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Kaieteur News Archive

Kaieteur News Archive,

December 4, 2004, Stabroek News, PNCR says not embarrassed over Jonestown tragedy, diigo,

June 10, 2007, Guyana Chronicle, Editorial Viewpoint, U.S. 'Cooperation'--What Of This Visa?, by Rickey Singh, diigo,

May 17, 2008, Kaieteur News, Polygraph test not illegal/unconstitutional,
... Most Law Enforcement Branches of the United States Government use the polygraph, including the FBI and CIA; almost all police agencies in ...

June 10, 2008, Kaieteur News, FOI is one side of a two-sided coin,
... Not too long ago in the US, a senior member of Vice-President Cheney's staff was convicted for disclosing the name of a CIA officer. It should ...

June 24, 2008, Kaieteur News, Guyana's first President dies at 90,
... after the Second World War to enter the Middle Temple of London. ... commitment to serve the state and people of Guyana from March 17, ...

June 27, 2008, Kaieteur News, Editorial, Answers, Not Balm, diigo,

June 30, 2008, Kaieteur News, State Funeral today for Guyana's 1st President,
... after the Second World War to enter the Middle Temple of London. ... commitment to serve the State and people of Guyana from March 17, ...

July 1, 2008, Kaieteur News, .President Arthur Chung laid to rest at Seven Ponds,
.. Opposition Leader and leader of the People's National Congress... after the Second World War to enter the Middle Temple of London.

July 13, 2008, Kaieteur News, The Arts Forum, Frank Birbalsingh interviews Cary Fraser, author of The People’s Progressive Party of Guyana 1950-1992: An Oral History (2007) diigo,

August 8, 2008, Kaieteur News, Burnham and Jagdeo: a comparison, by Freddie Kissoon,
.. Forbes Burnham died a failure because he believed in and practised the art of princely politics. At a deep, psychic level, Burnham was ...

August 17, 2008, Kaieteur News, The unmistakable impression of Burnham's footprint remains, Remarks by Raphael Trotman, M.P. on the Motion Honouring Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, O.E., S.C.

September 18, 2008, Kaieteur News, PNCR commended for motion recognising the work of LFS Burnham, .. What we have now is a motion recognising Forbes Burnham, passed by a democratically elected Parliament representing the will of the people, ...

November 13, 2008, Kaieteur News, Jim Jones plotted cyanide deaths years before Jonestown, diigo, [Blog]

November 16, 2008, Kaieteur News, Jim Jones – a leader, spiritualist, faith healer or murderer?, by Gary Eleazar, diigo, [Blog]

November 16, 2008, Kaieteur News, Jim's "uncool" kool-aid, by Peeping Tom, diigo, [Blog]

November 17, 2008, Kaieteur News, Letters, Erect a shrine/monument in remembrance of Jonestown dead, by T. Pemberton, [Blog]

November 17, 2008, Kaieteur News, What goes around comes around,
.. He was a C.I.A agent." There wasn't a single good said about him. Like Lincoln Lewis, I, too, felt sad; I felt sad that they spoke of thing they were ...

November 17, 2008, The Quilt Rambler: Update 18 on Missing Plane - keep praying!, by Karen E. Overton, diigo,

November 17, 2008, Kaieteur News, Missing aircraft; Crew may have perished, [Blog]

November 18, 2008, Kaieteur News, Search called off for missing aircraft, [Blog]

November 18, 2008, Kaieteur News, Crime of the century; 913 died in Jonestown cult killing, by Gary Eleazar, [Blog]

November 18, 2008, Kaieteur News, Letter, Important lessons of the Jonestown Massacre, by Working People Alliance, [Blog]

November 19, 2008, Kaieteur News, Body of knowledge, by Freddie Kissoon, diigo,

November 19, 2008, Kaieteur News, Jonestown Revisited: Reflections on The 30th anniversary of a 'people's' tragedy, by Lear Matthews, diigo,

November 22, 2008, Kaieteur News, The Laurie Lewis interview, by Freddie Kissoon, diigo,

November 23, 2008, Kaieteur News, VS Naipaul is one of the world’s most horrible persons
I never liked V.S. Naipaul. In my freshman year at UG, I read "the Mimic Men" and loved it. It gelled with my contempt for post-colonial governments who used their people to get Independence, then, imitate the white man. I was introduced to “the Mimic Men” by a colleague of mine in the Movement Against […]

November 23, 2008, Kaieteur News, Jonestown memorial unveiled in California
Recently in Oakland California in the United States of America, a memorial was unveiled in memory of the 913 citizens who were murdered in Guyana 30 years ago. The company building the California memorial to the 1978 Jonestown massacre noted that the memorial has not yet been completed but when it is done there

December 7, 2008, Kaieteur News, Jonestown shrine would be better placed at Port Kaituma,
... Dear Editor, I read with interest an article appearing in Kaieteur News, dated Monday, November 17th 2008, wherein an idea was expressed, ...

December 10, 2008, Kaieteur News, Letter, We need to erect a monument to the Jonestown dead,
... Dear Editor, If ever a decision is made to honour the innocent of the Jonestown tragedy by the authorities, in collaboration with the US Embassy ...

December 16, 2008, Kaieteur News, Elected dictatorship and the signs of untergang,
... Forbes Burnham would not have become the unpopular President he was if he wasn't so assured of himself and what he was doing. There is a ...

December 17, 2008, Kaieteur News, Tortuous path on torture,
The administration however has insisted that the CIA had to be given leeway to extract information, beyond Army Field Manual

December 18, 2008, Kaieteur News, Top Cop peeved that ranks continue to molest people for money
Acting Police Commissioner, Henry Greene, has warned that persons who engage in corrupting police officers through bribery for simple matters will suffer the same fate that befalls officers who are found guilty. The Police Commissioner was referring to several cases of police officers demanding and accepting bribes for simple traffic offences. According to Greene, the

December 20, 2008, Kaieteur News, Missing aircraft's possible crash site located, [Blog]

December 20, 2008, Kaieteur News, Two army top brass drop dead
The Guyana Defence Force has been rocked by the news that Lieutenant Colonel Tony Ross, who collapsed yesterday, was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Chief-of-Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Commodore Gary Best, made public the news of Ross’s passing at the Soldiers Day observances at Camp Ayanganna yesterday, and

December 21, 2008, Kaieteur News, Good Samaritans fail to save GDF officer's life, by Sharmain Cornette, diigo,

December 21, 2008, Kaieteur News, Jagdeo admits corruption at OP, by Gary Eleazar,
President Bharrat Jagdeo has acknowledged that there was corruption at the Office of the President and several persons had to be fired. He was responding to questioning during a press briefing yesterday at State House. Commenting on the missing financial records for the Wild Life bank account for the period 1998 to

December 21, 2008, Kaieteur News, Maybe, the PPP has won, by Freddie Kissoon,
This is not a country for the faint-hearted. We have one of the most depressing political paradoxes in the English-speaking Caribbean right here in Guyana. As the exercise of power gets more autocratic, the opposition to such dictatorship grows more invisible with each passing day. This is in sharp contrast to the well-established democracies in […]

December 21, 2008, Kaieteur News, Good Samaritans fail to save GDF officer’s life, by Sharmain Cornette ,What should have been a quiet outing with her boyfriend on Friday evening turned out to be a Good Samaritan Mission for 24-year-old Jean December, of 100 Leopold Street, Georgetown. In fact, the mission saw her being instrumental in rushing a dying Senior Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Coast Guard Officer, Lalta Narine,

December 22, 2008, Kaieteur News, Search team likely to reach crash site today
A search team organized by Prometheus Resources Guyana Inc. is likely to reach the suspected crash site of the missing Beech King aircraft today. Company official Shazadh Khan confirmed on Saturday that experts scrutinizing aerial photographs had spotted what appeared to be a section of the aircraft in an area in the Middle Mazaruni.

December 23, 2008, Kaieteur News, Orwellian eyes, Mephistophelean hands and fear, by Freddie Kissoon, [Blog]

December 31, 2008, Kaieteur News, After 30 years Jonestown surfaces. Why only now?, by Oscar Ramjeet, diigo,

December 31, 2008, Kaieteur News, Recovering addicts meet current inmates, diigo,

December 31, 2008, Kaieteur News, The media is crucial to national development; Prime Minister Tillman speaks, diigo,

January 1, 2009, Kaieteur News, Kaieteur News awards, diigo,

January 1, 2009, Kaieteur News, Kaieteur News awards,
... It is unclear to Guyana whether Mr. Corbin is PPPC, a PNCR official, a double agent or a CIA agent. He has lent more support to this ...

January 1, 2009, Kaieteur News, Several prominent Guyanese died in eventful leap year, diigo,

January 5, 2009, Kaieteur News, Jihad or Ji-hard?, by Tony Deyal, diigo,

January 10, 2009, Kaieteur News, Search team to check new site for missing plane, [Blog]

January 12, 2009, Kaieteur News, The Jeanne Dixon Effect, by Tony Deyal, diigo,

January 23, 2009, Kaieteur News, Jagdeo could still find Damascus,

January 28, 2009, Kaieteur News, Review the award of the Cubana Monument design prize money ...
... On the other hand, when will a decision be made for a monument/shrine for the victims of the Jonestown Tragedy? If there is no interest by the ...

February 23, 2009, Kaieteur News, We are punishing now more than ever,
... Jonestown was the only massacre under the PNC and people died because Jim Jones gave them poison in Kool-aid. Drug trafficking is on the ...

March 1, 2009, Kaieteur News, Mythology on display in Berbice today,
.. Mr. Persaud digressed from his central subject to devastate the legacy of Forbes Burnham and to remind us of the CIA destabilization of the ...

March 4, 2009, Kaieteur News, More than 60,000 Guyanese may have to go to Switzerland, diigo,

March 4, 2009, Kaieteur News, US President's change of withdrawal from Iraq justified,
...course and refine his withdrawal plans after consultation with his national security team (including the Joint Chiefs of Staff and CIA director).

March 14, 2009, Kaieteur News, The West on Trial: New edition, by Freddie Kissoon, diigo,

March 20, 2009, Kaieteur News, Letter, Partnership involves trust and respect, particularly in confronting organized crime, by Kit Nascimento, diigo,

March 29, 2009, Kaieteur News, Now the Pepper Bunnin'…Time For an Independent Investigation,
... When we were just formed we were accused of being an off-shoot of the CIA and MI5 and the claims were made that we received moneys from ...

April 6, 2009, Kaieteur News, Flexing on Cuba?,

April 22, 2009, Kaieteur News, Macroeconomic fundamentals, agriculture and climate change initiatives, diigo,

April 23, 2009, Kaieteur News, Freedom of Information Is a Myth, by Peeping Tom, Columnist, diigo,

April 28, 2009, Kaieteur News, Mrs. Nadira Jagan-Brancier and Ulele Burnham, by Freddie Kissoon, diigo,

May 26, 2009, Kaieteur News, Independence Path, diigo,
.. The violence that the CIA destabilisation programme inspired against the PPP government took an inevitable racial orientation because of the ...

June 28, 2009, Kaieteur News, Iran's Thermidor?,
... Installed in a CIA-sponsored coup that ousted the first democratically elected Prime Minister in the region, the Shah was determined to one-up ...

July 26, 2009, Kaieteur News, A source of inspiration for 'Generation Next', Reverend Raphael Massiah is a 'Special Person',

... He believes that Jonestown (an intentional community in northwest of the country where over 900 cult members committed suicide in ..

August 5, 2009, Kaieteur News, Simels calls more names, Courtesy of Enrico Woolford in New York, diigo,

August 6, 2009, Kaieteur News, They have made Forbes Burnham look like a toy soldier,
... Today marks the death anniversary of Forbes Burnham. This is a name that haunts me all the time, not episodically, but all the time.

August 7, 2009, Kaieteur News, Burnham's memory cannot be erased – Corbin,
... In both life and death, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, O.E, S.C, Guyana's first Executive President was both celebrated and scorned by ...

August 11, 2009, Kaieteur News, The PNC was rebuilt with a little help from the imperialists, by Peeping Tom, diigo,

August 18, 2009, Kaieteur News, Letter, Machiavelli did not rescue Guyana, by Mac Mahase, diigo,

August 23, 2009, Kaieteur News, Having produced a lifetime of captivating images and special memories; Photographer Winston Oudkerk is indeed a 'Special Person', diigo,

August 28, 2009, Kaieteur News, The Kennedys and Guyana, diigo,

September 5, 2009, Kaieteur News, Don't be distracted by 'Luncheonian shenanigans' – Corbin,
... Ramjattan also drew reference to when the CIA declassified documents as it relates to Arthur Schlesinger that could have been used to the ...

September 10, 2009, Kaieteur News, Letter, Govt. made the right decision, by C. Persaud, diigo,

September 11, 2009, Kaieteur News, The Mormons were astute,
... People can still recall the alleged links the party had with the American Jim Jones and his Jonestown "church" and later it was arm in arm with ...

October 7, 2009, Kaieteur News, Cubana Air Disaster victims remembered 33 years later, diigo,

October 11, 2009, Kaieteur News, A Call To Our Men,
... According to CIA World Fact Book there are about 6.6 billion people on earth. With Guyana's population being what it is, we comprise but a ...

October 11, 2009, Kaieteur News, 'My countrymen in NY are keeping their ears to the ground...
... Of course they know about Jonestown. We assured the attorneys that despite what they are hearing, Guyana is a relatively safe place to go, ...

November 18, 2009, Kaieteur News, Don't promote 'Dark Tourism' during ad campaign,
... that I am optimistic that we will eventually witness a decision to finally acknowledge the lives lost during the Jonestown Tragedy

November 27, 2009, Kaieteur News, Letter, The 'West on Trial' is no myth, by Vishnu Bisram, diigo,

December 14, 2009, Kaieteur News, Monkeyland, donkeyland or failed state?, by Freddie Kissoon, diigo

January 16, 2010, Kaieteur News, Things are unbelievable in Haiti,
.. Some of us today cannot even recall the sight of 913 dead people lying in one spot at Jonestown. Such imagery defies the imagination of ...

January 17, 2010, Kaieteur News, No amount of propaganda can wish away Burnham's contributions -- Corbin, diigo,
January 31, 2010, Kaieteur News, A tough, but accommodating legal luminary, Cecil Claude Kennard, O.R., is a 'Special Person', by Rawle Welch,
However, his yearning to come back home and serve saw him return in 1962 to open his own private practice in his hometown of Berbice after receiving permission to do so.
He was admitted by the distinguished Chief Justice at the time Sir Lionel Luckhoo and his petition was presented by Senior Counsel C. Lloyd Luckhoo. He practiced for three years in the Ancient County.

January 9, 2010, Kaieteur News, Is distraction pun distraction, diigo,

February 12, 2010, Kaieteur News, Proposed local CIA is a dangerous development – Corbin,
... Leader of the People's National Congress Reform, Robert Corbin, yesterday told media operatives that the setting up of a Central Intelligence ...

February 16, 2010, Kaieteur News, Housing of the CIA office in Castellani House building,
.. Dear Editor, The verbal furor that the decision to house the offices of the soon to be established Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the ...

February 17, 2010, Kaieteur News, Letter 'CIA office to be used for spying on opposition parties' a figment of their imaginations, by Mike Meyers, diigo,

February 19, 2010, Kaieteur News, Letters, Our undoing has been our failure to implement good governance, by Tacuma Ogunseye, diigo,

February 22, 2010, Kaieteur News, .Guyana Gets It's Own CIA,
.. Yesterday, the need for a new intelligence-gathering agency was discussed. It was argued then that the failures of established security ...

February 26, 2010, Kaieteur News, Letters, Intelligence has become the first line of defence in a country's national security, by Clairmont Featherstone, diigo,

March 1, 2010, Kaieteur News, CIA is vital to national security,
... Dear Editor,. I take this opportunity to congratulate the President of Guyana and the Minister of Home affairs for the wisdom and foresight in the ...

March 24, 2010, Kaieteur News, Dr. Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham were honorable men ...
. Dear Editor, I refer to an article of March 22, written by Mr. Freddie Kissoon captioned, “Legacies of power-drunkenness, sexual insanity and ...

March 26, 2010, Kaieteur News, Guyanese author reveals secret life of Cuban terrorist Louis Posada, diigo,

April 6, 2010, Kaieteur News, Honour people when they are alive, diigo,

April 13, 2010, Kaieteur News, Not In Switzerland, diigo,

April 13, 2010, Kaieteur News, Sugar workers need to abandon GAWU,
.. GAWU, the sugar union came into being as a legal entity because the Forbes Burnham Government recognized it as the true bargaining unit in ...

April 29, 2010, Kaieteur News, Champion of Earth Award puts Guyana in positive spotlight – Jagdeo .. deaths of more than 900 Temple members in Jonestown, along with the deaths of nine other people at a nearby airstrip (Port Kaituma) and in ...

May 16, 2010, Kaieteur News, Of Reports and Biases, ... But after our fifteen minutes in the sun, our profile would quickly subside into its everyday nondescript blandness as it did after Jonestown for ...

June 13, 2010, Kaieteur News, Guyana's Wilson Harris receives Knighthood, [Luckhoo] diigo,

June 19, 2010, Kaieteur News, Absence of Cubana monument regrettable,
.. The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released documents in 2005 which indicate that the agency “had concrete advance intelligence, ...

June 25, 2010, Kaieteur News, Only a strong opposition party could serve the needs of Guyanese,
CIA, MI5 and Royal Canadian MP'S are already monitoring several activities and communications inside Guyana. The Guyana opposition ...

June 28, 2010, Kaieteur News, Miner clubbed to death at Mahdia, ... Vanburn Hanover, of Jonestown, Mahaica, ECD, died at the Mahdia Hospital shortly after he was found lying unconscious in front of a disco at ...

July 7, 2010, Kaieteur News, 'Son Chapman' victims remembered at touching ceremony, ... The incident was, and still is, dubbed the worst catastrophe, apart from Jonestown, that has rocked this country. And so every year, for the last ...

July 18, 2010, Kaieteur News, Michael Gilkes Interviews Sir Wilson Harris,

Wilson Harris

WH: Yes. You find the quantum variation in Jonestown, in the pre-Colombian novels, in Tumatumari, in the Four Banks of the River of Space, ...

July 21, 2010, Kaieteur News, Religion has failed Guyana so far, ... Where is the influence of the great churches, temples and mosques in this ... we have in this nation, we should have been an angelic people.

July 21, 2010, Kaieteur News, Return of the Strongman, [Desi Bouterse, ex-dictator, and new president of Suriname] diigo,

August 1, 2010, Kaieteur News, A nurse for all seasons, by Rabindra Rooplall, Nurse Melisha Toney,

She also remembers on the day of the Jonestown tragedy, November 18, 1978, she was transporting a patient out of Mabaruma with policemen on a flight, and when she touched down she heard a radio announcer named Prince Mason relaying the shocking news that nobody was left alive in the northwest community. "When they had shot up at the airstrip I was at the neighbouring airstrip!" She revealed that to date she still has vivid memories of the event and has souvenirs from the Jonestown period.

August 6, 2010, Kaieteur News, Former President Burnham's 25th death anniversary today,
... Guyana will today mark the 25th death anniversary of its first Executive President, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham. The People's National ...
August 5, 2010, Kaieteur News, We have fallen into a dark pit of a 'living hell', ... the US, we have seen two Guyanese convicted for terrorism; we were seen again on Oprah Winfrey recently of our history about Jones Town.

August 8, 2010, Kaieteur News, The Life & Legacy of LFS Burnham, Part 1, marked the 25th Death Anniversary of Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, Founder Leader of the People's National Congress ...

August 8, 2010, Kaieteur News, Burnham: The London Years, ... Forbes Burnham entered London University – belatedly on account of WWII – as a Guyana Scholar and obtained his LLB (Honours) in 1947, ...

August 27, 2010, Kaieteur News, History and Castro, .. The succeeding administration of John F. Kennedy, suffered a humiliating defeat when a CIA-sponsored invasion at the Bay of Pigs collapsed ...

August 15, 2010, Kaieteur News, LFS Burnham -- His Contribution to the Liberation of South Africa

August 17, 2010, Kaieteur News, Burnham, Jagan, apartheid rulers and historical facts, ... It is the season of celebrating the life and accomplishments of one of the “fathers” of the nation, Forbes Burnham. A few months ago, it was ...

 August 22, 2010, Kaieteur News, The Life & Legacy of LFS Burnham, Part 2: .. As fate would have it, news of the death of President Forbes Burnham, nicknamed, ODO, the Old Man and the Kabaka, while serving as the first ...

August 24, 2010, Kaieteur News, Keeping the Burnham flame alight!, .. Those behind the Burnham project, however, knew that merely recapping the live achievements and career of Forbes Burnham would never be

 August 25, 2010, Kaieteur News, Seventy percent of Americans are not wrong, ... I knew people who were murdered in the cowardly attack that... of Guyana would have allowed the construction of a “People's Temple” by a ...

August 29, 2010, Kaieteur News, The Life & Legacy of LFS Burnham: Conclusion; Forbes Burnham: Thought and Times, diigo,

September 11, 2010, Kaieteur News, The fault is not in the stars but in us: The story of Forbes Burnham, by Freddie Kissoon, ... As you would have noticed; this year on both his birth and death anniversaries, I did not do an analysis on the late President Burnham. I thought ...

September 26, 2010, Kaieteur News, Guyana's Post-Colonial Plight,

... Yes, the political violence of the 1960s brought a dramatically new dimension to the degree of political-ethnic divisiveness in light of CIA Cold ...

October 6, 2010, Kaieteur News, Cubana Air Disaster victims remembered 34 years later,

... Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch, intellectual perpetrators of terrorist crime, linked to the CIA from 1960, were arrested and subjected to ...

 October 10, 2010, Kaieteur News, 53 Years Later: The People's National Congress is still alive and strong, ... The Party had stellar leaders like Winifred Gaskin, Shirley Field-Ridley, Jane Phillips-Gay and Viola Burnham, to name just a few. AND ...

November 18th, 2010 was the 32nd anniversary of the infamous Jonestown Massacre. The Guyanese people, wherever they are, ...

November 21, 2010, Kaieteur News, "I survived the Jonestown massacre": Veteran journalist Neville Annibourne is a Special Person; "I would not like to experience anything like that again in my life," by Michael Jordan, diigo,

December 5, 2010, Kaieteur News, Correcting an inaccurate impression,

January 10, 2011, Kaieteur News, Strictly On the Up and Up, The best "woman up" example is the story of the CIA recruitment test for assassins. They finally came down to three finalists – two men and a ...

January 20, 2011, Kaieteur News, Jailed Indonesian tax official, family had fake Guyanese passports- claims CIA agent arranged them, diigo,

March 4, 2011, Kaieteur News, Letter, Ambitions of Forbes Burnham and Bharrat Jagdeo, by Mona Chaitram, diigo,

March 5, 2011, Kaieteur News, Publication of intelligence officers' names crossed great divide – Luncheon
Six intelligence officers being paid by the Office of the President is not irregular, Government yesterday insisted. The publication of the names of the officers was heavily criticised by Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, who said that the media house anti-government and anti-PPP stance may have clouded judgments in deciding to publish.

March 5, 2011, Kaieteur News, TSU Sergeant sodomizes recruit
A sergeant of police is currently under close arrest after he reportedly sodomised a young recruit. This newspaper was told that the recruit, a 20-year-old had to be taken for medical attention at a city hospital and has since been released. According to reports the young recruit has been under pressure from the Sergeant about

March 6, 2011, Kaieteur News, Home Affairs Minister takes Police administration to task
- accuses ranks of being ‘travelling magistrates’ While President Bharrat Jagdeo has praised the police force for its professionalism, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee is not too pleased with the general attitude of members, moreso those in the hierarchy of the organization. In his address to officers during their recently concluded three-day conference at Police

March 6, 2011, Kaieteur News, David Granger debunks accusation about rigging election in 1973,
Responding to questions from some sections of the media about his involvement in the rigging of the 1973 elections, PNCR Presidential Candidate, David Granger, said that he has never shot any human being neither was he at the scene of the incident. Granger said that he will not deliberate on the matter at any other...

 March 14, 2011, Kaieteur News, Opinion, Some people got fame picking on President Burnham. They didn't deserve it, by Freddie Kissoon, diigo,

March 16, 2011, Kaieteur News, I know why the Government did away with prescriptive rights, by Freddie Kissoon, ... Not even the CIA can be so effective. This is what has happened in Guyana. Corruption cash belonging to former power-holders will not be ...

 March 23, 2011, Kaieteur News, Letter, Our challenges are more cultural than political or economic, by R. Small, diigo,

 April 11, 2011, Kaieteur News, Did Burnham Err in Nationalising Sugar and Rice?, ... Did Forbes Burnham err when he nationalised the commanding heights of the economy and removed foreign involvement from the local ...

May 3, 2011, Kaieteur News, They Got Him!, diigo,

 May 16, 2011, Kaieteur News, Guyana deserves some space in the Guinness Book of World records, ... This country once enjoyed world acclaim after the infamous Jonestown mass murder/suicide. We deserve more than that! This country ...

May 21, 2011, Kaieteur News, American, Canadian and Guyanese released,
... He told reporters that he asked the men if they were from the CIA, but they did not respond to his query. According to Muhammad, the two men ...

May 24, 2011, Kaieteur News, US denies allegations surrounding cleric's arrest,
.. in receipt of information from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that he was in Guyana to plan a terrorist act and to organise people for it.

May 26, 2011, Kaieteur News, Letter, These unwarranted arrests leave more questions than answers, by Lurlene Nestor,
... It is clear the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was used as a weapon by the authorities to justify the unwarranted detention of the Cleric, Mr.

May 31, 2011, Kaieteur News - San Francisco Chronicle, Controversial memorial of Jonestown erected in California, diigo, June 3, 2011, Kaieteur News, Letter, This Jagdeo regime and the Burnham dictatorship have a lot in common, by Jinnah Rahman,

June 26, 2011, Kaieteur News, Guyana Government yet to apologize for wrongful detention, by Latoya Giles, diigo,

July 9, 2011, Kaieteur News, Jagdeo says "no apology" for Nation of Islam Cleric,
... He told reporters that he asked the men if they were from the CIA, but they did not respond to his query. According to Muhammad, the two men ...

 July 17, 2011, Kaieteur News, Police and thief, by Michael Benjamin, diigo, In September 1983, I enrolled Base Command Papaya (BCP), a few miles away from the infamous Jonestown commune.

August 30, 2011, Kaieteur News, Letter, Stop beating around the bush – Forbes Burnham was a dictator, by M. Maxwell, diigo,

August 31, 2011, Kaieteur News, A golden opportunity for self analysis and change,
... local sources, media and of course data collected by the resident CIA station chief, the consular for political affairs and other embassy staff.

September 5, 2011, Kaieteur News, Editorial, Spilling Secrets, diigo,

September 11, 2011, Kaieteur News, Letter, PNC Kool-Aid drinkers have no moral grounds on which to criticize the PPP/C, by Harry Gill, diigo,

September 13, 2011, Kaieteur News, Letter, Remember, Mr. Gill, a democracy is not a dictatorship, by Lurlene Nestor, diigo,

November 15, 2011, Kaieteur News, Some searching questions for the Presidential Candidates,

November 20, 2011, Kaieteur News, Saving lives from Jim Jones' killers …Veteran pilot Astil Rodwell Paul is a special person, by Michael Jordan, [Blog]

December 30, 2011, Kaieteur News, Burnham left a legacy; Jagdeo has none,

January 11, 2012, Kaieteur News, Colin Croft vilified Burnham,
... “I thought that Guyana's first, and last, 'African-style' dictator, L. Forbes S. Burnham, that same dark-black guy who paraded down Water Street, ...

 January 14, 2012, Kaieteur News, The Man On Horseback, ... There used to be a running joke about the late President of Guyana, Forbes Burnham and horseback riding. This was before the joke turned to ...

February 1, 2012, Kaieteur News, Letter, A challenge to Vishnu Bisram,
 ... well documented, but that can be read about on documents released by the CIA and the British Intelligence, and available on the Internet.

February 9, 2012, Kaieteur News, The specter and culture of Jagdeoism still looms large over the land ...
.. During the watch of both men, many mass murders were committed – Jonestown, Lusignan, Agricola, Bartica and Lindo Creek. While Burnham ...

March 23, 2012, Kaieteur News, Brilliant minds in Burnham's Cabinet yielded nothing,
... Forbes Burnham on the other hand was fixated on personal power at all costs and had no issues sacrificing an entire nation in that quest.

June 13, 2012, Kaieteur News, Walter, you will always be my hero!,
... A close friend once asked me how any sane person could really see Burnham as a good man. Former President Forbes Burnham will never be ...

July 15, 2012, Kaieteur News, Freddie is wrong! Indians are not anti-African,
... transpired in the nation between 1955 and December 1964 when the PPP was toppled by the CIA working in cahoots with the PNC and UF.

July 30, 2012, Kaieteur News, Mr. Seeram: What if three cane-cutters were killed by the police in a similar scenario?, diigo,

August 7, 2012, Kaieteur News, PNCR to compile written works of Burnham for students' benefits,
... He made mention of Burnham's initiatives in culture; economic ... Forbes Burnham died on August 6, 1985 during the process of a “minor” ...

August 9, 2012, Kaieteur News, David Granger and the sainthood of Forbes Burnham.
... Dear Editor, David Granger's ascension to political power and prominence has been accompanied with a dangerous revisionist attitude to ...

August 10, 2012, Kaieteur News, Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham were terrible, failed leaders,
... Dear Editor, Forbes Burnham and Cheddi Jagan have cast deep, dark and foreboding shadows across this land. The racial strife, social ...

August 11, 2012, Kaieteur News, Is the hydro project on hold?,
... day and age there are many people who still confuse Guyana with Ghana; who only recognize the country if someone mentions Jonestown.

September 1, 2012, Kaieteur News, Letter, Disclaimer by Major General (retd) Joseph Singh, diigo,

September 17, 2012, Kaieteur News, Suicide Prevention: Alive?,
... Guyana has become infamous globally for the Jonestown mass suicide of 1978 when 909 persons took their lives. Many Guyanese brush off ...

October 7, 2012, Kaieteur News, Another anniversary…Calls repeated for Cubana bombers to be brought to trial, diigo,

October 30, 2012, Kaieteur News, Letter, Let the whole truth be told, by Hamilton Green, J.P.,

November 10, 2012, Kaieteur News, Senior Counsel Clarence Hughes passes on,
... He was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in the United Kingdom in ... It is interesting that there is a common question people ask me all the ...

November 12, 2012, Kaieteur News, Burnham and Jagan bequeathed to us ethnic parties and ethnic voting
 ... Burnham and Jagan bequeathed to us ethnic parties and ethnic voting ... ethnic politics in Guyana – Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham.

November 14, 2012, Kaieteur News, The PNC grew out of Burnham's quest for personal power,
... When I state that Forbes Burnham was a divisive, power-crazed individual with an inflated sense of entitlement, history backs me up.

November 18, 2012, Kaieteur News, Burnham's gardener and maid; Pauline Mahadeo's story, by Romila Boodram, diigo,

November 20, 2012, Kaieteur News, State institutions in the reign of Bharrat Jagdeo,
... As the sun is about to set upon the National Insurance Scheme, you can't help think of the irony of the life of past President Forbes Burnham ...

November 27, 2012, Kaieteur News, 100 years for aviation in Guyana!, diigo,
November 27, 2012, Kaieteur News, Editorial, This madness must end, diigo,
November 27, 2012, Kaieteur News, Shot Kaieteur News staffer dischargeddiigo,

November 27, 2012, Kaieteur News, Letter, We need a concise text of key events in Guyanese history, by Eric Phillips, diigo,

November 27, 2012, Kaieteur News, Police question Stabroek News over CIA report, GPA slams attempt to "intimidate: journalists,  diigo,

December 19, 2012, Kaieteur News, Local gun violence,
 They were the inheritors of a tradition that went back to the sixties when the CIA sponsored local political/labour operatives to overthrow the ...

January 3, 2013, Kaieteur News, Letter, GGMC should not remain a liability to Guyana's tax payers, by Mac Mahase, diigo,

January 6, 2013, Kaieteur News, Book Review: A regrettable account of Guyana's missed opportunity, by Dr. Glenville Ashby, diigo,

January 11, 2013, Kaieteur News, Zero Dark Thirty and that house,

Based on graphic factual accounts told to the screenwriter and director by the real agents themselves, the hero of the story is a young CIA agent ...

January 18, 2013, Kaieteur News, Fifth anniversary of Lusignan massacre…AFC calls for thorough investigation into all mass crimes, diigo,

January 24, 2013, Guyana compiles updated law volumes, by Latoya Giles, diigo,

January 27, 2013, Kaieteur News, Letter, Response to Peeping Tom: I'll take the man on horseback over the men with the horsepower, by Lionel Lowe, diigo,

January 28, 2013, Kaieteur News, Five years later…Are the Lusignan massacre survivors moving on?, by Rehana Ashley Ahamad, diigo,

February 3, 2013, Kaieteur News, Germany and Guyana, Hitler and Castro: Philosophical notes, by Freddie Kissoon, diigo,

February 4, 2013, Kaieteur News, Letter, What have Forbes Burnham and Cheddi Jagan done to be considered political heroes?, ... Dear Editor, Humans seem to have a deep psychological need for heroes, so every country has them. But because the elevation of deeds to ..

February 19, 2013, Guyana Times, Delta's sudden departure worrying – Harmon, diigo,

February 20, 2013, Kaieteur News, Is Guyana the Titanic, moving towards Marriott Hotel, the iceberg of decadence?, ... Have we not learned anything from the tragedy of Jonestown? Our slide along the slippery slope of decadence has started. Enough! Guyanese ...

February 23, 2013, Kaieteur News, Burnham remembered,
... The 90th birth anniversary of former President Forbes Burnham passed almost unnoticed on February 20, last. Burnham died on August 6, ...

February 24, 2013, Kaieteur News, Burnham's weltanschauung,
... Forbes Burnham's weltanschauung – world view – was shaped by the oppressive living conditions under which the working people of British ...

February 24, 2013, Kaieteur News, Muse or Amuse…Sold!!!!, diigo,

February 27, 2013, Kaieteur News, The tragic political mistake of Clive Lloyd:
... I resented the way Forbes Burnham used power. Mr. Burnham directed his venom personally to me in denying me and my wife the right to work ...

March 4, 2013, Guyana Times, Aircraft body roasts KN over article on Gouveia, diigo,

March 15, 2013, Kaieteur News, Cheddi Jagan Was No Racist!, by Peeping Tom,
... However, long before that, in fact on September 11, 1967, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) declassified a Special National Intelligence ...

March 18, 2013, Kaieteur News, A blinkered view of the reality,
... At least Forbes Burnham chose to take his chances in the Georgetown Hospital, where the common people go to have their ailments treated.

May 19 2013, Kaieteur News, Burnhamdiigo,

March 25, 2013, Kaieteur News, The PPP and the Falkland - Malvinas Dispute,
... It was disappointing that APNU, with so many of its big wigs being strong admirers of Forbes Burnham and his foreign policy, actually met with

April 15, 2013, Kaieteur News, Letter, Guyana seems to be usually remembered and mentioned for the wrong reasons, by Geralda Dennison, diigo,

April 21, 2013, Kaieteur News, Background to the Imbroglio, ... Thus while Burnham, and the C.I.A. might have midwifed ethnic conflict in Guyana, they certainly did not create it. Any proposed solution to ...

April 23, 2013, Kaieteur News, Neville Annibourne dies in sleep at 82,
... Having escaped one of the most horrific events in Guyana's history— the Jonestown massacre— Neville Annibourne had much to be thankful ...

April 23, 2013, Guyana Times, Jonestown survivor/veteran journalist dies, [Neville Annibourne] diigo,

April 28, 2013, Kaieteur News, From the Diaspora…Opposition Had Their Fun with the Budget, "The Hammer" Butt Up with Chainsaw, by Ralph Seeram,

April 29, 2013, Kaieteur News, Enmore would be the ideal place to settle!,
.. Not Jonestown but Demerara Gold is what made this fellow remember Guyana! That the sugar cane is still ripe with such potent powers that a

April 30, 2013, Kaieteur News, Amidst protests, South Africa defers posthumous award to Burnham – reports, diigo,

April 30, 2013, Kaieteur News, The stupidity of the South African Government,
... Now if the Tambo Order is for service in the cause of Africans how can you not give it to Forbes Burnham? Forbes Burnham does not merit any .

May 1, 2013, Kaieteur News, We need not defend Burnham.
 ... Forbes Burnham, his party the PNC, and the people of Guyana showed visionary leadership in the liberation movement. The people of Guyana ...

May 3, 2011, Kaieteur News, One unwary phone call led US to bin Laden doorstep,
.. Inside the CIA team hunting bin Laden, it always was clear that bin Laden's vulnerability was his couriers. He was too smart to let al-Qaeda foot ...

May 5, 2013, Kaieteur News, Burnham's decision to allow Cuban planes to refuel in Guyana ...
... I wonder if those who oppose Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham obtaining the Oliver Tambo Award remember that he made a crucial decision ...

May 8, 2013, Kaieteur News, Rodney Has Also Not Been Granted The Order Of The Companions ...
... It took the South African government more than ten years to decide to honour Forbes Burnham for his contribution to the liberation of South ...

May 9, 2013, Kaieteur News, The South African Government's initial decision has proven to be a ...
.. President Jacob Zuma and the ANC-led South African Government's decision to name Forbes Burnham as a recipient of The Order of the ...

May 9, 2013, Kaieteur News, The evidence in the Walter Rodney death,
. A lady wrote a letter in both independent dailies this week and declared that there is evidence that President Forbes Burnham was not involved ...

May 10, 2013, Kaieteur News, Burnham not deserving of OT Award,
. the South African government's decision to withdraw the Oliver Tambo award to the late dictator Forbes Burnham. Many, including this writer

May 12, 2013, Kaieteur News, Burnham took us on a journey that was just,
... It is with dismay I note the debate on whether the government of South Africa should confer Guyana's later President Forbes Burnham the Oliver ...

May 12, 2013, Kaieteur News, Burnham Was Sincere About The Anti-apartheid Struggle,
... The contention that Forbes Burnham, the late President of Guyana, tilted the balance in Angola's civil war by allowing Cuban planes to refuel

May 14, 2013, Kaieteur News, Award or not, Mr. Burnham contributed to helping end apartheid in ...
 ... Award or not, Mr. Burnham contributed to helping end apartheid in ... Mr. Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham receiving the O.R. Tambo Award.

May 17, 2013, Kaieteur News, The real Burnham is hardly known,
 ... Allow me to add my two bits to the matter dealing with the suspension of the award to Forbes Burnham by the South African Administration.

May 18, 2013, Kaieteur News, A New Strategy Has to Be Found in Seeking This Award,
... I therefore respectfully suggest that if the name Forbes Burnham was mentioned by all of the leaders present, it must have been during private .

May 19, 2013, Kaieteur News, Polygraph tests for officials not rule out – Luncheon,

According to Wikipedia, US federal government agencies such as the FBI and the CIA and many police departments such as the LAPD use ...

May 20, 2013, Kaieteur News, Only two Cuban flights landed in Guyana because Burnham caved in to US and Venezuelan pressure, ... At that critical juncture when push came to shove, Forbes Burnham succumbed to not only pressure from the USA, a tacit supporter of .

May 29, 2013, Kaieteur News, The facts do not support Burnham killing Rodney, ... For that writer to make a claim that my take on the Walter Rodney/Forbes Burnham issue confirms “the kind of logically suspect and morally .

June 12, 2013, Kaieteur News, The PNC: A revisionist note, ... First, Forbes Burnham deserves the Oliver Tambo Award. No one should dispute that. Secondly, the evidence is there and can be obtained that ...

June 9, 2013, Kaieteur News, 140,000 Guyanese immigrants in New York City,
 ... The neighborhood is peppered with mosques,temples and churches to ... It is interesting that there is a common question people ask me all the ...

June 16, 2013, Kaieteur News, Burnham the Lion cannot write in his defence, so others must respond to the tales of the hunters, ... President Zuma must be aware that Forbes Burnham was a fellow 'Comrade' in the anti-apartheid struggle. To be bestowed the recognition of

June 17, 2013, Kaieteur News, Freddie Kissoon replies to Minette Bacchus on Walter Rodney's assassination, by Frederick Kissoon, diigo,

June 23, 2013, Kaieteur News, Opinion, Caribbean Airlines have us where it hurts, diigo,

June 30, 2013, Kaieteur News, Letter, Did Forbes Burnham see me and Walter Rodney as Socrates’ children?, by Frederick Kissoon,

July 1, 2013, Kaieteur News, Kissoon is no Socrates : Kaieteur News ... His response to me “Did Forbes Burnham see me and Walter Rodney as Socrates' children?” (KN June 30, 2013) confirms this 'leopard' is

July 1, 2013, Kaieteur News, Here are the facts that support Burnham's involvement in Rodney's assassination, ... The Burnham defenders say Rodney had an accident and blew himself up (see Forbes Burnham's statement from 2.46 to 3.22 of the Youtube's

July 2, 2013, Kaieteur News, The Brazilian Embassy and the cycle of life in Guyana, ... One of the things for which I will forever remember Forbes Burnham and his PNC and Cheddi Jagan and his PPP was their genuine, sincere .

July 5, 2013, Kaieteur News, Ramotar sounds urgent call for greater integration,

... President Donald Ramotar reenacts the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas by President Forbes Burnham on behalf of Guyana 40 years ago,

July 6, 2013, Kaieteur News, Letter, Opportunists continue to cannibalise Rodney's name to ensure their relevance, by Minette Bacchus, diigo,

July 6, 2013, Kaieteur News, Latter, How could anyone morally and ontologically elevate Burnham above Rodney?, by M. Maxwell,

July 11, 2013, Kaieteur News, 2008 Parliamentary motion bears fruit, ... At the time the motion was piloted to give due recognition to Guyana's first Executive President Forbes Burnham, 55 years after he first entered

July 13, 2013, Kaieteur News Dabydeen ignores handover of Burnham's parliamentary speeches, by Abena Rockcliffe, diigo,

July 15, 2013, Kaieteur News, Dabydeen's pathetic excuse for his non-appearance to present ...
... I find Mr. Dabydeen's explanation for his non appearance to present the volumes of the Speeches of Forbes Burnham wholly disgusting.

July 17, 2013, Kaieteur News, The rhetoric and the reality of the Rodney case,
... The issue under focus, from day one, is the need to move from accusing Forbes Burnham of being culpable for Walter Rodney's death to ...

July 19, 2013, Kaieteur News, N/A Constabulary celebrates 39 years,
... McLennan who employed 24 Constables, 4 Sergeants, 4 Corporals and 1 CIA officer.” The Deputy Mayor noted that the body was established ...

July 23, 2013, Kaieteur News, Emancipation countdown: Tree planting marks COFONA 250, by Leon Suseran, diigo,

July 25, 2013, Kaieteur News, Incumbency and dictatorship: A theory, ... We can start with President Forbes Burnham. As Burnham grew older in power, things began to fall apart but he became less tyrannical.

July 31, 2013, Kaieteur News, The great betrayal: W. Rodney and R. Ramkarran,
... During the days of the Forbes Burnham regime when the Working People's Alliance (WPA) bore the brunt of Burnham's anger, the consensus ...

July 31, 2013, Kaieteur News, Editorial, Emancipation, diigo,

July 31, 2013, Kaieteur News, Charge dismissed against security firm boss, diigo,

July 31, 2013, Kaieteur News, Letter, The murder of a brother, by Lloyd H. Marshall, diigo,

August 3, 2013, Guyana Times, Ex-soldier commits suicide after hammering wife to death, diigo,

August 4, 2013, Kaieteur News, Three conversations today: The tragic tale of a nation,
... This is an immense tragedy that has dogged this nation since the PPP spilt in the fifties and Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham headed two, ..

August 4, 2013, Kaieteur News, Ex-soldier slits wife's throat then drinks poison,

.. The small farming community of Jonestown, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara is still coming to grips with the brutal murder of a 26-year-old Vanessa Richmond-James; with her husband Ryan James with their two year old son who was spared the mayhem.

August 7, 2013, Kaieteur News, At 28th death anniversary commemoration… PNCR remembers ...

.. The Late President Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham's legacy of struggling for African liberation was celebrated yesterday as the People's ...

August 25, 2013, Kaieteur News, Donald Ramotar will not have another opportunity to make history ...
... Of the two, Forbes Burnham and Cheddi Jagan have gone down in history. Untold numbers in this country believe that Forbes Burnham and ...

September 10, 2013, Guyana Tomes, Roraima says it was duped into hiring Lynchdiigo,

September 13, 2013, Kaieteur News, Letters, If this crime wave does not stop all will be lost, by B. Rahaman. diigo,

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