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The Love Family 1 - Steve Allen and son Brian Allen - YouTube


The Love Family 1 - Steve Allen and son Brian Allen - YouTube
Jul 3, 2010 - Uploaded by slaveobeys Founded by Paul Erdman (aka Love Israel) in 1968, the commune disbanded ... exit from the cult and subsequent reconnection with his family.

This is a morning talk show piece on the cult commune called The Love Family, aka the Church of Jesus Christ at Armageddon. Founded by Paul Erdman (aka Love Israel) in 1968, the commune disbanded in 1984.

This piece features celebrity comic and composer Steve Allen and his son Brian Allen, following Brian's exit from the cult and subsequent reconnection with his family.

The Love Family 1 - Steve Allen and son Brian Allen

The Love Family 2 - Steve Allen and son Brian Allen

Beloved Son: A Story of the Jesus Cults - Steve Allen - Google Books
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The noted entertainer details the circumstances of his son's sudden joining of a religious enclave, the reasons involved, and the effects on his family and ...

May 24 2010, Conversation Series, Religion, Coversation Series: Cults From the 70s--Israel Love Hippie Cult, by PapaGiorgio

Hollywood Connections

As with other cults of the day (Manson Family for instance), the Church of Armageddon had its own connection to Hollywood. The son of the father of talk television, Steve Allen, was part of this group for some time which prompted Steve Allen to write a book on the subject. The book is entitled Beloved Son: A Story of the Jesus Cults, and is currently out of print (I have a copy of course) and should be considered a dated read, however, it is still "chalked full of nuts," literally!

March 1982, Bobbs-Merrill Co., Beloved Son: A Story of the Jesus Cults, by Steve Allen, 241 pages,


Entertainer Steve Allen's son Brian shocks his family by joining a cult. Unlike many parents faced with this situation, Mr. Allen does not respond by hiring a deprogrammer or disowning his son. Instead, he makes a serious effort to find out why Brian has been drawn to this particular group, and tries to find positive elements in this group as well as the negatives. Mr. Allen is himself skeptical about organized religion, but since he makes it clear that he respects Brian and supports his right to believe as he chooses, over the years they are able to reopen the lines of communication and grow closer as a family. Obviously a labor of love.


When Brian Allen, Steve Allen's son, joined a cult, the elder Allen engaged in a lot of introspection in order to come to an answer as to why this happened. This book chronicles Mr. Allen's thoughts about, and his contacts with, the cult that his son joined. He also has chapters dedicated to other cults: Reverend Moon and the Unification Church, The International Society of Krishna Consciousness, Synanon, to name a few.

Mr. Allen wondered if the breakup of his marriage to Brian's mother had something to do with it. He engaged in a lot of soul-searching as to the possible reasons. He accepted the fact that his son had made his decision, and decided to learn as much as possible about his son's cult, as well as others. He didn't paint them with the same broad brush. He did find some differences between them. For example, he had contact with Brian. Parents of children in other cults did not have that luxury. The reader gets the impression that Mr. Allen was free to visit at any time. Brian came down to visit his father at times as well.

Steve Allen had a keen mind. In addition, he was an empathetic person who was very capable of freely expressing love and affection to his son. He was not one of those fathers who found it hard to say, "I love you." With respect to his keen mind, he looked at the evidence and came to conclusions that were not as black and white as some parents of cult members would like. I really do think he would have made a fine journalist because of his analytical skills. In fact, I think he would have been a fine scholar of some kind, be it a philosopher or a historian, because of his intellectual curiosity.

Steve Allen was a good friend of Jim Baker long before he opened the SOURCE RESTAURANT and formed the Source communal family. Brian, Steve son had joined the Love Israel Family and he also spent time with the Source Family in L.A.

Steve use to come to the Source and Eat and reconnect with Jim who now was Father Yod...he dedicated a whole chapter to Jim Baker/ Father Yod and the Source in chapter 10 of the book and commented how he looked like a Michael Angelo painting of what God would look like.

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