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Military Relationships with the Bowery Theatre

New-York Tribune, February 22, 1842, page 3, Grand Military Festival at the Bowery Theatre,

commemorating the Birthday of Washington TUESDAY EVENING, February 22, At a meeting of the Officers of the Artillery and Infantry of the City and County of New York, held at the Astor House on Wednesday evening, the Report of the Committee of the Major Generals of Artillery and Infantry in favor of giving a Grand Military Fete at the Bowery Theatre, on the 22d February, in commemoration of the Birthday of Washington, was unanimously adopted, and the regulations proposed by the Committee were approved, viz

1. The Ball to be given under the exclusive direction of a Committee of the Officers of Artillery and Infantry of the City and County of New-York, and of the Counties of Kings, Queens and Richmond.

2. No tickets to be issued except by the Committee, and to be signed by the member issuing them.

3. Refreshments to be provided for the whole company under the direction of a Committee.

4. The interior of the Theatre to represent a magnificent military pavilion, decorated with flags, military trophies and devices commemorative of our war of Independence.

5. Tableaux Vivants to be exhibited representing scenes from the life of Washington and of the Revolutionary War.

6. A full and efficient Orchestra to be provided.

7. Tickets for a Gentleman and two Ladies, $5, including Refreshments.

8. Military gentlemen to appear in uniform.

CHAS. W. SANDFORD. Chairman.
A. M. COZZENS, S.W. Smith, Secretaries.

Application for tickets to be made at the Committee Room, between 10 and 4 o'clock of each day; the name of the Gentlemen and Ladies to be inserted in the tickets.

Immediate application is requested, as the number of tickets is limited.

The following Tableaux Vivants will be exhibited at intervals of the evening, between the various Quadrilles' and Cotillions.

1. Washington's Early development of Integrity.
"Who cut the bark from the cherry tree."'
"It was me, sir."
2. Washington displays his talent in Mathematics.
3. Gen. Marion invites a British officer to dine with him.
4. Capture of Major Andre.
5. The Escape of Arnold,
6. The Surrender of Cornwallis.
7. Washington resigns his Commission
8. The Inauguration of Washington.
9 Family of Washington,and his retirement.

The following gentlemen compose the Sub-Committee

Major Gen. Stryker.
Brig. Gen. Pentz,
Major Gen. Sandford,
Brig. Gen. Keeler,
Major Gen. Lloyd,
Brig. Gen. Cummings,
Brig. Gen Storms,
Brig. Gen. Graham,
Brig. Gen.Hunt,

Major Gen. Stryker,
Colonel Mahoney,
Major Gen. Sandford,
Major Avery,
Brig. Gen. Hunt,
Major Cozzens,
Brig. Gen. Keeler,
Capt. Vincent,
Colonel Biddle,
Capt. Shumway,

Maj. Gen. Lloyd,
Col. Dixey,
Col. Ming.
Col. Morris,
Col. Hail.
Col. Cox.

Maj. Gen. Stryker,
Col. Ewen,
Col. Peers,
Col. Moore,

Extra single tickets may be had of the Committee for $2, including Supper and Refreshments.

Refreshments and Supper prepared and served under the direction of Messrs A. Walsh & Barton, of Park Row.

Doors open at half past 7 o'clock; dancing lo commence at 8 precisely.

Suitable persons have been appointed, under the direction of the Police Committee, to take charge of coats, hats, &c. entrusted to their care.


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