Sunday, August 24, 2014


Is it just me, or does it look like the three people around the gurney have been pasted into that photo? I can't say "photoshopped" in because this was about 25 years too early for that, but something is odd about that picture. The lighting is different on those three people, the edges around their bodies far crisper than they should be, and their shadows are different from the others in the photo. Any photo experts out there? Just curious...

Drew: I work at a newspaper. In our files, I have found that in the past, when black and white was the only format, sometimes the photographers used a gray/white paint of sorts on the photos to outline things that might blend into something else on the printed newspaper page. It looks to me like these three guys might have had some edging done around their heads to make them stand out and not fade into the blackness. I noticed something similar in another photo of one of these same men. I think if you saw, in your hands, the actual original print, there would be a painted line on it. If not that, then when the photographer was processing the photo, he used some sort of tool, almost like a spoon, to keep that part of the photo from getting as dark as other parts, again to distinguish the heads from the dark background.

Ok, My dad was in this fire Buddy (George) Stephen Matyi. I have been told so many stories about that night. Looking at these pictures there is a picture of a black guy that looks clearly photo shopped into the picture. Why is that?? I'm not racist what so ever but somebody please let me know. TinaMarie Matyi (

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