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Larry Schacht's Medical Education

A 10-page FBI memo dated Dec. 5, 1978, concerning Larry Eugene Schacht, the so-called doctor of Peoples Temple, and a man of foremost interest to the feds since Schacht is meant to be a fall guy who can provide for some plausible reality in a story where almost every element as seen in images or read in the narrative is not the truth.

For instance, the Guyanese chief medical examiner is supposed to have "examined" a large number of the bodies and a total somewhere between 100-200 he reports had evidence of an injection site between the victim's shoulder blades. That itself is a strange spot on someone's body to aim to skin pop drugs, (veins obviously being unnecessary)  unless your point was to prove was it was not self-inflicted and that led me to question whether since nearly all the bodies we see in pictures are lying face down, whether or not they had been sedated first, with a bit of repositioning and art directing of the scene going on (an arm thrown over a shoulder; a baby held in an embrace) then killed in a more sober, methodical fashion than the sounds on the audio tape purporting to be of these moments would have us picture in our minds

Now try imagining having to draw up through the needle a Dixee-cup's worth of amatuer liquid med. I don't know when your hand would give out but it would be well before before one hundred, so forget about 1,000 repetitions

The job was botched up big time and introducing elements of evidence after the fact made

32. During one "white night", we were informed that our situation had become hopeless and that the only course of action open to us was a mass suicide for the glory of socialism. We were told that we would be tortured by mercenaries if we were taken alive. Everyone, including the children, was told to line up. As we passed through the line, we were given a small glass of red liquid to drink. We were told that the liquid contained poison and that we would die within 45 minutes. We all did as we were told. When the time came when we should have dropped dead, Rev. Jones explained that the poison was not real and that we had just been through a loyalty test. He warned us that the time was not far off when it would become necessary for us to die by our own hands.

There's some confusion as to where Larry Schacht went to medical school. A document at sdsu by I believe Dr. Carlton gives an extended history for Schacht, and that source states Schacht went to school in Mexico. The point here is the system where lies of convenience can be regulated all up and down the professional line. It's odd that of all the redacted names throughout the FBI material, one name was left conspicuously apparent. But this begs the question why the FBI would have the same level of authenticating a fact as a newsman would. Wouldn't a university higher-up have vouched for Schacht's graduation? And if it turns out that Schacht didn't attend medical school at the University of California, Irvine, is Ms. Wray most dispensable?

page 7, of 10 Larry Schacht memo

Los Angeles conduct appropriate investigation at the University of California, Irvine campus where Lawrence Eugene Schact reportedly received his medical degree in 1977. Los Angles should note that Claire Leeds Wray, a spokesman for that school, reportedly confirmed Schact's attendance and graduation

Interview [redacted] University of California, Irvine campus , who reportedly was aware of Schacht's involvement with the Peoples Temple and plans to become a missionary in South America; Conduct investigation of knowledgeable member of the human freedom Center (HFC), Encino, California, regarding any knowledge of Larry Schacht, and [redacted] who, according to San Francisco 11/27/78 was assigned the task of determining the most expeditious and efficient means of administering a mass suicide. Los Angeles should note in their teletype 12/1/78

page 8 of 10 Larry Schacht memo

Brooklyn Queens MRA will [redacted] who reportedly assisted Schacht in Guyana. It should be noted [redaction] whereabouts has not been determined, however, she was observed at Jonestown, Guyana, and may return among the other survivors.

Also interview [redacted] escaped the suicide and has reported that Schacht prepared and administered the poison [redaction] return with the other survivors

8. The identity if Becky (LNU) who reportedly marries Schacht at Jonestown, Guyana, location of her relatives and any information you may know

page 10 of 10 Larry Schacht memo

Dec, 5, 1978

FBI HQ Review of reported information pertaining to Lawrence Eugene Schacht, alleged doctor during the mass suicide at


Ronald Deval James d.o.b. 11-1-55

black mail, 22 years old, 6' tall

witness said Ronnie James drove the attack tractor at the airstrip

Marion Lee Ingram [redacted] Used to be basketball coach

7-30-65 Marion Lee Ingram listed as Vice-President of PT, of Disciples of Christ, at 1859 Geary Blvd. San Fran. CA on Incorporation papers

Helen Swinney

Edith Ameila Parks

June B. Crym

Marion Lee Ingram

February 6, 1979, Washington Post, Cults Hearing Noisy, Tense, page A14, by Marjorie Hyer, diigo,

Rosenberg Foundation
131 Steuart Street, Suite 650
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: 415-644-9777
Fax: 415-357-5016

Many of the modem-day Olympian families are in fact members of strange. pagan cults. many organized under the auspices of such branches of freemasonry as the Grand Orient. They insist that it is the 'system of families' which is immortal. the proper, immortal rulers of this planet. These families dE1ine the families themselves as the personalities of Olympian gods.
October 19, 1982, EIR,

trocar stab wounds

United States Congressional investigation of the Unification Church (1978)
The Effects of Religious Cults on the Health and Welfare of Their Converts, (1977)
Sun Myung Moon in Congressional Record (1976)

"Pike [Albert Pike, 'patron saint' of the Scottish Rite] was known in his adopted state of Arkansas as a practitioner of Satanism. His reported sexual proclivities included sitting astride a phallic throne in the woods, accompanied by a gang of prostitutes. He would bring to his revels one or more wagon-loads of liquor, most of which he would consume over a period of perhaps 48 hours, until he passed into a stupor." [2]

"Satanism is not a 'new religion'...[It] is a sophisticated and highly effective motivational system for the spread of violence and cultural terrorism....Satanism today is not--if it ever has been--a rejection of middle class values and a somewhat ingenuous expression of chronic adolescent 'alienation'....it is gestation of a permanent terrorist subculture in America." -- professor Carl A. Raschke, "Painted Black"

He should have said "harmless," and not "humorless." It's not like Jones' Later career turned out to be a barrel of monkeys

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