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Nov. 22, 1978, Washington Post, Survivors Listed From Temple In Georgetown,

November 22, 1978, The Washington Post, page A16, Survivors Listed From Temple In Georgetown, 204 words

Following is a list of some survivors of the Peoples Temple cult in Guyana who were at the Georgetown headquarters when the weekend mass suicide took place in the Jonestown camp.

These members were under police guard yesterday at the headquarters. The list was released by Stephan Jones, 19, son of cult leader Jim Jones. Hometowns and ages were unavailable and it was not known whether those named Jones, besides Stephan, are related to Jim Jones.

Paula Adams
Karl Barnett
Chuck Beikman
Tom Beikman
Madeline Brooks
Marion Campbell
Henry Cannon
Marianne Casanoba
Diane Cassanova
Versie Connesero
Mark Cordell
Miguel Depina
Calvin Douglas
Ray Godshalk
Aaron Hendricks
Lee Ingram
Ruby Johnson
Laura Johnston
Jimmy Jones
Johnny Jones
Stephanie Cobb-Jones
Stephan R. Jones
Tim Jones
Dawn Mitchell
Guy Mitchell
Linda Mitchell
Paul McCann
Cleveland Newell
Bea Orsot
Joan Purseley
Aurora Rodriguez
Alvaray Satterwhite
Michael Simon
Eugene Smith
Bobby Stroud
Debbie Touchette
Le? Townes
Robin Tschette
Preston Wade
Andrea Walker
Walter Williams
Burrel Wilson
Nedra Yates
Carol Young


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