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Seattle Times

February 3, 1990, Seattle Times - Los Angeles Times, South American Democracies On Shaky Footing, by James F. Smith, diigo,
February 28, 1990, Seattle Times, After A Period Of Prestige, Castro's International Image Fades Again,
March 9, 1990, Seattle Times, Man Feared Dead In Jonestown Ran Hoax, Police Say, by Julie Emery, [Jerry Bibb Balisok] diigo,
April 6, 1990, Seattle Times, Man Supposedly Killed In Jonestown Gets 20 Years For Attempted Slaying, by Julie Emery, diigo,
May 6, 1990, Seattle Times, International -- Brady Urges IMF Loan Crackdown -- Officials Pave Way For Capital Increase,
June 2, 1990, Seattle Times, Does The Summit Really Matter? -- Superpowers Lack Real Clout Needed To Rule The World,
August 14, 1990, Seattle Times, Gonzo Adventures And 'Great Journeys', diigo,
October 5, 1990, Seattle Times, Coup Plot Foiled, diigo,

January 17, 1991, Seattle Times, Bringing War To Living Room -- 3 CNN Reporters Were At The Front, by Sherry Stripling, Marsha King, Ferdinand M. De Leon, Elizabeth Rhodes, Times Staff, diigo,
November 28, 1991, Seattle Times, Facts That Might Upset You, diigo,

February 10, 1992, Seattle Times, World; Damage To Amazon Laid On Industrialized Nations, diigo,
November 28, 1992, Seattle Times - AP, New Embassies In Guyana Monuments To Cold War -- Oversized U.S. And Russian Structures Testify To An Old Ideological Struggle, by Kevin Noblet, diigo,

January 12, 1993, Seattle Times, Guyana Prison Official Jailed For Taking Bribe,
May 8, 1993, Seattle Times - The Washington Post, Educated Idealists Drawn To Cults, Ex-Members Say -- They're Fleeing Ambiguity, Seeking `Truth' And Sacrifice, by Gustav Niebhur, diigo,
November 17, 1993, Seattle Times - Knight-Ridder Newspapers, Memorial Is Sought By Mourners Of Jonestown Dead, by Frances Dinkelspiel, diigo,

February 22, 1994, Seattle Times, British Withdrawal Leaves Belize Fearful Of Uncertain Future,
February 22, 1994, Seattle Times, Belize Fears For Future As British Pull Out -- Guatemalan Claim Results In Tension,
April 16, 1994, Seattle Times, Death Shadows Landmark Hare Krishna Temple -- Federal 'Demons' Hit Leader Of Center In West Virginia,

August 22, 1995, Seattle Times - AP, Cyanide Spills Into Guyana's Main River -- 325 Million Gallons Spill From Gold Mine, by Bert Wilkinson, diigo,
November 25, 1995, Seattle Times, Passages; Catherine Hyacinth Wallace Thrash, 93, diigo,

April 19, 1996, Seattle Times, World Economic Leaders Consider Forgiving Debts,
November 30, 1996, Seattle Times - The Washington Post, It's A Hostile Takeover Of A Nonprofit, by Laurie Goodstein, diigo,

March 7, 1997, Seattle Times, Around The World; Guyana's president dies; led country to independence, diigo,
March 17, 1997, Seattle Times, Around The World; Guyanese president's widow is appointed prime minister, diigo,
March 26, 1997, Seattle Times, Some Other Mass Suicides, diigo,
March 31, 1997, Seattle Times - AP, U.S.-Born Wife Set To Follow Husband As Guyana Leader, by Bert Wilkinson, diigo,
April 19, 1997, Seattle Times - AP, 6 Envoy Posts Waiting To Be Filled, diigo,
April 26, 1997, Seattle Times, U.S. Links Drug War, Economic Aid To Tiny Caribbean Nations,
May 24, 1997, Seattle Times - Chicago Tribune, Jonestown Fades Into Jungle And History Books, by Laurie Goering, diigo,
July 31, 1997, Seattle Times - AP, Senate Approves Diplomatic Postings, diigo,
August 9, 1997, Seattle Times - Chicago Tribune, Beyond Jonestown -- South America's Guyana Rewards Those Who Can Take The Heat, by Laurie Goering, diigo,
November 16, 1997, Seattle Times - Knight-Ridder Newspapers, American May Win Guyana's Presidency, by Don Bohning, diigo,
December 18, 1997, Seattle Times, Daily Briefing; Janet Jagan declared winner, diigo,

January 14, 1998, Seattle Times, 15 Arrested In Guyana Election Protests,
November 17, 1998, Seattle Times - Los Angeles Times, For Those Who Were There, Jonestown's A Part Of Each Day, by Tim Reiterman, diigo,

August 8, 1999, Seattle Times - AP, Guyana Losing U.S.-Born Leader, by Urrell Wilkinson, diigo,
December 27, 1999, Seattle Times, After Colonialism; Some Have Mixed Feelings About Its Legacy; Others Still Suffer Its Consequences,

March 19, 2000, Seattle Times, Uganda cult members gave no warning of mass suicide,
April 10, 2000, Seattle Times - Los Angeles Times, Diplomat charged in visa-for-sale scandal, by Mark Fineman, diigo, [Blog]
April 15, 2000, Seattle Times, Passages; Bernie Grant, 56, diigo,
October 15, 2000, Seattle Times, Derek Jagan, 70, diigo,

July 4, 2001, Seattle Times, Former foster child beats odds, inspires legislation,

August 22, 2002, Seattle Times, Countless species to be saved thanks to Amazon park,

March 19, 2003, Seattle Times, FBI issues alert for suspected Saudi terrorist,
March 21, 2003, Seattle Times, FBI seeks man's links to 'dirty bomb' plotter,
April 15, 2003, Seattle Times, From bookish boy to focus of intensive manhunt,
May 12, 2003, Seattle Times, British minister quits, berates Blair on Iraq, diigo,
November 16, 2003, Seattle Times, The deportation of crime: U.S. policy causing problems elsewhere,

July 26, 2004, Seattle Times, Guatemala using army to fight crime,

April 1, 2005, Seattle Times, U.N. treaty aimed at rogue nuclear terrorism,
May 19, 2005, Seattle Times - AP, U.S. documents implicate Cuban exile, by Christopher Toothaker, The Associated Press, diigo,
June 9, 2005, Seattle Times, Stage set for G8 to cancel debt for poorest countries,
September 1, 2005, Seattle Times - AP, Roberts critical of Congress in papers, by Jesse J. Holland, The Associated Press, diigo,
December 11, 2005, Seattle Times, Hubert Daniel Thompson, 55, diigo,

June 17, 2006, Seattle Times, Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple's, diigo,
October 9, 2006, Seattle Times - AP, Russian firm's aluminum output may trump Alcoa's, by Alex Nicholson, The Associated Press, diigo,

February 2, 2007, Seattle Times, What other critics are saying, diigo,
February 2, 2007, Seattle Times, "Jonestown" - On the road to paradise, a living hell, by Moira Macdonald,
Seattle Times movie critic, diigo,
April 30, 2007, Seattle Times, Guyanese village lynches elderly woman accused of being vampire,
May 20, 2007, Seattle Times - The Washington Post, Retired diplomats tell their stories of intrigue, absurdity overseas, by Peter Carlson, diigo,
June 2, 2007, Seattle Times, Authorities charge 4, arrest 3 in NYC terror plot to blow up airport fuel line,
November 8, 2007, Seattle Times, Giuliani police commissioner to be arraigned on criminal charges, official says,

January 27, 2008, Seattle Times, Guyana forces deployed after gunmen kill 11 in rampage over abducted woman,
August 29, 2008, Seattle Times, Notorious fugitive killed in raid, diigo,
November 18, 2008, Seattle Times - AP, 30 years later: The legacy of Jonestown, by Tim Reiterman, The Associated Press, diigo,

March 30, 2009, Seattle Times, The documentary "Jonestown" on PBS is a Monday TV pick,
April 5, 2009, Seattle Times - New York Times, Janet Jagan, former Guyana president, by Simon Romero, diigo,
November 19, 2009, Seattle Times, 1st monument at Guyana's Jonestown suicide site,

February 6, 2010, Seattle Times, Mormon missionaries resuming their work in Guyana,
February 9, 2010, Seattle Times, Israeli 'savior' accused of having cultlike harem,
June 13, 2010, Seattle Times, Guyana: US advisers not needed to fight crime,

January 6, 2011, Seattle Times, Guyana police to probe if explosion intentional,
January 11, 2011, Seattle Times, Protecting lawmakers: Arm them? Install shields?,
February 21, 2011, Seattle Times, Indiana restaurant pulls billboards that refer to Jonestown massacre,
March 5, 2011, Seattle Times, Jonestown-massacre relatives spar over separate memorials,
May 12, 2011, Seattle Times, Dispute over Jonestown memorial spills into court,
May 26, 2011, Seattle Times, CA judge OKs continued use of Jonestown memorial,
May 29, 2011, Seattle Times, Nearly 200 gather to dedicate Jonestown memorial,
July 30, 2011, Seattle Times, Jet from New York crashes in Guyana; no deaths,
July 30, 2011, Seattle Times, Cheers to screams as jet from NY crashes in Guyana,
September 29, 2011, Seattle Times, Venezuela, Guyana to talk in territorial dispute,
November 22, 2011, Seattle Times, Daum: Don't 'drink the Kool-Aid',

February 3, 2012, Seattle Times - AP, AP Vietnam correspondent George Esper dies at 79, by Richard Pyle, diigo
July 20, 2012, Seattle Times, Guyana police official fired over fatal shootings,
December 22, 2012, Seattle Times, Guyana to get $45M from Norway for saving forests,

January 24, 2013, Seattle Times, Guyana pledges to protect jaguars,
March 15, 2013, Seattle Times, Guyana rejects bill to strengthen gun laws,

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