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 25 April 2003
U.S. Immigration Service Launches Online Applications
Immigration Services Soon to be Available Online
Wolfowitz Says Baghdad Meeting April 28 to Be "Important Step"
More Iraqi POWs Being Released As More Regime Leaders Captured
White House Calls Talks in Beijing on North Korea "Useful"
No Reprisals for Hemispheric Nations Opposed to War, Powell Says
State Department Briefing Transcript
Defense Department Briefing Transcript
White House Daily Briefing Transcript

24 April 2003
Bush: U.S. "Used Might In The Name of Peace and Freedom" in Iraq
U.S. Diplomats Object to Annan Statements on Iraq
New Government Must Represent All Iraqis, U.S. Says
Powell Says Embryonic Iraqi Authority Will Grow Into Full Government
Secretary Powell Praises Asian Support for Operation Iraqi Freedom
Coalition Troops Want to Leave Behind a Stable Iraq, Powell Says
White House Briefing Transcript
State Department Briefing Transcript
Powell Says Beijing Talks Show United Opposition to Nuclear Korea
Powell Discusses Asian Support for U.S. Foreign Policy
Bush Says He is Pushing for Middle East Reform

23 April 2003
White House Warns Against Iranian Interference in Iraq
U.S. Sees Political, Religious Freedom Growing Quickly in Iraq
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
State Department Briefing Transcript
Operation Iraqi Freedom Briefing with Lt. Gen. McKiernan
Ridge, Mexican Governance Secretary Assess Border Issues Progress
"U.S. Goes After 'Blood Money'," by David Aufhauser
Brooks Outlines Measures to Combat Future WMD Proliferation

22 April 2003
"Why America Needs Project BioShield," by Senator Gregg
Security Council Discusses Future of U.N. Programs In Iraq
Two More of Former Iraqi Regime's "Top 55" Caught, Bringing Total to 8
White House Says Coalition, Not U.N., Responsible for Inspections
U.S. Seeks Chances to Work with Allies to Help Iraqis, Boucher Says
Central Command Daily Briefing Transcript
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
State Department Briefing Transcript
Powell: War Showed U.S. Using Power in Pursuit of Principle

21 April 2003
Ridge to Meet With Secretary Santiago Creel of Mexico
Rumsfeld Says U.S. Not Seeking Permanent Military Bases in Iraq
Excerpt: State's Boucher Says Syria Taking U.S. Concerns Seriously
State Department spokesman discusses North Korea, Iraq, April 21
White House Briefing Transcript

20 April 2003
Bush Says Iraq's Liberation Will Make World More Peaceful
Two More Iraqi "Top 55" Figures Reported Captured

18 April 2003
White House Daily Briefing Transcript

17 April 2003
CENTCOM Reports Capture of Another Hussein Half-Brother
Ashcroft Reports Successes of Justice's Iraqi Task Force
Rumsfeld Predicts Iraqis Will Lead Coalition to WMD
No Need to Continue Economic Sanctions Against Iraq, Boucher Says
State Department Daily Briefing, April 17
White House Press Briefing Transcript
State Department Briefing Transcript
Mueller Reports "Great Strides" in Preventing Terrorist Attacks

16 April 2003
U.S. Forces Capture Terrorist Abu Abbas in Baghdad
Abu Abbas Capture Provides Evidence of Iraqi Support of Terrorism
Terrorist Threat Level in U.S. Lowered from "High" to "Elevated"
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Gets $6.71 Billion
Bush Congratulates Iraqis on "Historic Gathering" in Nasiriyah
U.S. Central Command Daily Briefing, April 16, 2003
Pentagon Daily Briefing, April 16
State Department Daily Briefing, April 16
White House Briefing Aboard Air Force One, April 16
Excerpt: U.S., N. Korea, China Talks Next Week a First Step
Powell Expects to Visit Damascus for "Candid" Discussions
U.S. Committed to Achieving Both "Secure Borders" and "Open Doors"
Educators Demand Transparency, Timeliness, Predictability in Visa Process
U.S. Making Progress on Foreign Student Data System

15 April 2003
U.S. Has No Further War Plans, Powell Says
Coalition Forces Conducting Organized Searches for WMD
U.S., Pakistani Officials Discuss Counterrorism, Law Enforcement
Coalition Civil Affairs Team Meets Free Iraqis in An Nasiriyah
Iraqi People Will Determine Their Own Government, Perle Says
Two Carrier Battle Groups Headed Home from Iraq
Democracy Can Work for Muslims, Powell Says
U.S., Uzbekistan Reaffirm Bilateral Cooperation
Rumsfeld, Myers Pentagon Briefing Transcript
U.S. Central Command Daily Briefing Transcript
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
U.S. Says Ukraine No Longer Primary Money Laundering Concern
Treasury Recommends Anti-Money Laundering Action Against Nauru

14 April 2003
White House Warns "Syria Needs to Cooperate"
Syria Needs to Think about Its Future, Reeker Says
Powell Warns Against Dealing in Looted Iraqi Antiquities
Powell Says Meetings on Iraq's Future Will Be Forum for All Iraqis
U.S. Forces Take Tikrit With Little Resistance
Pentagon Says U.S. Winding Down Air Campaign Over Iraq
U.S. to Vote Against Resolution on "Occupied Palestine"
Pentagon Daily Briefing Transcript
State Department Daily Briefing Transcript
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
U.S. Central Command Daily Briefing Transcript

13 April 2003
President Bush Promises Iraqis Security and Order
Combat Operations Transitioning to Iraqi Self-Government, Franks Says
Defense Secretary Rumsfeld on CBS Face the Nation
Rumsfeld Says Transition to New Iraq Underway

12 April 2003
Bush Says Terror Regime, Statues of Saddam Hussein Falling Away
Iraqis Will Be "Better Off" Without Saddam, Powell Promises
U.S., Coalition Find "Wholesale Capitulation" in Northern Iraq
Military Releases List of Most Wanted Hussein Regime Leaders

11 April 2003
Bush Says Priority Is to Rid Iraq of Any Vestiges of Regime
'The Regime Is Gone', 'Pockets of Resistance' Remain
Officials Say Northern Cities of Mosul, Kirkuk Have Fallen
Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz Briefing with Arab/Muslim Media
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
U.S. Central Command Daily Briefing Transcript
State Department Daily Briefing Transcript
DoD News Briefing by Secretary Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers

10 April 2003
U.S. Military Officials Say Baghdad Is Still Not Secure
U.S. Goal Is a Whole, Free, Peaceful Iraq, Says Larson
U.S. Hopes for Active European Role in Iraq, Powell Says
Helping Iraqis Create Democratic Government is U.S. "Sole Goal"
Iraqi War Crimes Prosecution Against Own Citizens Advocated
White House Daily Briefing, April 10, 2003
State Department Daily Briefing, April 10
Defense Department Briefing, April 10, 2003
U.S. Central Command Daily Briefing, April 10, 2003

09 April 2003
Cheney Says U.S. Will Break Alliance of Terrorists, Rogue States
New Security Measures for Commerce, Transportation
U.S. Missile Defense Program "On Track," Agency Director Says
Rumsfeld Hails a "Very Good Day" for the Iraqi People
Amid Scenes of Celebration in Baghdad, Caution Urged
Bush to Meet South Korean President at White House May 14
U.S. Wants Peaceful Solution for North Korean Nuclear Issue
NSA Rice, State's Haass Brief on Iraq, Russia, N. Ireland
U.S. Central Command Daily Briefing, April 9, 2003
Transcript of Pentagon Briefing, April 9, 2003
State Department Noon Briefing, April 9, 2003
White House Daily Briefing, April 9, 2003

08 April 2003
Bush, Blair on Post-war Iraq, Hopes for Mideast and N. Ireland
Outcome of Attack on Iraqi Leaders Not Known, U.S. Says
Pentagon Says Coalition "Rooting Out Resistance" in Baghdad
Coalition Continues to Target Iraqi Regime Leadership
French Politician Regrets "Diplomatic Friendly Fire"
Defense Department Briefing, April 8, 2003
U.S. Central Command Daily Briefing, April 8, 2003

07 April 2003
"Our Vulnerable Seaport Security," by Senator Dianne Feinstein
Coalition Forces Can Enter Baghdad At Will
Iraqis Who Commit War Crimes Will Be Prosecuted, Parks Says
The War in Iraq Has a Firm Legal Basis
Press Briefing By Secretary Powell And Ari Fleischer
State Department Daily Briefing, April 7
U.S. Central Command Daily Briefing, April 7
Pentagon Daily Briefing, April 7


Earlier texts

State Department.

14 February 2003
President Bush Pledges To Rout Terrorism "Wherever It Exists"
Bush Says Winning War On Terror Requires Perseverance, Coordination
Fact Sheet: New Terrorist Threat Integration Center Will Open May 1
Senior Official Says "Breathtaking" Gains Made in Counterterrorism
Powell Says Iraq Must Not Be Allowed to "String Out" Inspection Process
Powell Says Iraqi Cooperation Still Inadequate
Powell Says U.S. Open to Second U.N. Resolution on Iraq Disarmament
Blix Reports to U.N. Security Council on Iraqi Inspections
Senator John McCain on Disarming Iraq
Anti-Money Laundering Group Withdraws Ukraine Sanctions
Transcript of White House Press Briefing, February 14, 2003

13 February 2003
Bush "Optimistic" U.N. Security Council Will Act on Iraq
Rumsfeld Sees Proliferation as Greatest Threat from North Korea
Myers Says Terrorism Remains Primary Focus Of U.S. Military
U.S. Committed to Multilateralism, Rademaker Says
U.N. Stepping Up Aid Plans for Iraq
Kelly Says U.S. Would Welcome a New Relationship to North Korea
U.S. Envoy Praises Czechs as "Stalwart Allies" in Anti-terror Fight
"A War for Oil? Not This Time," by Max Boot
White House Press Briefing of February 13, 2003
Senator McCain Says Containment of Iraq Is Unsustainable

12 February 2003
Powell Says Relevance of U.N. at Stake Over Iraqi Disarmament
Powell: Debate over Iraq Has Reached a Critical Moment
White House Compares Iraqi Non-Compliance Tactics to Those of 1996
Talks Under Way on New U.N. Resolution on Iraq
Rumsfeld, U.K. Defense Minister See Broad Coalition on Iraq
Brookings Scholar Says Franco-German Iraq Position "Nonsensical"
North Korea Nuclear Issue Sent to U.N. Security Council
U.S. Offers Condolences to Colombians After Bogota Bombing
Key Lawmaker Hopes U.N. Will Enforce Iraqi Disarmament
White House Press Briefing Transcript
Iraqi Missiles Reported to Exceed U.N. Limits
Myers Says Terrorism Remains Primary Focus Of U.S. Military
OAS Condemns February 7 FARC Bombing in Colombia

11 February 2003
Powell Budget Remarks Focus on Anti-Terror Campaign
Tenet Says Terror Threat Information "Most Specific We Have Seen"
FBI Chief Says Al-Qaeda Threat Still Strong
Iraq, Al-Qaeda "Bound By A Common Hatred," Says Boucher
Grossman Says U.S. Would Stay in Iraq as Long as Necessary
Defense Official Lists Five U.S. Objectives in a Post-War Iraq
State Department: Busehr Reactor Plans Show Iranian Nuclear Ambitions
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
Senators Welcome Support on Iraq from 18 European Countries

10 February 2003
Bush Says Iraqi People Have Suffered Long Enough
Powell Hopes for NATO Measure That Protects Turkey
Rumsfeld, Howard Say Iraq Must Disarm Swiftly to Avoid Conflict
Iraq Says It Will Allow U-2 Flights
Still Room for Diplomacy with North Korea, Baker Says
Ashcroft Says Information Sharing Vital to Battling Terrorism
Global Alliance Now Fighting Terrorism, Ashcroft Says
FAA to Co-Host Conference on Civil Aviation in the Americas
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
State Department Noon Briefing Transcript
U.S. Condemns Assassination of Senior Kurdish Military Commander
Boucher Says Iran Uranium Mining Raises "Serious Questions"
Qatar Support in Terror War Called "Outstanding"
U.S. "Unexcited" by Iraqi Offer to Allow Surveillance Flights
Powell: If Force Is Used, It Will Be "In the Most Measured Way"
Powell Says Military Action in Iraq Would Be "Swift"

09 February 2003
Powell: Issue is Iraqi Compliance, Not More Inspectors
Powell Discusses Iraq, North Korea on Fox News Sunday
Powell Discusses Iraq, North Korea on ABC's This Week
U.S. Still Hopes to Avoid War with Iraq, Powell Says

08 February 2003
Bush Condemns Bombing of Bogota Nightclub as Terrorist Act
Bush Says Iraq Defying U.N. Calls to Declare Weapons, Disarm
Rumsfeld Urges Nations to Prepare for War with Iraq
Official Gives Background Briefing on Rumsfeld Meetings in Munich

07 February 2003
U.S. Upgrades Terrorist Threat Warning to Second Highest Level
Terrorism Threat Condition Designation Elevated
Bush Again Urges U.N. Security Council to Prove Its Relevance
White House Report: N. Korea, Iraq, Middle East, Colombia, Terrorism
Rumsfeld Holds Town Hall Meeting at Aviano Air Base, Italy
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
Waiting to Disarm Iraq Risks Weapons Use, Rumsfeld Says
Rumsfeld Interview with German ARD TV/Sabine Christiansen Show

06 February 2003
Bush Says U.S. Would Welcome New U.N. Iraq Resolution
Bush, Powell Say U.N. Must Not Ignore Its Responsibility on Iraq
World Must Not Allow Iraq "Blatant Pattern of Noncooperation"
Defense Secretary Rumsfeld Will Discuss Iraq in Italy, Germany
Powell Asks Senate to Support FY 2004 State Department Budget
Fact Sheet Details Freedom Support Act (FSA) Funding Levels
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
Background Briefing on Rumsfeld Visit to Italy and Germany
Armitage: Bush Has Shown Patience With Iraq
Grossman Says U.N. Security Council Unity Critical to Iraq Solution
Wolfowitz Calls Bomber Alert a "Deterrent" Against North Korea
Burns: Iraqi Noncooperation on Disarmament Cannot be Allowed
Rumsfeld Says North Korea, Iraq Concern All Nations
Senior Officials Urge Permanent End to North Korea Crisis
Tenet Says Terror Threat Information "Most Specific We Have Seen"

05 February 2003
Powell Draws Picture of Iraqi Deception, Links to al-Qaeda
Text of Powell's Remarks on Iraq to U.N. Security Council
Security Council United on Need to Disarm Iraq
Saddam Hussein Bypassing All Diplomatic Options, Powell Says
Powell "Made Powerful, Irrefutable Case" Against Iraq, Sen. Biden Says
U.S. Lawmakers Call for Iraq's Immediate Compliance with U.N. Resolutions
National Security Highlighted in Energy Dept.'s 2004 Budget

04 February 2003
Blix Won't Ask for More Time for Inspectors
U.S. Willing to Hold Direct Talks with North Korea, Armitage Says
Lugar Backs Idea of Talks Between U.S. and North Korea
Defense Department Briefing Transcript
White House Press Briefing Transcript

03 February 2003
Byliner: "We Will Not Shrink From War," says Secretary Powell
Bush Seeks More Funds to Combat Terrorist Financing

11 December 2002
Bush Administration Releases New WMD Strategic Plan
U.S. Expert Says Only War Will Stop Iraqi Nuclear Threat
Failed Booster Separation Hampers Missile Defense Test
Kelly Stresses U.S. Cooperation, Consultation with East Asia
White House Report: Missile Ship, WMD Strategy, Chile, Turkey/EU
State Department Noon Briefing, December 11, 2002
White House Daily Briefing, December 11, 2002

10 December 2002
Security Council to Get Iraqi Weapons Declaration in Nine Days
Former President Jimmy Carter Delivers Nobel Lecture
Powell Interview on Turkish Accession to EU, U.S. Role, Iraq
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
New Rules Tighten Controls on Biological Agents
U.S. Will Try to Lead Israelis, Palestinians Back to Negotiations
U.S., Other Nuclear States Reviewing Iraqi Declaration
State Department Noon Briefing Transcript

09 December 2002
Bush Authorizes Military Assistance for Iraqi Opposition Groups
Blix's Efforts "Essential" to Forcing Iraq's Compliance with U.N.
Rumsfeld in Horn of Africa to Assess Anti-Terrorist Assistance
Britain Joins U.S. Customs Anti-Terror Security Initiative
U.S., Canada Establish Bi-National Military Planning Group
State Department Noon Briefing Transcript
White House Daily Briefing Transcript

07 December 2002
U.S. Will Analyze Iraq's WMD Declaration to U.N. Security Council
Bush Pledges Thorough Examination of Iraq's U.N. Declaration
Weapons Inspectors Begin Analysis of Iraqi Weapons Declaration

06 December 2002
Rumsfeld Says Iraq Needs to Comply with U.N. Resolution
U.S., Canada Release Update on Border Security Initiatives
Plans Being Made to Protect U.S. Information Infrastructure
State Department Noon Briefing Transcript
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
White House Report: North Korea, Iraq, Islam
Bush Says Pearl Harbor Inspires U.S. in War Against Terror
Wolfowitz Says Inspectors Cannot Scour Every Inch of Iraq
INS Issues Reminder on New Requirements for Some Foreign Visitors
Full Disclosure Saddam Hussein's Only Hope, Former Inspector Says
Grossman Says OSCE Has Made Excellent Start against Terrorism
Build Common Security, Vershbow Urges Russia, NATO

05 December 2002
White House Report, December 5: Iraq, Kenya/Ethiopia
White House Briefing Transcript
Senate Hosts Discussion of Countering Causes of Terrorism in Africa
U.S., South Korean Officials Work to Solidify Security Alliance
War With Iraq Can Be Avoided If Saddam Cooperates, Says Powell

04 December 2002
Bush Wants Full Accounting of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction
Bush Says Al Qaeda Involved in Kenya Attacks
Turkey Gives Strong Affirmations of Support on Iraq, Wolfowitz Says
Wolfowitz Discusses Turkish Participation in Coalition to Disarm Iraq
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
Grossman, Greek Defense Chief Discuss Turkey, EU, Cyprus, Iraq
Wolfowitz Vows Consultation With Allies Before Use of Force in Iraq
Fines Assessed for Illegal Transshipment of Computers to Russia
Powell Renews U.S. Commitment to Work with Colombia

03 December 2002
U.S. Welcomes Increased Saudi Efforts to Block Terrorist Financing
White House Report, Dec. 3: Bush on Iraq; Foreign Policy Appointments
Rumsfeld Criticizes Iraq on Weapons Programs, Human Rights Record
U.S. Envoy Calls for U.S., EU to Change World Together
U.S.-EU Partnership Must Adjust to New Era, U.S. Official Says
U.S.-Turkish Cooperation Key to Stability, Peace in Middle East
Department of Defense Briefing Transcript
State Department Daily Briefing Transcript
White House Press Briefing Transcript
Dam Cites U.S.-EU Efforts in Financial War on Terrorism
Powell Begins Two-Day Colombia Visit
Wolfowitz Says Turkey Has Role to Play in Dealing with Iraq
Wolfowitz Talks with Press En Route to Ankara Dec. 3
U.S. Envoy to Austria Urges U.S.-European Leadership to Fight Terrorism
U.S. Customs Agents Part of Anti-terror Efforts in Le Havre, France
Wolfowitz Says U.S. Goal in Iraq "Right Now" Is Disarmament

02 December 2002
Bush, Cheney Warn Iraq to Report Fully on Weapons of Mass Destruction
Bush Tells Saddam Hussein to Disarm or Be Disarmed by Coalition
Cheney Says U.S. Waging Effective Campaign Against Terror
Amb. Baker Defends Allied Approach to North Korea
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
State Department Noon Briefing Transcript
Secretary Powell's Colombia Visit Aims to Support Uribe Government
Wolfowitz on Iraq, War on Terror, Turkey's Role in Europe

29 November 2002
U.N. Officials Condemn Terrorist Bombing in Mombasa

28 November 2002
Bush Condemns Terror Attacks in Kenya, Israel
Powell Condemns Terror Attacks in Kenya, Israel

27 November 2002
Bush Signs Intelligence Authorization, Creates 9/11 Commission
Secretary of State Colin Powell to Visit Colombia
Powell Says Intifada Was Mistake for Palestinians
State Department Daily Briefing Transcript
U.S. Ambassador Outlines the Growing Strength of U.S.-India Ties

26 November 2002
Sec. Powell Outlines U.S.-Mexico Agenda, Policy Issues
Rumsfeld: Regional Security Alliances Are Expanding
Sec. Powell Reviews Progress at Bilateral Meeting in Mexico
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
Secretary of State Colin Powell to Visit Colombia

25 November 2002
Bush Signs Into Law Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Condemns "Horrific Attack" on Hindu Worshippers
State's Boucher Says Saudis Cooperating Fully with FBI Investigation
No U.S. – Israeli Understanding on "Natural Growth" of Settlements
OAS to Hold Anti-Terrorism Meeting in El Salvador
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
Bush to Nominate Three As Leaders of New Department
Bush Signs Port Security Bill Into Law

24 November 2002
U.S. Appreciates Georgia's Help in Anti-terrorism War

23 November 2002
Fact Sheet: Romania's Military Deployments Abroad
U.S. Values Slovenia's Help in Afghanistan, Anti-terror War
Fact Sheet: Lithuania's Military Deployments Abroad

22 November 2002
NATO Leaders Conclude Prague Summit, Bush Flies to Russia
Justice Dept.'s Barbara Comstock: ‘Anti-terrorism Tools Needed'
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
Some U.S. Diplomats in Jordan Allowed to Depart
U.S. Passports Remain Invalid for Travel to Libya
Joint U.S.-Russia Statement on Iraq

21 November 2002
Bush, Blair Say Iraq's Saddam Hussein Will Be Disarmed
Powell Condemns Jerusalem Bombing That Killed Eleven Israelis
U.S. Focused on al-Qaida as Well as Iraq, Says Powell

20 November 2002
Internet Showed Resilience in Terrorist Attacks, Study Finds
Bush Renews Stern Warning to Saddam Hussein to Disarm
It's in Philippines' Interest to Help U.S. Fight Terror
Treasury Official Reviews War Against Terrorist Financing
State Department Daily Briefing Transcript
Defense Department Briefing Transcript
Byliner: How U.S. Think Tanks Interact With The Military
U.S. to Provide Israel with $2.16 Billion in Military Assistance in FY2004

19 November 2002
U.S. Senate Passes Homeland Security Legislation
Treasury Designates Three Groups as Terrorist Financiers
Rumsfeld Urges Greater Regional Cooperation on Security Issues
Congress Passes Bill to Help Insurers Cover Terrorism Risk

18 November 2002
Ashcroft Hails Special Surveillance Review Court Ruling
Bush Praises Russian, Georgian Anti-terrorism Cooperation
Sec. Rumsfeld, Chilean Defense Minister Review Security Agenda
White House Daily Briefing Transcript

17 November 2002
Homeland Security Director Says Latest Threats Are Nothing New

16 November 2002
Fact Sheet: White House Specifies Progress Made Against Terrorism
Powell Condemns Killing of Israeli Worshipers in Hebron

15 November 2002
U.S. Hopes Force Will Not Be Needed in Iraq
Rice: NATO Summit "Historic Event for Europe, Transatlantic Alliance"
Univ. of South Florida Hosts Anti-Terrorism Conference
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
Bush to Visit Russia, Lithuania, Romania Following NATO Summit
U.S. Committed to Helping Afghanistan "as Long as Needed"

14 November 2002
Powell Rejects Anti-Muslim Remarks by Some in U.S.
Rumsfeld Thanks Kazakhstan for Supporting Anti-terror Coalition
Energy Chief Calls on Nations to Secure Civil Nuclear Materials
Senate Passes Legislation to Strengthen Maritime Security
Byliner: Transportation Security's Admiral Loy says "TSA Will Meet Deadline"
Fact Sheet: U.S. Efforts to Combat Biological Weapons Threat
Homeland Security Bill Passes U.S. House, Awaits Senate Vote
White House Daily Briefing Transcript

13 November 2002
Iraq Accepts U.N. Resolution, Annan Says at White House Meeting
U.S. Offers Reward for Information on Terrorist Financing
Ashcroft Announces Advances in War on Terrorism in Americas
U.S. Brings "Safe Skies" to Kenya's Airports
White House Daily Briefing Transcript
State Department Daily Briefing Transcript

12 November 2002
Bush: U.S. Has "Zero Tolerance" for Deception and Delay by Iraq
Secretary Powell, Annan on Iraq, Cyprus
Boucher Dismisses Iraqi Parliament Action as "Pure Theater"
State Department Noon Briefing Transcript
Transcript of White House Daily Briefing, November 12, 2002
Two Swiss Companies Fined for Attempted Illegal Exports to Iran from U.S.
Bush Urges Adoption of OAS Convention Against Terrorism
Ex-Inspector Rolf Ekeus Praises New U.N. Iraq Resolution
Powell Warns Iraq Against Use of Non-Conventional Weapons

10 November 2002
Powell Says No Quid-Pro-Quos Exchanged for U.N. Vote
Powell Says U.N. Vote Not an Idle U.S. Threat
Powell Says U.N. Resolution Is Saddam's Last Chance
Rice, Card Say It's up to Saddam Hussein to Comply With U.N.
"Baghdad's Moment of Truth" by Secretary of State Colin L. Powell

09 November 2002
U.S., Japan, South Korea Discuss North Korean Nuclear Program
State's Taylor Says Terrorism Threatens All Nations

08 November 2002
Bush Welcomes Unanimous Security Council Vote on Iraq
Security Council Sends United Message to Iraq
Security Council Tightens Iraqi Disarmament Regime
U.S. Wants Peaceful Disarmament of Iraq, Says Negroponte
Senior U.S. Officials Brief on U.N. Resolution to Disarm Iraq
U.S. May Go After Terrorists in "Ungoverned Area," Official Says
Burns Lays Out U.S. Diplomatic Agenda in Middle East
Fact Sheet: State Dept. Adds Nine to Terrorist Exclusion List
Fact Sheet: Yemen's Economy Suffering Due to October Terrorist Attack
U.S. and Japan Discuss North Korea, Security Issues
Rumsfeld Warns Iraq Not to Threaten Inspectors, Planes
Compliance with U.N. Will Lead to Better Future for Iraq, Says Powell
State's Taylor Calls Jemaah Islamiya Terrorist Group
Terrorism Destroys Lives and Economies, Official Says

07 November 2002
Bush "Optimistic" U.N. Security Council Will Vote on Iraq November 8

Bush: If Iraq Does Not Disarm, U.S., Friends Will Move to Do Job

Powell Says Continued Pressure Needed to Get Iraq to Disarm

Ridge Says Al Qaeda Still Retains Ability to Conduct Attacks

Strong Resolution Can Bring Peaceful Iraqi Disarmament, Says Grossman

Grossman Interviewed November 7 by Moroccan TV

President Bush Speaks at White House Iftaar Dinner

State Department Briefing Transcript

Italy Joins U.S. Container Security Initiative

State Dept. on Powell's Talks with Chief of Turkish General Staff

06 November 2002
U.S., U.K. Present "Improved, Clarified" Iraq Resolution

U.S. Arrests Seven in Two Drugs-for-Weapons Deals

U.S. Supports Planned Meeting of Iraqi Opposition Groups in Brussels

State Department Briefing Transcript

White House Press Briefing Transcript;Iraq Resolution

Grossman Urges Closer Ties Between Algeria and U.S.

05 November 2002
Powell Says U.S. Accommodating Security Council Concerns on Iraq

Powell Confers wih UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayid

State Department Briefing Transcript November 5, 2002

White House Briefing Transcript November 5, 2002

Grossman: Strong U.N. Resolution May Help Avoid Conflict with Iraq

Wolfowitz Says Indonesian Democracy a Prime Terror Target

Non-Military Efforts Called "Key Components" in Fighting Terrorism

04 November 2002
Under Secretary Feith to Confer with Asian Allies on Security

U.S. Corporation Fined for Biological Toxins Exports

Defense Department Briefing, November 4, 2002

State Department Daily Briefing, November 4, 2002

01 November 2002
Bolton Says Rogue States Seek Weapons of Mass Destruction

 "Locking Cockpit Doors," by Senator Ernest Hollings

"Arming Commercial Pilots," by Senator Conrad Burns

State Department Briefing Transcript

25 October

Powell Discusses Coalition in Senate Testimony

Treasury Officials on Anti-Terrorism Finance Initiative

U.S. Statement to OSCE Permanent Council on Red Cross

Senate Joins House in Approving Anti-Terrorism Bill

Defense Dept. on Missile Defense; Afghan Bombing

"The Century of the Americas: The Impact of September 11"

Fact Sheet: U.S. Military Efforts to Avoid Civilian Casualties

U.N. Food Agency Warns of Famine in Afghanistan

Transcript of White House Daily Briefing

White House Announces Spanish Prime Minister's Visit

Customs Service on Anti-Terrorist Finance Initiative

Customs Service on Financial Crime Initiatives

Customs Service Fact Sheets on Financial Crime Initiatives Tom Ridge's Briefing on Homeland Security Issues

ILO Meetings Examine Terrorist Impact on Tourism, Aviation

Relief Agencies Report on Aid Getting Into Afghanistan

Congress Approves Anti-Money Laundering Measures

State Dept. Mail Worker Hospitalized with Anthrax

Ashcroft Warns Terrorists That U.S. Will Find Them

Transcript of Defense Department Briefing

Fact Sheet: USAID on 'Complex Emergency' in Central Asia

Excerpts: Senator Says Non-Proliferation Key to Stopping Terrorism

Brownback Pleased with Legislation to Lift Sanctions off Azerbaijan

Shays Says U.S. Needs Long-Term Strategy to Fight Terrorism

24 October 2001

Bush Says Series of Terrorist Actions "Will Not Stand"

Powell Says U.S. Finding Strong Coalition Support

Powell: Military Action May Continue During Ramadan

Powell, UK Foreign Secretary Straw Joint Press Availability

USAID Awards $26.5 Million in Grants For Afghanistan

USAID Announces More Grants to Afghanistan

DOD: Taliban May Attempt to Poison Afghan Food Aid

Transcript of Defense Department Briefing

Treasury's O'Neill on Terrorism Risk Insurance

Treasury Offers to Share Terrorism Risk Burden

FBI: Threat Level Still "Very High"

Bush Proposes Funding to Safeguard U.S. Food Supply

U.S. Government, Bayer Corp. Announce Cipro Agreement

House Approves Anti-terrorism Bill; Senate Likely To Act Soon

Excerpts: New York Times Series -- "Portraits of Grief"

Presidential Proclamation on United Nations Day, 2001

Transcript of White House Briefing

Federal Reserve's Greenspan on Globalization, Terrorism

U.S. Postal Service Plans to Irradiate Mail

Rumsfeld Interview with USA Today

Fact Sheet: Humanitarian Aid to the Afghan People as of 10/24

Zogby Says Arab Americans Support Fight Against Terrorism

23 October 2001

Rumsfeld: Priority Is to Rid Afghanistan of Taliban, al-Qaida

Anthrax Found at Off-Site White House Mail Facility

Bush Briefs Members of Congress on Anthrax, Trip to Far East

White House Briefing on Anthrax

White House Daily Briefing

Transcript of Pentagon Spokesman's Briefing

U.S. Attorney General, German Interior Minister Press Briefing

State Department Noon Briefing

Rice Announces Senior Director for Combating Terrorism

Africans Condemn September 11 Terrorist Attacks

DoD Says Three Bombs Went Astray in Afghanistan

22 October 2001

Coalition Air Strikes Now Focusing on Taliban Ground Forces

Pentagon Briefing on Afghanistan

Powell Briefing on Missile Defense, Mideast, Afghanistan

U.S. Aid Flows to Afghanistan; Refugee Numbers Increase

U.S. Contributes $10 Million More for Afghan Aid

Briefing by Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge

USAID Administrator Natsios on Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan

Treasury's Dam on Financial Counterterrorism

Treasury's Gurule on Strategy to Fight Money Laundering

NATO-Ukraine Commission Reiterates Solidarity with U.S.

Transcript of State Department Noon Briefing

Two U.S. Postal Worker Deaths Probably Caused by Anthrax

21 October 2001

Joint Statement on Counterterrorism Issued by Bush, Putin

Powell on APEC, China Support for Anti-Terror Efforts

Powell Interview on CBS's "Face the Nation"

Powell Remarks in Interview on CNN's Late Edition

APEC Leaders Issue "Unequivocal" Condemnation of Terrorism

Fact Sheet: White House Welcomes APEC Statement on Terrorism

Fact Sheet: White House Outlines U.S. Accomplishments at APEC

President Bush Seeking "New Relationship With Russia"

Condoleeza Rice Briefs on Bush-Putin Meeting in Shanghai

20 October 2001

Bush Calls War on Terror "The Urgent Task of Our Time"

President Bush and Japan's Koizumi Meet in Shanghai

White House Briefing on Bush Bilaterals in Shanghai

Saturday Radio Address by President Bush

DoD Briefing on U.S. Special Forces Attack in Afghanistan

Bush Tells Pacific Leaders War on Terror Is Long-Term

19 October 2001

Grossman on War Against Terrorism

Bush Confident of Strong APEC Support Against Terrorism

Background Briefing on Bush Meetings with Asian Leaders

President Bush, China's Jiang Zemin Meet in Shanghai

Afghanistan Relief Effort Plagued by Looting, Attacks

History Made as NATO Aids in U.S. Defense

State Dept. on U.S., EU Meeting on Terrorism Cooperation

U.S. Aircraft Continue to Pound Targets in Afghanistan

Treasury Secretary O'Neill on U.S. Economic Recovery

U.S. Commends Tajikistan on Democratic Reforms, Refugee Aid

18 October 2001

Powell Addresses Regional Business Leaders in Shanghai

Powell Says China's Help Against Terrorism Encouraging

Joint Statement of Thirteenth APEC Ministerial

Resolution on Afghanistan's Need for Humanitarian Assistance Taliban Loots, Attacks Relief Organizations in Afghanistan

Ashcroft on Sentencing of Embassy Bombing Terrorists

Embassy Bombers Head to Jail for Life

Administration Officials Discuss Anthrax Situation in U.S.

Islamic Scholars Reject Bin Laden's Call for Jihad Against Americans

U.S. Will Strongly Defend Rights of Muslim Minorities

Myers Says Coalition Airstrikes Are Degrading Taliban Forces

Armitage INT Interview: Allies Winning War

Haass Meets Annan, Brahimi about Afghanistan

Africans Condemn Terrorist Attacks on the United States

Fact Sheet: State Department on Chemical-Biological Agents

EPA's Whitman Allays Fears for U.S. Water Security

Senator Harry Reid Praises Islam on Senate Floor

Senate Resolutions Show Concern for Afghans, Iranians, Sikhs

Pentagon Briefing on Afghanistan

Deputy Commerce Secretary Bodman Interview on Chinese TV

Rumsfeld Interview on CNN

State Department Noon Briefing

Rumsfeld Says Airpower Alone Won't Destroy al-Qaida

Threat to Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Deemed Non-Credible

17 October 2001

Bush Cites Progress in Afghanistan Military Campaign

Bush Waives Anti-Terrorism Act on PLO Another Six Months

Fact Sheet: The Taliban's Betrayal of the Afghan People

Powell Hopes Pressure Will Produce Results Soon in Afghanistan

Attacks Were Crimes Against Humanity, Says UNHCR's Robinson

Taliban Seizes U.N. Grain Warehouses in Kabul and Kandahar

Armitage Interview on Metro TV, Indonesia

Pentagon Says U.S. Warplanes Attacking Afghan Targets Unopposed

Greenspan Testimony on U.S. Economy Since Terrorist Attack

Transcript of Department of Defense News Briefing

Transcript of State Department Noon Briefing

House Leaders Shut Down Operations to Permit Anthrax Screening

Exploring the Future Role of Technology in Airport Security

Different Approach on Airline Security Proposed in House Bill

Bush Condemns Assassination of Israeli Tourism Minister Zeevi

State's Reeker Calls on Arafat to Arrest Terrorists

Bush to Welcome Indian Prime Minister to Washington Nov 9

USTR Zoellick on APEC, Terrorism, WTO Round

Powell Foresees UN Role in post-Taliban Afghanistan

Bush Commends Rep. Young for Aviation Security Bill

Islamic Scholars Reject Bin Laden's Call for Jihad Against Americans

Fact Sheet: Biological Weapons Convention Parties, Signatories

Burns: Terrorism Must Not Shape MidEast Peace Agenda

EU Declares Solidarity with U.S.; Aid to Afghanistan is Priority
African Ambassadors Share Perceptions of Terrorist Attacks on U.S.

16 October 2001

Powell to Hear Indian, Pakistani Views on Afghanistan

Powell, Musharraf Discuss Terrorism, Afghanistan

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld Interviewed by Al Jazeera

Bush, Austrian Chancellor to Meet in Washington Nov. 1

UNSC Demands Taliban Stop Blocking Aid Shipments

USAID Announces $38.5 Million in Aid for Afghan People

U.S. Children Showing Compassion for Children in Afghanistan, Says Bush

U.S. Military Operations Continue in Afghanistan

Amb. Greenwood Briefs on APEC Meetings in Shanghai

U.S. Coordinator for APEC Reports Unity in Shanghai

U.S. Islamic Leaders Issue Fatwa on U.S. Muslim Soldiers Fighting Terrorists

Ashcroft: U.S. Will Not Tolerate Hate Crimes Against Arabs, Muslims, Sikhs

FBI, U.S. Justice Department Investigate Anthrax Threats

Transcript of State Department Noon Briefing

Excerpts: White House Spokesman's Comments on South Asia

Student Finds Comfort in Muslim Association at Georgetown U.

Pentagon's Update on Military Operations in Afghanistan

Allbaugh Assesses FEMA's Sept. 11 Response for Senators

Lawmakers Note Australia's Efforts to Fight Terrorism

Under Secretary of State Addresses Inter-American Press Association

Australia Commits Forces To Anti-terrorism Coalition

House Passes Anti-Money Laundering Measure 412-1

U.S. Increasing Security But Not Closing Its Doors to Immigrants

White House Creates Critical Infrastructure Protection Board

15 October 2001

Bush, Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi Remarks

Bush Promises JCS Chairman Myers Means for Victory

U.S.-Led Air Strikes in Afghanistan Show Progress

Rice on Al Jazeera TV

Rumsfeld, Myers Briefing on Afghanistan

National Security Advisor Rice Briefing

Wolfowitz, Italian Prime Minister Media Availability

Fact Sheet: Humanitarian Aid to the Afghan People

Afghan Refugee Movement Limited So Far

U.S. Condemns Massacre of Civilians in Colombia

USTR Zoellick to Reporters on Malaysia, WTO, APEC

Transcript of State Department Noon Briefing

U.S. Postal Service Warns of Mail Containing Infectious Material

U.S. Official on Fighting Terrorism in the Western Hemisphere

Human Smugglers Newest Threat to Afghan Refugees

Transcript of White House Daily Briefing

14 October 2001

Armitage Interview for Capital Sunday TV Show

13 October 2001

Radio Address of the President to the Nation

Defense Release on Accidental Bomb Drop on Kabul Neighborhood

12 October 2001

President Bush Launches Relief Fund for Afghan Children

American Children Collect Aid Money for Afghan Children

Fact Sheet: U.S. Policy Statements on Post-Taliban Afghanistan

U.S., Uzbekistan Cooperate to Aid Afghan People, Fight Terrorism

Treasury's O'Neill on Freezing Additional Terrorist Assets

Treasury's Taylor on Blocking Terrorist

Treasury's Gurule on U.S. Action Freezing Terrorist Assets

Rumsfeld, Myers Brief on Military Operations in Afghanistan

Defense Department Background Briefing on Afghanistan

Defense Department Briefing

White House Briefing

State Department Press Briefing

Zimbabwean Envoy Relives Anxious Moments During Attacks in U.S.

Senate and House Approve Similar Anti-Terrorism Bills

American Muslim Leader Says Islam Cannot Justify Terrorism

A Tribute to Barbara Olson, Fallen Heroine

Treasury Publishes Names Added to Its Terrorist List

Mineta Notes Acts of Friendship Toward Arab Americans

Imam, Scholar Seeks to Clarify Image of America for Muslims Abroad

U.S., Turkmenistan Launch Mosque Preservation Project in Annau

11 October 2001

President Holds Prime Time News Conference

Bush Establishes American Children's Fund for Afghan Children

USAID Head Stresses Urgency of Aid Delivery to Afghanistan

FBI Warns About Terrorist Attacks "Over Next Few Days"

Bush Says Substantial Progress Made in the War on Terrorism

Treasury Says $24 Million in Terrorist Assets Frozen Worldwide

Washington, New York Ceremonies Commemorate Terrorist Victims

President Bush's Remarks at Pentagon Memorial Service

Rumsfeld Remarks at Pentagon Memorial Service

OSCE Unanimously Supports U.S.-led Actions Against Terrorism

U.S. Statement to OSCE Permanent Council on Afghanistan

Powell Remarks with Central Asia International Visitors

UN Helped Galvanize Action Against Terrorists, Powell Says

U.S. "Very Satisfied" with Saudi Cooperation on Terrorism

Boucher on Powell's Coming Trip to India, Pakistan

Transcript of State Department Noon Briefing

Transcript of Pentagon Spokesman's Briefing

U.S. Encouraged by Democratic Reforms in Kyrgyzstan

10 October 2001

Bush Unveils List of 22 Most Wanted Terrorists

Bush: "Terrorism Has A Face; Today We Expose It"

Powell at FBI Event on Most Wanted Terrorists List

Fact Sheet: U.S. List of Most Wanted Terrorists

Bush Sees NATO as Cornerstone of Global Anti-Terror Coalition

Powell, NATO's Robertson Remarks After Oct. 10 Meeting

NATO Sends Radar Surveillance Planes to Protect United States

NATO's Ralston on Historic Deployment to Continental U.S.

Powell Outlines Hopes for Post-Taliban Afghanistan

Powell Says U.S. Goal is Representative Afghan Government

Rocca Blames Taliban for Humanitarian Disaster in Afghanistan

Beers Says Public Diplomacy Vital in Fight on Terror

Under Secretary Terms Terrorist Acts "Attacks on the World"

Hyde Says U.S. Public Diplomacy Must Be Overhauled

Representative Lantos' Statement on Fighting Terrorism

Ambassador Taylor on Terrorism in the Western Hemisphere

OAS Ambassador Says Western Hemisphere Is Steadfast Ally

State Dept.'s Mack Tells Congress of Drug, Terror Links

Bush Calls Pres. Wade of Senegal on Anti-Terror Actions

White House Announces Visit of Philippines' President to U.S.

Transcript of State Department Noon Briefing

Transcript of White House Daily Briefing

Arabs and Non-Arabs Stand United in Dearborn, Michigan

Overland Food Shipments Arrive in Afghanistan

WFP Announces Increased Food Deliveries to Afghanistan

USAID Chief Natsios Details U.S. Humanitarian Response

Kreczko on U.S., International Support for Afghan Refugees

U.S., U.K. to Collaborate on Health Care, Bioterrorism

State Dept. on Western Hemisphere Response to Terrorism

Gabon's Ambassador Offers Condolences at White House Ceremony

09 October 2001

Bush Appraises Congress of Combat Operations in Afghanistan

Bush Limits Secret War Information to Eight Members of Congress

Bush, German Chancellor Schroeder Press Availability

Rumsfeld, Myers Say Allies Control Afghan Skies

Rumsfeld, Myers Detail Targets Struck, Food Delivered

UNSC Committee Adds Names to List of bin Laden Associates

Muslim American Leader Condemns Terrorism

Muslim-American Named to Texas Task Force on Homeland Security

Fact Sheet: Chronology of Events in Campaign Against Terror

Fact Sheet: Bush Names Terrorism, Cyberspace Security Advisors

Fact Sheet: Humanitarian Aid to the Afghan People

Grossman Speech at NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Ottawa

Bush, NATO's Lord Robertson to Meet in Washington Oct. 10

Powell to Travel to India, Pakistan, APEC Meeting

Two New White House Posts for Combatting Terrorism

South African Victim of World Trade Center Attack Is Buried

Transcript of White House Daily Briefing

Transcript of State Department Daily Briefing

Bush Calls Pres. Wade of Senegal on Anti-Terror Actions

NATO Sends 5 AWACS Aircraft to U.S. for Homeland Defense

08 October 2001

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Interview with CNN

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Interview with CBS

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Interview with NBC

DoD News Briefing - Secretary Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers

Myers Says Campaign Will Be Relentless, Sustained

UK Defense Ministry Press Conference

Statement by NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson

EU Declares Full Solidarity with, Support for U.S.

Bush "Resolute" and "Determined" to Win War Against Terrorism

Myths and Facts: The International Strikes on Terrorists

White House Daily Briefing

Bush, Ridge at Swearing-in of Ridge as Homeland Security Chief

Summary of the Executive Order on Homeland Security

Condoleezza Rice and Karen Hughes Press Briefing

U.N. Secretary-General Affirms U.S. Right to Self-Defense

UN Security Council Is Still United in the Fight Against Terrorism

Robertson Reaffirms NATO's Full Support for U.S., UK Operations

Italian Prime Minister to Visit Washington October 15

Muslim Americans Support Anti-Terrorism Campaign

07 October 2001

President Bush Announces Military Strikes in Afghanistan

Statement of Secretary Rumsfelf on Anti-Terrorism Strike

Rumsfeld and Myers Briefing on Enduring Freedom

Negroponte Letter to the UNSC President

Prime Minister Blair on Anti-Terrorist Operations in Afghanistan

DoD Statement on U.S. Humanitarian Relief Mission to Afghanistan

CDC Reports Second Anthrax Case Found in Florida

U.S. Food Airdrops Will Continue As Long As Needed

U.S., Japanese Officials Inaugurate Economic Dialogue

06 October 2001

President Bush's Radio Address to the Nation

Afghan Forum: Donors Promise $600 Million in New Aid

O'Neill and G-7 Ministers on Blocking Terrorist Assets

G-7 Action Plan to Combat the Financing of Terrorism

05 October 2001

Secretary Rumsfeld Press Conference with President of Uzbekistan

Rumsfeld Press Conference with Turkish Defense Minister

United Nations Concludes Five-Day Debate on Terrorism

Powell Identifies Foreign Terrorist Organizations

State Department Identifies 28 Foreign Terrorist Groups

Secretary Powell Meets Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Aguirre

Amb. Baker Says U.S., Japan Allied Against Terrorism

White House Statement on Bush-Shevardnadze Meeting

U.S. Senate Committee Recommends Lifting Pakistan Sanctions

Congressman Royce Stresses Tolerance After Terrorist Attacks

Congressman's Resolution Condemns Bigotry Against Sikhs

Lawmaker Submits Bill to Create Office of Homeland Security

Senate Leaders Introduce Bill to Strengthen U.S. Security

Bill Would Enhance U.S. Ability to React to Biochemical Attacks

Ambassador Taylor Terms Choking Off Terrorist Funding Critical

U.S. Ambassador to Russia at Justice Ministers' Conference

Commerce's Evans Before U.S.-Russia Business Council

G-7 Finance Ministers to Intensify Anti-Terrorism Efforts

Treasury Sec. O'Neill's Preview of G-7 Ministers Meeting

White House Daily Briefing

Pentagon Deputy Spokesman's Briefing

OAU Chief Essy Meets with Top Officials During Brief U.S. Visit

Anti-Terror Cooperation a New Foreign Policy Standard, Jones Says

04 October 2001

Bush Administration Pledges Further Aid to Afghanistan

Bush Says U.S. Giving Millions More in Food Aid to Afghan People

Fact Sheet: U.S. Announces $320 Million in Aid to Afghanistan

USAID Reports on Afghan Emergency

UK Information Links bin Laden to September 11 Attacks

U.K. Documents Case Against Bin Laden

Blair Reveals Evidence Against bin Laden, al-Qaida

Bush Statement on Oct. 4 Crash of Siberian Airlines Craft

Bush and Fox Pledge U.S.-Mexico Solidarity Against Terror

Wolfowitz Warns of Further Terrorist Attacks Ahead

Rice Sees New Impetus to U.S.-Russia Relations

United Kingdom Named Chair of the UN Terrorism Committee

Robertson Statement on Alliance Measures Against Terrorism

U.N. Debate on Terrorism Draws Wide Participation

Bush Chooses Alternative U.S. Rep. to United Nations

Senate Banking Committee Advances Anti-Money Laundering Bill

State Department on Alleged Bin Laden Accounts in Cyprus

Commerce Dept.'s Juster on Multilateral Export Regimes

Australia Pledges Military Forces to Fight Terrorism

U.S. Welcomes Pakistani Statement about al Qaida

Transcript of White House Press Briefing

03 October 2001

Bush Says Rumsfeld on Information Sharing Mission Overseas

Deputy Secretary of State Armitage on War Against Terrorism

Drug Trade is Primary Income Source for Taliban, DEA Says

DEA Administrator Testifies on Taliban and Drug Trafficking

Armitage Says "Clear, Compelling Evidence" Leads to bin Laden

Boucher Says Afghans Will Decide Future of Afghanistan

Fact Sheet: Responding to the September 11 Terrorist Attacks

Treasury's O'Neill Pledges to Shut Down Terrorist Fundraising

Treasury Official on Dismantling Terrorist Financial Networks

Qatar A Good Friend to U.S. Powell Says

State Dept. Sees Heightened Efforts on Nuclear Security

Bush Discusses Economic Stimulus with NY Business Leaders

Mexico's President Fox to Visit Washington October 4

Countries Continue Terrorism Debate at United Nations

Most Arab Students Continue Studies in the United States

Rumsfeld Says U.S. Respects Muslim People, Religion

Taliban Profits from Drug Trade, State Department Says

Senior U.S. Official on Agenda for APEC Meetings, China

Assistant Secretary of State Jones on U.S. Policy Toward OSCE

Powell on Terrorism with Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Congressional Report on Anti-Terrorism Bill

02 October 2001

NATO Says Conclusive Data Links Al Qaida to Sept. 11 Attacks

NATO Finds that Terrorist Attacks Against U.S. Were Directed from Abroad

Bush Briefs Congressional Leaders on War Against Terrorism

Bush Announces that Reagan National Airport Will Reopen

General Assembly Echoes With Condemnations of Terrorism

Powell, Greek Foreign Minister Press Briefing

Secretary Powell and Indian Foreign Minister

Defense Department Report: Rumsfeld Trip to Middle East, Central Asia

Transcript of State Department Noon Briefing

Transcript of White House Daily Briefing

Senate Hearing Looks into Railroad, Maritime Security

Bush Adviser Hubbard on Economic Policy after Attacks

Transcript of DoD News Briefing

Rumsfeld Briefing on Middle East Trip

Rep. Kaptur Stresses Urgency of Food Aid for Afghanistan

Rep. Royce Introduces Bill to Create "Radio Free Afghanistan"

Resolution Condemns Bigotry Against Sikh-Americans

Bangladesh Embassy Official Calls Attack Affront to Islam

Blair Calls on Taliban to Surrender Bin Laden

01 October 2001

Bush: "Progress on Many Fronts" in War Against Terrorism

Fact Sheet: Results of Anti-Terrorism Campaign, Sept. 14-30

UN Called to Action Against Terrorism

Transcript of Giuliani's Remarks to UN

Annan Says Broad Coalition Needed to Defeat Terrorism

State's Boucher Says U.S. Working Hard to Help Afghan People

Transcript of White House Daily Briefing

U.S. to Assist Those Seeking Peaceful, Developed Afghanistan

US-UAE Partners for Stability, Says New US Ambassador Wahba

Millions More to Live in Poverty in 2002, World Bank Says

SADC Envoys Present Check for Victims of Terrorist Attack

Peace Corps Release on Program Suspension in Central Asia

U.S. Officials Say AGOA Is on Track Despite Tragedy

Excerpts: U.N. General Assembly Opens Week-Long Debate on Terrorism

Excerpts: Senator Wellstone Urges Humanitarian Aid for Afghanistan

Powell Says bin Laden, al-Qaida First Priority

U.S. Defense Planners Examine Critical Challenges

Ambassador Negroponte's UNGA Speech on Terrorism

Senator Frist Assesses Bio-terrorism Threat to U.S.

Message from Kyrgyz President on Situation in Afghanistan

30 September 2001

Rumsfeld Skeptical of Taliban Statements

Ashcroft Sees Likelihood of More Terrorist Activity in U.S.

29 September 2001

Bush Reports Progress Against Terrorism

28 September 2001

Identical Letters Link Terrorists on Three Hijacked Flights September 11

UN Security Council Anti-Terrorism Resolution

Bush-Abdullah White House Photo Op

Powell, Spanish Foreign Minister Press Stakeout

Bush Authorizes Release of Assistance to Pakistan

State Department Noon Briefing

White House Daily Briefing

Fact Sheet: Sanctions on India and Pakistan

Fact Sheet: USAID's Emergency Report on Afghanistan

Mexico Committed to Helping U.S. Fight Terrorism, Says Fox

UN Security Council Enacts New Measures Against Terrorism

U.S. Statement on Sudan Sanctions

Focus on Terrorism Should Strengthen U.S.-Latin Ties, Say Diplomats

Kansteiner Reviews U.S. Policy Toward Africa After Terrorist Attacks

27 September 2001

Bush Announces New Airline Security Measures

Justice Dept. Releases Photographs of 19 Suspected Hijackers

Remarks by Powell, Turkish Foreign Minister after Meeting

U.S. Works to End Suffering of Afghan Refugees

Jordan's King and Powell Discuss Anti-Terrorism Cooperation

U.S. Preparing More Humanitarian Assistance for Afghan People

DoD Briefing by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld

State Department Noon Briefing

U.S. Mobilizes Forces to Combat Post-Terrorism Discrimination

U.S. Statement to OSCE on Working Group on Terrorism

State Official Sees No Need to Talk to Taliban

Senior Administration Official Briefs on U.S. Airline Safety

Coast Guard Has Increased U.S. Port Security Measures

WHO Urges Nations to Prepare for Biological, Chemical Attacks

Senate Condemns Bigotry Against Muslims, Arab-Americans

Fact Sheet: White House on Aviation Security

U.S. Media Executive Reports Zambian Outpouring of Sympathy

26 September 2001

President Bush Welcomes American Sikh Leaders to White House

Bush Meets with American Sikh, Muslim Leaders

Bush Welcomes American Muslim Leaders to White House

Powell and Egyptian Foreign Minister Maher on Terrorism

Powell, Irish Foreign Minister Press Briefing

Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfowitz at NATO

Treasury's Gurule on Strategy Against Money Laundering

Sen. Levin Testifies on Money Laundering and Terrorism

Hyde Says Long-Term U.S. Foreign Policy Strategy Essential

UNHCR Prepares for Influx of Afghan Refugees to other Countries

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld on America's New Kind of War

Justice Official Urges Tighter Money Laundering Laws

IMF Statement on Global Growth

NATO Release on Informal Meeting of Defense Ministers

Transcript of White House Daily Briefing

Transcript of State Department Noon Briefing

25 September 2001

Arab American, Muslim American Groups Support Anti-Terrorism Campaign

Bush: "We're in a War We're Going to Win"

Bush Meets with Leaders of Congress, Koizumi, FBI Officials

State Department's Jones on World Fight against Terrorism

Transcript: U.S., Japan to Fight Terrorism Together on Many Fronts

Transcript: Rumsfeld Says Anti-terrorism Efforts Are Broad-Based

G-7 Finance Ministers' Statement on Terrorist Financing

Hard Data Needed to Shape Economic Stimulus

Fact Sheet: International Organizations' Respond to Attacks

Excerpt: Afghan People Not Synonymous with Taliban

Transcript of White House Daily Briefing

Transcript of State Department Noon Briefing

Statement to Senate Panel by Ambassador-nominee to Moldova

Ambassador-nominee to EU Schnabel Statement to Senate Panel

Former Top U.S. Africa Official Likens Bin Laden to Hitler

President's Letter and Memorandum on Airline Compensation

U.S. Aviation Chief Urges Action on Air Travel Crisis

Bush, Rumsfeld Welcome House Action on Defense Spending

State Department Says Chechen Rebels Have Ties to Bin Laden

Add Congressional Report, September 26: Powell, Rumsfeld Briefings

Transcript: Remarks by Powell, Italian Foreign Minister

U.S. Official in Tajikistan for Talks on Response to Terrorism

24 September 2001

Bush Executive Order on Freezing Terrorist Assets

Fact Sheet: Executive Order on Terrorist Financing

Treasury's O'Neill on Order Freezing Terrorist Assets

Bush Executive Order Freezes Assets of Terrorists

Transcript: Bush, O'Neill, Powell on Freezing Terrorist Assets

Bush Letter to Congress on Troop Deployments Abroad

Secretary General Annan's Address to the UN General Assembly

U.S. Statement on UN Role in Fighting Terrorism

UN Resolution Gives U.S. Right to Use Force, Envoy says

Ashcroft Outlines Proposed Changes in Anti-Terrorism Laws

Transcript: Bush, Prime Minister Chretien at the White House

Jordan's King Abdullah to Visit Washington September 28

Transcript of White House Daily Briefing

Transcript of State Department Briefing

Boucher Statement on London Daily Mirror Report

White House Announces Sept. 27 Visit of Belgian Prime Minister

Senate Panel Speeds Action on Nominees to Key State Posts

Pakistanis Among the Victims of the Terrorist Attacks in U.S.

State's Grossman on Terrorism: "No More Excuses"

Tighter Immigration Controls No Cure-All Against Terrorists

House Approves $582 Million Back Dues Payment to UN

U.S.-Mercosur "Four-Plus-One" Joint Statement on Trade

Ex-Im Bank Suspends Airline Insurance Requirement

White House Says Information on Terror Networks Classified

U.S. Health Chief Expresses Gratitude for World Support

23 September 2001

Powell Says U.S. Will Share Evidence Against bin Laden

Powell Says Campaign Against Terrorism Has Begun

Powell Says U.S. Focusing on bin Laden and al-Qaida

Rumsfeld Interview on CBS-TV's "Face the Nation"

Rumsfeld Remarks to Journalists

U.S. Thanks Japan for Support after Terrorist "Barbarism"

Prime Minister Koizumi at Observance for Victims of Terrorism

International Response Needed to Deal with International Disaster

22 September 2001

Bush Lifts Sanctions Against India, Pakistan

Bush Says U.S. Economy Is Fundamentally Strong

21 September 2001

Powell Says Anti-terrorist Campaign Not Against Afghan People

Powell, at OAS, Cites Need for Action Against Terrorism

Secretary Powell Addresses Organization of American States

Transcript: Secretary Powell, Canadian Foreign Minister Address Reporters

No Discussions, No Negotiations with Taliban, White House Says

FAA Administrator Outlines New Aviation Security Measures

Rumsfeld Praises Response on Mutual Defense Agreements

U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Ordered to Maintain Heightened Security

Transcript: Armitage Sees Long, Diverse, Anti-Terror Campaign

Air Travel Safety Focus of UN Civil Aviation Agency Meeting in Montreal

U.S., China Recognize International Terrorism as Threat

OAS Secretary General Pledges Regional Unity Against Terrorism

Prime Minister of Canada to Visit Washington on September 24

U.S. Welcomes OSCE Support in Fight Against Terrorism

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Fighting Terrorism

New Envoys Speak of Terrorism at Senate Confirmation Hearing

Statement by U.S. Ambassador-Designate to Saudi Arabia

U.S. Amb.-designate to Cote d'Ivoire Testifies Before Senate

White House Daily Briefing

Feingold Urges Support for Resolution Against Bigotry

20 September 2001

Bush Announces Start of a "War on Terror"

Bush: U.S. to Use Every Resource to Defeat Terror Network

White House: Taliban Must Turn Over Bin Laden

Daschle, Lott Vow United Support in War Against Terrorists

Secretary Powell Calls for Action from Taliban

Coalition Against Terrorism Coming Together Quickly

Powell Interview with ABC News' Peter Jennings

U.S. Visa Applications for Attack Victim Family Members

Treasury's O'Neill on Prospects for U.S. Economy

Greenspan on Economic Effects of Terrorist Attacks

Attacks Seen Having Big Short-Term Impact on Economy

U.S. Transportation Chief Testifies on Aviation Security

U.S. Aviation Security Needs Strengthening

Rumsfeld Discusses Military Response to Terrorist Attacks

Rumsfeld Warns of "Marathon" Fight Against Terrorism

DOJ Officials Brief Sept. 20 on Terrorism Investigation

Commerce's Bodman at Transatlantic Seminar on U.S.-EU Relations

U.S. Humanitarian Assistance for Afghanistan

U.S. Assistance to Afghans Tops $170 Million in FY'01

OAS Member States Invoke Rio Mutual Defense Treaty

Background on Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance

Joint U.S.-EU Statement on Combating Terrorism

Armitage, NATO's Robertson with Media in Brussels

Bush, Blair Confer at White House

G-8 Condemns Terrorist Attacks on the United States

Global Bankers Forecast Sharp Drop in Financial Flows

Powell, Belgian Foreign Minister Michel Press Availability

USTR Zoellick on Countering Terror with Trade

U.S. Welcomes Japan's Anti-Terrorism Assistance Package

U.S. Begins Consultations at UN

Islamic Scholar Cites Bush Trip to Mosque As Positive

Africans Condemn Terrorist Attacks on the United States

White House Statement on President's Speech to Congress

Fact Sheet: USAID Reports on Current Situation in Afghanistan

19 September 2001

Bush to Lay out Case for Global Campaign Against Terrorism

President Bush Remarks at Meeting with Congressional Leadership

U.S.-Russia Working Group on Afghanistan Joint Statement

Press Briefing by National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice

Bush, Indonesia's Megawati Discuss Terrorism

Powell Says U.S., Indonesia Will Work Closely in Future

U.S.-Indonesian Statement on Terrorism, Religious Tolerance

U.S., Indonesia Stress Bilateral Cooperation, Shared Values

Chirac Brings Condolences to People of New York

Powell, Russian Foreign Minister Ivanov Confer

Foreign Governments Protect Terrorist Networks Says Ashcroft

Arab and Muslim Americans Offer Key Skills to the Nation

U.S. Envoy Addresses OAS Meeting on Terrorism

U.S. Statement to OSCE Permanent Council on Kyrgyzstan

OAS States Approve Resolutions Condemning Terrorist Attacks

Negroponte Takes Up Post as Chief U.S. Envoy at UN

U.S. Airlines Ask Congress for $17,500 Million Aid Package

White House Daily Briefing

European, Eurasian Governments and Groups Send Messages

Merrill Lynch Chairman Lauds Financial Sector's Resilience

Top U.S. Legislator Heartened by African Response to Attacks

U.S. Ambassador to Japan on Security Alliance, Terrorism

Georgetown University Hosts "Teach-in" on Islam

18 September 2001

Bush, Powell Talk with World Leaders on Fight Against Terrorism

Bush Meets with French President Chirac at White House

Bush Praises Work of Charities in Support of Attack Victims

President Bush Signs Military Force Resolution

Powell, Korean Foreign Minister Remarks

FBI Detains 75, Arrests 4 in Terror Investigation

Treasury Official on Tracking Financial Flows of Terrorists

Rumsfeld Says U.S. Moving in "Measured Manner"

EPA's Whitman Says Air and Water Safe Around Disaster Sites

American Muslim Leaders Condemn Terrorism, Defend Muslims' Civil Rights

Negroponte Sworn in as Ambassador to UN; Terrorism Priority

Remove Terrorism and Its Safe Havens, U.S. Urges OSCE

UN General Assembly Debate Postponed

UN Security Council to Taliban: Deliver Bin Laden

UN Told Afghanistan Taliban Opposition Willing to Hunt bin Laden

U.S. Airlines Asks White House, Congress for Assistance

Transcript of White House Daily Briefing

Transcript of State Department Briefing

17 September 2001

Bush Remarks at Islamic Center of Washington, D.C.

Many Muslims Feared Killed in World Trade Center Attacks

Bush Urges Tolerance Towards Arab-Americans

Powell Says Campaign Is Against Terrorism, Not Islam, Arabs

FBI Director Denounces Attacks Against Arab-Americans

Bush Says U.S. Proud to Lead Fight Against Terrorism

Powell Says Anti-Terrorism Campaign Will Be Long-Term Effort

Powell Pleased with Support for Anti-Terrorism Coalition

British Prime Minister to Visit September 20

French President to Visit September 18

Transcript of White House Daily Briefing 2001

Federal Reserve Group Lowers Interest Rates Half Point

Former Nigerian Governor in Muslim North Speaks of Terrorism

16 September 2001

Bush: Foreign Leaders Want to Cooperate Against Terrorists

Cheney: Terrorists, Their Protectors, Face "Full Wrath" of U.S.

Powell Welcomes Support of Pakistan in Anti-Terrorist Effort

Powell: U.S. Will Demand Taliban Cooperation Against bin Laden

Rumsfeld Says Anti-Terrorist Campaign Will Take Years

U.S. Customs Service Personnel, Facilities on Highest Alert

U.S. Envoy to OSCE at Ecumenical Service for Terror Victims

15 September 2001
World Bank, IMF Cancel Annual Meetings in Washington

Bush at National Day of Prayer and Remembrance Service

President Bush Visits World Trade Center Ruins

Bush Orders 50,000 Reservists to Active Duty

Powell: Diplomatic Efforts Continue to Build Coalition

Wolfowitz PBS Interview on Response to Terror Attacks

U.S. Customs Service Personnel, Facilities on Highest Alert

Congressional Report: Congress Authorizes Force

Defense Department Briefing on Reserve Mobilization

FBI Names 19 Hijackers; Seeks Information from Public

New Treasury Unit to Track Terrorist Funding Methods

U.S. Customs Service Personnel, Facilities on Highest Alert

DOJ Officials Brief on Terrorist Investigation

Congress Votes $40,000 Million To Fight Terrorism, Aid Recovery

Excerpt: Diplomatic Stage Being Set for Response to Terrorism

NATO Parliamentary Assembly Expresses Solidarity

U.S., Bank of England Will Provide Dollar Liquidity

Excerpts: HHS Updates on Emergency Response

USTR Zoellick on Proceeding with WTO Meeting in Doha

War Against Terrorism Like A New Tax on U.S. Economy

World Trade Center Tragedy Hits All Nationalities

Muslim Prayer of Imam of Islamic Society of North America

U.S.-Australia Treaty Article IV Applies to Terrorist Attacks

13 September 2001
Bush Proclaims Sept. 14 a National Day of Remembrance

Respect Arab-Americans and Muslims, Bush Says

Bush Continues to Rally International Support Against Terrorism

Bush Seeks Congressional Approval for Anti-Terrorism Funding

Bush Remarks in Phone Call to New York's Mayor, Governor

Powell Points to bin Laden as Suspect

Powell Pleased with Coalition-Building Results

Senior Administration Official Briefs on U.S. Strategy

U.S. Airspace Starting To Reopen

Ashcroft Briefs on Terrorist Investigation

Attorney General Ashcroft Briefing on Terrorist Attacks

Wolfowitz says Military Retaliation To Be Sustained

NSC's Rice on Terrorist Attacks

EPA Monitors Environmental Conditions at New York Attack Site

U.S. Officials to Visit Moscow and Brussels on Terrorism Issues

O'Neill Statement on Confidence in U.S. Economy

Armitage Meets Pakistani Officials to Discuss Cooperation

NATO, Russia to Intensify Cooperation to Defeat Terrorism

U.S. Representative to the EU Morningstar Farewell Speech

Terrorist Attack in U.S. Met With Outpouring of Overseas Help

OSCE Declares Day of Mourning for Victims of Terrorist Attack

Americans of Diverse Faiths Hold Joint Services

U.S., European Central Banks Will Provide Dollar Liquidity

High Justice Official Warns Against Discrimination

Transcript of White House Daily Briefing

New York Struggles To Resume Normal Life

12 September 2001
President Calls Terrorist Attacks "Acts of War"

Bush Seeks to Build International Coalition Against Terrorism

Investigators Reviewing Intelligence, Have Credible Leads

Airports to Remain Closed, Mineta Says

Transcript of Powell Interview with ABC News

Transcript of Powell Interview on "CBS Morning News"

Transcript of Powell Interview with CNN

Transcript of Powell Interview on the Fox Morning News Show

Transcript of Powell Interview on NBC's Today Show

Transcript of Powell Interview on National Public Radio

Powell Says U.S. Is Building Coalition to Combat Terrorism

Rumsfeld: Terrorist Attacks Show "A New Battlefield"

Transcript: Rumsfeld Addresses U.S. Troops, Civilians

Transcript: CIA's Tenet Says U.S. Must Find the Terrorists

U.S. Energy Secretary Says Energy Infrastructure Sound

EU Declares Day of Mourning for U.S. Victims of Terrorism

Leaders Worldwide Condemn Terrorist Attacks

Muslim American Groups Denounce Terrorist Attacks

Western Hemisphere Leaders Condemn Terrorist Attacks in U.S.

Ambassador Urges Nations To Join "War Against Terrorism"

Ambassador Cunningham Statement to UN General Assembly

UN General Assembly Condemns Terrorist Attacks in the U.S.

UN General Assembly Pledges Solidarity Against Terrorists

UNSC Expresses Determination to Combat Terrorism

UN Security Council Takes Strong Stand Against Terrorists

UN Secretary-General Expresses "Deep Shock And Revulsion"

Statement by North Atlantic Council on Collective Self-Defense

Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council Expresses Solidarity with U.S.

G-7 Finance Ministers on Attacks Against the United States

Asia-Pacific Offers Condolences and Help

Vershbow: U.S. Pleased by Response of Russian Government

Ambassador Chamberlin Thanks Pakistani Leader for Support

Statements from IMF, World Bank on Terrorist Attacks

Pakistani President Expresses Condolences over Terrorism

U.S. Welcomes Support from OSCE Following Terrorist Attacks

HHS Secy. Thompson Describes Emergency Response

Excerpts: HHS Launches Relief Effort to Terrorism Victims

Treasury's Dam on O'Neill Asia Trip, Agency's Activities

Statements from New York Federal Reserve, SEC

Americans Across the U.S. Offer Aid to Terrorist Victims

U.S. Statement to OSCE Forum on Terrorist Attacks

Federal Emergency Management Agency Leads Relief Effort

Transcript: Powell Continues To Phone World Leaders

Excerpts: U.S. Preparing Careful Response to Terrorism

Transcript: White House Morning Briefing

Congress Back in Session; Vows United Fight

Senate Majority Leader Daschle Expresses Sorrow, Resolve

House Speaker Hastert Condemns "Act of War"

Gephardt Vows to Bring Terrorists to Justice

Lott Vows Terrorists Will Be Brought to Justice

Biden says Terrorists Have Doomed Themselves

Levin Voices Rage, Determination to Pursue Attackers

11 September 2001

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