Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Jack" Beers, Dallas News, Exhibit No. 5350

Beers Exhibit No. 5350,

Mr.Ira Jefferson "Jack" Beers, a cameraman for the Dallas News for about 15 years. He estimated the crowd at approximately 15 officers and 30-35 members of the press. His was the photograph that was used as a full-frontal picture in the Dallas News, on Monday morning, November 25, 1963.

He is acquainted with RUBY since about 18 months ago when he was assigned as a cameraman with DALE BAYSE, a reporter for the Dallas News, on a story on a stripper school being run by Jack Ruby.

Bob Jackson, Time Herald
Ike Pappas, WNEW, New York City
Mike Smith, Associated Press, Los Angeles,
Jim English, WBAP, Fort Worth, and
(FNU) Johnston, United Press International,

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