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August 13-15, 1973, CBS News, Deprogramming : the clash between religion and civil rights,

August 13-15, 1973, CBS News, Deprogramming : the clash between religion and civil rights,

Originally broadcast: Aug. 13-15, 1973.

Title supplied from 1973 Peabody Digest. Additional information supplied from captions, soundtrack, videoreel hub label and supplemental documentation. Entry to the 1973 Peabody Awards, News category.

Running time: 25:43.

Roger Sims; Producer:
Steve Young; CBS News, reporting; [with:]
CBS News.

Henrietta Crampton;
Greg Temple [Kathy's brother-in-law];
Ted Patrick [deprogrammer];
Kathy Crampton (a.k.a. Corinth Love Israel);
D.C. Mahoney, state trooper;
Ila [and Barbara] Meese, deprogrammer[s];
Mike Pancer, ACLU lawyer;
[Love Israel, founder, Church of Armageddon].
Crampton, Kathy -- Interviews.
Cult members -- Civil rights.
Israel, Love -- Interviews.
Patrick, Ted. -- Interviews.
Church of Armageddon.


"This three-part series presented on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite documented the events in the capture of Kathy Crampton, 19, a member of a fundamentalist sect and commune, and her subsequent 'deprogramming' by Ted Patrick ... Exploring this clash between religion and civil rights, the series examines the attitudes of the individuals involved: Ms. Crampton, her parents and an ACLU attorney, the police--who were aware of the abduction and deprogramming but did not intervene--and Ted Patrick, who allowed CBS News to be present for the abduction and deprogramming for "Reasons of his own."--1973 Peabody Digest.

Includes footage of the abduction, the getaway, the Church of Armageddon community, and the deprogramming, which took place in a hotel and in Ted Patrick's home. Also includes interviews with the participants, including Church of Armageddon founder Love Israel; ACLU lawyer Mike Pancer, who believes that the Cramptons and Patrick have violated Kathy's civil rights; and with Kathy Crampton, who resists the deprogramming and asks reporter Steve Young how she can protect her civil rights.

The deprogramming, which took 102 hours, is apparently successful, but Kathy runs away the next day, July 4th, and rejoins the cult, where she is renamed "Dedication."

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