Monday, January 20, 2014

It Takes an Ocult

May 26, 2009 (USA), IMDB, Documentary, 90 min., It Takes a Cult (2009),

Director: Eric Johannsen
Stars: Brian Allen, Cyrus Allison, Clint Halbert
Written by Santiago Films

Dressed in robes, long dresses and flowing hair, members of The Israel Family (aka, The Love Family, Church of Armageddon) were a common sight in Seattle. They started in 1968 as a small communal, religious household on Queen Anne Hill. In ten years, they expanded to a network of communal homes and businesses, and grew to a tribe of nearly 300, led by Paul Erdman, who renamed himself Love Israel. There were no marriages or birthdays (because people are eternal and have no need for those constructs), but there were drugs, sex, and folk music. New members donated all their possessions and their power of attorney. Director Johannsen, who was born in Wisconsin but grew up as part of the Love Family, opens his film at a reunion of young people brought up in the commune. They, along with the older members, talk openly about Love Israel and his special abilities, about chauvinism, multiple relationships, money, poverty, spiritual visions, social shunning, brainwashing, hierarchy, selfishness, drug problems, and bankruptcy. Johannsen brings an insider's view of what drew the clan together, about the love they shared, and how acceptance into a community is what they all craved, and in most cases, found.

Brian Allen ... Himself - Logic Israel (voice)

Cyrus Allison

Clint Halbert ... Himself - Faith Israel

Ariel Hancock ... Herself - Submission Israel

Doug Hancock ... Himself - Integrity Israel

Tekoah Handorff ... Herself - Tekoah Israel

Phil Ingraham ... Himself - Definition Israel

John Ingrahan ... Himself - Royalty Israel

Ease Israel Wiles ... Herself - Ease Israel

Amishadai Israel

Brotherhood Israel ... Himself

Calm Israel ... Herself

Confidence Israel ... Himself

Daring Israel ... Himself

Eden Israel

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