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Executive Intelligence Review, Special Report 17, Who created the Jones cult ---and why,

December 5-11, 1978, Executive Intelligence Review, Special Report 17,

Who created the Jones cult ---and why,

Click here for Full Issue of EIR Volume 5, Number 47, December 5, 1978

On Nov. 18, 1978, a fact-finding mission led by Congressman Leo Ryan (D-Cal.) investigating charges of drug trafficking and involuntary imprison­ment of American citizens by the Peoples Temple of Rev. Jim Jones in Jonestown. Guyana, was gunned down by Peoples Temple members as they attempted to board their airplane at the Port Kaituma airport.

Five people. including Rep. Ryan, were killed and a dozen other members of the party injured.

Moments after the ambush, Rev. Jim Jones assembled 800-900 of his zombie followers in the center of the Temple commune and ordered them to commit human sacrifice by swallowing a lethal dose of cyanide mixed with a number of drugs and Kool Aid.

The potion administered by Jones and his medical assistant Dr. Schacht was described fully in the New York Daily News of Nov. 22, and is very similar to the "Brompton Mix" used by the Order of st. John of Jerusalem's St. Christopher's Hospice in London.

Parroting the Order of St. John's hospice propaganda, Jones urged his psychotic followers on by extolling the virtues of "dying with dignity."

According to a survivor of the death ritual in Jonestown, many of the cultists accepted the potion only at gunpoint and those who refused the spiked Kool

Aid were forcibly injected with the poison.

Drug connection confirmed

On Nov. 20, an aide to Rep. Ryan who survived the weekend ordeal delivered a statement to the press in San Francisco which has been blacked out of the national media. He confirmed that the Ryan fact-find­ing group had uncovered "drug-related matters" involving Jones and the Peoples Temple. The following day, two reporters returning from the Jonestown scene reported that massive quantities of a wide variety of drugs were uncovered amidst the human rubble - far more drugs than needed to satisfy the medical needs of all of Guyana for up to a year!

Also uncovered at the Peoples Temple scene was a half-million dollars in cash, large quantities of gold and precious jewels estimated at $3 million, and a trunk containing over 800 U.S. passports. Subsequent reports published in the New York Post indicate that an additional $3 million of U.S. currency may have disappeared at the time of the mass suicides.

Within the Peoples Temple complex, Jones maintained a remarkably sophisticated and high-­powered "ham" radio system capable of transmitting to California and the Mid-Atlantic states. Not only were American intelligence agencies aware of this illegal radio system. it had been monitored by the Federal Communications Commission for several years as part of an official investigation. The Peoples Temple also maintained at least three large trawler­ yachts, registered in the port of Mobile, Ala. (1) The trawlers operated in the Caribbean waters between Guyana and the United States and were known by U.S. and Guyanese authorities to bypass normal customs channels, often by anchoring in international waters just outside the 12-mile coastal limit. These trawlers were confirmed to have smuggled illegal weapons into Jonestown.

What was Jones running? According to federal records and on-the-scene observation, Jones was running drugs, illegal automatic and semi-automatic weapons, and other contraband on a sufficiently large scale to warrant his operation of a private fleet of pirate ships and a sophisticated pirate radio network.

These facts could not have gone unnoticed by a number of U.S. federal security branches including the National Security Agency and the Office of Naval Intelligence, which are responsible for monitoring these areas. The counterespionage branch ("Division Five") of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Air Force intelligence must also have known about Jones's guns-for-drugs program via a different but related channel of information to be discussed below.

This brush-stroke picture of Rev. Jones's Guyanese colony is filled out by briefly considering the published and unpublished reports on the nature of the northwest region of the South American British Commonwealth state of Guyana. The jungle area of northwest Guyana where the Peoples Temple and several other U.S.-based cult-plantations are located was a horribly desolate and virtually uninhabited region until the World Bank interceded in the mid-1970s to demand that the Guyanese government initiate large-scale marijuana cultivation in the area as a condition for rolling over Guyana's debt. The area was an ideal location for the resettlement of hordes of mind­ destroyed U.S. ghetto victims organized into slave gangs through the use of sophisticated behavior mod­ification techniques and drugs administered under the pretext of Christian-based pseudo-religious cults.

Adjacent to Jonestown is another 6,0000-person settlement founded by "the East" - a Brooklyn, N.Y.­ based black nationalist cult known principally for its drug-running and gun-running activities in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn and in Hart­ford, Conn. "The East," along with its affiliated Newark, N.J. "Kawaida Temple" headed by Leroi Jones (aka Imamu Baraka), was founded on the basis of a synthetic religious belief structure identical to the "seven-headed cobra" of the Symbionese Liberation Army, which was run through the same San Francisco channels that fostered Jim Jones's Peoples Temple.

These synthetic belief structures (Le., brainwashing systems) were specifically developed by University of Chicago "social engineer" Saul Alinsky. (2) The en­tire nest of ghetto zombies in the Guyanese marijuana fields were preprogrammed as surely as if they were minicomputers!

On the trail of Jones's controllers

It should be clear to the average reader and strikingly evident to the trained investigator that such goings-on require the oversight of a layer of trained intelligence personnel with specialized skills in coercive psychology. While a full evaluation of who constituted the "controller" strata at Jonestown is not yet complete, certain obvious cases can be identified that represent the . crucial starting point for any serious investigation.

The two most important cases are lawyers Mark Lane and Charles Garry. Lane is particularly crucial as he has a background as an Anglo-American intelligence operative entrusted with classified assignments since World War II. Both Lane and Garry were in Jonestown throughout the period of the Ryan investigation. The two declined to leave with the fact­-finding team and have admitted foreknowledge that the team would be attacked and that the mass-suicide was pending. Lane and Garry's foreknowledge of a direct threat to Ryan's life in fact predated the fact­-finding team's departure from the USA. Lane and Garry remained in the Jonestown area until the rescue teams arrived and were segregated from those cultists coerced into the death ritual.

Lane was an Air Force Intelligence officer during World War II at a time when Air Force Intelligence was virtually run from the top by the British Air Force's Special Air Services (SAS) - the same SAS that has been the principal British counterinsurgency force deployed both within and against the Irish Republican Army Provos in Northern Ireland. Lane's tenure with Air Force Intelligence coincided with that branch's official involvement in Operation Artichoke­ Bluebird, the predecessor LSD experimental projects of MK-Ultra. During the 1950s, Lane was an FBI "Division Five" counterespionage agent operating within the Communist Party USA on the East Coast. "Division Five" was the creation of British SOE head Sir William Stephenson and was run by a Canadian national and Stephenson protege Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield.

From the 1960s, while still the "Division Five" agent-handler, Bloomfield ran the Montreal-based Perm index Corp., a private assassination and drug­-running bureau positively implicated in the assassinations of President John Kennedy and a number of European political leaders. Evidence that Lane maintained his Air Force Intelligence-"Division Five" credentials well into the 1960s is highlighted by the fact that he worked under British intelligence's Lord Bertrand Russell from November 1963 on a project called the "British Who Killed Kennedy Committee," the first level of coverup of Permindex's role in the Kennedy assassination.

San Francisco-based "radical lawyer" Charles Garry was part of a team run out of the Criminology School of the University of California at Berkeley which maintained control over a variety of black radical groupings in the Bay Area, including most notably the Black Panther Party. As a member of the proterrorist National Lawyers Guild (NLG), Garry's activities prior to the Jonestown massacre bordered on criminal complicity in terrorist activities in much the same way that the activities of the Socialist Lawyers Collective in the Federal Republic of Germany eventually became indistinguishable from the activities of the Baader-Meinhof terrorists they were "defending."

During the year leading up to the Nov. 18 events, Garry was the channel of support for Jones from such Institute for Policy Studies-affiliated "radicals" as Angela Davis and Huey Newton. It is unconfirmed, but highly likely, that Garry was a recruiter for the Peoples Temple, drawing in former Black Panther Party members and Bay Area drug addicts and criminals he had "defended" through the NLG and related channels.

This "witting" classification of Garry is further substantiated by his long-standing close association with the NLG's East Coast counterpart "old boys" Leonard Boudin and Victor Rabinowitz of Rabinowitz,
BO, for a mid-1960s study of Caribbean and South American countries that would be prime targets for drug cultivation and chemical production, including marijuana, hashish and LSD. Through the Boudin­ Rabinowitz effort, an earlier cult, Timothy Leary's Brotherhood of Eternal Love, established LSD and hashish production-distribution centers in the Bahamas, Costa Rica, etc.

As reported in the New York Times of Nov. 20, Jones's entry into Guyana was paved by numerous leading figures in the Democratic Party, including Vice President Walter Mondale, Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Joseph Califano, California Governor Jerry Brown, Sen. Henry Jackson (D­-Wash.), and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone. All of these individuals issued letters of glowing praise for Jones's "charitable acts" and services to the Democratic Party. Since the mass suicides of Jones and 900 followers in the Guyanese jungles, these political figures have naturally attempted to distance themselves from the Jones death cult, either by dis­claiming the fact of the letters' existence (as in the case of Sen. Jackson) or by portraying Jones as a man who became deranged in the last months of his life.

As we delve into the early background of Rev. Jones and trace his path from Indianapolis to California and on to the jungles of Guyana, it will become clear that Rev. Jones's preaching the "dignity of death" to a mob of suicide victims in Guyana last week was no different than the crazed Jones known to his Indianapolis neighbors in the early 1950s, when he set up his first Temple at the age of 18 with the revenues from selling imported monkeys!

Sources in Indianapolis report that a far-reaching coverup is underway to conceal the identity of the Indiana-based networks responsible for the recruitment, brainwashing, and initial deployment of Rev. Jim Jones, of convicted mass murderer and Satan worshipper Charles Manson, and Symbionese Liberation Army "soldiers" William and Emily Harris -all former residents of that state.

An investigation of the intersection points of these four cult killers would lead through the British Fabian Society-initiated "liberal dissenters church" establishment of Indianapolis and associated pacifist and New Left groups, through a network of "free enterprise" institutions spun off the British Mont Pelerin Society and gutter-level chapters of the John Birch Society, Klan and neo-Nazi gangs, through the linguistics and related artificial-intelligence projects launched at the University of Indiana in Bloomington by the 1940s, into the executive offices of the Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical and Chemical Corporation and its associated Eli Lilly Endowment.

This is the network that picked up James Warren Jones, the son of an Indiana leader of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, by no later than 1955 and shaped him into the psychopathic cultist who died in Guyana on Nov. 18. Born in the depressed industrial town of Lynn, Indiana, in 1931, Jones grew up in nearby Richmond, where he met his wife, Marceline Boswell, then a nurse trainee in a local hospital. He briefly attended the Bloomington campus of the University of Indiana in 1949 before gravitating to Indianapolis and the fringe religious sects in that city. After a short appointment as "pastor" for a downtown Indianapolis Methodist church, whose congregation asked him to leave because of his "radical" views, Jones became associated with the Pentecostals, who believe that leaders demonstrate "charisma" by "speaking in tongues," i.e., by entering a trance state and babbling incoherently. An extremist wing of the Pentecostals engages in snake-handling, and has been the subject of intensive profiling by members of the Tavistock Clinic in London and the source of numerous cult leaders, including the Rev. Kirby Hensley, founder of the multi-million-member Universal Life Church that was endorsed as a potentially valuable "Nativist Endeavor" in a recent issue of William F. Buckley's National Review.

The Zionist lobby countergang

Jones's activities soon brought him to the attention of Rabbi Maurice Davis, an executive committee member of the British- and Israeli-intelligence-linked Zionist Organization of America. Davis set up Jones in his first Peoples Temple in 1955, when he sold his own synagogue to Jones for $50,000 which was to be paid back over time, apparently on the basis of Jones's primary source of revenue at the time: the street­ corner sale of imported monkeys at $29 each.

To this day, Davis retains his 1950s function as a controller of religious cults. Presently based out of Westchester County, N.Y., Davis heads an organization called "Citizens Engaged in Reuniting Families" (CERF), which has situated itself to coordinate all parental opposition to such brainwashing cults as the Unification Church and the Hare Krishna. In fact, Rabbi Davis's anti cult organizing is crucial to the maintenance of the cults themselves, and to the development of hard-core terrorist options off of the cult memberships. CERF has publicly endorsed and contracted the "deprogramming" services of Ted Patrick, who kidnaps members of the "Moonies" and other cults and subjects them to sensory deprivation, drugs, and physical torture - counter-brainwashing.

The role of such "anticultists" is a crucial aspect of British intelligence's ability to maintain control over the cults themselves. The model for this sort of operation is most clearly presented in Brig. Gen. Frank Kitson's book, Gang-Countergang Warfare, where Kitson describes the methods he employed to crush the Mau Mau in Kenya. After capturing Mau Mau tribesmen whom he paraded as "defectors," Kitson organized synthetic Mau Mau gangs, putting his own men in black face, who carried out murderous raids upon villages sympathetic to the original Mau Mau aims. The net effect was to undermine the Mau Mau's base of operations, driving them into a narrow region where they could be mopped up. While in prison, Mau Mau tribesmen were subjected to intense behavior modification by teams from the Moral Rearmament Movement, that was spawned by the British "High Priesthood" of the Oxford Movement, whose agents later formed the Moonies. (For more on the Mau Mau model, see TERRORISM.)

Rabbi Maurice "Mau Mau" Davis performs a similar role vis-a-vis the cults today. The Moonie leaders literally portray Davis as the "Devil," raising the threat of "deprogramming" by Patrick and others to intimidate those members who want to return to reality. Through his CERF parents organization, Davis has positioned himself to control independent countermeasures against the cults and to monitor and subtly misdirect all research into the cults'·origins, in much the same way that Mark Lane has done to investigations of President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

At the time that he picked up Jones, Rabbi Davis was: (1) rabbi" of the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation;(2) editorial columnist for the National Jewish Post and Opinion; (3) member of the Executive Committee of the Federal Council of American Rabbis and chairman of its Commission on Family and Home; and (4) member of the Executive Committee of the Zionist Organization of America. The ZOA, founded in 1898 as a branch of the World Zionist Organization (l by British agent Herzl, David Wolfson of MI-5 and others, is today associated with the right wing of the Zionist movement, specifically the ruling Likud Party of Israel, the Gush Emunim, and so on. It was in his capacity as chairman of the Indianapolis Housing Commission that Davis would aid Jones's career, including helping to get him select­ed as director of the Mayor's Human Rights Com­mission.

The fact of Rabbi Davis's early patronage of Jim Jones is significant from the further standpoint that it establishes an unbroken continuity of controllers actually directing the activities of Jones and his "disciples." Further investigation into the role of Davis should necessarily consider two additional features of his career that establish him as a cult controller. First is the fact that Davis spent several years in Lexington, Ky., just prior to his move to Indianapolis and his association with Jones. Lexington is the home of the largest federal experimental hospital dealing in drug abuse and behavior modification, and also an early experimental center for methadone maintenance, for which the drug was supplied by Eli Lilly Corp. Lexington Hospital proper was not only the center of LSD experimentation during Davis's stay in the area, but one of the doctors then at Lexington, Dr. Joel Fort, was subsequently a key controller of Jones's Temple when the group was relocated to San Francisco in the 1970s. Second, Rabbi Davis presently maintains direct contact with terrorist circles associated with the Institute for Policy Studies headquartered in Washington, D.C., through his membership in the Westchester chapter of the United Farm Workers, headed by Saul Alinsky protege, Cesar Chavez. Affiliated with this branch of the UFW is the Eastern Farm Workers Association, founded by Gino Parrenti, a known member of a nationwide gun-and drug-running underground.

Why Jimmy Jones?

After his initial "vetting" through the local Zionist Lobby, Jimmy Jones was put in touch with his key patron-controller during this early period in Indiana, Barton Hunter, who was at the time executive secretary of the Church in Society of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, and is currently executive director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR). FOR was founded in 1915 on the explicit model of the year-old British Fellowship and in collaboration with Jane Addams who brought the British Settlement House movement from Oxford University to the U.S. and founded the pacifist networks affiliated with the American Friends Service Committee at this time. Among "radical" institutions that members of FOR were responsible for founding were: the National Civil Liberties Bureau (now the ACLU), the National Conference of Christians and Jews, the Committee on Racial Equality (CORE), the American Committee on Africa. FOR founder and ordained Presbyterian minister A.J. Muste also created Brookwood Labor College, both as a workingman's version of the "Rhodes Scholarship" and to funnel such Baliol College, Oxford trained British intelligence agents as James Burnham (currently, a "free enterprise conservative" with National Review) into the Com intern. In addition to Barton Hunter, several members of the Butler School of Religion, where Jimmy Jones was trained, play prominent roles in FOR. (3)

Indianapolis is the "Vatican" of the approximately million-member Disciples of Christ, a schism from the Presbyterian Church ostensibly organized to provide a more "democratic" forum, in reaction to the Calvinistic conception of "predestination." As one local theological authority put it: "In Indianapolis, the 'Establishment' is the Disciples of Christ." Its leadership ranges from a "conservative wing," centered on executives of the Eli Lilly Corp. and Endowment, to an "ultra-liberal wing" centered on such figures as Barton Hunter. But the shared worldview of both wings of the Disciples of Christ is classical British liberalism, whether it takes the form of the "free enterprise" ideology sponsored by the Lilly Endowment via the Heritage Foundation and other subsidiaries of Britain's Mont Pelerin Society. or that of the "welfare state" epitomized by AFSC programs.

The Lilly Endowment. which is a heavy financial source of the Disciples of Christ. was founded in 1937 by the Lilly Family. whose principal source of wealth is the Lilly Chemical and Parmaceutical Corp. The corporation is now the sole U.S. source of methadone. an addictive drug first developed to control concentration camp victims in Nazi Germany ("dolphine") and now as a surrogate for British-style "heroin maintenance" programs. Despite its conservative image. Lilly finances both "left" and "right" sides of the British intelligence operations. including both the American Enterprise Institute. Heritage Foundation. and Freedom House. and the Maoist National Committee on United States-China Relations. Inc .• Counterspy's Youth Project front. etc. (4)

In a recent interview. Barton Hunter described why he had selected Jim Jones for special grooming. "He's a real bright guy as you probably can guess." said, Hunter. "An attractive person; both he and his wife were. Very sensitive. Very aggressive ... even at this point his obvious takeover qualities were there (emphasis added - ed.). He was the pastor in the Church. and it was 'his Church.' There was no resistance to this on the part of the people who came ... people who were hungry. people who were lonely. people who are unseen and don't know where they're going. You know. and here was a guy who said. 'This is the way'."

In short. Jimmy Jones displayed the persona of the charismatic leader whose qualities were the subject of so many studies by foundations like the Lilly Endowment at the time.

Under Barton Hunter's patronage. Jim Jones was sent to the Butler University School of Religion - the theological seminary of the Disciples of Christ funded by Lilly. two of whose board members. Burton E. Beck and Eugene N. Beesly. are also trustees of the College. It was also with the backing of Hunter and Rabbi Davis that Jones was selected in 1961 to serve for a few brief months as director of the Mayor's Commission on Human Rights. Some sources indicate that Jones was removed because he was too aggressive in pursuing racial integration; however. others have suggested that a scandal was on the verge of erupting over the various low-income housing projects that Jones and Rabbi Davis were involved with, including the transfer of Church members' homes to Jones's personal ownership.

Immediately after his "resignation." Jones took off on a two-year trek (1961-63) to Hawaii. the Belo Horizone Valley in Brazil, and then back to Indianapolis, after a brief stopover in Guyana, the future base of his "Peoples Temple." Jones's stay in Brazil, where he ostensibly founded an orphanage which collapsed as soon as he left, immediately preceded a military coup d'etat there in which various U.S. and British intelligence agencies have been implicated. It also coincided with the deployment of members of Aldous Huxley's MK-Ultra team to Brazil and other Latin American countries to study, among other things, the use of hallucinogenic drugs by the Aztecs as part of their human sacrifice rituals. On his return. Jones was ordained as a minister of the Disciples of Christ and his Peoples Temple was accepted as an affiliated church. It was also on his return that Jones first began to claim that he was a "faith healer."

The Redwood Valley years

Jones's alleged fear of thermonuclear holocaust, which led him on this first trip and which ultimately led him to move 100 of his followers to Ukiah, California in 1965, was instilled by Barton Hunter and the pacifist organizations with which he was affiliated, notably the FOR. In 1961. the FOR launched a program to build "real shelters for homeless people." Ukiah. a secluded town in the Redwood Valley that had been the scene of earlier Huxley eXperiments in cultism and had been identified in a 1961 Esquire magazine article as one of the nine safest places in the world in the event of thermonuclear attack. provided the shelter site. Along with Jones's Peoples Temple, the tiny town of Ukiah was also the gathering point for members of the "Diggers," a San Francisco­ Berkeley-based beggar cult that was a direct outgrowth of the MK-Ultra clinics, and for the West Coast branch of the War Resistors League. a British Fabian Society creation closely affiliated with both Bertrand Russell and with Jones's "mother" institution. the FOR. It was from the Diggers communes of ravaged LSD victims and like-minded circles of the War Resistors League that many of the early California recruits into the Peoples Temple were drawn and molded into a cohesive cult of zombies in the secluded "shelter" ("controlled environment") of the Redwood Valley.

During the early months in Ukiah. Hunter made regular trips from Indianapolis to maintain close watch on the developing Peoples Temple operation. A new controller. however. had already been deployed into the group who would supplant Hunter's day-to­-day controller role. until Jones's deployment into Guyana. This was Tim Stoen. reported to be an "ex­-CIA agent." and the Assistant Attorney for Mendicino County during the Jones cult's tenure there. Through the Stoen connection, Jones was appointed to the Mendicino County Juvenile Commission which pro­vided a cover for recruiting approximately 50 youth­ful drug-runners (ages 12-16) for Jones's soon-to­-be established narcotics network, under the guise of "rehabilitating" them from drug abuse. It was Tim Stoen's later "defection" to form the Concerned Parents group, modeled on Rabbi Davis's CERF, that reportedly triggered Jones's first threat of instant suicide by 300 of his followers.

It was at the time that Stoen joined the Temple that the first public reports began to circulate of the cult's widespread use of drugs, electroshock, sodomic rape, and other bizarre practices in the "recruitment and discipline" of members. However, when two investigative reporters, Marshall Kilduff and Lester Gonsalving, both with the San Francisco Inquirer, attempted to follow the leads provided by a respected local Ukiah Baptist Minister, Richard Taylor, they were summarily fired.

How the brainwashing works

The heavy introduction of drugs and perverted sexual practices to break down the individual cult member's sense of identity was a direct byproduct of Jones's integration into two subprojects of MK-Ultra, the Glide Memorial church and Project One, which were based in San Francisco where Jones and his "advisor," Stoen, traveled to recruit new cult members. Though already a practicing bisexual, Jones was bent further in that direction by a project sponsored by the Kinsey Institute (whose main offices are at the University of Indiana's Bloomington campus that Jones attended earlier) and run out of Glide Memorial. Dr. Kinsey, who founded the Institute, was a close collaborator of Aldous Huxley.

Under the nominal direction of Rev. Cecil Williams, described by sources as a "less charismatic" variant of Jones, Glide was a nexus point for the New Left and counterculture established by Huxley and Margaret Mead's former husband, Gregory Bateson - joining elements of gay rights, women's liberation, and so on with support networks for such terrorist gangs as the Symbionese Liberation Army. Actual control over Cecil Williams was exercised by Ted McIlvenna, who controlled Kinsey Institute funding of projects both at Glide and the Peoples Temple. One of the projects at Glide that the Kinsey Institute sponsored, and that Jones is known to have participated in, was the National Sex and Drug Forum, whose report released two years ago concluded that everyone was a homosexual! Another Glide-based program was the Council on Religion and Homosexuality. Although never himself known to have been associated with Kinsey Institute projects at Glide personally, the "gay" networks created at Glide are known to have supported the electoral campaign of Harvey Milk, who was recently murdered in the aftermath of the Peoples Temple mass suicides (5)

Little is as yet known of early drug use - an essential aspect of the brainwashing control of most cults - by members of the Peoples Temple, although Jones's association with various projects financed by the Eli Lilly Endowment, a fortune built by one of the country's largest drug manufacturers, is certainly suggestive. The first documented evidence of the cult's involvement with drugs is found via Jones's association with Project One, a heavily funded behavior modification factory run by Dr. Joel Fort and former Air Force Intelligence operative Captain H. Bruce Franklin in the heart of San Francisco's hippie Filmore District. Fort was a leading member of Huxley's MK-Ultra team to produce the rock-drug counterculture. Drawing on his early experiments at Lexington Hospital, Fort coauthored Utopiates, a book on LSD-25 that was published by the Tavistock Clinic in London, where much of the early planning for MK­Ultra took place. Project One was funded in part by the Transamerica Corp., which owns United Artist Studios and includes as its corporate vice-president William Jones, a member of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

Inside Project One, a large converted warehouse. Fort ran a drug clinic (methadone supplied by Eli Lilly). a paramilitary training center. a behavior modification clinic. a computer that maintained psychological profiles of local politicians. counterculture freaks. potential terrorists, etc .. and an "Opportunity High School." An estimated 75 percent of the students at the high school. where Jones taught. were recruited into his Peoples Temple; an equal percentage of those recruited traveled with Jones to Guyana in 1977.

Glide Memorial and Project One were each "chosen" by the SLA to carry out its "free food" distribution program. Their connection with the SLA went much deeper. Capt. H. Bruce Franklin, who worked with Fort at Project One. was also a close associate of Rand Corporation research director Daniel Ellsberg and MIT linguistics brainwasher Noam Chomsky. who is now openly allied with the Black Rose anarchist-terrorist networks in Canada. Franklin was a founder of such Bay Area terrorist groups as the SLA. the Venceremos Brigade, and the Maoist Revolutionary Union (now the Revolutionary Communist Party). As a controlling figure in the Haight-Ashbury Glide Memorial Church. which served as a deployment point for the entire array of drug cults in the area. Franklin was instrumental in building up Jones as a frequent "guest speaker" and leading figure in the ghetto and LSD culture.

In 1971 the entirety of the Peoples Temple followers were moved from Ukiah to San Francisco. in a par­allel to the current. more violent replay of the Isis myth of cult members moving from the countryside to destroy the cities. Appropriately, the site purchased for the new Temple was formerly known as the Albert Pike Memorial Temple in commemoration of General Albert Pike. a founder of the Ku Klux Klan. together with Judah Benjamin and Dr. Kuttner Baruch (the latter two also co-founders of the B'nai B'rith) and a key agent under Lord Palmerston in the explicitly satanic Scottish Rite of Freemasonry with Mazzini (the founder of the Mafia) and such leaders of the 1848 "revolutions" in Europe as Louis Blanc, Garibaldi, and Kossuth. Through this act, the story of Jones's life came full circle; it was the Northwest branch of this conspiracy that created the KKK in Indiana, a center for both the immediate predecessor of the Klan, the
Knights of the Golden Circle, and of the Klan's 1920s revival by two agents of the Red Cross-Knights of Malta - of which Jones's father was a member. (6)

It was Jones's position at the center of San Francisco's growing pool of drug and ghetto zombies manufactured by MK-Ultra that attracted local mayoral candidate George Moscone, California Governor Jerry Brown, and Vice-Presidential candidate Walter Mondale to Rev. Jones. He was billed as a man who could deliver 2,000 bodies on a moment's notice to any political rally, and mobilize the over 20,000 people by then affiliated with the Temple to vote for any candidate of his choosing. Following Walter Mondale's infamous advice to "vote early and vote often," Jones's goon squads were made available to the Democratic Party for its 1976 "Operation Big Vote Fraud" that was credited, among other things, with swinging the election for Moscone. When pressure mounted for a full investi­gation, Peoples Temple attorney Tim Stoen was brought in to cover up the crime from his new position as assistant district attorney for the county. Jones per­sonally was awarded a seat on the San Francisco Housing Authority.

It was also shortly after the Temple's move into San Francisco that Jones began to contact the Guyanese government to explore opening a settlement there. Armed with letters of introduction from Mondale, Brown, Moscone, and other Democratic Party officials, Jones's Peoples Temple was considered an ideal candidate under a new "black" immigration program established by the Guyanese government called Operation MIREV. After 20 Temple members visited the country in 1973, arrangements were made for the lease of 27,000 acres for the founding of "Jonestown" near Guyana's border with Venezuela. In 1977 the first major steps were taken to trigger Jones's paranoid schizophrenic personality when Tim Stoen dropped out to form the Concerned Parents group, taking Jones to court for control of a child whose paternity was in question. According to Charles Garry, a former attorney for Angela Davis, the CPUSA leader closely associated with H. Bruce Franklin and Huxley associate Herbert Marcuse, Jones threatened to have 300 cult members commit suicide on the spot if Stoen pursued his law suit. Also in 1977, British publisher Rupert Murdoch printed a major piece on the Peoples Temple in his New West magazine, designed to further trigger Jones's paranoia. It was this piece which also launched Congressman Ryan's
fatal investigation into conditions in Jonestown.
- Scott Thompson

(1) The existence of the three trawlers off the coast of Jonestown has been reported by AP, UPI, New York Times, New York Post, and other press throughout their coverage of the mass suicides by members of the Peoples Temple.
(2) Extensive coverage of the Alinsky Institute and Saul Alinsky's Industrial Areas Foundation can be found in New Solidarity from spring 1973 to fall 1974. Among other connections between Alinsky and The East is the fact that a protege of Alinsky, Ron Karenga, developed the seven­-headed cobra symbol which was adopted 'by the Sym­bionese Liberation Army, and by Imamu Baraka while at the Institute. The Cobra symbol is a direct reference to the Egyptian cult of Isis. Les Campbell (aka Jitu Weusi) , the head of The East, also picked up this symbology while working with Baraka.
(3) "The Fellowship's Statement of Purpose," Fellowship, September 1965. "History of the Fellowship" (pamphlet). "Walk to Begin January 31", WRL News, Number 191, Nov.-Dec., 1975. Interview with Barton Hunter, executive director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation.
(4) Lilly Endowment funding of the Disciples of Christ Church, the Butler School of Religion, and both "left" and "right" groups is documented in: The Foundation Center, The Foundation Grants Index, Columbia University Press,1976,1977,1978.
(5) Information on the role of the Kinsey Institute was ob­tained from direct interviews with Ted McIlvenna, who oversaw project funding to Glide Memorial Church and the Peoples Temple, and with three former associates of the Kinsey Institute's Sex and Drug Forum at Glide Memorial.
(6) Goldstein, Paul, "How Zionists orchestrate KKK terror," Executive Intelligence Review, Oct. 10-16, 1978, Vol. V, No. 39 .


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