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New York Red Book Index

The New York red book  1893

The new York red book, 1892 no ebook available

Digital Collections
New York State Library Scanned Publications Collection
300 Social sciences, sociology & anthropology
320 Political Science
The New York Red Book, 1892-1923.
The Red Book V1 / Will L. Lloyd, 1892.
The Red Book V2 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1893.
The Red Book V3 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1894.
The Red Book V4 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1895.
The New York Red Book V5 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1896.
The New York Red Book V6 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1897.
 The New York Red Book V7 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1898.
 The New York Red Book V8 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1899.
 The New York Red Book V9 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1900.
 The New York Red Book V10 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1901.
 The New York Red Book V11 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1902.
 The New York Red Book V12 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1903.
 The New York Red Book V13 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1904.
 The New York Red Book V14 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1905.
 The New York Red Book V15 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1906.
 The New York Red Book V16 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1907.
 The New York Red Book V17 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1908.
 The New York Red Book V18 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1909.
 The New York Red Book V19 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1910.
 The New York Red Book V20 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1911.
 The New York Red Book V21 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1912.
 The New York Red Book V22 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1913.
 The New York Red Book V23 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1914.
 The New York Red Book V24 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1915.
 The New York Red Book V25 / Edgar L. Murlin, 1916.
 The New York Red Book V26 / edited by James Malcolm, 1917.
 The New York Red Book V27 / edited by James Malcolm, 1918.
 The New York Red Book V28 / edited by James Malcolm, 1919.
 The New York Red Book V29 / edited by James Malcolm, 1920.
 The New York Red Book V30 / edited by James Malcolm, 1921.
 The New York Red Book V31 / edited by James Malcolm, 1922.
 The New York Red Book V32 / edited by James Malcolm, 1923.

Full view 1895 (original from Princeton University)

Selected Digital Historical Documents
from the Collections of the New York State Library

Photo of the cover of the Red Book, showing a drawing of the State Capitol and the NYS seal.Since 1995, the New York State Library has been scanning New York State government documents and providing free access to these digital versions through the State Library online catalog.  The State Library has expanded the types of materials being scanned to include historical materials. The items listed below have been scanned from paper copy volumes located in the New York State Library and are now freely available online as PDF documents. (Note: The links to digital documents below will open in a new window.)
Search Digital Collections (opens in new window) - Type the title of the document in the search box, make sure Metadata Search is selected and then click on Search.


Adirondack Survey: In 1872, Verplanck Colvin was named to the newly created post of Superintendent of the Adirondack Survey and authorized by the Legislature to institute a survey of the Adirondacks. Colvin directed surveying parties throughout the Adirondacks.  He believed that the entire Adirondack region should be protected by the creation of a state forest preserve. His work lead to the creation of New York's Forest Preserve and the Adirondack Park. The annual reports from 1872 - 1898 that are being digitized include many maps, drawing and illustrations.  IN PROCESS.
Certified Copies of Ancient Field Notes and Maps, 1772-1796, 1797-1798:  This short volume published in 1903 contains certified copies of four original maps that were on file at the time in the office of the Secretary of State. These copies were certified by William Judson, State Engineer and Surveyor of New York. The text of the volume are copies of the original field notes from the surveyors of Macomb's Purchase, Totten and Crossfield's Purchase and the Old Military Tract.

American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783

Cover from the book New York in the Revolution.
The New York State Library has an extensive collection of material on the American Revolutionary War with a focus on New York State. This material consists of items such as troop rosters and other details extracted from muster rolls, colonial New York State history documents, diaries, orderly books, and broadsides.
List of American Revolutionary War materials with links to the digital documents.

Census - New York

cover of published 1835 census data
The State Census volumes that have been digitized are the published statistical schedules compiled from the original returns under the direction of the Secretary of State which describe the population and economy of counties, cities and towns in New York State. Instructions for the enumerations taking the census have also been digitized, as well as, other related documentss.

Civil War

thumbnail photo of the monument to the 40th New York Infantry in Plum Run Valley, Gettysburg
The New York State Library holds an extensive collection of material on the American Civil War including published materials such as Frederick Phisterer's New York in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1865; New York State and Federal documents; and numberous primary documents such as letters, diaries, family papers, broadsides, prints, music and maps.
List of Civil War materials with links to the digital documents

Indexes to New York State Documents

stack of books
This is a list of the digital copies of bibliographies, guides and indexes from the State Library’s collection that can be used to identify relevant New York State Government Documents and related sources.

Laws of New York State

NYS seal, with the motto 'Excelsior.'
In its role as the State Law Library, the New York State Library collects heavily in the area of New York State law. The State Library's law collection includes early published editions of New State laws; these sets are in the process of being digitized.

Native American Materials

Title from an early map, with illustrations of two Native American men on either side.
The New York State Library holds a wealth of first hand descriptions of the Native American experience in New York. These resources span four centuries, beginning with the Dutch colony of New Netherland and continuing to the close of the American frontier in western New York and beyond. Original manuscripts, New York State Documents and published accounts provide windows upon Native American life and serve as lenses through which cultural and historical interpretations can be made.
List of Native American materials with links to the digital documents

New York State Constitutional History: Constitutional Conventions

Seating plan of the Assembly Chamber, 1821.
The State Library's collection includes the official published materials produced by the New York State's Constitutional Conventions and Commissions, as well as many related publications. The State Library is in the process of digitizing the official published materials produced by the State Constitutional Conventions, including journals, documents and proceedings.

New York State Government

etching of the NYS Capitol building in Albany, NY
The New York State Library has a robust collection of resources on New York State government that spans from the beginning of statehood through to the current day. Selected materials on this topic, such as the New York State Redbook, have been digitized from print volumes in the New York State Library's collection.
List of New York State Government materials with links to the digital documents.

New York State History - Colonial Period

Thumbnail image of a c. 1685 map of the English Empire in America.
The New York State Library has a wide variety of primary documents and published material on the history of Colonial New York, including muster rolls of colonial troops, accounts of explorers, land purchase agreements, correspondence of early settlers, orderly books, diaries, maps, records of Rensselaerwyck Manor, accounts of relations with Native Americans, and personal papers.
Digital documents relating to the New York's colonial period

New York State History - Towns and Counties

Print of a street in colonial Albany, On the right is a large three-story, brick house, and several people, on foot or horseback, are walking along the street.
The State Library strives to be comprehensive in its collection of histories relating to the counties, cities, towns and villages of New York State. County, city, town and village histories provide biographical information on early settlers, prominent citizens, and local war heroes and depict all periods and aspects of New York State history from colonial times to the present day. Selected county and town histories have been digitized, as well as, statewide publications like French's Gazetteer.
Digital Documents relating to the history of cities and towns in New York State.

New York State Museum Publications

Blanding's Box Tortoise, an illustration from the NYS Museum publication 'Zoology of New-York.'
The New York State Museum can trace its beginning back to 1836 with the appointment of staff for the State’s first official Geological and Natural History Survey.  Since that point, Museum research scientists and staff have conducted "systematic investigations into the geology, biology, anthropology and history of New York" and produced a wealth of publications that detail the results of their work.  Some of these publications, such as theBulletin of the New York State MuseumMemoir of the New York State Museum and Natural History of New York, have been digitized by the NYSL.

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