Wednesday, July 23, 2014

-B- Photographs

1 Broadway. 1885, aka Washington Building

New York Bay and North River, 1894

Aquarium and Whitehall Buildings. 1912

View of the Battery in mid-winter, ca. 1915

Battery Park from 22nd floor of 26 Broadway, June 1, 1954

Castle Garden & Bay. ca. 1910

The Battery showing Castle Garden, ca. 1920

The Seaboard Battery. ca. 1905

Battery. ca. 1938

View of Battery and Castle Garden. ca. 1910

Barge Office, South Ferry and News Office, ca. 1900

End of the largest tree in Battery Park, April 22, 1941

End of the largest tree, Battery Park, April 21, 1941

Old Houses on Battery Place. September 5, 1906

Washington Street and Battery Place. ca. 1900

Bowling Green, looking south. ca. 1900

Decorations in honor of Admiral Dewey. ca. 1915

Battery Place between Washington and Greenwich Streets. ca. 1950

Battery Place, corner near Washington. June 7, 1920

Bowling Green. ca. 1925

Bowling Green on Broadway, looking north.1971

[64 Beekman Street at the corner of Gold.] 1939

[Beekman and Cliff Streets, Old Saint George.] ca. 1915

[Beekman and Water Street.] September, 1955

[Beekman Street corner West Street, Beekman Street Hospital.] 1939

[Old Beekman Tavern, 64 Beekman Street at north east corner of Gold Street.] June 27, 1921

New York Cotton Exchange, Beaver Street. ca. 1900

[28 Beaver Street at Broad Street.] ca. 1905

[Bedford Street, number 100. Small frame house in rear of 17 Grove Street which is frame building at right.] ca. 1915

[Twin peaks. Bedford Street, Greenwich Village.] ca. 1915

[East side Bedford Street looking north from Grove to Christopher Streets.] September 27, 1913

[Mills Hotel, Bleecker Street.] ca. 1915

[134-136 Bleecker Street.] February 5, 1938

[703-05 Broadway.] 1937

[Bowery north from Grand Street.] ca. 1895

[Bowery, looking north from Canal Street.] ca. 1880

[Scene on the Bowery.] ca. 1900

[The Bowery.] 1886

Our Lady of Pompeii, 25 Carmine St, 1926

[Third Universalist Church, 206 Bleecker Street.] ca. 1900

[Tom Paine's Home at 309 Bleecker Street.] ca. 1915

Bible House, Astor Place, October, 1955

Broadway looking north from Astor Place, ca. 1915

Cooper Institute, between 3rd and 4th Avenues, ca. 1875

Cooper Union--3rd Avenue, ca. 1900

South east corner of Astor Place and Lafayette Street, ca. 1910

Statue of Peter Cooper, ca. 1910

Tablet bas-relief of Peter Cooper in Cooper Institute, 1907

[Cooper Union.] 1880

View of Clinton Hall, Astor Place, ca. 1875

Astor Place. ca. 1889

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