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Dresden nach den Angriffen: Zahl der Todesopfer muss wohl nach unten korrigiert werden


The stadium is an oval in the middle of the air intake is clearly visible. Right next to the stadium is the Great Garden. There a lot of desperate people fleeing. In the lower left of the Dresden Main Station can be seen

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Only the last bomb attacks on the Elbe led the Allies in mid-April 1945 desired destination: The crossovers were completely destroyed. After the bombing in February it was initially managed to patch up the rail station so poorly that troop transports could roll like the trains to the Theresienstadt concentration camp. On the picture on the right side of the station to detect
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View of Dresden's Neustadt: Albert Square is The central urban feature - to recognize - the circular object in the center of the air intake. The place was one of the transportation hubs. Links about is the Neustadt train station.Clearly visible are the bomb strikes on the rail tracks leading to the upper right corner - lead - to the northeast.In the lower left corner are the ruins of the Zwinger, the Semper Opera and the Frauenkirche hidden under clouds. Whether it is smoke from the attack, or to ordinary clouds, can not be said with certainty
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Look at the Carola and the Albert Bridge, the city and the Johann Trinity Place - down to see the picture as a triangular space on the right: There are the ruins of Trinity Church, which was not rebuilt after being destroyed in February 1945. In addition to the Trinity Cemetery - the large dark area in the lower right of the screen - is since 1866, the new Jewish cemetery. The tombs were badly damaged during the Nazi era


Neustadt: The main road leading from the circular Albert Square towards the Elbe - the picture diagonally toward the lower left corner of the image - belonged to the baroque splendor of the city streets. Clearly visible are the many bright faces - there are streets that were completely destroyed. The two bridges - the Carola and the Albert Bridge - are still intact

Ilgen look at the competition track (today Rudolf Harbig Stadium of Dynamo Dresden) and the Great Garden: There are many people on the night of 13 Sought protection in February 1945 - but the second wave of attack aimed at the masses of people in a massacre. The palace in the Great Garden - visible in the right center of the picture - was hit by the bomb attacks also difficult. In the Great Garden is the zoo: Eyewitnesses later reported by an eagle circling "in a wonderful quiet" about the horror. A lion had escaped as is, strayed through the smoking ruins desert
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On the map, aerial images of the surveillance flight are highlighted. The reconnaissance flight took place on 18 April 1945 held one day after the last major bomb attacks on the Elbe
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Ilgen look at the competition track (today Rudolf Harbig Stadium of Dynamo Dresden) and the Great Garden: There are many people on the night of 13 Sought protection in February 1945 - but the second wave of attack aimed at the masses of people in a massacre. The palace in the Great Garden - visible in the right center of the picture - was hit by the bomb attacks also difficult. In the Great Garden is the zoo: Eyewitnesses later reported by an eagle circling "in a wonderful quiet" about the horror. A lion had escaped as is, strayed through the smoking ruins desert
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View of the station: All are clearly recognize the severe destruction that were done around the main train station. Only with the last attack on the Elbe succeeded to the Allies, the rail connections to destroy completely. Dresden was an important transport hub in the last days of the war. After U.S. bombers on 17April 1945 1500 tons of bombs were spread across the city, which was over
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View of the west of Dresden: As early as 7 October 1944 was the Friedrichstadt hard hit by bombs
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Blick auf die Ilgenkampfbahn (das heutige Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion von Dynamo Dresden) und den Großen Garten: Dort haben viele Menschen in der Nacht des 13. Februar 1945 Schutz gesucht - doch die zweite Angriffswelle richtete unter den Menschenmassen ein Massaker an. Das Palais im Großen Garten - zu erkennen in der rechten Bildmitte - wurde durch die Bombenangriffe ebenfalls schwer getroffen. Im Großen Garten liegt auch der Zoo: Augenzeugen berichteten später von einem Adler, der "in wunderbarer Ruhe" über dem Grauen kreiste. Ein Löwe, der ebenso entkommen war, sei durch die rauchende Trümmerwüste gestreunt

February 14, 2005, Der Spiegel, The difficult search for the number X

The difficult search for the number X

The bombing of Dresden is still abused politically right-wing extremists: 250,000 dead have given it, they claim. Reputable studies suggest up to 35,000 dead. Now a commission of historians to determine the actual number of victims. Rolf-Dieter Müller explains the procedure in SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Rolf-Dieter Müller is scientific director of the Military History Research Institute of the Federal Armed Forces in Potsdam. Müller heads convened by Mayor Ingolf Rossberg Dresden Historians' Commission, which will determine the number of victims of the bombing of Dresden.

SPIEGEL: Professor Muller, 60 years after the bombing of Dresden they want to determine an accurate number of victims with a commission of historians. How can this task today, overcome six decades after that?

Müller: In a first step, we relied on municipal documents from this period - about data Cemetery Burial Office, lists of buried in the various cemeteries people or results stadtarchäologischer excavations from the sixties years. These documents of the Dresden city archive confirms the assessment that one can assume at least 25,000 dead. But the data are only our base, so to speak, the first stage.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: And the second?

Müller: In the second stage we will look at the reports and speculation that emanate from a much higher death toll. We will obtain a series of technical reports that focus mainly on two points. Firstly, there is speculation about Silesian refugees. It is frequently read, Dresden was full of refugees. If in Dresden actually 100,000 Silesians should be burned, that would be an order of magnitude, which would show up in any numbers missing.Therefore, we work with the search service of the German Red Cross. The second issue is the claim that hundreds of thousands of people had a sense burned without a trace. For this, we will turn our attention to fire technical reports, which address the question of whether people could burn in the center of the firestorm without a trace of ash. From the detailed descriptions of corpse recovery is apparent, for example, reports that most of the victims suffocated and are not burned.This observation argues against the idea that hundreds of thousands of people will be burnt to ashes.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Do you think being able to determine the exact number of victims?

Müller: We will of course not every single fate with absolute certainty to pursue. Our secure base are at least 25,000 deaths. Added to this is the number x. We want to limit as much as possible this x. The air raid on Dresden but politically exploited today: right-wing staged the event Dresden Allied war crimes of immense proportions, as the worst humanitarian disaster - worse than Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There are forgeries, since the number of victims, a zero is simply drangehängt. Then you have equal to 250,000 victims instead of at least 25,000 dead. And those numbers have been widely rumored and are found in a number of eyewitness accounts.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Is that also the reason why Dresden Mayor Ingolf Rossberg has used the Commission?

Müller: Certainly the city has a political interest, but she wants with her own history come clean. It's about the reputation of the city and to the memory of the dead. The victims were abused in the past years. This has to stop. Dresden wishes an official and substantive assessment of the number of victims, as they are in other cities, such as Hamburg and Darmstadt. Nowhere else is there such controversy over politically abused victims. Incorrigible sure we will not bring our work to reason. Nevertheless, you have to take the right-wing arguments with which they create confusion in the public. We also do not rule out that right-wing circles will disturb us in our work.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What do you mean?

Müller: The mayor is about to ask in a press statement Dresden citizens to provide relevant information to the bombing. We hope to have as accurate as possible memories: Who has lived where, how much survivors and the dead were by my own observation in the cellars, in the streets. Our goal is a cartographic representation. We do not exclude that we increasingly receive input after the call of the Mayor, based on forgeries. For example, already circulated an alleged letter from the Mayor's Office of the nineties, in the dead of 220,000 is the question. This letter is an obvious forgery. These things we will have to investigate.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What other experts sitting in the Commission?

Müller:It was clear from the outset that the Panel should not be a purely Dresden matter. Therefore, the Commission is staffed with nationally significant institutions and experts.These include, for example, the historian Horst Boog, considered the most prestigious researchers on air war, and Götz Bergander, whose book is a standard work on the subject "Dresden in the air war." Of course, the Dresden City Museum and the city archives are represented. Overall, the committee has ten members.

You have spoken of x the unknown number. If you make a serious estimate of how much you expect total sacrifice?

: We operate as open-ended. If someone can prove 100,000 victims, then we will recognize this. But I'm more than 30,000 of 40,000 victims. In the next year we would like to present a final report. We will make every effort to ensure that this work endures. was interviewed by Björn Hengst


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Watch Kurt Vonnegut recall the bombing of Dresden in his final years
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In 2005, for the sixtieth anniversary of the Allied bombing of Dresden, the BBC interviewed author Kurt Vonnegut about his experience as a P.O.W. and Dresden survivor.

As you may know, Vonnegut would use the bombing as a setting for his 1969 unstuck-from-time classicSlaughterhouse-Five, which had a hell of a time getting off the ground. Here's Vonnegut's remembrance of the wreckage in May 1945, three months after the bombing:

Stephen Combe asks, Wednesday, March 25, 2009, about the German official commission investigating the Dresden death roll

How many died in Dresden?

I AM currently a student at the University of Nottingham, studying German and history. I am currently writing a small research project (5,000 words) entitled "The Bombing of Dresden 1945: The Question of Casualties and Morality". My task is to explain the historiographical shifts surrounding the bombings which have occurred since 1945 to the present.

It has come to my attention that recently in 2008 a state-sponsored group of historians (headed by Rolf-Dieter Müller has undertaken a massive amount of research and have seemingly comprehensively concluded that no more than 25,000 people perished.

I was wondering if you had any particular response to these findings? Having read and thoroughly enjoyed "The Destruction of Dresden", I was hoping that if anyone was able to challenge this apparent new historical consensus, it would be you. I hope that you can find the time to reply, even if you also accept these new revelations.

I would ideally request an interview but I am not so foolish to expect you to have time to talk directly to a lowly undergraduate!

Stephen Combe

Other letters on this topic:
Saturation bombing tactics in World War II
Were WW2 bomber aircrew heroes or not?

Foreword to the original edition of David Irving's famous bestseller: The Destruction of Dresden

Bantam jacket

Saundby is at right of this jacket image of US Bantam Books edition
WHEN the author of this book invited me to write a foreword to it, my first reaction was that I had been too closely concerned with the story. But though closely concerned I was not in any way responsible for the decision to make a full-scale air attack on Dresden. Nor was my Commander-in-Chief, Sir Arthur Harris. Our part was to carry out, to the best of our ability, the instructions we received from the Air Ministry. And, in this case, the Air Ministry was merely passing on instructions received from those responsible for the higher direction of the war.

This book is an impressive piece of work. The story is a highly dramatic and complex one, which still holds an element of mystery. I am still not satisfied that I fully understand why it happened. The author has, with immense industry and patience, gathered together all the evidence, separated fact from fiction, and given us a detailed account as near to the truth, perhaps, as we shall ever get.

That the bombing of Dresden was a great tragedy none can deny. That it was really a military necessity few, after reading this book, will believe. It was one of those terrible things that sometimes happen in wartime, brought about by an unfortunate combination of circumstances. Those who approved it were neither wicked nor cruel, though it may well be that they were too remote from the harsh realities of war to understand fully the appalling destructive power of air bombardment in the spring of 1945.
The advocates of nuclear disarmament seem to believe that, if they could achieve their aim, war would become tolerable and decent. They would do well to read this book and ponder the fate of Dresden, where 135,000 people died as the result of an air attack with conventional weapons. On the night of March 9-10, 1945, an air attack on Tokyo by American heavy bombers, using incendiary and high explosive bombs, caused the death of 83,793 people. The atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima killed 71,379 people.

Nuclear weapons are, of course, far more powerful nowadays, but it is a mistake to suppose that, if they were abolished, great cities could not be reduced to dust and ashes, and frightful massacres brought about, by aircraft using conventional weapons. And the removal of the fear of nuclear retaliation -- which makes modern full-scale war amount to mutual annihilation -- might once again make resort to war attractive to an aggressor.

It is not so much this or the other means of making war that is immoral or inhumane. What is immoral is war itself. Once full-scale war has broken out it can never be humanized or civilized, and if one side attempted to do so it would be most likely to be defeated. So long as we resort to war to settle differences between nations, so long will we have to endure the horrors, barbarities and excesses that war brings with it. That, to me, is th

Nuclear power has at last brought us within sight of the end of full-scale war. It is now too violent to be a practicable means of solving anything. No war aim, no conceivable gain that war could bring, would be worth a straw when balanced against the fearful destruction and loss of life that would be suffered by both sides.

There has never been the slightest hope of abolishing war by agreement or disarmament, or for reasons of morality and humanity. If it disappears it will be because it has become so appallingly destructive that it can no longer serve any useful purpose.

This book tells, dispassionately and honestly, the story of a deeply tragic example, in time of war, of man's inhumanity to man. Let us hope that the horrors of Dresden and Tokyo, Hiroshima and Hamburg, may drive home to the whole human race the futility, savagery, and utter uselessness of modern warfare.

We must not make the fatal mistake, however, of believing that war can be avoided by unilateral disarmament, by resort to pacifism, or by striving for an unattainable neutrality. It is the balance of nuclear power that will keep the peace until mankind, as some day it must, comes to its senses.

October 2, 2008, The Telegraph, Dresden bombing death toll lower than thought, by Bojan Pancevski,

The death toll from the Allied bombing of Dresden in the Second World War was much lower than previously thought, according to new research by a German government commission.

For decades historians have accused the Allies of killing up to 500,000 civilians on the night of February 13 1945, when British and American planes destroyed the old city centre.

But a special commission, comprising 13 prominent German historians, has now revealed that the previous figures were exaggerated or derived from dubious sources.

Instead, they concluded that no more than 25,000 people died during the attacks, debunking the claims of many revisionist historians who wished to compare the bombing to the Holocaust.

The commission, assembled in 2004 and headed by one the country's most prominent military historians, Rolf-Dieter Mueller, studied all the available evidence about the event - much of which was examined for the first time.

Mr Mueller said that the final report of the commission, to be published next year, aims to end the "ludicrous speculation" about the Dresden causalities, which was used for propaganda by the Nazis.

"In the course of its research the commission has so far identified around 18,000 victims of the air raids in Dresden," Mr Mueller said. "The commission estimates that a maximum of 25,000 people lost their lives in the February attacks."

Unofficially, commission members indicated that they did not expect the final death toll to exceed 20,000.

Immediately after the bombing, the wartime authorities of Dresden estimated the number of casualties to be up to 25,000, but Nazi propaganda chiefs circulated much higher figures.
The exaggerated numbers were later manipulated by neo-Nazis and revisionist historians who compared the "Dresden massacre" to the Holocaust.

David Irving, the British historian, used the Dresden bombing to argue that Allied leaders, including Winston Churchill, were responsible for genocide-like war crimes.

The commission examined all the documents relating to the burial of bombing victims and data on the number of registered inhabitants and refugees living in the city at the time.

It also examined photographs, soil samples from the city, the testimony of survivors and new interviews with surviving witnesses to the attacks.

The findings showed that the high temperatures created by the explosions were not sufficient to make a human body completely disappear - a claim used at the time to justify the inflated casualty figures.

However, the new report does not dispute the severity of the attacks, which only took 63 minutes but claimed a disproportionately large number of victims.

Antony Beevor, the author of Berlin: The Downfall, 1945, said the bombings were not unnecessarily brutal. "This argument is removed from the context that they were the ones who invented terror bombing," Mr Beevor said, referring to German attacks on Coventry, Rotterdam and Warsaw.

May 25, 2008, The Telegraph, Kurt Vonnegut: voice from beyond the grave, by Pat Leslie,

Kurt Vonnegut was deeply affected by clearing charred bodies after the bombing of Dresden

Pat Leslie reviews Armageddon in Retrospect by Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut, who chain-smoked unfiltered Pall Malls and died last year at the age of 84, was probably the most loved of the American writers whose books became essential reading for nascent countercultural types in the 1960s and 1970s.

Less druggy than William Burroughs and Hunter S. Thompson, less frighteningly brainy than Thomas Pynchon, less mainstream than Joseph Heller and Norman Mailer, and less out there than Robert Anton Wilson, he took pride in writing novels that high-school students could read - novels that 'opened doors', as they say, for many budding satirists as well as several generations of otherwise non-bookish adolescents.

'Countercultural' is a misleading label, however. While Vonnegut made his name in the 1960s, he wasn't chiefly a product of that decade. He came from a long line of German freethinkers and frequently invoked the left-wing traditions of his native Indiana.

A sceptic and joker in the mould of Mark Twain, whom he greatly admired, he was shaped above all by his experiences in the Second World War, in which he served in an American infantry division. Taken prisoner by the Germans in late 1944, he lived through the Allied firebombing of Dresden, after which he and his fellow POWs were put to work clearing charred bodies.

Nothing would be quite the same for Vonnegut after the weeks he spent hauling corpses out of cellars. Claims that the bombing had been unimpeachably moral and reasonable rang false to him.

His outrage over Dresden was reawakened in the 1960s by a book by David Irving, who went on to become a Holocaust denier, and Vonnegut took flak later for the faith he put in Irving's inflated death count. But he didn't doubt that the Allied cause was just, only that the destruction of Dresden was, too.

The worries he came to have about the military mentality stood him in good stead during the Vietnam war, and of course his experiences gave him Slaughterhouse-Five, his breakthrough novel, which was published in 1969.

By then, he had served a long apprenticeship as a commercial short-story writer and science-fiction novelist, fine-tuning his distinctive blend of humour, dark satire and metaphysical speculation.

One might have expected him to set his war story down earlier in order to bear witness or get it out of his head, or try to write truthful yet saleable stories about the lives of POWs. But Vonnegut wasn't that sort of writer - or so it seemed until recently.

As if in some post-Vonnegut time-travel tale about alternative selves, we can now see him doing just that in Armageddon in Retrospect, a selection of his previously unpublished writings.

On war, the most powerful piece in the book is a letter that's reproduced in facsimile.

Dated 29 May, 1945, it's addressed to his father (his mother had killed herself a year earlier) and begins: 'Dear people: I'm told you were probably never informed that I was anything other than "missing in action"... That leaves me a lot of explaining to do.'

In stark, telegraphic prose, Vonnegut sketches out his war experience: 'Civilians cursed us and threw rocks as we carried bodies to huge funeral pyres in the city.' Each list of those comrades killed ends with a fatalistic rider: 'but not me'.

The letter ends with a declaration that 'I've too damned much to say, the rest will have to wait.'

Apart from a speech he was slated to give in Indianapolis in 2007, everything else in the collection is undated.

I got the impression that the most personal writings were fairly early. 'Wailing Shall Be in All Streets', a solidly written essay detailing his time as a POW, is the next most interesting thing in the book. Not all of its predictions stand up well: destroying Dresden, he wrote, 'cost the world the possibility of Germany's becoming a peaceful and intellectually fruitful nation in anything but the most remote future'.

There are also several short stories emphasising hunger and infighting among the POWs; opportunistic dealers in cigarettes often feature, and the all-male atmosphere is skilfully evoked, although these stories arrive too often at predictable twist endings.

The rest of the book is a very mixed bag: a couple of mawkish pacifist fables, an entertaining slice of anti-militarist sci-fi written in the voice of an unlettered hick, a story about the Devil.

Not all of the later pieces show him at his best: the speech from 2007 is a product of his later phase as a rambling licensed jester, denouncing George Bush and semicolons and repeating a joke about twerps that he had put into print in his Paris Review interview 30 years previously.

'I couldn't help wondering,' Mark, his son, writes in the Introduction, 'How on earth does he get away with some of this crap?

When Mark delivered the speech after his father's death, though, he realised that there was no need to worry: the audience, and the world, loved his father and 'would have followed him anywhere'.

May 23, 2008, MailOnline, Harrowing view of Dresden from beyond the grave, by Peter Lewis,

Armageddon In Retrospect by Kurt Vonnegut (Cape, £16.99)

Kurt Vonnegut with wife Jill Krementz

One cannot bandy the word 'great' about until someone has been dead about 100 years, but Kurt Vonnegut, who died last year, was undoubtedly a big writer. And funny. And grim.

With his passing, America lost a prophetic voice it badly needed. His son Mark has put together these undated, unpublished pieces to enable us to hear that sane, rueful, good-humoured voice from beyond the grave.

Far the biggest event in Vonnegut's life was getting caught in the saturation bombing of Dresden as an American prisoner of war.

He had to help clear up afterwards. It took him 23 years to write about the experience. Slaughterhouse- Five made his name and fortune, but it was nothing like a documentary. You glimpse the awesome event through the memories of a soldier called Billy Pilgrim, who, this being Vonnegut, can travel through time.

But all the while Vonnegut had written a plain account of the trauma - and here it is at last.

'A lot of people relished the idea of total war,' he remembers. He saw it at its worst. Captured in January, 1945, he was held in the only major German city that had not been bombed. The wounded and the refugees poured in every day, doubling its population. It was a beautiful city - the Florence of Germany.

'I was a prisoner, hungry, dirty and full of hate for my captors, but I loved that city.' On February 13, American and British bombers reduced Dresden to a moonscape of embers, killing more people than the entire London Blitz (or Hiroshima). Vonnegut emerged unhurt from a meat locker underneath Slaughterhouse Five.

He and his fellow prisoners were sent to dig out the bodies and pile them high in funeral pyres. They would break into basements where there were 100 people 'turned into the texture of prunes'. Digging out had to be abandoned. Flamethrowers were sent to cremate victims where they lay.

The next raid dropped leaflets to explain that the bombers' target was the railway yards: all other destruction was 'unintentional'. Vonnegut comments: 'The leaflet should have said, "We hit every blessed church, hospital, school, museum, theatre, university and apartment building and the zoo — but we honestly weren't trying to." As for the railways, they were working again after 48 hours.' He cites the justifying argument that 'they asked for it'. 'Who asked for it? Not the thousands of women and children and old men who were incinerated.

The brand of justice in which we dealt was blasphemous, irrational war for war's sake.' Subsequent attempts to justify Dresden claim that it hastened the collapse of Germany, which was already well under way. I would rather trust the verdict of someone I knew who was actually there; a private soldier called Vonnegut.

The experience didn't stop him becoming the most entertaining of American writers, almost a new Mark Twain.

The rest of this collection is of grimly funny short stories about being a prisoner of war. It's encouraging how often helpless prisoners come out on top.

In his last years, he began to despair of Bush's America. As Gore Vidal remarked last week on TV, the only real public protest in America against the Iraq war was mounted by three war veteran writers: himself, Mailer and Vonnegut. Two down, one to go.

'Thank you for your attention and I'm out of here,' were Vonnegut's closing public words; but, like his hero Billy Pilgrim, his words can travel on through time.


November 18, 2009

<a href="">Slaughterhouse Five</a>

<img src="" />

In December of 1944, whilst behind enemy lines during the <a href="">Rhineland Campaign</a>, 22-year-old Private <a href="">Kurt Vonnegut</a> was captured by <a href="">Wehrmacht troops</a> and subsequently became a prisoner of war. A month later, Vonnegut and his fellow PoWs reached a <a href="">Dresden</a> work camp where they were imprisoned in an underground slaughterhouse known by German soldiers as "Schlachthof Fünf" (Slaughterhouse Five). The next month — February — the subterranean nature of the prison saved their lives during the highly controversial and devastating <a href="">bombing of Dresden</a>, the aftermath of which Vonnegut and the remaining survivors helped to clear up.

Below is an incredible letter he wrote to his family that May from a repatriation camp, in which he informs them of his capture and survival. 25 years later, in 1969, Vonnegut's stunning book, <a href=";tag=letofnot-20&amp;linkCode=as2&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=390957&amp;creativeASIN=0385333846">Slaughterhouse-Five</a>, was released.


Pfc. K. Vonnegut, Jr.,
12102964 U. S. Army.

Kurt Vonnegut,
Williams Creek,
Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dear people:

I'm told that you were probably never informed that I was anything other than "missing in action." Chances are that you also failed to receive any of the letters I wrote from Germany. That leaves me a lot of explaining to do -- in precis:

I've been a prisoner of war since December 19th, 1944, when our division was cut to ribbons by Hitler's last desperate thrust through Luxemburg and Belgium. Seven Fanatical Panzer Divisions hit us and cut us off from the rest of Hodges' First Army. The other American Divisions on our flanks managed to pull out: We were obliged to stay and fight. Bayonets aren't much good against tanks: Our ammunition, food and medical supplies gave out and our casualties out-numbered those who could still fight - so we gave up. The 106th got a Presidential Citation and some British Decoration from Montgomery for it, I'm told, but I'll be damned if it was worth it. I was one of the few who weren't wounded. For that much thank God.

Well, the supermen marched us, without food, water or sleep to Limberg, a distance of about sixty miles, I think, where we were loaded and locked up, sixty men to each small, unventilated, unheated box car. There were no sanitary accommodations -- the floors were covered with fresh cow dung. There wasn't room for all of us to lie down. Half slept while the other half stood. We spent several days, including Christmas, on that Limberg siding. On Christmas eve the Royal Air Force bombed and strafed our unmarked train. They killed about one-hundred-and-fifty of us. We got a little water Christmas Day and moved slowly across Germany to a large P.O.W. Camp in Muhlburg, South of Berlin. We were released from the box cars on New Year's Day. The Germans herded us through scalding delousing showers. Many men died from shock in the showers after ten days of starvation, thirst and exposure. But I didn't.

Under the Geneva Convention, Officers and Non-commissioned Officers are not obliged to work when taken prisoner. I am, as you know, a Private. One-hundred-and-fifty such minor beings were shipped to a Dresden work camp on January 10th. I was their leader by virtue of the little German I spoke. It was our misfortune to have sadistic and fanatical guards. We were refused medical attention and clothing: We were given long hours at extremely hard labor. Our food ration was two-hundred-and-fifty grams of black bread and one pint of unseasoned potato soup each day. After desperately trying to improve our situation for two months and having been met with bland smiles I told the guards just what I was going to do to them when the Russians came. They beat me up a little. I was fired as group leader. Beatings were very small time: -- one boy starved to death and the SS Troops shot two for stealing food.

On about February 14th the Americans came over, followed by the R.A.F. their combined labors killed 250,000 people in twenty-four hours and destroyed all of Dresden -- possibly the world's most beautiful city. But not me.

After that we were put to work carrying corpses from Air-Raid shelters; women, children, old men; dead from concussion, fire or suffocation. Civilians cursed us and threw rocks as we carried bodies to huge funeral pyres in the city.

When General Patton took Leipzig we were evacuated on foot to ('the Saxony-Czechoslovakian border'?). There we remained until the war ended. Our guards deserted us. On that happy day the Russians were intent on mopping up isolated outlaw resistance in our sector. Their planes (P-39's) strafed and bombed us, killing fourteen, but not me.

Eight of us stole a team and wagon. We traveled and looted our way through Sudetenland and Saxony for eight days, living like kings. The Russians are crazy about Americans. The Russians picked us up in Dresden. We rode from there to the American lines at Halle in Lend-Lease Ford trucks. We've since been flown to Le Havre.

I'm writing from a Red Cross Club in the Le Havre P.O.W. Repatriation Camp. I'm being wonderfully well feed and entertained. The state-bound ships are jammed, naturally, so I'll have to be patient. I hope to be home in a month. Once home I'll be given twenty-one days recuperation at Atterbury, about $600 back pay and -- get this -- sixty (60) days furlough.

I've too damned much to say, the rest will have to wait, I can't receive mail here so don't write.

May 29, 1945

Kurt - Jr.

February 21, 1970, The New Yorker, Reflections: The Sellout, by Freeman Dyson

Writer reminisces about his service in the Royal Air Force in World War II. In every big raid, he says, they tried to raise a fire storm, but they succeeded just twice - once in Hamburg and once, two years later, in Dresden. Probably the thing happens only when there is a preexisting instability in the local meteorology, which the bombs trigger off. The big slaughter in Hamburg and Dresden was not the result of a political decision to attack those places in any special way. It was a technological accident. Berlin & the Ruhr cities received many attacks of the same size as the one on Dresden but never had a fire storm. The Americans later had the same experience in Japan. They raised two fire storms - in the conventional bombing of Tokyo and the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima - and each killed about a hundred thousand people. Their other raids, including the nuclear attack on Nagasaki, were less destructive.


Subverted Nation

Dresden – The Real Holocaust

As many are likely aware, February 13th marks the 65th anniversary of the fire bombing of Dresden, Germany during WWII. The event took place from February 13-15, and is one of the only parts of world war two that can literally be described as a holocaust. Just for reference, a holocaust is a burnt offering, as I have highlighted before, but feel free to look HERE and see for yourself.

Hundreds of thousands of Germans were torched in a real holocaust, or burnt offering, in Dresden and Hamburg in 1945. Who were the jews sacrificing these innocent people to?

If you do look for yourself, you'll quickly see that the "holocaust" has come to almost exclusively mean the deaths of six million jews, supposedly murdered by the Germans during WWII. This is simply propaganda, as I've stated before, so many times that I'm actually getting deja vu typing it out again. The only definition to concern one's self with is the fact that holocaust means, literally, "burnt offering."

The bombing of Dresden fits this description accurately. The city was (falsely) described as a military target, when in reality it was a cultural center of Europe known for it's beautiful Baroque architecture more than anything else. Dresden was largely untouched during WWII, but that all ended on February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, those who had set their sites on Dresden were nothing like Cupid, and they had no interest in spreading love. Instead it was allied bombers dropping thousands of tons of incendiary bombs on a civilian population in the most barbaric, inhumane firebombing in history.

Dresden was utterly decimated by allied bombing, and scorched to the ground by firestorms resulting from the use of incendiary weapons on a civilian populated cultural center.

Although labeled a military target, the outlying industrial areas of Dresden would remain untouched by the bombing raids, and instead the heart of the city would be bombed to death. Many refugees flooded into Dresden from surrounding areas as the German fronts were pushed back by allied forces and Stalin's (jew) ruthless raping, murdering Bolsheviks (jews). At the time, the population was said to have swelled to almost double it's original size due to these reasons, reaching nearly one million people.

Within two days of the start of the bombing raid against Dresden, Germany's seventh largest city at the time, fifteen square miles of the city would lay in ruins, consumed in firestorms that were so fierce they spawned tornadoes of fire, which would turn humans to glowing embers in a matter of moments. When the raids started, many people foolishly refused to seek shelter, because Dresden wasn't a military center, and hadn't been touched during the entire war.

Ignoring the air raid sirens would cost thousands of civilian residents and refugees their lives. Dresden didn't even have any air defenses to ward off attacks, and many were lulled into a false sense of security because it was one of the only German cities untouched by the whole of the war. Most Germans sought shelter when the sirens went off, but most didn't believe they would be attacked anyway.

This is actually an image of the firestorm from Hamburg, Germany, which got the same treatment as Dresden, but not nearly as bad.

At around 10:09 pm the bombs started to drop. Allied bombers pummeled the city for nearly half an hour before the drone of their engines and the thunder of their terror bombing subsided, leaving much of the city engulfed in flames. Firestorms raged as many smaller fires converged into one huge inferno, tearing it's way through the heart of the city.

Many of the people who originally sought shelter underground, to avoid the carnage of the bombs raining down on them, would unfortunately succumb to suffocation as the fire fed on the oxygen in the surrounding air. Many others would perish by being burned to a puddle of flesh, literally, but it would get worse before it got better.

This is a view of Dresden after the jews ordered that a massive holocaust take place to appease their insatiable appetite for blood and misery.

Approximately three hours after the first wave of the attack, RAF Bomber Command had the second wave on target. The three hour gap between the first and second raids was specifically planned to give people enough time to come out of their shelters to escape the fire, and just enough time for the rescue teams to arrive and start helping survivors. This is the same thing you see today when mossad jews set off a bomb, then time a second explosion when the help arrives, ensuring massive casualties.

By the time the second wave arrived, the thousands of fires spread across the city of Dresden could be seen from over sixty miles away by ground, and five hundred miles away by air, with massive billows of smoke rising ominously 15,000 feet into the air. This second wave dropped their munitions on either side of the huge smoldering area to spread the damage even further bombing the main railway station (a place where refugees were seeking shelter, just like jews bombing UN buildings in Gaza full of innocent people) and Großer Garten, a park where many of the victims had gone to escape the fires of the first run.

Don't mind all the bodies that litter the streets in this image, or the bombed out buildings, smoke, and dust everywhere. Get used to it, because it's coming to America. Just a few buildings were bombed by jews on 911, but it can get much worse.

In just 23 minutes the bombers dropped 1,800 tons of bombs, setting off the aforementioned tornadoes that would cremate a human in an instant. People on the ground reported seeing men and women running around with their clothes and hair on fire. There were reports of adults burnt to a crisp, their bodies so shriveled from the heat, many were shrunken to the size of a child. The tornadoes of fire swept the streets, forcing many to stay in their shelters, only to die from heat and asphyxiation.

Pieces of bodies including arms, legs, torsos and heads littered the streets and the park. Dead rescuers, soldiers, civilians. Men, women, and children were all sent to their deaths in one of the largest “burnt offerings” which were "wholly consumed" by fire, that the world has ever seen. Even those lucky enough to make it out from their shelters into the streets would watch many others die as bombed out buildings crumbled and smashed them to death. Many would faint in the streets from lack of oxygen and burn to death. Some would either burn up and simply glow like a cinder, while others would be reduced to piles of mushy cooked human flesh.

To my left I suddenly see a woman. I can see her to this day and shall never forget it. She carries a bundle in her arms. It is a baby. She runs, she falls, and the child flies in an arc into the fire.

Suddenly, I saw people again, right in front of me. They scream and gesticulate with their hands, and then — to my utter horror and amazement — I see how one after the other they simply seem to let themselves drop to the ground. (Today I know that these unfortunate people were the victims of lack of oxygen). They fainted and then burnt to cinders.

Insane fear grips me and from then on I repeat one simple sentence to myself continuously: "I don't want to burn to death." I do not know how many people I fell over. I know only one thing: that I must not burn. – Margaret Freyer – Survivor

All the way through Valentine's Day and into the 15th of February allied forces continued to bombard Dresden. Many bombers unable to see from the massive amounts of smoke covering Dresden would bomb further and further out, spreading the death and destruction out for miles and miles beyond the city center. Supposedly some groups had primary targets, but ended up bombing Dresden anyway as a secondary target. The truth is likely they all had orders to decimate Dresden, and so they did; over 15 square miles of it.

Dresden was left as a pile of smoldering rubble, much like the burnt offering by jews at the world trade center on 911. Today American troops continue to doll out this kind of devastation for their jewish masters on other countries. How long until it's our turn?

Within two days the allies had dropped 3,900 tons of high explosive and incendiary bombs on the civilian population of Dresden. The entire city lay in ruins, with absolutely nothing spared. Hospitals, clinics, churches, markets, schools, cultural buildings, chapels, residential building, stores, shops, insurance buildings, retail houses, warehouses, and everything you can think of was utterly decimated, but hardly any military targets were hit at all, because there weren't really any to hit.

Some estimates state that nearly half a million people were killed in this horrific "holocaust" that is hardly mentioned at all in the history books. In fact, the official count is held at a paltry 25-60,000 depending on which source you look at, but the city had 650,000 residents at the time, and had swelled to nearly one million as refugees and wounded soldiers from other areas poured in. The Germans reported over 200,000 deaths in the days following the barbaric attacks, but this is brushed off today by jewish historians and publishing outlets as merely German propaganda.

So, what was the reason for this massive holocaust? The answer to this is really simple. The jews behind the war, Churchill, Eisenhower, and Roosevelt were likely acting on orders from the World Jewish Congress to reign down terror on the German people for putting jews into work camps. Germany was to be taught a lesson for trying to single out the jews, and even worse using them for hard labor. Churchill seems to be the source of these inhumane attacks, so listen to what he says:

It seems to me that the moment has come when the question of bombing of German cities simply for the sake of increasing the terror, though under other pretexts, should be reviewed. Otherwise we shall come into control of an utterly ruined land… The destruction of Dresden remains a serious query against the conduct of Allied bombing. I am of the opinion that military objectives must henceforward be more strictly studied in our own interests than that of the enemy.

The Foreign Secretary has spoken to me on this subject, and I feel the need for more precise concentration upon military objectives such as oil and communications behind the immediate battle-zone, rather than on mere acts of terror and wanton destruction, however impressive. – Churchill in a telegraph to British Chiefs of Staff

See, Churchill and his jewish buddies knew this was nothing more than a terrorist attack of massive proportions. Instead of showing any remorse, he says we should look at it from a point of their own (jewish) interests, which sounds a lot like the kind of rhetoric spewed by jewish leaders in Israel as they slaughter Palestinian women and children for fun and sport today. Note the last part about "mere acts of terror and wanton destruction," which fully describes what happened in Dresden. Also note “however impressive” those things are to this jew, because death and destruction is always impressive to jews, unless it’s their own death. Then they will do anything to avoid it.
Would you enjoy cremating the bodies of your friends, neighbors, women, and children like these people had to do? America is not immune to the devastation wrought on people's by the jew. Watch what happens as the usefulness of America slowly wears out. This will be you one day.

As we sit on the brink of world war three, I think it only fitting that Americans, and many other people who never experienced the terror of war up close and personal, take a good look at what happened before, because we can almost certainly expect the same kind of treatment to continue. If you think this was bad, don't forget they did almost the same thing to Hamburg. Then they also nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of people in more "burnt offerings."

What you need to ask yourself is, do you want to see the kind of carnage people experienced in Dresden? Do you want to watch your neighbors running down the street screaming with their hair on fire, as tornadoes with flames like a torch singe your women and children in an instant? Would you like to scoop up puddles of mush, knowing those were once your neighbors? This kind of terror is still being rained down on people by our military, just like before, but you can rest assured America is not immune to the jew. It has a serious fatal infection just like Germany did, and only one kind of medicine can cure it. That deadly infection is the jew, and the medicine is the gun.

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June 21, 2013, The, ADL revokes honour for ‘righteous gentile’ who helped Mussolini, by Josh Jackman,

ADL national director Abraham H Foxman

The Anti-Defamation League has announced that one of the annual awards it gives for leadership in the fight against extremism will no longer be named after discredited righteous gentile Giovanni Palatucci.

Researchers at the Centro Promo Levi in New York have discovered that Mr Palatucci, honoured by Yad Vashem and Pop John Paul II for purportedly saving 5,000 Jews during the Holocaust, was a Nazi collaborator.

The scholars, who have studied almost 700 documents, concluded that Mr Palatucci was “a willing executor of the racial legislation and – after taking the oath to Mussolini’s Social Republic, collaborated with the Nazis.”

In a letter to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, which has now removed entries involving Mr Palatucci from its exhibits, executive director Dr Natalia Indrimi said: “If anything, Giovanni Palatucci represents the silence, self-righteousness and compliance of many young Italian officers who enthusiastically embraced Mussolini in his last disastrous steps.”

ADL national director Abraham H Foxman has stated: “We know now what we did not know then, which is that Giovanni Palatucci was not the rescuer he was made out to be.”

The Giovanni Palatucci Courageous Leadership Award was handed to Italian and American law enforcement officers who showed leadership in the fight against extremism, racism and terrorism.


Dresden was a saturationbombardement…Berlin Also Was That Means frying Civilians

Both Had No Militairy purpose

This Was at the End of the War

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Weekly information bulletin Number 87 (April 1947)

March 8, 2010

George Packer, in his article on Dresden, writes that the government of reunified Germany is trying to normalize the place of the military in its democracy by acknowledging, again and again, the crimes of the past ("Embers," February 1st). Packer notes, too, that the war in Afghanistan, where

February 1, 2010



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February 21, 1970, Reflections: The Sellout, by Freeman Dyson,

Writer reminisces about his service in the Royal Air Force in World War II. In every big raid, he says, they tried to raise a firestorm, but they succeeded just twice - once in Hamburg and once, two years later, in Dresden. Probably the thing happens only when there is…

March 8, 2010, The New Yorker, Re: Embers, A letter in response to George Packer's article (February 1, 2010)

George Packer, in his article on Dresden, writes that the government of reunified Germany is trying to normalize the place of the military in its democracy by acknowledging, again and again, the crimes of the past ("Embers," February 1st). Packer notes, too, that the war in Afghanistan, where German troops are deployed, is such a sensitive topic in Germany that the government won't refer to the conflict as a war; instead, officials speak of a "stabilization effort" and a "non-international armed conflict." No doubt the sensitivity of German officials to the dangers of militarism and the glorification of war reflects a positive change. There is, however, a way in which civil-military relations in Germany today represent continuity with the German past. In both World Wars, as well as in Afghanistan, German politicians and military leaders demonstrated a remarkable inability to coördinate policy ends with military means. Democracy demands dialogue between a political leadership that understands the limits of the military instrument it wields and a military that has the courage to inform policy of what can and cannot be accomplished by military force. In the absence of such a dialogue, policy remains detached from military force; and political and military establishments will not be inhibited from pursuing foreign military adventures that are doomed to fail. In Iraq and Afghanistan, North American and other European democracies have also demonstrated an inability to coördinate policy ends with military means. There has been a want of strategy. In this aspect of civil-military relations, we’re all Germans now.

Gregory Smolynec
Ottawa, Ontario

Plaque outside Dresden-Neustadt commemorating the Dresden Jews who were deported from the station to Theresienstadt and Auschwitz.

February 1, 2010, The New Yorker, Embers, Will a prideful city finally confront its past?

LETTER FROM DRESDEN about the bombing of that city during the Second World War and the debate in Germany about how to memorialize its military history. On the night of February 13, 1945, seven hundred and ninety-six Royal Air Force bombers unloaded more than twenty-six hundred tons of munitions over the city of Dresden, creating a firestorm that had the force of a hurricane. Thirteen square miles of the Altstadt, Dresden's historic center, were consumed. During the assault, between twenty-five thousand and forty thousand people in Dresden were blown to pieces, immolated, or asphyxiated. There was nothing exceptional about the attack on Dresden. The Allies had been carpet-bombing German cities since 1942. More people died in the Allied attack on Hamburg in July, 1943, and in the German bombing of Stalingrad, in August, 1943. And yet, Dresden has been made into the German Hiroshima—an outrage that reversed the roles of aggressors and victims. Describes how Joseph Goebbles portrayed the raid on Dresden as an act of cultural desecration and wanton mass murder. Mentions Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five.” Dresden is the Blanche DuBois of German cities—violated, complicit in its violation, desperate to recover its innocence. There is a striking contrast between the post-1989 reconstructions of Dresden and Berlin, whose new architecture often has the quality of what Bertolt Brecht called Verfremdung, or the V-effect. Berlin makes little attempt to hide the worst decades in German history. There is no V-effect in Dresden. The city still sees itself as an ornament of European high culture. Discusses the rebuilding of the Schloss (the royal palace) and the Frauenkirche (a cathedral). Tells about Günter Blobel, a winner of the Nobel Prize in medicine and a key figure behind the rebuilding of the

Frauenkirche. Dresden’s restoration would be less problematic if it had come after a period of self-scrutiny. But the scale of the destruction, and the silences and lies of the Communist decades that followed, kept Dresden from looking at its past. Writer tells about the Albertstadt arsenal, which stands on a hillside overlooking historic Dresden. Since 1897, the arsenal has served as a military museum. The Nazis dedicated it to the triumphs of the Wehrmacht. The Albertstadt arsenal is being dramatically recast, with an audacious design by the Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind, into reunified Germany’s first comprehensive Military History Museum. Discusses Libeskind’s controversial addition to the existing building. Writer interviews historians and members of the museum’s staff who discuss the delicate balance the museum must strike. Mentions the deaths of German troops in Afghanistan—Germany's first combat casualties since the Second World War.

February 21, 1970, The New Yorker, Reflections The Sellout, by Freeman Dyson, Writer reminisces about his service in the Royal Air Force in World War II. In every big raid, he says, they tried to raise a fire storm, but they succeeded just twice - once in Hamburg and once, two years later, in Dresden. Probably the thing happens only when there is a preexisting instability in the local meteorology, which the bombs trigger off. The big slaughter in Hamburg and Dresden was not the result of a political decision to attack those places in any special way. It was a technological accident. Berlin & the Ruhr cities received many attacks of the same size as the one on Dresden but never had a fire storm. The Americans later had the same experience in Japan. They raised two fire storms - in the conventional bombing of Tokyo and the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima - and each killed about a hundred thousand people. Their other raids, including the nuclear attack on Nagasaki, were less destructive.

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