Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Register Grifenhagen

August 7, 1910, NYT, Old Real Estate Records Disappear; Formerly in the Hall of Records, Never Delivered to the Present Register, Twenty-Three Libers Lost; Contained Old Dutch and English Records of Vast Importance Dating Back to the Year 1686,
That a number of the oldest and most valuable real estate records of old New York have disappeared from the Register's office is now confirmed by the investigation recently concluded by Register Grifenhagen

January 1, 1911, New York Times, Advises New Plan To Save Records, Register Grifenhagen Would Have Duplicate Copies of Real Estate Papers Printed,


January 14, 1911, NYT, Trapped By Grifenhagen; Discharged Watchman Sent Black Hand Threats to County Register,


July 17, 1911, NYT, Stray Shot Hit Grifenhagen; Register's Brother Recovering from Wound Inflicted by Skylarking Boys.


December 9, 1911, NYT, Loan Shark Lost His Notes; So He Dunned Everybody In the County Register's Office.


May 10, 1915, New York Times Magazine Section, Pirates Welcomed To Old New York; Trial of Governor and Council Showed They Took Boodle Fund of £1,000, Gave Freedom of Port; PORT Bank of Manhattan's Historical Brochure Traces the Early History of U. S. Merchant Marine.
"Ships and Shipping of Old New York." The little volume, consisting of sixty-one pages of printed matter and scores of old-time wood cuts illustrating events of ...


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