm for independent people along the Afghan border (Oct 3, 2001)

County officers to work in New York
3-day stints to provide relief for police there (Oct 3, 2001)

Oct. 4-7 Sun coverage

$75 billion sought to jolt economy
President wants Congress to enact tax relief package; Budget deficit accepted; Democrats express support; GOP seeks more for businesses (Oct 4, 2001)

King, warlords talk of Afghan takeover
Overthrown leaders seek to provide unity with U.S., U.N. help; Government-in-exile plan (Oct 4, 2001)

Oil supplies and price are slippery topic for prediction
World recession, area of conflict affect petroleum market (Oct 4, 2001)

No neat boxes for terrorism
The world's representatives to the United Nations General Assembly discuss how they plan to combat world terrorism. (Oct 4, 2001)

Olympics in Utah to get security overhaul
Money from Congress to aid effort to guard against terrorism (Oct 4, 2001)

Unprepared nation turns to Hopkins center
Bioterrorism institute's 'readiness' message long went unheeded (Oct 4, 2001)

White House seeks more power to block funds (Oct 4, 2001)

Bush offers compromise on airport security bill
Level of federalization of screeners still at issue (Oct 4, 2001)

Attacks digest (Oct 4, 2001)

Russia may be open to NATO expansion
Putin says Moscow would rethink opposition if it were more involved (Oct 4, 2001)

Saudis fear anti-terrorism may have Muslim backlash
Rumsfeld assures hosts that U.S. hears concerns (Oct 4, 2001)

UM students eager to join the fight against terrorism
CIA recruiters swamped at college career fair (Oct 4, 2001)

Pakistani calls bin Laden evidence convincing
Foreign minister says U.S. investigation proves guilt, should win support (Oct 4, 2001)

Aberdeen first choice for school
State Department eyes site for training against terrorism; 100 jobs possible; Move to consolidate scattered efforts awaits funding (Oct 4, 2001)

Schaefer critical of terrorism readiness
His comments about governor's plans called 'irresponsible' (Oct 4, 2001)

Longing for a lost country
A Baltimore restaurateur remembers an Afghanistan that now exists only in the memories of its expatriates, its oppressed and its freedom fighters. (Oct 4, 2001)

U.S. plans millions in Afghan aid
President requests $320 million to help civilian population; Part of broad rebuilding; $3 billion proposed to help workers get back on their feet (Oct 5, 2001)

Blair outlines evidence in attacks
House of Commons is told bin Laden, al-Qaida struck U.S. (Oct 5, 2001)

Covert raids are key to U.S. strategy
Experts emphasize commandos' value (Oct 5, 2001)

Rumors, dust fill Afghan neighbor's air
Tajikistan depends on Russia as fighting occurs on its border (Oct 5, 2001)

Traditional charities hope bump in giving will persist
Some fear outpouring might hurt them later (Oct 5, 2001)

News reflects a divided Pakistan
Coverage: Pakistani papers show schisms of class, education and world perspective - and news of Afghanistan often takes a back seat. (Oct 5, 2001)

Early estimate of N.Y. loss set at $105 billion
City expects shortfall even with federal help (Oct 5, 2001)

U.S. seeks clues to hijack preparations
FBI eager to uncover terrorism accomplices (Oct 5, 2001)

Experts eye new scale for Trade Center site
Urban planners say New York shouldn't seek a 'carbon copy' of towers (Oct 5, 2001)

Attacks Digest (Oct 5, 2001)

Congress delays action on airport security (Oct 5, 2001)

Resentment, denial among Saudis grow in attacks' wake
U.S. misidentification of suspects fuels ire (Oct 5, 2001)

Airport's noise, presence of security offer comfort
Reagan National reopens to relief of travelers, staffs (Oct 5, 2001)

NATO allies to help in U.S. military attack
Access to airfields, ports, airspace and information offered in fighting terror (Oct 5, 2001)

On patrol in New York
Police: Volunteers help New York's weary officers and reassure tourists on Broadway. (Oct 5, 2001)

Md. National Guard sends armed troops to aid BWI security
Soldiers carrying M-16 rifles are intended to ease passenger fears (Oct 5, 2001)

City's trade center enhances security
Upper deck closed, ID badges required after attacks in N.Y. (Oct 5, 2001)

India says fear led to report of hijacking
Commandos rush onto plane, find no terrorists (Oct 5, 2001)

Afghanistan's destiny will be decided within
The future: United States cannot impose rulers; ultimately, women will determine country's fate. (Oct 5, 2001)

Spend less, cut taxes, Bush says
President calls on Congress for economic stimulus; At least $60 billion; Debate shaping up over marginal rates, relief for businesses (Oct 6, 2001)

Cheney busy but invisible to public
Vice president stays in background since attacks of Sept. 11 (Oct 6, 2001)

O'Malley, Norris criticize FBI investigation
They tell Congress closer cooperation vital to public safety (Oct 6, 2001)

Blair pledges post-Taliban role for Pakistanis
1,000 U.S. troops head for Uzbekistan base (Oct 6, 2001)

U.S. rebukes remarks by Sharon
Israeli leader warns against appeasement (Oct 6, 2001)

War, drought bring starvation
Afghanistan: After 22 years of conflict and four years with little rain, millions of people face the threat of starvation and scant hope of relief. (Oct 6, 2001)

Glow of bipartisanship seems to dim as Congress weighs anti-terror bills
But lawmakers avoid total gridlock of past (Oct 6, 2001)

ACLU's chief lobbyist draws on family legacy
History of rights activism informs fight to limit scope of anti-terror bill (Oct 6, 2001)

Attacks Digest (Oct 6, 2001)

Fundamental shifts in ads seen
Selling: Many companies altered their marketing after the terrorist attacks, and some predict no end to the changes. (Oct 6, 2001)

Funeral held for NYPD victim of attack (Oct 6, 2001)

Taliban forces reported massing in mountains
Travelers say soldiers setting up defenses outside city of Kandahar (Oct 6, 2001)

Region's harsh climate big hurdle for military (Oct 6, 2001)

Unsealed court documents reveal more hijacking details
Attendant's phone call used to obtain warrant (Oct 6, 2001)

Time's short, Bush warns the Taliban
Military action set if regime protects al-Qaida members; 'Surrender all terrorists'; President promises aid to Afghan public, harm to leadership (Oct 7, 2001)

Islamic charities under scrutiny
Officials call claims of terrorist aid false (Oct 7, 2001)

Taliban's main rivals await time to attack
Northern Alliance has hope of win with U.S. (Oct 7, 2001)

Afghans flock to Western radio
Broadcasts: Defying Taliban prohibitions, residents tune in to British programming and the Voice of America. (Oct 7, 2001)

Two more bodies recovered from ruins of trade center
Remains found separately in rubble being excavated (Oct 7, 2001)

Attacks Digest (Oct 7, 2001)

Web could be new front for U.S. enemies
Capability to disrupt major systems exists, computer experts say (Oct 7, 2001)

Atta's trip to Europe investigated
Authorities seeking possible ties to attacks (Oct 7, 2001)

Industrial nations pledge to aid U.S.
O'Neill, finance ministers discuss ways to bolster confidence after attacks (Oct 7, 2001)

Opium a tool for Taliban
Heroin: The radical regime, armed through drug profits, plans to lift its ban on poppy-growing if the U.S. attacks. (Oct 7, 2001)

U.S. planes prepare to carry relief supplies to Afghanistan
Air crews prepare to drop food, medicine (Oct 7, 2001)

Honoring fallen heroes
Memorial: As families travel to Emmitsburg to remember firefighters who died last year, the terrorist attacks give additional significance to the somber occasion. (Oct 7, 2001)

There's nothing foreign about Islam in America Gregory Kane (Oct 7, 2001)

Current crisis affords cover for all sorts of weird things Jay Hancock (Oct 7, 2001)

An elder statesman on a note of caution
Resolve: In the rush to unity after the terrorist attacks, Congress should not lose sight of its obligation to question issues. (Oct 7, 2001)

Parents shunning violent kids' toys
Sales of rescue figures reported higher since terrorist attacks (Oct 7, 2001)

Afghans in Virginia fault Taliban
'They have hijacked the country,' says Annandale man (Oct 7, 2001)

Message from mosque in Queens
Viewpoint: "Tell Mullah Omar that the situation is very dangerous, and we don't like Osama bin Laden. Mullah Omar must tell Osama bin Laden to get out of Afghanistan," a spiritual leader (Oct 7, 2001)

Replica of Taliban-destroyed Buddha under way
Chinese entrepreneur's 121-foot copy to be done in months, cost $600,000 (Oct 7, 2001)

A view of tomorrow, etched in a moment
Suddenly, through the lens of terrorism, mortality and world politics come into sharp focus for a new generation of Americans. (Oct 7, 2001)

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