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Old Estates of New York no. 9: The Samler Estate

(Clippings) Old Estates of New York no. 9: The Samler Estate by
Newspaper clippings from December 12, 1909, New York World, Pasted on verso of pl. 11.

December 12, 1909, New York World, Old Estates of New York, No. 9, The Samler Estate, by Joseph Eldridge Esray,

Famous hotels and restaurants, places of amusement, a public pleasure ground that was once a burial place of paupers, and memorials of men who made their mark in American history occupy parts of old Casper Samler's farm. Samler was an extensive landowner even at a time when good-sized farms were plentiful on Manhattan Island, for his holdings were about forty-one acres.

It was in the general form of a triangle. Broadway formed its western boundary as far north as Thirty-first street, the new Grand Hotel standing just at its most northwesterly course. There the fence ran almost at a right angle with Broadway till it reached a bright little pond on the site now occupied by the Hotel Aberdeen, on the north side of Thirty-second street, and skirting a brook nearly on the line of Thirty-second street, to the Middle road to Twenty-eight street, where it met the Eastern Post road, following the line of the latter highway back at a site now the corner of Twenty-eighth street.

Casper Samler built his first farmhouse at a site now the corner of Twenty-eighth street and Fourth avenue. When the Kingsbridge road was to be closed, a new and more elaborate dwelling and outhouses were built on the exact site of the Gilsey House, at Twenty-ninth street and Broadway. The latter house of Samler's was not demolished until the late sixties. It was standing in 1865 and many old New Yorkers well remember it. The stables and outbuildings were situated well back of Broadway, the rear part of the lot being now occupied by Shanley's restaurant.

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May 21, 1841, New-York Tribune, page 2, Theaters vs. Churches,

We have sought no controversy with Theatres, but our respectful answer to an earnest inquiry why we did not advertise Theatrical performances has brought down upon us the attacks of a large portion of the press enlisted in their support. These we have hitherto allowed to pass unnoticed: but there is an Editorial in yesterday's Sun outrages the feelings of the Christian public in a manner too gross to be patiently borne.

That article is ostensibly aimed at the managers of the House of Refuge for Juvenile Delinquents; at whose instance the Chancellor of the State interdicted further performances in the Bowery Theatre until the annual Iicense for that establishment, now due, shall be paid. This proceeding--strictly authorized and required by a law of the State--is made the pretext of nearly half a column of vituperation in The Sun, aimed at the conscientious opponents of Theatres, and thence at our Christian Churches. It is broadly and grossly asserted that most of the illegitimate births in our city owe their origin to acquaintances formed at Evening Churches: and again that Class Meetings, which are ranked with ball-routes and other indiscriminate assemblages, "have done more to people the House of Refuge than twenty times the number of Theatres."

We disdain to answer these gross, false, and shameless assertions and insinuations against the religious institutions and assemblages for public worship in our City. Every Christian heart will spontaneously repel them with abhorrence. But what shall we think of the moral sense of a cornmunity before which they are so unblushingly made?

Published by Thomas Bradford's Illustrated Atlas, engraved by George Boynton, 1838
An Illustrated Atlas, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the United States and the Adjacent Countries. by T. G. Bradford, (Boston: Weeks, Jordan and Company, New York: Wiley and Putnam, 1838)

Engraver or Printer : Boynton, George W.
Publication Author : Bradford, Thomas G.
Pub Date : 1838

Edgefield advertiser., March 08, 1838, Image 5

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