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September 13, 2001 AP Protests Death Threats to Cameraman by PA Update

AP Protests Threats to Cameraman

The Associated Press

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2001; 6:02 p.m. EDT

[IMRA: Israel Radio Correspondent Danny Zaken reported this morning that

Yasser Arafat's Tanzim released the cameraman. It is not clear if the embargoed footage has been broadcast yet. The most important lesson from this experience is that the cameraman's safety was secured by VOCAL PROTEST rather than understandbly terrified silence.]

JERUSALEM -- The Associated Press on Wednesday protested to the Palestinian Authority about threats against a freelance camerman who filmed Palestinians celebrating terror attacks in the United States.

The videographer, on assignment for Associated Press Television News, was summoned to a Palestinian Authority security office and told that the material must not be aired. Calls in the name of the Tanzim militia, an armed group associated with Yasser Arafat's Fatah group, warned him he would be held responsible and made what he interpreted as threats on his life.

Several Palestinian Authority officials spoke to AP in Jerusalem urging that the material not be broadcast. Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Arafat's Cabinet secretary, said the Palestinian Authority "cannot guarantee the life" of the cameraman if the footage was broadcast.

The cameraman then requested that the material not be aired. In light of the danger, APTN has not released the footage of the rally in Nablus.

AP news stories reported worldwide on the demonstration in Nablus and AP distributed still pictures and video of similar rallies in east Jerusalem, Lebanon and elsewhere. An AP still photographer did not take pictures of the Nablus rally after being warned at the scene not to do so.

The protest by AP Chief of Bureau Dan Perry said, "I ask the assurances of the Palestinian Authority that you will protect our journalists from threats and attempts at intimidation and that no harm would come to our freelance cameraman from distribution of the film."






September 12, 2001, PA threatens to kill news workers if broadcast photos of celebrating Palestinians,

Aaron Lerner Date: 12 September 2001 Israel Radio correspondent Danny Zaken reported on the noon news program that while hundreds of Palestinians went out to the streets in many cities in Judea and Samaria (but not Gaza) to celebrate the attacks against the United States - distributing candy, waving flags, honking horns and shooting in the air in joy, coverage by the foreign news was typically limited to east Jerusalem.

According to Zaken, at least two news organizations, a large news agency and a foreign TV network, had footage of the celebrations in Nablus and Ramallah that included Palestinian policemen shooting in the air in joy within a crowd of hundreds.

They declined, Zaken reports, to broadcast the material after senior officials in the Palestinian Authority - including PA ministers who are frequently interviewed by the media - contacted the heads of the news organizations, threatening the lives of the cameramen and stringers in the field and that if they broadcast the reports that they would not be allowed to cover events within the Authority in the future.

The news agencies declined to comment to Israel Radio.

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(Communicated by the President's Spokeswoman)

Jerusalem Wednesday, September 12, 2001

President Katsav today (Wednesday) 12.9.2001, met the Jewish - American group CAMERA and expressed his shock at the terrorist attacks perpetrated yesterday in the United States. President Katsav said that this is a turning point in the history of humanity. The world has changed and must be rebuilt from scratch on strong moral foundations. The President added he is not talking about a reaction or policy of destruction of terrorism, rather the joining together of all the nations of the world in a determined struggle against terrorism, hate and war and against whoever does not join the struggle.

The attack in the United States is a declaration of war against the free world and against morality and justice, and it is forbidden to surrender. President Katsav emphasized that terrorism knows no borders and no state is immune to further terrorist activities in different corners of the world. The President expressed the fear that yesterday's events might strengthen the hands of the crazy attackers.

President Katsav noted that the atmosphere of terror created by some of the Islamic states such as Iran, Syria and the PA fosters incitement which leads to violence and terrorism.


(Communicated by the Defense Minister's Media Adviser)

Jerusalem Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer today (Wednesday), 12.9.2001, Spoke with US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and expressed the sorrow of the people of Israel in light of the terror disaster that has befallen the American nation.

Defense Minister Ben-Eliezer offered any aid that may be required whether it be search and rescue of survivors at the disaster sites or in the intelligence and defense field. The Defense Minister said that

"Israel is a partner of the United States in its war against terrorism." Defense Secretary Rumsfeld responded that he values Israel's concern, its stand in support of the United States and its offer of aid.

September 12, 2001, Daily attack figures for June through 10 September 2001

Aaron Lerner Date: 11 September 2001

The following are attack figures supplied by the IDF Spokesperson's Office.

The attack figures do not include rock throwing or fire bomb throwing.

Please note that an attack can last hours or a moment.

[For some reason, the IDF website dropped daily details from before September]

# attacks [Date]

12 [June 01
15 [June 02] Arafat claims cease-fire
09 [June 03]
11 [June 04]
21 [June 05]
12 [June 06]
18 [June 07]
17 [June 08]
15 [June 09]
14 [June 10]
07 [June 11]
19 [June 12]
15 [June 13] Israeli and Palestinian "accept" Tenet plan
14 [June 14]
05 [June 15]
07 [June 16]
05 [June 17]
16 [June 18]
13 [June 19]
17 [June 20]
10 [June 21]
08 [June 22]
02 [June 23]
07 [June 24]
16 [June 25]
10 [June 26] Based on this data Pres. Bush claims much progress.
10 [June 26]
13 [June 27]
14 [June 28]
10 [June 29]
05 [June 30]
05 [July 01]
27 [July 02] Arafat declares 7 "quiet days" to end on 5 July
11 [July 03]
11 [July 04]
22 July 05]
25 [July 06]
15 [July 07]
11 [July 08]
15 [July 09] [Israeli] Foreign Minister Peres announces for Arafat that Arafat promises to be serious
11 [July 10]
10 [July 11]
13 [July 12]
25 [July 13]
14 [July 14]
19 [July 15]
33 [July 16] Peres says after Cairo meeting with Arafat that Peres hopeful
28 [July 17]
31 [July 18]
17 [July 19]
28 [July 20]
06 [July 21]
24 [July 22]
19 [July 23]
18 [July 24]
10 [July 25]
20 [July 26] US State Department says there has been a decline (announced before figures out for the day)
17 [July 27]
19 [July 28]
18 [July 29]
25 [July 30]
59 [July 31]
56 [August 01]
45 [August 02]
30 [August 03]
45 [August 04]
30 [August 05]
22 [August 06]
17 [August 07]
19 [August 08]
27 [August 09]
18 [August 10]
20 [August 11]
29 [August 12]
29 [August 13]
46 [August 14]
33 [August 15]
30 [August 16]
30 [August 17]
33 [August 18]
41 [August 19]
28 [August 20]
27 [August 21]
36 [August 22]
43 [August 23]
33 [August 24]
26 [August 25]
29 [August 26]
41 [August 27]
64 [August 28]
56 [August 29]
35 [August 30]
35 [August 31]
34 [September 1]
34 [September 2]
38 [September 3]
22 [September 4]
19 [September 5]
24 [September 6]
26 [September 7]
29 [September 8]
15 [September 9]
26 [September 10]

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September 12, 2001, Official Syrian News Agency condemnation of attacks on USA attributed to "official information source" rather than Assad,

The following is from the website of SANA - the official Syrian News Agency:

Syrian source - condemnation

Damascus Sept.12 SANA [Official Syrian News Agency]

An official Syrian information source has condemned the the destructive acts of sabotage which targeted innocent civilians in the united states of America and inflicted extensive destruction on properties and vital positions.,

The source expressed Syria's sympathy with the American people and families of the victims of those attacks.


September 12, 2001, WAFA: Irish Foreign Minister Brian Cowen told Arafat the Irish support Palestinian right of return

President Arafat received the Irish Foreign Minister

GAZA - SEPTMPER 12 - WAFA [Official Palestine News Agency] - President Yasser Arafat received yesterday in Gaza the Irish Foreign Minister Brian Cowen.

During the meeting the President briefed His guest with the latest developments in the region under the Israeli ongoing escalation against the Palestinian people.

The President talks with Irish Foreign Minister comes as part of the contacts the president is holding at the international level to put an end to the Israeli military escalation and resume peace negotiations.

The Irish Minister arrived in Gaza after his visit to the West Bank City of Nativity, Bethlehem, where he observed closely the destruction caused by the Israeli occupying forces.

Mr. Mitri Abu Etta the Tourism Minister escorted the guest in a tour to some refugee camps around Bethlehem, and revealed in front of him the Israeli devastating actions in the area including the Holy City of Bethlehem and the adjacent towns, on daily basis of shelling, shooting and bombing, and the Israeli policy of confinements by siege, blockade, the starvation and the assassinations policy against the Palestinian people.

They discussed the relations between the two nations. And the guest Minister said that he is aware of what is happening and the difficult situation of the Palestinian people, offering the Irish help to aid the Palestinian people.

He said that he and his country are very much concerned about the situation in the Middle East, because if the violence continues it will be most dangerous for the two sides, he offered his country's help in reviving the peace process.

He declared that the Irish people and government support the Palestinian people in their right of return and the right to establish their own independent state with occupied East Jerusalem as its capital.

September 12, 2001, Radio Interview with Israel Foreign Minister Shimon Peres on the Voice of Israel,
[IMRA: This is not a parody]
[IMRA: This is not someone's idea of a sinister way to ridicule FM Shimon Peres. The translation supplied by the Foreign Ministry is accurate. Peres continues to maintain his condescending attitude towards the Palestinians, certain that they are only making a "mistake" and patiently waiting for them as yet another chance is given to them to come to their senses and mouth a few declarations ["declare" not "act"]. One certainly hopes - for the sake of the world - that the U.S. doesn't follow the Peres philosophy and try to reason with Bin Laden and give him a chance to strike again before taking action against him]

Information Division, Israel Foreign Ministry - Jerusalem

FM Peres: In my opinion, the United States has to lead the fight against terrorism. Israel does not have to be in the frontline of the battle. Israel should not place itself in the center of events, when this time, the focus is a danger second only to the nuclear threat, almost as bad as Pearl Harbor. I am confident that the US is capable of waging this war successfully. We will do our part, in proportion, because it is clear that this war involves the entire world.

Our hearts are truly with the United States today, with the thousands of families whose eyes are wet with tears. We will do whatever we can, whatever we are asked, wholeheartedly, unhesitatingly. However, let us not put ourselves at the forefront of things.

Q: Isn't there a danger, Mr. Peres, that after a few days, after this terrible shock, the Americans will come and say that this has happened to them because the US was so supportive and identified with the State of Israel?

FM Peres: There are always dangers. But I don't think that the US will give in because someone says something this or that. It wouldn't surrender its freedom of action or hesitate as to whose side it is on. The way I see it, this attack was not only on the United States - it was an attack on civilization, on democracy, on our way of life, which is not the law of the jungle. The United States has in the past stood up for the cause of freedom and humanity, and it will do so now as well. There is no choice, since, essentially, a few crazy individuals can decide to destroy the lives of tens of thousands of people. For example, in the United States, in Oklahoma City, there was an act of horrendous terrorism, in which 181 were killed --

Q: That was domestic terrorism -- FM Peres: There is no such thing as domestic terrorism or foreign terrorism. There is terrorism -- it is carried out by the insane and is global in nature.

Q: This insanity is so global that we have seen Palestinians in East Jerusalem and elsewhere celebrating by throwing candies --

FM Peres: They don't understand what they're doing. They don't understand that, sooner or later, we will take this weapon away from them. We have to go country by country, very systematically, identify those which support and host terrorism and declare them to be terrorist states. Orderly and very systematic work is necessary -- without compassion, without ambiguity, and without concessions. All of the world's clerics must be approached - rabbis, qadis, priests - and asked to take a stand and make clear declarations against these heinous suicide terrorists. It was suicide terrorists who got on these planes, killed the pilots and cause indescribable carnage. The world's moral leaders must take a clear stand on this issue.

Q: If the Palestinians are still engaged in terrorism, aren't there conclusions that have to be made with regard to our relationship with them?

FM Peres: I think the Palestinians, not us, should reach some conclusions of their own. It's like having to quit smoking. You get to the point where you either stop, or fall victim to lung cancer. It's the same with the Palestinians. They should have made a statement last night that they are renouncing terrorism.

The whole world will stand against them if they fail to do so. Many people can now understand not only the meaning of terrorism, but also the meaning of suicide terrorism. This is a whole new form of terrorism the likes of which we have never known.

Q: And when the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian terrorist groups all take part in terrorism against Israel, some say 'There's no reason to speak with them for now, its not possible to talk with them, since they're on the other side' --

FM Peres: It could be that, if they continue [their terrorism], then there really is no reason to speak with them. But they themselves say that they want to stop the terrorism. That's what we're talking with them about.

You see, up until now, the entire world was organized into armies and enemies. Today, the classic armies remain, yet the classic enemies have practically vanished. In their place, there are now new threats which we were unknown to us -- primary among them is the threat of terrorism. Strategy, tactics and organized forces have yet to be developed against terrorism. The fundamental and true conclusion is that a strategy must be developed, and military and security organizations must be established which will prevent terrorism.

This also clarifies to quite a few people why there is no choice but to take preventative actions, since once these insane people are airborne with knives, they constitute a global threat. Comprehensive conclusions must also be reached regarding the funding of terrorism, its sources, sponsorship, support, and other aspects. There must be a systematic approach. Just as conventional armies have been built, so too an army for the war against terrorism must be built. But with one difference. This army must be global in nature, since terrorism can appear anywhere, even if it isn't invited or known to be present.

Q: Another question which we dealt with extensively before the attacks in the United States was your upcoming meeting with Arafat. Is it still on the agenda?

FM Peres: Arafat was told yesterday that this is an opportunity for him to abandon the world of terrorism. This is the true test. He cannot hold on to both at the same time -- to be engaged in terrorism while at the same time being accepted internationally. No one can. Yesterday, in the United States, this choice was made clear cut, and no room for compromise now remains. I hope the Palestinians reach the proper conclusion.

Q: And until then?

FM Peres: There is no 'until then'. Yesterday, the countdown began - the countdown to an end to terrorism. If the terrorism stops, we will enter into negotiations. We are not interested in violence for its own sake. We are interested in an end to the violence in order to renew our contacts.

Q: So, in the meantime, the new policy is that there will be no dialogue, even about ending the violence, but rather, there must first be an end to the violence and only then a beginning of the dialogue?

FM Peres: I didn't say that. I said that the Palestinians themselves have an opportunity to pursue a new policy. If they want to talk about how to end the violence, we are ready to help them end the violence. We are not giving anyone the 'cold shoulder'. But the Palestinians must declare that they are giving a comprehensive 'cold shoulder' to terrorism in all its forms.

(Communicated by the President's Spokeswoman)

Jerusalem September 12, 2001
President Moshe Katsav today (Wednesday) 12.9.2001, sent the following letter to US President George W. Bush:

Dear Mr. President,

Please accept my deep pain and that of the People of Israel on the horrendous disaster which befell the American People by a series of brutal terrorist attacks perpetrated by bloodthirsty people who lack a conscience and a heart.

The attacks on the United States of America is a declaration of war against the free world and the moral world.

I strengthen you and, under your leadership, the endeavors to find and punish those responsible for these dreadful acts. The free and enlightened world must work together to eliminate terrorism which disrupts world order.

The entire People of Israel share the suffering of the great American People and express their condolences to the families of the victims and best wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured.

Yours sincerely,
Moshe Katsav


Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Contact: Aaron Weil
Cellular: (052) 879-671
When: Thursday. September 13th, 2001 at 8:00am
Where: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem (Tzion Ballroom)

In a show of solidarity with the stranded leaders of the American Jewish Community, Sallai Meridor will be addressing the group in a specially convened meeting. Due to the problems in communications and the current state of the site of the attack at the World Trade Center, the approximately 200 members of the New York Federation, including the entire leadership of that community are still largely unable to confirm the status of friends and loved ones.

"We have stood together as partners with the UJC since our inception. So often in the past we have been on the receiving side of their support and condolences and through this horrible act of terrorism, it is now our responsibility to lend whatever support we can", commented Meridor.

Approximately 500 leaders from The United Jewish Communities, Federations of North America (UJC) are currently in Israel on the "Israel Now and Forever" Solidarity mission designed to demonstrate unity and support with the people of Israel during the ongoing conflict.

The leaders are here to view existing projects that the UJC is funding in partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and the Joint

Distribution Committee (JDC). The projects include funding for trauma treatment on a national level as well as air conditioners for the entire

Kindergarten system of Gilo. The Gilo project was requested by the Municipality of Jerusalem in order to offer parents an extended day program as a safe environment for their children while shooting continues in the Gilo area.

September 12, 2001, On-line search for Israelis missing following attacks in US

Attention Israel line recipients:

The Israel Foreign Ministry will later today be launching an Internet on-line search for Israelis missing following the terrorist attacks yesterday

(September 11) in the United States.

This special service - intended for Israelis only - will allow Israelis in the affected areas in the US to post notices to their friends and family that they are all right, and will provide a means for friends and family of Israelis in the US, who have not yet heard from them, to contact them.

A link to this special service will be prominently displayed on the homepage of the Israel Foreign Ministry website -

Anyone requiring this service is invited to check the website for this link later today.

September 13, 2001, IDF Response to the Shooting Attack near Haballa in which an Israeli Civilian was Killed.

IDF Spokesperson 13 September 2001.

In response to the Palestinian terror in the West Bank area and the shooting attack in which an Israeli woman was killed, the IDF struck and razed a Palestinian post in the region of the town of Kalkiliya, and struck an additional post in the region of the town of Salfit, near Ariel.

The IDF Spokesperson notes that the IDF actions were designed to obstruct hostile terrorist activity and protect the citizens of Israel and will continue these actions as long as required.

September 13, 2001 Excerpts: Attacks favor Israel. Bin Laden thanks God for bombings. Egyptian population cheers bombings of US. US bombings --Israel faulted 13 September 2001

+++JORDAN TIMES 13 Sept.'01:"Carnage in US tips balance of play in Israeli-Palestinian conflict" By Christian Chaise Agence France-Presse

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM - The carnage in the heart of the United States has tipped the balance of play in the Middle East conflict, putting the Palestinians on the defensive and stirring sympathy for the occupying power, Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will now have more leeway to fight the uprising, predicted independent Palestinian analyst Khalil Shikaki, and "the world will show very little tolerance" for Palestinian suicide attacks.

An Israeli official, meanwhile, asking not to be named, said Tuesday's suicide plane bombings in New York and Washington would "have an impact on the whole region."

"The Palestinians are now entering one of the darkest periods of their history," an editorial in the Israeli daily Haaretz warned.

On the political and diplomatic fronts, the attacks in the United States in which thousands are feared dead could prove a disaster for Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Since coming to power in March, Sharon has tried to portray the Intifada, or uprising against Israeli occupation, as nothing more than a "terrorist" campaign launched by Arafat against the region's only "democracy."

The right-wing hardliner sees the world as split into two camps, with democracies pitted against state-backed terrorist groups, a view which has gained currency in international public opinion since the onslaught against the United States.

"From now on, the world will be divided between those who support terror - and there is no difference between a person who flies a plane into the World Trade Centre and someone who blows himself up in (Tel Aviv) - and those who stand against it," forecast Yediot Aharonot, another Israeli daily.

"The freedom of action for those who fight terror will be, in the eyes of the Americans, almost absolute."

Television footage of Palestinians celebrating the anti-US attacks "is going to cause tremendous damage to the Palestinian cause", feared Shikaki, who runs a research centre in the West Bank town of Ramallah.

In the Israeli camp, far-right MPs moved swiftly on Tuesday night to urge Sharon to make the most of the situation and teach Arafat's Palestinian National Authority a lesson.

"The world will understand," said Zvi Hendel, one of the advocates.

Shikaki said the Israeli army's overnight offensive in the West Bank that cost the lives of 10 Palestinians showed the Jewish state was not wasting any time.

"They (the Israelis) are taking advantage. If this snowballs, we might see in the next few days things heating up in a very ugly way," said Shikaki.

Taking their lead from Arafat, Palestinian officials have lined up to condemn the horrific attacks in the United States and voice their sympathies for the American people.

And the Palestinian leader has decided to put off a groundbreaking visit to Syria - a country included on a US State Department list of states which allegedly support "terrorism" - that he was to start on Wednesday.

In a damage control exercise, the governor of Nablus denied that thousands of residents of his West Bank town had demonstrated their joy at the devastation in the United States.

It was a protest against Israeli military operations, he insisted.

+++JORDAN TIMES 13 Sept.'01: "US searches for perpetrators, survivors" Agencies

EXCERPTS The focus of the investigation was on Osama Bin Laden, who denied involvement, though he "thanked Almighty God and bowed before him when he heard this news" of the attacks, according to a Palestinian journalist. . .. A London-based Arab journalist said followers of Bin Laden warned three weeks ago that they would carry out a "huge and unprecedented attack" on US interests.

{IMRA: Islamist sokesmen officially declare "suicide" bombings are permitted.. Because suicide is prohibited in Islam,this action is surrounded by authoritative religious ruling that bombers are not suicides. They perform the holiest function which incidentally causes their deaths. Islamists also insist that killing women and children is forbidden. In the case of Israel, this prohibition is overcome by declaring there are no Israeli civilians,that everyone and everything Israeli is war-dedicated. It is striking that while Arab civil authorities denounce the bombings in N.Y. and Washington, Islamic religious authorities have not been heard from.}

+++JORDAN TIMES 13 Sept.'01: "Reaction to attacks in US reveals rift between Egypt's leaders, people"

QUOTES FROM TEXT: " 'Mabruk! Mabruk! (congratulations),' shouted people huddled at shop windows where television sets showed incredible images of airliners crashing into the twin towers"

"'I'm very sad,' Mubarak told reporters, describing the attacks as 'unimaginable' and 'horrible'.' "

"The state press has published a montage showing Peres ... in a Nazi uniform each time the Israeli minister has visited Egypt to meet Arafat and Mubarak."

"Without rejoicing over the attacks that may have killed thousands of civilians, an editorialist with the government daily Al Ahram wondered if the events marked the `beginning of a war against globalisation."


EXCERPTS: CAIRO - Reaction in Cairo to the terrorist attacks that hit the United States has revealed the wide rift that separates the Egyptian government ... and the man in the street.

"Mabruk! Mabruk! (congratulations)," shouted people huddled at shop windows where television sets showed incredible images of airliners crashing into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York on Tuesday.

"It's the best thing that's happened since the October war," said Gawish Abdul Kerim, a taxi driver ... .

... "Bullseye," commented two taxi drivers as they watched the footage.

Such reactions contrasted with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's immediate condemnation of the attacks.

"I'm very sad," Mubarak told reporters, describing the attacks as "unimaginable" and "horrible."

"This terrorism is dangerous and we denounce terrorism. We denounce terrorism under any circumstances," he said after chairing an emergency cabinet meeting devoted to the attacks.

The Egyptian leader, who has survived at least 10 assassination attempts since he became president in 1981, said "nobody could have imagined" such attacks, adding the United States is "a friendly country" to Egypt. . . . Mubarak has continued the historic policy of openness to the West ... which led to the signing in 1979 of the first peace treaty between an Arab country and Israel.

A key ally of the United States, which provides $1.3 billion a year in aid to Egypt, Mubarak has hosted many high-level Israeli-Palestinian talks to try to resolve a conflict which could spill over to the entire region.

At the risk of appearing as the "initiator of meetings invariably bound to fail," he has again proposed Egypt as a venue for Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres to meet, a Western diplomat said. To be sure, the Egyptian authorities have criticised US President George W. Bush, but mainly for his lack of initiative to end the conflict.

Such a position contrasts sharply with the battle cry of Egyptian university students in Cairo, who have condemned both Americans and Israelis in the same breath and burned the flags of both countries.

It also is in contrast with the government press, a pressure-release valve and middle road between the official position and the man in the street, which has described the Middle East conflict as "an American-Arab conflict."

The state press has published a photo-montage showing Peres... in a Nazi uniform each time the Israeli minister has visited Egypt to meet Arafat and Mubarak.

"Mubarak must know that the people can no longer be humiliated," a university student in Cairo said, trying to explain his satisfaction over the news of the attacks and the frustration of ordinary people with US supremacy.

Without rejoicing over the attacks that may have killed thousands of civilians, an editorialist with the government daily Al Ahram wondered if the events marked the "beginning of a war against globalisation.

"The real reason behind the terrorism is the widening of the gap between the north and the south, this wave of consumer madness which invades the world, which encourages extremism of all kinds," he wrote.

{IMRA: Is this also Israel's fault?}

+++JORDAN TIMES 13 Sept.'01:" Most Jordanians in state of shock after US attacks" By Francesca Sawalha and Saad G. Hattar,

QUOTES FROM TEXT: "local press called on Washington to revise its 'provoking' foreign policy."

" 'we totally differentiate between the US administration's policies, controlled by the Zionist lobby, and ordinary American citizens' "

"'The US alone can estimate how much the power of wisdom it needs in order to corner the arrogance of power.' "


EXCERPTS: AMMAN - Most Jordanians were still in a state of shock and disbelief on Wednesday, a day after concerted terrorist attacks hit the US' economic and defence nerves, while the local press called on Washington to revise its "provoking" foreign policy.

Western embassies went on high alert ...several flights in and out of Amman were postponed, and official and cultural events were put off ... .

Meanwhile, vitriolic anti-Muslim slurs jammed chat rooms and Arabic sites, and some Jordanians in the US admitted to feeling uneasy and fearing a backlash of anti-Arab sentiment.

"It is 'Apocalypse Now' in the US," wrote Al Aswaq in its editorial yesterday. "US institutions should come to the conclusion that societies will always be threatened by killings and destruction as long as power comes first, at the expense of dialogue."

Al Aswaq went on to say that "because the US people lived on Tuesday one of many days lived by the Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli aggressors, we think that this will prompt US policy-makers to adopt more humane policies, less biased in favour of aggressors and occupiers."

Al Arab Al Yawm's Taher Adwan warned that the Zionist movement will seek to point the finger against Arabs and Muslims, and praised all Palestinian factions, from Islamic Jihad, to Hamas to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine for moving swiftly to deny any involvement in the horrific attacks.

"As Arabs and Palestinians, we totally differentiate between the US administration's policies, controlled by the Zionist lobby, and ordinary American citizens," Adwan said. "The US is an open country with millions of Arabs and billions of Arab dollars in its banks," he added.

Columnist Jamil Nimri described Tuesday's footage from Manhattan and Washington as "science fiction beyond imagination." ................. "The blows dealt to the symbols of US military and economic might exposed the fragility of power when it grows to such an extent and in such a huge country that it becomes impossible to control the prospects of terrorist acts by oppressed parties."

"The US alone can estimate how much of the power of wisdom it needs in order to corner the arrogance of power."

Mohammad Kawash of Al Arab Al Yawm criticised the "hasty and unfounded" accusations against Arabs or Muslims.

Al Arab Al Yawm's Mohammad Subeihi expected the attacks to usher in a new phase in US foreign and security policies, while Al Ra'i's Fahed Fanek said the carnage exposed the failure of American security and law

+++JORDAN TIMES 12 Sept.'01: King: US attacks add urgency to Mideast solution" By Francesca Sawalha SUBJECT: King Abdullah on US bombings.

QUOTES FROM TEXT: "King Abdullah on Wednesday said...terrorist attacks in the US added urgency to the need to find a just, comprehensive and lasting solution to the Palestinian cause."

"'The vacuum is giving extremists the upper hand and providing them with opportunities to try and carry out operations like those which occurred yesterday.'"

"Referring to the celebrations which took place in...the West Bank and Gaza... King Adullah stated that the behaviour of a small group of individuals should not be generalized to all Palestinians and Arabs."

EXCERPTS: AMMAN - His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday said...terrorist attacks in the US added urgency to the need to find a just, comprehensive and lasting solution to the Palestinian cause

...King Abdullah expressed sorrow and grief for the loss of innocent lives and reiterated the condolences of the Jordanian people and government to America and all Americans.

"If the United States had resolved the problems in the Middle East, notably the Israeli-Palestinian question, I seriously doubt that they would have taken place,"......

Tuesday's terror attacks were "a call for all of us in the international community to ensure a stop to the violence and bring the parties back to the negotiations table,".....

"The vacuum is giving extremists the upper hand and providing them with opportunities to try and carry out operations like those which occurred yesterday," he said....The King said Jordanian security and law enforcement agencies had been "working closely" with the United States for several years to fight terrorism.

Terrorism is not a "new phenomenon of the week...I am surprised that something similar had not happened earlier," he said.

Referring to the celebrations which took place in...the West Bank and Gaza...King Abdullah stated that the behaviour of a small group of individuals should not be generalised to all Palestinians and Arabs.

{IMRA: Questionable. In a revent public opinion of Palestinians, by Palestinians, 81 of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza favor suicide bombings. Article in the same issue of the Jordan Times reports approval of US bombings by the Egyptian "street" and expressed concern and condolences by Mubarak. What is the situation in Jordan?}

"We were all shocked and saddened by the devastating incident," he said.

The King sent a cable of condolences to Bush on Tuesday, expressing also the sorrow and grief of the Jordanian government and people.

Yesterday, the King also convened and chaired a meeting of senior ministers to review the spate of terror attacks.

Prime Minister Ali Abul Ragheb, Interior Minister Awad Khleifat, Foreign Minister Abdul Ilah Khatib and Information Minister Saleh Qallab were present at the meeting, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, said.

Speaking at the meeting, the King categorically condemned the acts of violence that resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians. On behalf of the Jordanian people, government, and Throne, he reiterated his condolences to the American government, people, and the bereaved families of the victims.

September 13, 2001 Myths & Facts Online

Myths & Facts Online

Edited by Mitchell G. Bard

In 1957, Si Kenen started a newsletter " Near East Report " to inform the public about events relating to the Middle East. Much of what he published in NER was current, but he also recognized the need to educate readers about the Arab-Israeli conflict and to debunk myths perpetrated by those who wished to rewrite history to suit their own purposes. Toward this end, NER began to publish special surveys of pertinent issues. Gradually these analyses grew to book length and were published as Myths and Facts.

Myths about the Middle East did not originate in the 1950's, nor have they ceased to be promulgated. The tumultuous events in the region seem to be consistently accompanied by all new distortions of the facts about the Arab-Israeli conflict. Mitchell Bard and Joel Himelfarb edited the last edition of Myths and Facts in 1992. A great deal has happened since then, so, with Near East Research's permission, and by popular demand, AICE produced an updated version of this classic text. This version has the advantage of being hyperlinked to the vast resources available in our Jewish Virtual Library and is constantly updated as new events occur.

The response to our online version has been overwhelming and people began to ask for hard copies of the text. Consequently, we are publishing the complete version as a paperback for quick, easy reference. I recommend you purchase a copy to keep handy for use when you can't get online. New myths that emerge after publication of the book will be incorporated online with the corresponding facts.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of past editors Sheila Segal, Wolf Blitzer, Alan Tigay, Moshe Decter, M.J. Rosenberg, Jeff Rubin, Eric Rozenman, Lenny Davis and Joel Himelfarb.

"Truth," Lord Acton said, "is the only merit that gives dignity and worth to history." The following pages lay out the truth about the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is the best weapon we have against the purveyors of falsehood.

Mitchell G. Bard
June 2001

September 13, 2001 FM Peres Suggests International Task Force for Combating Terrorism - [says NATO has no enemies anymore anyway]

(Communicated by the Bureau of the Foreign Minister) Jerusalem, 12 September 2001

[IMRA: Not a parody. FM Peres believes that terrorists should be prioritized according to the method of delivery they use. He thinks is matters that the World Trade Center was turned into rubble by a suicide bomber instead of a terrorist who dropped off a nuclear briefcase and escaped unharmed. It is ironic that a man who so frequently escapes from the painful reality that Oslo brought to Israel by talking of a bigger

picture should now fixate on a single element of the overall threat that the free world faces. Saddam Hussein doesn't need suicide bombers - the delivery technology for nuclear and biochemical warfare doesn't require it.]

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres today suggested that NATO, together with the armed forces of Russia and additional states, be formed into an international task force for fighting terrorism. According to the Foreign Minister, there are international armed forces designed for fighting enemies who no longer exist, and they should be converted to the fight against the dangers threatening civilization. These forces are prepared and equipped and their conversion will save time and money. This task force should form a strategy for combating terrorism and terrorists, while emphasizing suicide terrorism.

Foreign Minister Peres also called on all the world's religious leaders - Christians, Muslims and Jews - to strongly condemn the phenomenon of suicide bombers and act with determination against them.

September 13, 2001 Text: Saddam: US Reaps the Thorns it Plants, Iraq TV - [Support of Israel just one of many American crimes]

[IMRA: Within hours of the devastating attacks against America, supporters of the Palestinians - including some Jewish pseudo intellectuals - began their "drop Israel" campaign, arguing that American support for the Jewish State had made it a target. Saddam Hussein's remarks below make it clear that this is NOT the case. Support for Israel is just one "crime" in a long laundry list of "crimes" that all share a common thread: Western Culture.

A critical element in the success of the Bush administration's efforts to build a "coalition against terror" is if it takes this message to heart. Succumb the the temptation to treat Israel as a pariah state to be left out of the coalition so as not to offend the sensibilities of the "moderate" Arabs and the program will quickly turn into a farce. The truth is that the "moderate" Arab states WILL stand in a coalition with Israel if they are serious about facing the common enemy. If Egypt is serious about facing the enemy - an enemy that certainly threatens it as well - then the most that they need to justify their standing in a coalition that includes Israel is a CLEAR and unequivocable message from America that this there is no "No Jews" option.]

Baghdad Republic of Iraq Television in Arabic 1705 GMT 12 Sep 01

[Announcer-read report over video]

[FBIS Translated Text] [With thanks to Laurie Mylroie - Iraq News]

Leader President Saddam Husayn, may God watch over him, has met with Abd-al-Tawwab Mulla Huwaysh, deputy prime minister and minister of military industrialization, a group of fighters, engineers, and researchers in the Military Industrialization Organization [MIO].

At the outset of the meeting, Abd-al-Tawwab Mulla Huwaysh reviewed the strides made by the MIO mujahidin through unique backing from and coordination with the other competent authorities regarding the preparation of requirements and the implementation of the creative ideas concerning some technical details that were finalized by the open Iraqi minds in a way to upgrade their competence in the field and reinforce the mujahidins' capabilities. Consequently, this would create solid pillars that will contribute, along with the other economic and tactical channels, to confronting the evil aggressors, making their plots backfire on them, breaking their will, destroying their empty arrogance, and foiling their miserable plots and blockade.

The attending mujahidin pledged to his excellency, may God grant him victory, to make, along with their colleagues and comrades in the fields of action and jihad, further efforts, backed by creativeness and a spirit of devotion and insistence, to serve great Iraq, deriving resolution and enthusiasm from leader President Saddam Husayn, may God protect him, and inspiring his excellency's guidance and enlightened thought. They conveyed to his excellency, may God watch over him, greetings from the mujahidin and wishes to his excellency of continued good health and long life full of happiness and glory.

His excellency, may God protect him, asked the conferees to convey his greetings to their families and brothers in the fields of pride and honor. He lauded the spirit of cooperation that characterized their various achievements and activities.

His excellency, made God protect him, commented on the explosions that occurred in Washington and New York yesterday, by saying the following:

Regardless of the conflicting human feelings about what happened in the United States yesterday, the United States reaps the thorns that its rulers have planted in the world. These thorns have not only caused the feet and hearts of certain people to bleed, but also caused the eyes of people to bleed--those people who wept a lot over their dead. The United States has harvested their lives, not leaving a place without the people there having a symbolic monument indicating the criminal action of the United States against them.

This was the case in Japan, which was the first to suffer from the capabilities of nuclear destruction on which the United States prides itself. This also includes what it did in Vietnam and Iraq and what it did against the Russian nuclear submarine. Now, it carries out criminal acts by supporting criminal and racist Zionism against the women, men, young people, elders and children of our valiant Palestinian people.

Will the American peoples save themselves and save the world with them from the evils of their rulers and their terrorist crimes against the world? Or will their rulers, who have become a toy in the hands of criminal world Zionism and its accursed, freak entity, which has usurped the land of Palestine and the land of the Arabs, turn the sentiments of the Americans into new terrorist plans against the world in a way that serves Zionist-Jewish greed for unlawful funds and innocent blood? The American peoples should remember that, throughout history, no one crossed the Atlantic to come to them, carrying weapons against them. They are the ones who crossed the Atlantic carrying with them death, destruction, and ugly exploitation to the whole world. Despite this, we hope that the peoples of the United States will remember that the souls that were killed with US weapons and US machinations and plots can rise to God, Lord of Heavens and Earth, to complain about the injustice of the United States. In fact, God, the Omnipotent and Great, can see. When God strikes, no one can stand in the way of His power.

The one who does not want to reap evil must not plant evil. Those who consider the lives of their people as precious and dear must remember that the lives of people in the world are also precious and dear to their families. The United States exports evil, in terms of corruption and criminality, not only to any place to which its armies travel, but also to any place where its movies get. Therefore, the

American peoples should remember all of this. If they remember this they will save their security and the security of the world from their rulers. However, if what befell the United States is a domestic affair, then the people of the country could diagnose the disease better than others.

[Video shows Saddam Husayn in session with staff]

[Description of Source: Baghdad Republic of Iraq Television in Arabic--Official television station of the Iraqi Government]

September 13, 2001 Peres-Arafat meeting may be off

Aaron Lerner Date: 14 September 2001

Israel Radio diplomatic correspondent Yoni Ben Menachem reported just after the midnight news that sources in the Prime Minister's Office say that the Peres-Arafat meeting slated for next week will probably be cancelled because of the staunch opposition both by many members of the cabinet and senior ID officers.

Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director
IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)
(mail POB 982 Kfar Sava)
Tel 972-9-7604719/Fax 972-3-5480092
pager 03-610666 subscriber 4811

September 13, 2001 IMRA'S WEEKLY COMMENTARY ON ISRAEL NATIONAL RADIO - 13 September 2001

(Broadcast in English on Thursday nights at 10:00 PM on 98.7 FM and on 1539 AM throughout Israel - recording available on and

#1 America would have been attacked even if Israel did not exist

Within hours of the devastating attacks against America, supporters of the Palestinians - including some Jewish pseudo intellectuals - began their "drop Israel" campaign, arguing that American support for the Jewish State had made it a target. Saddam Hussein's remarks reported last night on official Iraqi Television however, make it clear that this is NOT the case. Support for Israel is just one "crime" in a long laundry list of "crimes" starting with the bombing of Hiroshima to the exportation of "evil" via American movies shown around the world.

Israel can pull back to the Green Line - even into the sea - this won't resolve the grievances that America's radical enemies have against it.

#2 Who IS the enemy America will strike?

The horrific attacks on America this week should serve as a wake up call as the last remaining moments of the countdown towards nuclear terror tick off.

Truth be told, it should not really matter if Martians were behind this devastation. The fact remains that there is an international network of terror organizations and terror states that must be defeated. Because if they are not defeated today, their capabilities to wreak havoc on the world tomorrow will make this week's horror pale in comparison.

I don't mean to understate the danger that Bin Laden represents, but it is sheer folly to think that the world would be safe if, for example, someone managed to put a bullet between his eyes while Saddam Hussein continues unfettered.

#3 Who will fight the enemy?

A critical element in the success of the Bush administration's efforts to build a "coalition against terror" is if it takes Saddam's message yesterday to heart. Succumb to the temptation to treat Israel as a pariah state to be left out of the coalition so as not to offend the sensibilities of the "moderate" Arabs and the program will quickly turn into a farce.

The truth is that the "moderate" Arab states WILL stand in a coalition with Israel if they are serious about facing the common enemy. If Egypt is serious about facing the enemy - an enemy that certainly threatens it as well - then the most that they need to justify their standing in a coalition that includes Israel is a CLEAR and unequivocal message from America that there is no "No Jews" option. And it isn't hard to get this message out. All President Bush has to do is SAY it. Say that this is a critical battle that MUST be won and that he expects all those who oppose this threat to the world to join forces - Americans and Russians, Japanese and Chinese, Moderate Arabs and Israelis - to defeat this threat to the world.

#4 Has Israel learned the lesson?

If anyone thought that the nightmare unfolding in America would cause Shimon Peres and the radical left to open their eyes they were mistaken.
Some wonder how the terrorists managed to train for their mission for over a year in Florida. That's nothing compared to what Israel has allowed to go on within the heart of the country. America missed the significance of a score of Arabs taking a civilian flying course. In the new Fatahland there are tens of thousands of people openly training for war against Israel. Arafat has smuggled in everything short of a jet fighter and the Oslo blind still don't get it.

America is a large and strong country. And its size provides it with a resiliency so that it can shake off the terrible losses it suffered this week and return to battle.

Israel cannot afford to continue this farce. We cannot afford to let Peres postpone the inevitable war with the PA by getting yet another meaningless promise from Arafat. We simply don't have the land mass or the population to allow us to give Arafat a chance to hit us with his version of Pearl Harbor.

Let us hope that the coming New Year will be a year that marks the end of dangerous complacency - a year of truth, a year of freedom, a year that puts an end to the madness.

Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director

IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)

(mail POB 982 Kfar Sava)

Tel 972-9-7604719/Fax 972-3-5480092


pager 03-610666 subscriber 4811


September 13, 2001 PMW: Palestinian hatred of USA 1997-2001

Palestinian Media Watch Special Bulletin

September 13, 2001

A compendium of Palestinian Authority hatred of America: 1997 and 2001. by Itamar Marcus and Ruthie Blum,


For years, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has actively promoted hatred of the United States among its people. The recurring theme: the US is an imperialist, colonialist usurper of land and human rights, enemy of the Arab world, killer of Arab children, and supporter of Israel. Yasser Arafat has repeatedly referred to Saddam Hussein as his "brother" and has linked an Iraq victory over the US to a Palestinian victory over Israel. During a period of US-Iraq tension, the editor of the PA official daily wrote that America would pay for its war against Iraq with "45,000 bodies of American soldiers [who] will return to the US like airmail .The Arab mothers will not be the only ones crying..." The PA Mufti has called for Allah [god] to destroy America and "paint the White House black." [See compendium below for full quotes and sources.]

This active antipathy to the US espoused and preached by the PA leadership has created a Palestinian society imbued with hatred toward America. It is in this atmosphere that Palestinians took to the streets in spontaneous celebration of the horrific terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

Quickly realizing that there could be nothing more odious to television viewers in democracies than the sight of Palestinian festivities over the deaths of Americans, the PA took two measures. First, PA Minister of Information Yasser Abed Rabbo demanded of foreign bureau chiefs that they cease broadcasting the celebrations, and threatened the lives of their staff. Second, they orchestrated public displays of sympathy for America.

Photos of Arafat donating blood appeared in the press, alongside photos of Palestinian children carrying signs (in English) expressing solidarity with "fellow" victims of terrorism.

During the weeks prior to the attacks, PMW noticed an increase in the anti-American vitriol and incitement appearing in the PA press, including calls to attack the US. The following selections are from 1997 - when PMW first began monitoring the Palestinian media on this topic - and from 2001, prior to the attack. This compilation demonstrates the consistency of Palestinian ideology.

A compendium of Palestinian Authority hatred of America
Part 1: 1997

1. PA Mufti calls for destruction of America

Arafat appointed Mufti of Palestine has called on Allah (God) to destroy America, which is controlled by Zionist Jews

"Oh, Allah, destroy America as it is controlled by Zionist Jews...Allah will avenge, in the name of his Prophet, the colonialist settlers who are the descendents of monkeys and pigs..."

Ikrima Sabri, the Mufti of the Palestinian Authority, (from weekly sermon in the Al-Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem). Voice of Palestine, July 11, 1997.

2. The U.S. and Israel are the source of terrorism in the world.

Palestinian rejection of the US list of terrorist organizations, which included Islamic and Palestinian organizations..

"We reject the definition of Palestinian and Islamic organizations as terrorist organizations [by the U.S.]. The U.S. and Israel are the source of terrorism in the world."

Sheik Hamed Al-Bitawi, Head of the Palestine Association of Religious Scholars [and the PA's appointed Manager of the Nablus Municipal Religious

Courts] Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 10.11.97

3. The US, bloodsuckers and barbaric culture will disappear from history.

History will forget the United States, but will remember Iraq and Palestine. "...History does not remember the United States, but it remembers Iraq, the cradle of civilization, and Palestine, the cradle of religions. History remembers every piece of Arab land, because it is the bosom of human civilization. On the other hand, the murderers of humanity, the creators of the barbaric culture and the bloodsuckers of nations, are doomed to death and destined to shrink to a microscopic size, like Micronesia. " [Hafez

Al-Barghuthi, editor, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 15, 1997]

4. Arafat: "The two people, Iraqi and Palestinian, are together in the same trench."

Arafat sends his blessings to the brother Iraqi people. "[A PA leader]... expressed President Arafat's blessings to the brother

Iraqi people and its leadership, since the two people, Iraqi and Palestinian, are together in the same trench."

Al-Quds, [Nov. 30, 1997]

5. Palestinian rally in support of Iraq

Arafat: A Palestinian victory over Israel and an Iraqi victory over the US are mutually dependent.

"Yesterday in Hebron a large rally was held in support of the Iraqi people who are facing the American arrogance. [A speaker said in Arafat's name]:

"The words of President Sadaam Hussein to President Arafat still reverberate loudly in our ears: 'If you do not win this war, then we will not win, and if you do win then we shall win.'"

The Minister of Supply, Abu Ali Shahin ... expressed his willingness to fight as a soldier against anyone fighting Iraq." [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida,

Dec. 1, 1997]

6. Palestinian Legislative Council condemns America and rioters burn US flag

The Palestinian Legislative Council condemned the American threats against Iraq while hundreds, waving Iraqi flags and pictures of Saddam Hussein burn an American flag.

"The Palestinian Legislative Council . Political Committee condemned the American threats against Iraq .Hundreds of people participated in a sit-in strike, waving Iraqi flags, pictures of President Saddam Hussein and posters denouncing American policy...The rioters also burnt an American flag."

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 11, 1997

7. Israel and America twin bastard entities

Israel is the bastard entity in Palestinian land and America is the bastard empire of the New World Order.

"...Everything that happens in Jerusalem is done with America's blessing, in spite of the false announcements periodically released by Washington.

Whoever is familiar with the real connection between the bastard entity in our land and the bastard empire in the new world order, undoubtedly grasps this strong tie between the American resolution and the Israeli action. We must not believe the Americans, especially since we have a long history withthem, full of schemes and false promises...perhaps you remember...the plots of the infamous Jew Henry Kissinger..."

[Fuad Abu Hijla, columnist. Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 29, 1997

8. US's New Ambassador to Israel is worse than "Johnny Walker."

The US Congress, the 'Council of the Elders of Zion', appointed American Ambassador to Israel Edward Walker, who is worse than the Whiskey "Johnny Walker."

".the newly appointed American Ambassador to Israel, Edward Walker, who "went through extensive hearings in the [US] Congress, or, that is, in the 'Council of the Elders of Zion' in order to win this post. He managed to get a certificate of good conduct with an 'A+' on the scale of nausea, rather than on the scale of honor, because he said that he once volunteered to work on a kibbutz. He almost said that he is going to volunteer to be a settler and revealed that he studied Hebrew, which proves that he is a worthy heir to his predecessor, Martin Indick...

This is Edward Walker's record, who has no connection to the Scottish [Whiskey] Johnny Walker, but is much more damaging. For his mission will be to intoxicate us by calming statements, so that we do not hear the sound of the settlements' bulldozers that gobble up our lands. Albright says that we believe [these bulldozers] are a provocation, but she does not think so. From such a den, only foxes can come out." [Editor, Hafez Al-Barghuthi Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 30, 1997]

9. America and Israel release darkness and hatred of mobs with long beards. America and Israel release hatred, darkness, death and evil upon the world as opposed to the 'jasmine and life' exuded by the Arabs. Albright and Ross are equated with Israeli Prime Ministers Rabin and Netanyahu.

"...We have Sonia and Mahmoud and Halima and they [Israelies] have Madeleine, Dennis, Binyamin and Yitzhak...We exude the [scent of] jasmine...throughout the world, and they release the darkness and hatred of the mobs with the long beards over the land. We declare [an allegiance to] life...while they have shut themselves up behind death and have been entrenching themselves in its [death's] excavations for the last fifty years, which is also their age, the age of evil..." [Fuad Abu Hijla,

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 11, 1997]

10. Palestinian Authority sides with Iraq against the US.

The aggression against Iraq is aggression against Palestine. "The aggression against Iraq is aggression against Palestine. Anyone who does not say "no" to the U.S. is an enemy of Palestine." Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, November 12, 1997

11. Israel controls the American Congress

Congressional blind submission to world Zionism is due to Israeli power and control of key U.S. institutions. The Zionist Congress uses threats of sex and morals scandals against Clinton and his administration. "What "Israel" is trying to way of its control over a number of institutions in the US, such as the Congress and its allies...reveals the nakedness of those people and their blind submission to world Zionism... The peace equation was somewhat violated, since the Zionists were able to demonstrate their power in the US... that is the power which was clearly revealed in the Zionist American Congress which led to the terrorizing of the American president and the administration, through threats of sex and morals scandals which are disseminated by the obedient media in the US..." Brig. Gen. Khaled Al-Musmar, assistant head of the Palestinian Indoctrination Directorate. Falastin Al-Yaum, August 21, 1997

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