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Transcript: NBC Universal Archives, Air Date: Nov. 24, 1963,

Transcript: NBC Universal Archives Clip Name 51A02393_s01.do

19:07 [Tom Pettit doing stand up in basement.]
PETTIT: ...24-year-old Lee Oswald will be brought shortly for the 1.3 mile journey to the Dallas County jail, which ironically is just across from the scene where President Kennedy was assassinated on Friday. Oswald has been held here under maximum security. There apparently have been some indications that, ah, his life might be endangered during this trip to the Dallas County jail. Utmost security precautions have been taken. Here in the basement there are a number of vehicles, and all of those vehicles have been thoroughly searched. Dallas police officers with riot guns are in strategically placed locations. And Oswald will have to come down here from the fourth floor. Which is where his jail cell has been located and where he has been held since Friday, except for periods of interrogation. He is expected down any moment . We don't know exactly what the time table is now. He will be put in an automobile here in the basement of the Dallas police building. They will go up a ramp to Commerce Street, and the route to the Dallas County jail is being kept secret. There are three normal routes, we are told they will not take any of those. That then is the situation at this hour at Dallas police headquarters, 24-year-old Lee Oswald, the man accused of assassinating President Kennedy; of killing a Dallas police officer; and of attempting to take the life of Texas governor John Connolly. Oswald will be transported soon to the Dallas County jail. This is Tom Pettit, NBC News, at Dallas police headquarters.
end 20:48

20:53 [Pettit does stand up in basement waiting Oswald transfer (Jumpy video)]
PETTIT: ..and it is through this corridor of newsmen, photographers and policemen that Lee Oswald will be brought to a vehicle for transport to Dallas County jail, a distance of about 15 blocks, or 1.3 miles. We're told there is a crowd of about 2,500 people around the county jail area and a crowd of more than 100 waiting on the sidewalk of Commerce Street across from Dallas police headquarters. There has been extraordinary security for a transfer of this prisoner. Police are armed with riot guns and are placed at strategically located positions. All of the vehicles in this garage area of the Dallas police department have been searched and searched again. Police officers have been marching up and down this entryway here, with rifles in hand. These precautions have been taken because there has been some indication to Dallas police that there might be some effort to do something during the transfer of Lee Oswald to the Dallas County jail.

We have this additional information to pass along, the police here have announced that the rifle believed to be the death weapon in the assassination of President Kennedy, has been returned to the city, in the possession of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Dallas police expect to have that rifle back here at police headquarters as they continue their investigation, pulling together facts, pulling together further leads, pulling together further witnesses. That then in brief is the situation. We're waiting here in the basement with other reporters, cameramen, police, FBI agents, for Lee Oswald, accused killer of President Kennedy, of a Dallas police officer, and charged with the attempted murder of Texas governor John Connolly. He will be transferred very shortly from here to the Dallas County jail. Now to Charles Murphy at the Dallas County jail.
end 22:55

start 22:58
CHARLES MURPHY: This is Charles Murphy in the Dallas County Jail, in Dallas, Texas, where we, along with about 40 reporters and photographers are awaiting the arrival, the transfer of Lee Oswald, expected within the next few minutes.
This jail is headed up by a wiry, tough Dallas County Sheriff, named Bill Decker. He's been Sheriff of Dallas County for 15 years, a lawman for 40 years. An experienced hand at handling all types of criminals. Across the street from the jail a large crowd has gathered on Dealy Plaza. Dealy Plaza is at the top of the crest of the hill near where the president was shot. The crowd has its back to the scene of the assassination. The crowd is facing the entrance to the Dallas County jail. We expect word momentarily on the transfer of Oswald to Dallas County. Charles Murphy reporting from inside the Dallas County jail.
ends 24:17

[false start] 24:18.32
[tight crowd standing in front of the alcove where the jail exit is located, from a doorway to the right of an open double doorway straight ahead.]
ends 24:19.92

24:29 [exterior shot of armored truck backing into garage for Oswald transfer]
[interior shot of rear of armored truck backing down ramp]
24:38 [exterior shot of armored truck backing in, stops, pulls forward to let a Texas ranger exit the passenger seat. Backs in again]
25:15 [switch to interior shot of truck backing in.]
25:47 [split second shot of exterior, then blank screen]
25:51 [interior shot with Pettit and others in place for Oswald's transfer.]
PETTIT: [to producer] I'm not on stand by, I'll give you the stand by.
PETTIT: [to detective by his side] Are these men all detectives?
They're not FBI agents, they're all Dallas detectives? [detective nods]
27:19.62 [Officers direct a car to exit]
27:43.94 [A second police officer crosses to car parking area.]
PETTIT: Is he down?
PETTIT [to producer] I think we out to have it Jim, as soon as they can get it to us. Put him on stand by and then determine its length, will you.
28:11.35 [blond man in charge exits with three reporters in tow]
PETTIT: [to producer] Let me have it. I want it.
28:15.12 [first cop in white hat appears]
PETTIT: Being led out by ah, Deputy Fritz
28:21.51 [Oswald appears]
PETTIT: Here he is
PETTIT: There is Lee Oswald
28:24.38 [screen goes blank]
28:24.95 [NBC camera has zoomed in, out of focus]
28:25.07 [Ruby enters frame]
28:25.45 [Ruby fires shot]
PETTIT: He's been shot. He's been shot. Lee Oswald has been shot. There's a man with a gun. Absolute panic, here in the basement of Dallas police headquarters. Detectives have their guns drawn. Oswald has been shot. There is no question about it, Oswald has been shot.
28:45.91 [push down by Bob Huffaker begins.]
28:46.99 [see the CBS camera]
PETTIT: Pandemonium has broken loose here in the basement of Dallas police headquarters.
28:57.23 [switch to exterior shot of armored truck]
29:00.39 [back to interior]
PETTIT: Now whether the bullet literally hit Oswald or not we are not absolutely positive...
29:00.56 [switch to interior]
29:06.84 [switch to exterior]
PETTIT: But there has been a gun shot.
29:11.25 [switch back to interior]
PETTIT: Oswald reached for his stomach, double up, it'll be impossible to determine whether he was hit or not.

PETTIT: Did you see whether or not he was hit?
FRANK JOHNSTON: He was hit. He grabbed himself on the side and fell to the ground...
ANOTHER VOICE: ...right on the side...
FJ: ...with a cry.
29:25.38 [switch to exterior shot]
PETTIT: That was my understanding, and we were what, four feet away from...?
29:29.80 [switch back to interior]
FJ: I was five feet in front of him when he was shot.
PETTIT: What is your name?
FJ: Frank Johnston.
PETTIT: And you're with...?
PETTIT: He did grab his stomach, I saw him grab
FJ: Yes he did.

PETTIT: Lee Oswald obviously has been shot. The witnesses around this here seem to confirm...
PETTIT: ...it happened so fast, and with such suddenness, that you can understand it is...virtually impossible to determine the directions from which the bullet came, although, ah, police obviously in a rather excited state are attempting to determine were the shot came from
PETTIT: [being ignored] Captain...captain..captain...
30:23 [man whispers to Pettit]
PETTIT: Well, now, Tell me your name.
JEFF EDWARDS: I'm Jeff Edwards from KXJ. radio in Los Angeles
PETTIT: How did you see it Jeff?
JEFF EDWARDS: I was standing over, towards the, towards the left, and Oswald came out. He had the same look on his face that he always does.. or has..suddenly what sounded like a loud firecracker rang out. he grabbed his side and he said. 'Owww.' and fell to the ground

MAN WITH FRENCH ACCENT, LATER CALLED 'PIERRE': And I saw the flash right on his black sweater, oh yeah the man had a hat, a dark hat, a brown suit, he was stocky and strong. He came to him and he put the gun right there and I saw the flash over the black sweater.
Q: Where did the man shot from?
'PIERRE': Oh yeah, he was right here. You probably have it on your TV camera... No, I saw a man there, I thought he was one of the detectives
Q: [pointing behind the cameras] Where, right over there?
'PIERRE': ...a stocky guy, well dressed
Q: Where did he go"
Q: A brown hat?
'PIERRE': ...brown hat, I don't know, I think his coat was brown and his hat was black.
Q: Where did he go Pierre?
'PIERRE': Well, he was here, he just shot there, he just put the gun there and I saw the flash on the black sweater
Q: ...in this building?
'PIERRE': Oh yeah, and I saw the guy go 'Oh' [bends over, grabbing himself]
Q: Did you see a gun?
'PIERRE': I saw the flash on the black sweater that's what I remember, yeah flash...the bulbs were crashing. I saw him there, he was in a group of men right here
Q: Was he masquerading as one of us or what?
'PIERRE': I thought he was one of the detectives...you know, he had a hat, stocky, well-dressed.
Q: Did you see him before?
'PIERRE': I think..he had his hat!
REPORTER: There were none of us in this area.
'PIERRE': Maybe it flew off, I was look at the flash that's all.
REPORTER: There were no reporters in this area.
'PIERRE': What?
'PIERRE: I can show you, [laughs, and then breaks away]

PETTIT: This is the situation at Dallas Police headquarters, in the basement, in a story which has been so unreal from the very beginning, as Lee Oswald, 24 years old was attempting to move through a crowd to an armored car where he was to be transferred to the Dallas County jail, as Oswald came out he was asked 'Did you shot the president?' or something along those lines, and at that hour, at that moment, at that instant, sometime about 11:15 in Dallas, someone walked up to Oswald, and at point-blank range fired into his stomach,

PETTIT: An ambulance now is coming here, ah, this will be the ambulance to take Lee Oswald to wherever he will receive medical treatment
PETTIT: It is almost unbelievable. It's almost unbelievable. The ah, back end of the ambulance...
OFFICER: [to the press] If you can get back, if you can get back...
A:...as far as I know no...
PETTIT: Do you have the man...
A: We have a man yes
PETTIT: The back of the ambulance has been opened, police and detectives are now standing cordoned off, here comes a squad car driving in from the north side of the Dallas police..ah...basement
PETTIT: ...yes, you have one man do you not captain?
A: ...yes, yes I didn't see it so we have the man I think did it
PETTIT: Here he comes, here's Oswald again, he's now lying very pale, on a stretcher, he's being put into the ambulance, head first, there's a group of detectives, around the rear end of the ambulance.
33:59 Blank screen
PETTIT: Now they have the problem that the ambulance is blocked by the armored car out on Commerce Street, the armored car which was to take Lee Oswald to Dallas County jail now is blocking the exit of the ambulance which will take him to a hospital
34:13 [switch to exterior shot]
34:16 [switch back to interior shot]
PETTIT: Captain where will he taken?
PETTIT: Captain where will he taken?
A: I'm assuming Parkland Hospital.

PETTIT: Parkland Hospital, the irony of ironies, the place where President John F. Kennedy died.
34:28 [switch to exterior shot]
PETTIT: The armored car now has been cleared out of the entrance way. The ambulance is leaving Dallas police headquarters. Dallas police say they do...
34:42 [switch to interior]
...have a man in custody. They believe he is the man who walked up to Lee Oswald at point blank range and fired a revolver into his stomach
34:50 [switch to exterior view of street]
34:52 [switch to interior]
PETTIT: Oswald grabbed at his midsection, fell to the floor, now you can see the pandemonium, once again has broken loose

A: We got a man we believe, I didn't see it, I think it's the man.
Q: You got him? What's he look like?
A: I can't give you a description now. He's known locally
Q: He is known locally?
Q: What's his name?

PETTIT: That was a Captain of the Dallas police saying the man that they are holding...is known locally...a man wearing a black hat...
Q: Is he hurt at all?
PETTIT: Has someone else been wounded do you know?
Q: What did he look like. Did you see him Captain?

PETTIT: Captain, what is it?
A: He's known locally, he had his gun in his hand.
A VOICE: ....according to Capt. C. O. Arnett....

PETTIT: Chief Stephenson, Chief Stephenson what can you tell us, this is live...
STEPHENSON: I can't tell you anything as yet. You were present here, I believe, when it occurred.
PETTIT: Too close.
STEPHENSON: Yes. I have no further information other than the man is in custody that did the shooting and we are starting our work on this angle of course.
PETTIT: Can you tell us the nature of the wound that Oswald received?
STEPHENSON: I can not. I was several feet removed when it happened. I don't know where he was hit as yet. He to the hospital.
Q: Did you see the ma
STEPHENSON: No sir, I did not.
REPORTER: [angry, interrupting]...they won't let us out. You said to let us out and they won't let us out.
STEPHENSON: I will see about that in just one minute.
PETTIT: Chief, will you tell us nearly as you can the sequence of events as it happened. Oswald was being brought out..
STEPHENSON: Yes...If you would excuse me a minute and let me clean this out I'll be glad to talk with you just as soon as I can get to you.
PETTIT: ..I appreciate that. You can well understand, the situation now is this one man is in custody. Oswald has been wounded and is in route to Parkland Hospital where President Kennedy died

NBC PRODUCER: You're still on just keep going...

PETTIT: As you can well imagine, the events that have happened here in front of our cameras and I'm sure some of you have seen them and still do not believe them...we are now going to have a replay of this..alright now by video tape you will see the dramatic events, as Lee Oswald was being transferred to an armored car for transportation to Dallas County jail, here is that videotape...

PETTIT: So here we are again, where it is so quiet now...could you tell me officer, you're a detective, are you a detective?
PETTIT: You were standing right there....

DETECTIVE: I was trying to get the press away so we could get the car, that's the reason I couldn't see what took place.

PETTIT: Now the manner of pulling together eyewitnesses and people, those of us who were literally here and watching are not sure of what we saw, except we do know this -- that Lee Oswald has been taken to Parkland Hospital by an ambulance, the ambulance was delayed because of the armored car, the armored car, which was to have taken him to Dallas County jail. Police tell us they have one man in custody, a man who is known locally and we'll try and pick up some of this conversation..

DET.:...well McGee's got him over there
DET.:...well I helped hold him
DET.:...this man came from behind that camera, from this corner and just dove out of the crowd.
DET.:...he came from behind that car, that green car, he jumped up over the railing.
DET.:...I saw the gun.
DET.:...each of you, including Lieutenant Swain get with him and let him talk to you, the Chief or Captain Fritz, yeah.

PETTIT: There you have heard some of the reports of Dallas detectives as to how this man happened to get at Oswald. He was apparently sitting in a car directly behind our cameras, leaped out of the car, over a rail, at Oswald, pointing a revolver at his stomach, pulled a trigger, Oswald grabbed his stomach, slumped over...
...slumped over to the ground, saying, what sounded like a rather loud moan.

REPORTER: Is he in this building Oswald?
A: ....
REPORTER: And what about the man who was caught, is he in this building?
A: He is in custody here.

PETTIT: Chief, can you tell us what you know the man you do have in custody
STEPHENSON: Personally, I don't know anything about him. I merely know his name. That's all I know.
PETTIT: What can you tell us about the nature of Oswald's wounds?
STEPHENSON: I don't even know that, I don't know where the man was struck. Won't know until we here from the hospital

PETTIT: All right. Captain can you give us any report?
CAPTAIN: No further report right at this time

PETTIT: This is live from the basement of Dallas police headquarters. Absolutely unbelievable, incredible, Lee Oswald, the man charged with assassinating the president of the United States, himself before our very eyes was shot by a man who leaped out of that green car down there, apparently, over the rail, into the crowd, through the reporters, directly at Oswald, who was standing just about right here where I am. It happened so fast no one really knows what happened but here we have a further report....

BOB HUFFAKER: [in mid-interview with Officer P.D. Dean] ...thus far, is the man upstairs in a cell?
DEAN: As far as I know he's either in the jail or Captain Fritz's office...
Q: Did he give up?
DEAN: ...I'd imagine he'd probably be in jail.
HUFFAKER: Do you know this subject. Do you know him? Have you seen him before?
DEAN: Yes I do.
HUFFAKER: Is he from Dallas?
Q: ...
DEAN: I couldn't tell you, I wouldn't know...
HUFFAKER: I know you can't release the name now, but do you know what kind of business he happens to be in?
DEAN: I, Bob, I wouldn't want to say.
Q: Did he have to be disarmed, or did he give up?
DEAN: We had to disarm him.
Q: Did he struggle?
DEAN: As much as he could, yes, but the...
Q: Did he say anything?
DEAN: I couldn't hear, I didn't understand what he did say.
Q: Did Oswald say anything?
DEAN: No, Oswald didn't.
FEMALE REPORTER: Did he have a pistol?
HUFFAKER: Do you know what kind of pistol he was carrying?
DEAN: No I never saw the pistol itself. Some other, I think Officer Graves had gotten the gun immediately after he fired the shot.
Q: Was he in civilian clothes?
DEAN: Yes.
Q: Did he try to get away?
DEAN: No, he was immediately subdued by the officers.
HUFFAKER: No he wouldn't have had a chance to get away.
FEMALE REPORTER: What was Oswald wearing, do you remember, when he came down?
DEAN: I didn't pay too much attention.
Q: Did you know the man? Did you see the man before?
HUFFAKER: Yes, he did.
DEAN: Yes.
Q: You saw his face?
DEAN: Yes sir.
Q: You knew him?
DEAN: Yes sir.
HUFFAKER: He is a resident of Dallas, is he not?
DEAN: Yes sir, and that's all I'd want to say about the....
PETTIT: This is Officer P.D. Dean of the Dallas police department.
DEAN: I couldn't tell. I couldn't see Oswald when the shot was fired. I immediately turned, I was waiting at the armored car to ride with the suspect to the county jail. As soon as the shot was fired I came immediately down the ramp to assist the officers.
PETTIT: Officer do you know personally this man who's in custody?
Q: Is it in the line of duty or another way
DEAN: Sir, I wouldn't want to say.
PETTIT: But he's known to you as a police officer?
DEAN: As a police officer?
Q: That is, as you as a police officer...
DEAN: I see
Q: ...that you know him...
Q: Was he connected in any way with this...
DEAN: I don't know
Q: Did you see him here in the building before the shot was fired?
DEAN: No sir.
HUFFAKER: Can you outline briefly some of the security precautions that were taken? Immediately before this happened?
DEAN: Yes sir. We thoroughly searched the basement. We has searched even the cars, up on top of the pipes and things that a person might conceal himself. There was about 15 to 20 men that had searched this place, prior to...30 minutes...in fact, searched it twice, about an hour before and then 30 minutes before.
HUFFAKER: How many officers did you have outside, approximately, would you say?
DEAN: About 20, uniformed officers
HUFFAKER: Uniformed officers, and they're armed with riot guns, pistols
DEAN: Yes sir, some of them a few of them are.
Q: Has you seen this guy before? In here?
DEAN: No sir. Today? No sir.
HUFFAKER: Is there anything else you might possibly tell us about him, and I know that at the present time bound and can't say very much, but, ah, you have said he is from Dallas and that you do know this subject and have seen him before
DEAN: Yes sir, I do know him.
HUFFAKER: Is there anything you can say about him further, other than the fact that he is a resident of Dallas, the man who shot Oswald, to shed some more light on it?
DEAN: Well Bob, that would be all I want to say right now.
HUFFAKER: I'm sure that's the case now, at present, what in the way of release is going on inside. How soon do you think we are going to be able to know who this man is?
DEAN: Well, um, the information will have to come from Captain Fritz's office
HUFFAKER: Now Captain Fritz came out of this door just a few steps ahead of Oswald now do you know where he is at present?
DEAN: No sir, I don't
PETTIT: Can you give us some indication why these security precautions have been taken? Were there many threatening phone calls during the night that there might be some effort to take Oswald's life?
DEAN: I can't answer that, I don't know.
PETTIT: Have you heard that?
DEAN: This is merely a precautionary measure. The case as it is it was felt that there had to be a security for him
PETTIT: There were extreme precautions, regarding the armored car...
DEAN: Yes sir
PETTIT: Now how officer would it be possible for someone to have slipped in, into this car over here, with the elaborate security precautions that have been made
DEAN: Sir, I can't answer it. I do know the man, I would know him on sight. If I'd seen him and noticed him I would have ejected him. That's merely because, that's not because of him himself, but there was no one that's supposed to be in here but the press and the officers
PETTIT: Now why is it, what is it that you know about this man
DEAN: Sir, I wouldn't want to elaborate on it--my knowing him.
[switch to exterior shot.]
[switch back to interior. Dean is now being interviewed by another reporter]
PETTIT: This then is the situation at this hour, as we can reconstruct it. Just about 20 minutes ago, standing right here, Lee Oswald was shot by a man, known to at least one Dallas police officer, P.T. Dean. The man apparently, according to the accounts of other detectives who were here, came [indicating with his hand] out of a green vehicle, parked beyond our camera range in the police garage here in Dallas police headquarters, leaped over a railing, through the reporters, who'd been cordoned off on that side, and again, according to people who were closer than I, the man came through the group of reporters, Oswald, who was, who was being transported just about in this position, and just at that moment the gunshot was fired, and it sounded as if an automobile had backfired, or someone had thrown a cherry bomb, or a fire cracker, or something of that sort, Oswald clasped his stomach like this and moaned, and then of course, there was absolute pandemonium, detectives and police officers moved in, to take into custody this man, so far unidentified, so far, apparently, being questioned upstairs by Dallas homicide captain Will Fritz, who incidentally is the man who has been in charge of the interrogation of Oswald as the accused killer of President Kennedy...excuse me?...There has also been a police officer shot by the name of Jack Loby...now I only heard one gun shot, and it apparently would have been some other kind of wound, that is to say he was apparently winged by the same bullet,
NBC PRODUCER: The man who shot him was Jack Loby.
PETTIT: Now where do we have that information from?
NBC PRODUCER: Where did that information come from?
NBC PRODUCER: Jack..Fred, Fred
PETTIT: Are we? We still on?
PETTIT: We're still son the air are we? So therefore, we have to regroup and collect whatever information we can. Just to clarify that, we have a man identified as Jack Loby..this is Tom Pettit, NBC News, reporting from Dallas police headquarters, I just want to add one thing before we leave you and that is to clarify, the man named Jack Loby is identified now as the assailant...now this is unclear, we'll try to find out the facts, but this we know..Oswald has been wounded and taken to a hospital. This is Tom Pettit, NBC News, reporting from the basement of the Dallas police department.
end 49:49.50

start 49:54.52
start again 50:13.42 [Pettit doing stand up on 3rd floor of police headquarters]
PETTIT: This then is the situation at this hour at Dallas police headquarters, information as we can gather, Lee Oswald is listed in critical condition in surgery at Parkland hospital, where the man he is accused of assassinating, John Kennedy, died. Police are holding a Dallas nightclub operator, named Jack Ruby, in connection with the shooting of Lee Oswald, as he was being transferred from the basement of Dallas police headquarters on route to an armored car for the trip to Dallas County jail. Eyewitnesses identify Ruby as the man who had the gun which was used to shoot Oswald. An officer named W.J. Harrison said he saw Ruby cross with the gun in his hand cross over to Oswald, but he said he didn't react fast enough, he did knock the gun out of Ruby's hand and fell on top of him in the struggle to subdue Ruby. Ruby is now being questioned here in Dallas police headquarters, where they are summoning as many of the facts as they can. So, Oswald is in critical condition, a nightclub operator named Jack Ruby is being held for questioning. Eyewitnesses have identified him as the man who pulled the gun and shot Oswald. This is Tom Pettit, NBC News, at Dallas police headquarters.


Lee Harvey Oswald Has Been Shot! (Raw NBC-TV Audio) - YouTube
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September 1, 2013 - Uploaded by David Von Pein's JFK Channel
Tom Pettit of NBC-TV reports live from the basement garage of ...1963, as President Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, is shot to death by Jack Ruby. ... JFK Conspiracy And Cover Up: The Magic Bullet Theory Proven ...


Ike Pappas' radio coverage from the basement of Dallas police headquarters on November 24, 1963, as Jack Ruby shoots and kills Presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/TCSNNQle6E4?list=PL0O5WNzrZqINXGwHBKBPVFpM6elWxY91A" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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