Friday, April 12, 2013

From Nazi Germany To Guyana, by Robert Lindsey,

December 10, 1978, The Milwaukee Journal / N.Y. Times Service, Part 6-page 2, From Nazi Germany To Guyana, by Robert Lindsey, [Continued Part 6-page 6: Tragedy Followed Family to Guyana]

December 14, 1978, Lakeland Ledger / The New York Times, page C1, One Family's Association With Rev. Jim Jones, [Continued page C3: The Layton Family,]

Jones's cult included, at one time or another, six members of the Layton family. While the family was unique in its deep involvement with Jones, the story of the Laytons tells a great deal about why and how hundreds of other families became tangled in his persuasive web of religion mixed with social activism.

December 13, 1978, Ocala Star-Banner, page C1, The Layton Family and the Peoples Temple, by Robert Lindsey,

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