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August 6, 1971, Beckley Post-Herald (WV) page 4, Op-Ed, New Book By Diplomate Reports on Communism, by George S. Benson,

August 6, 1971, Albuquerque Journal (NM) page 4, Unheeded Warning; U.S. Is Faltering, by James J. Kilpatrick,

October 14, 1971, AP - Bridgeport Post, page 46, Anne Armstrong Seems The All-Republican Girl,


January 18, 1973, Santa Cruz Sentinel [CA] page 12, Washington Merry-Go-Round, by Jack Anderson,

The Internal Revenue Service has turned up evidence that $100,000 was siphoned from the Silver Slipper, a Hughes gambling emporium for Richard Nixon's meanuvers to take over the airline, Air West.

The story of the $100,000 contribution was first published in this space on Aug. 6, 1971. We reported that the gambling money was delivered by Richard Danner, a Hughes exec, to Bebe Rebozo, a Nicon confidante.

Our information was based on access to Hughes' private papers. On March 14, 1968, Hughes scribbled confidential instructions to Robert Maheu, then his chief honcho:

"I want you to go see Nixon as my special confidential emissary. I feel there is a really valid possibility of a Republican victory of a Republican victory this year." The phantom billionaire suggested that Nixon could win "under our sponsorship and supervision every inch of the way." We found no evidence, however, that Hughes sponsored the Nixon campaign beyond the $100,000 contribution.

Treasury agents came across the mysterious contribution as part of an investigation into Hughes' operations. They are looking into every financial deal and every expenfiture that can be traced back to the billionaire.

Sources close to the investigation report that the Treasury men have questioned Danner, who now runs the Sands hotel-casino in Las Vegas for Hughes. Danner acknowledged delivering the $100,000 to Rebozo but claimed the money was intended for the GOP conressional campaign, say our sources. We also talked to Danner, but he refused all comment. Rebozo never takes our calls.

The Securities and exchange Commission, meanwhile, is investigating reports that Hughes manipulated the stock of Air West to bring pressure on the directors to sell him the airline.  Because the board was divided over whether to sell, it is alleged, Hughes persuaded some big stockholders to dump their stock, promising to make good their loses. This allegedly drove down the price of the stock, and the board in panic voted to sell.

SEC investigators learned that Maheu, in Highes behalf, made the first approach to Air West through Don Nixon. Maheu, summoned to Washington for secret questioning, acknowledged  Nocon's role in the deal. He said that another Hughes executive, John Meier, had made the arrangements with Nixon, who had put Maheu in touch with a board member.

October 19, 1973, AP - The San Bernardino County Sun [CA] page 3, Both Cox, IRS probe Hughes cash gift,

November 7, 1973, The Daily Tribune, [Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.] Plot to tie Hughes to O'Brien, by Jack Anderson,

August 8, 1974, The Pocono Record, page 4, Keeping score on the games played in Washington, by Jack Anderson,

August 8, 1974, The Pocono Record, page 4, Editorial, Resignation Not the Answer,

August 11, 1974, The Times Recorder [Zanesville, OH] page 31, Merry-Go-Round; Health and Solvency, by Jack Anderson,

August 6, 1971, Beckley Post-Herald (WV) page 4, Howard Hughes Tried To Back Both Nixon, H.H.H., by Jack Anderson,

December 25, 1975, Washington Post, CIA Agent's Murder Spurs Accusations, by Laurence Stern, Staff Writer,

August 6, 1976, Great Bend Tribune (Kan.) page 4, Bureaucrats railroad taxpayers, by Jack Anderson,


January 13, 1978, Workers Vanguard, No. 188, page 1, Down with Robbers' Peace Plans! U.S./Israel/Egypt Stab Palestinians,

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