Monday, August 19, 2013

Early Jim Jones Hagiography - 1953

1953, Indianapolis Star, Peoples Temple Free Restaurant; Hungry, Job-Seeking Men Are Fed Without Charge, by Isabel Boyer,


July 4, 1953, The Indianapolis Star, Children's Guardian Home Pupils Find Real Pal In Young Pastor,


(A photo from that year found in The Star's archives)

(Although left unstated by the source, this photograph also appears to be from the Indianapolis Star's archives, perhaps as early as 1953 as the rest. This would represent at least four separate puff pieces on the Rev. Jones in the paper that year. This establishes a pattern larger than the efforts of any local editor who happened to have taken a shine to Jones and commissioned the work.

How much profit can there be in selling monkeys in the Midwest, even if for a good cause? The inanity behind such fabricated concepts is indicative of a controlling ideological entity who manufactured the Rev. Jim Jones' public persona, in collaboration with a compliant media.)

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