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Rick Ross - The Mormon Church (Article Links)

This information was posted to offer the public a resource concerning controversial and/or potentially unsafe groups and related subjects. The Rick A. Ross Institute (RI) does not necessarily endorse or support the views expressed. Some may find this material controversial. RI posts this information for the convenience of researchers.

This page contains information The Rick A. Ross Institute has gathered about the Mormon Church.
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News and Controversies
Mormon Missionaries
Mormons in Utah
Mormon Holdings
Mormons vs. Free Speech
Mormon Racism
Mormon Women
Mormons and Jews
Mormons and Christians
Gay Mormons
Sex Abuse Claims
The Book of Mormon
Former Mormons


To Mormons, Heavenly Mother is the ultimate, but unknown,

Mormon church to review new Boy Scouts proposal,

Split emerges among Mormon scholars,

October 3, 2012, Haaretz, Israel, How kabbala shaped Mormon faith, by Tomer Persico,

Mormon church confirms its members are allowed to drink coke and Pepsi... but tea is still banned,

Using genealogy, Mormons baptize spirits of dead,

Shake-up hits BYU’s Mormon studies institute,

Mormonism grows; devotion begins in youth,

The Book of Mormon: The Whiter the Skin, the Closer to God,
Mormons: Christians or not?,

Analysis of Mormonism downplays some controversial aspects American faith,

The Theological Differences Behind Evangelical Unease With Romney,

In Romney's tax returns, details on Mormon tithe,

Are Mormons Christians?,

Oklahomans describe theological differences between Southern Baptists, Mormons

Are Mormons through with polygamy?

Mormon temple weddings leave some family on outside, hurting inside

Left behind? Mormons, who don't really buy this Rapture thing

Mormon underwear keeps body and soul together

Now everyone can view LDS Church stances on social issues

Vegas man sues Mormon church for baptism for the dead injury

Gardner's date with firing squad revives talk of Mormon blood atonement

Non-Mormon family not being allowed to attend son's wedding was wrenching

Ballard speaks on Mormons in the media

Local Mormon genealogy centre keeps the family together forever

Mormons Scour Archives to Baptize Dead

Proxy LDS baptisms: Founding Fathers, too

Faith and evolution: Mormonism teaches why God created the world, not how, scientist says

The Mormon Index is a rising sign of troubled economy

Mormon couple well-supplied for crisis

Mormons defend baptizing the dead

Modern-day Mormons disavow polygamy

Facts on Mormon faith

Mormon Succession Guided by Tradition

Disparate Doctrines: Two Faiths in Conflict

A side-by-side comparison

Spotlight on Mormonism

What Mormons believe

The Search for the Garden of Eden

Nurse: LDS beliefs open door to stem-cell research
Scholar becomes explainer in a 'Mormon moment'
LDS a cult? 350,000 DVDs try to shake Mormons' faith
People you may meet in heaven
BYU polygamy Web page dumped
Will Pope Benedict become a Mormon after he dies?
From myths to missionaries: Taking a look at the truth about Mormonism
Non-LDS BYU students want their religion class back 
Latter-day Saints: A look at the Mormon church 
Mormon mavericks mark milestone 
Books of the Mormons: What Mormons base beliefs on 
Four decades of independent Mormon thought 
2 months of food: $1,200; Emergency-ready pantry: Priceless 
Petitioner Angry Over "Celestial" Polygamy 
Mormon teens say seminary starts day right 
Morning breaks early for LDS students 

LDS book: Evolution is not incompatible with religion 
Mormons' new true believers 
LDS believe Satan is real, but the stories aren't always 
Mormons are taught to leave theory of evolution to science 
Beyond stereotypes: Being a Mormon teenager offers challenges, rewards 
Mormons mix science into spirituality 
New Rule On Purchasing LDS Garments 
LDS urged to boost worthiness 
BHSU book confuses Mormon, American Indian beliefs 
The Untold Story Of The Mormons 
South Park episode about Mormons 
Mormons historically ready 
Mormons tackle misconceptions 
Storehouse of Faith 
Unmentionable No Longer 
A Leap of Faith for Utah's 'Peculiar People'
U.S. survey compares LDS, non-LDS beliefs 
Mormons must answer personal questions before receiving a "Temple Recommend" 

    The Book of Mormon
Split emerges among Mormon scholars,

News and Controversies

Mormon bishop gets prison for Ponzi scheme,

Former Mormon Bishop Pleads Guilty to Investor Fraud,

Ex-bishop of Mormon singles ward charged with investment fraud,

Americans Learned Little About the Mormon Faith, But Some Attitudes Have Softened,

Profits of Zion,

Brazil mystery: Case of the missing Mormons (913,045 of them, to be exact),

Mormons struggling with doubt turn to online support groups,

Mormonism leading way in U.S. religious growth,

Feds: Mormon bishop ran Ponzi scheme,

Mormon Church owns one of most active gun sale sites on web, according to Mayor Bloomberg report,

Special Report: Mormonism besieged by the modern age,

Let's Talk About (Mormon) Sex,

Mormon men waiting longer to marry, worrying church officials,

Mormons using the Web to control their own image,

Loss of members spurred LDS singles ward changes,

Mormon guys delay marriage in paralyzing hunt for perfect wife,

Changes in store for Mormon church singles,

Japan crisis spurs survival planning by U.S. Mormons,

LDS membership growth stable; slight improvement predicted for convert retention,

Sex and the single Mormon,

November 16, 2010, The Salt Lake Tribune, FBI files shed light on Ezra Taft Benson, Ike and the Birch Society, by Lee Davidson,

Deptember 21, 2010, The Irish Immigrant, Dublin teenager at center of Utah controversy returned to Ireland,

Mormon Church releases statement condemning Quran burning,

Mormons have mixed views of Beck's rise,

Mormon church officials talking with Chinese,

Ousted LDS leader dies,

New Nevada college would promote Mormon values,

Arizona immigration law fallout harms LDS Church outreach,

Africa, Caribbean lead way in LDS growth,

Non-Mormon family not being allowed to attend son's wedding was wrenching,

'Cleanflix' exposes Utah's conservative culture to the world,

Surprises pop up in new survey of U.S. Mormons,

A Portrait of Mormons in the U.S.,

Survey: Members of LDS faith feel more threatened by Hollywood,

Mormons May Have Baptized More Obama Relatives,

Kiwi man wins legal battle with mormon church over a family affair,

Fast-growing Mormon Church looks to laity for its leaders,

LDS convert denies parents abducted her,

President's Late Mother Improperly, Posthumously, Baptized as a Mormon,

'Men on a Mission' cost its publisher membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his degree from BYU. But he has plans for a new calendar - with sexy Mormon moms,

Stephenie Meyer's Twilight banned,

Africa's 'Mormon superstar' is LDS Church's first black African general authority,

Mormon church appoints administrator to apostle

LDS members conflicted on church's illegal-migrant growth,

Mormon food bank a private welfare system,

Beefcake-publisher, BYU meet over diploma,

Mormonism a growing religion,

Group helps men fight porn addiction,

Another Utah poll backs some gay rights, but same-sex couple adoption opposed,

Five new temples planned for Mormon church, including one in Canada,

Ex-student urges repeal of BYU's honor code,

Mormons mortified by missionary positions,

Mormon missionary calendar-maker called before LDS elders,

Mormon church dedicates new temple in Brazil,

LDS Church handbook put online without permission,

Another Scientology-like Web war?,

U.S. Muslims and Mormons share deepening ties,

Redefining the Mormon Empire,

Religion depts. open doors to Mormon studies,

LDS have largest families in U.S.,

LDS Church disciplines musician,

Mormons, Boy Scouts targets of new suit,

Colleges scramble to offer curriculum on Mormon religion,

Challenges Await New Mormon President,

German Joins Inner-Most Mormon Circle,

Monson named president of Mormon church,

Latter-day Saints mourn loss of Hinckley, look to their future under a new prophet,

LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley dies at age 97,

Utah's Army enlistments stay among lowest in nation,

January 18, 2008, The Salt Lake Tribune, New manual on Joseph Smith mentions polygamy, by Peggy Fletcher Stack, 

Prophet Sharing: The faithful are still waiting for Bishop Koyle's Mormon dream mine to pay out,

From polygamy to propriety,

Colorado shooter was baptized into LDS faith,

Sunstone contains multiple views about LDS Church,

Mormons' Truth Restored campaign has understanding as goal,

LDS: Therapist works to help Mormons survive divorce,

Top Leadership Does Not Reflect Diversity of Church Membership,

Mormon Leader Names New Official,

New era dawns for LDS temple recommends,

Mormon Faith and Spectacle at Hill Cumorah in Palmyra, N.Y.,

The German Apostle,

Mormon dad who opposed ordination of sons loses most of lawsuit,

Judge dismisses anti-Mormon group lawsuit,

House passes bill to allow tithing during bankruptcy,

Mormon's must pay full rates,

Tanner, Mormon challenger and founder of Utah Lighthouse Ministry, dies,

BYU transfers prefer U diversity, classes, social life,

Sunstone Symposium: Tale of Mormons and tattoos,

Building faith: The LDS Church in Chile,

BYU still on list of censured schools,
April 2, 2006, Denver Post, Border issues moot to Mormons in Utah, by Michael Riley,

February 5, 2005, The Salt Lake Tribune, Rebel Mormon's memoir ignites a furor, by Peggy Fletcher Stack,
White Wash,

Mormon Cultural Studies,

LDS Church celebrates Latino culture,

Mormon church president calls new New York temple "Zion in Babylon'',

LDS Church follows members to inner cities,

LDS garments sold on eBay,

Mormons Return to Nauvoo,

Mormons Warned of Entertainment Evils,

Mormons gather in Salt Lake City for semiannual conference,

Mormon temple slated for San Antonio,

Mormon Church to build Temple near Lincoln Center,

Nauvoo is a divided town,

Did Mormons use the Summer Olympics for self-promotion?,

Study Finds Utah Leads Nation in Antidepressant Use,

The Mormons Among Us,

Mormons Project Image as Diverse as Olympics,

Nation's Anthropologists Evaluate LDS Culture,

LDS Church Takes Issue With Article,

A Mormon Moment,

Sunstone's Future at a Crossroads,

April 25, 2001, The Associated Press,Mormons Reject Bush Charity Plan, by Christy Karras,

November 25, 2000, Deseret News, Growth of LDS Church has upside, downside, by Christi C. Babbit, 

The Mormon Moment,

Hinckley Marks 5 Years as LDS President,

New Structure Symbolizes Mormon Growth,

Mormon Missionaries

 Inside the Missionary Training Center: Boot camp for Mormons

Suitless in Seattle, everywhere: new grooming standards for Mormon missionaries

 Mormon missions: Door-to-door approach is out; Internet is in

 Carlsbad police: Mormon missionary turns himself in for sexual abuse

 Number of Mormon Missionaries Hits Record Highs

 Young women add to Mormon missionary ranks

 Mormon church lowers age requirements for missionaries

Mormons turn to Facebook evangelism

Mormon missionaries on the rise, but convert retention still plagues LDS faith

Mormon missionaries aiming to save souls in Carlisle

'American Idol's' David Archuleta Puts Music On Hold for Two-Year Mormon Mission

Mormonism Enjoying Dramatic Growth in Latin America

10.  LDS membership growth stable; slight improvement predicted for convert retention

No more U.S. Mormon missionaries to be allowed in Switzerland?

 Mormon missionary work moving online

Mormons lure Korean converts with English lessons

Mormon moms prepare for special day

Africa, Caribbean lead way in LDS growth

Mormons: 'We don't want Bible bashers'

Va. man who killed Mormon missionary gets 38 years

US Mormon missionaries expelled from Guyana

LDS missionaries: Undocumented immigrants walk fine line when spreading their faith

Young Mormon missionaries have one request: Don't be mean to them

Calling home: The best LDS missionary present

Proselytising amid the poverty

City mission

LDS Church denies misdeed 

Missionaries target Chinese immigrants in Brooklyn 

Water balloons and Dear John letters 

Mission improbable for Folau 

Mormon missionaries describe daily lives in Bloomington

Missionaries Spread the News, but Don't Read It

Single Mormon women serve church in pairs

The New Face of Global Mormonism

Inside the world of Mormon missionaries

For Mormons, a trying mission

LDS families soon may be housing missionaries

God's Salesmen
 Mormon milestone: Missionary army has enlisted 1 million since church's 1830 founding
 Mormon church obtained Vietnam draft deferrals for Romney, other missionaries
 Living the Missionary Life
 Hispanics change face of Mormon faith
 The Saints Go Marching In
 4 Mormon Missionaries Abducted in Nigeria Released Unharmed
 Mormon Soul Patrol
 Soul searching
 Mormon missionaries patrol for souls
 Russian doctor on a mission 
 LDS Missionaries Helping Immigrants To Alaska 
 Couple's calling rooted in history 
 The lost soles that save souls 
 Men on a mission 
 Missionaries having fun 
 Sidewalk Salvation 
 Mission accomplished for 2 Steelers 
 Mormon missionaries hope to build the faith of LU students 
 Hardscrabble history for Czech proselytizers 
 Chesapeake police make arrest in shooting of Mormon missionaries 
 Slaying of elder not linked to hate, religion, police say 
 Mormon missionaries' families sit by the phone 
 Faith Teams: Hundreds of Mormon missionaries in N.C. travel to share their beliefs 
 NBA exec taking leave to guide Mormon missionaries in western Pa. 
 A mission to Scottsdale 
 In a shift, Mormon Church is flexible on missionary commitment 
 Psychologists apologize for criticizing LDS Church 
 Psychology group calms Utahans over film on LDS 
 Mormons to seek more missionaries 
 Would You Like a Book of Mormon? 
 On the streets of Paris, two Mormons try to convert the French 
 On a mission 
 Belarus kicks out 2 for LDS activities 
 Mormon missionaries target Iqaluit 
 LDS Says More Work Done With Higher Standards for Missionaries 
 Mormon conversions surge in Latin America 
 Young Mormons spread the faith 
 Mormon missionaries hard at work in Cambodia 
 Mormon missionaries face days of austerity, rejection 
 Boot Camp: Missionary work helps Mormon 'sisters' grow spiritually 
 Mission: Possible 
 Mormon missionaries walk Hub City streets 
 Mormons on Mission to Lure City Minorities 
 On a Mission: Mormon missionaries' lifestyle is filled with structure and sacrifice 
 Say No to the Mission Call and the Pressure Builds 
 Mormon missionary beats up potential convert 

Mormons in Utah

 Mormon stake president accused of crossing line
 Census: Share of Utah's Mormon residents holds steady
 Federal judge dismisses Utah hospitality industry’s liquor suit
 How Utah’s Capitol marches to a Mormon beat
 Bucking Trend, Mormons Build Giant Mall
 Abstinence-only sex ed bill passes Utah Senate
 Will 'Mormon mall' rules stimulate or stymie downtown?
 Myth of the Utah Mormon
 State defends Mormon Church influencing Utah liquor laws
 Group Wants Mormon Church Blocked From Future Liquor Law Debates
 Utah No. 1 in growth by whites during past decade, census says
 Loss of members spurred LDS singles ward changes
 Census: 'Married with kids' could be Utah motto
 Utah DUI arrests decline despite looser liquor law
 SUU's Mormon-themed ad campaign raises questions
 Gardner's date with firing squad revives talk of Mormon blood atonement
 Foreclosure mystery: Why can't conservative Utahns afford their mortgage?
 Huge Church Project Renews Downtown, and Debate
 'Dramatic jump' with Utahns for gay rights
 Utah Lawmakers Won't Take Up a Ban on Discrimination Against Gays
 Mormon Church acquires 13 acres in downtown Salt Lake City
 Utah trails Southern states in religion survey
 Mormon church influences alcohol debate in Salt Lake City
 Utah's Gay Senator Calls It Quits
 Utah 0.0005% more LDS in 2009
 Salt Lake OKs gay rights laws with Mormon backing
 KSL 5 News investigates affinity fraud
 Teetotalers may still dominate Utah liquor board
 Utah bars bought less alcohol after going public
 'Cleanflix' exposes Utah's conservative culture to the world
 Utah ushers in a new era of choice for bar patrons
 GOP is strong in Utah but at 25-year low in rest of nation
 Funky Utah street names can hit you where you live
 Utah lifts 'weird' drinking curbs
 No membership needed: Utah bars to open to public
 Bill takes step to normalize Utah's liquor laws
 Anti-Gay Utah Senator Salts The Wound
 State liquor sales up more than 6 percent
 A history of Utah's bizarre liquor laws
 Utah's population growth slows
 LDS Church Releases Statement on Alcohol
 Desert News to cut 35 staff positions; revamp operations
 Two Studies Find Depression Widespread in Utah
 Romney raised millions in Utah 
 Utah's strict liquor laws might get stricter 
 Did Gov. Leavitt cross the line? 
 Utah less Mormon than ever
 Saloon that drove LDS Church crazy is dead
 How deep is religious divide?
 Be patient, Rocky says 
 LDS church seeks to buy hotel for student housing 
 As Utah grows, LDS majority shrinks 
 Utah's Mormon population shrinking 
 Utah campaign tactics often take leap of faith 
 City Embraces LDS Church's Arguments Against Strip Club 
 Mormon Church wants buffer 
 Is downtown becoming another Vatican? 
 Religion re-enters Salt Lake mayoral race 
 Mayor says Mormon Council Members Heeded Church Wishes in Nordstrom Vote 
 LDS church takes over Salt Lake City block 
 LDS Church to Take Control of Main Street Monday 
 Mormon workforce cut by 600 
 Utah city schools bar Monday-night events after Mormon request 
 After Bitter Dispute, Newspaper Changes Hands 
 Separation of church and career in Salt Lake City 

Mormons vs. Free Speech

 Protest dispute settled at Mormon temple
 BYU Campus newspaper pulls student's editorial on prop 8
 New signs at Mormon plaza say anyone can be barred
 SLC, LDS win fight over plaza 
 ACLU: Salt Lake City-Mormon church deal is unconstitutional 
 Ministry files suit over Web sites 
 Mormons ask court to silence preacher who believes their church is a cult 
 Church takes name-game to court 
 Court boots ACLU's plaza suit 
 Judge appears leery of SLC's speech rules 
 Salt Lake City and LDS Church Address Protest Zones 
 Mormon church will be added as defendant in ACLU Main Street plaza lawsuit 
 Conference clashes result in 2 arrests 
 Preachers may make the plaza their pulpit 
 Main Street Plaza Dispute Not Over Yet 
 Land Deal Seems to Resolve Salt Lake City Plaza Dispute 
 Mormons' strict rules run into trouble on Main Street 
 Speech Fight Deepens in Salt Lake City 
 Mormons Seek Control of Salt Lake Block 
 Mormons vs. Misbehavior on Main St. 
 Mormons to take speech dispute to Supreme Court 
 Mormon Church Suffers a Setback 
 Marion man touts Mormon sidewalk ruling 
 Mormon Speech Curb Rejected 
 Men arrested for passing out literature critical of Mormon Church in Salt Lake City 
 LDS Suit Nearing Settlement 
 LDS copyright, Internet suit settled 
 Web Site Prompts Mormon Church to Sue Critics 

Mormon Women

 To Mormons, Heavenly Mother is the ultimate, but unknown
 Mormon apostle Packer warns against 'tolerance trap'
 Mormon women ask for more equality
 For Mormon feminists, progress 'with an asterisk'
 LDS Church treats men and women as equals? Really?
 Sex and the single Mormon
 LDS leader pushes 'Mormon brand of female empowerment'
 Mormon women look for greater role
 Mormon Women Emerging From Shadows
 Conference address by LDS relief society president sparks furious debate
 LDS women's Web site a haven 'to be feminist and faithful'
 Panel of moms describes LDS woes
 A feminist look at the Mormon faith 
 Mormon women to push for priesthood power at Counterpoint Conference 
 New Book Examines Mormon Women's Autobiographies 
 58% of LDS women admit premarital sex
 Mormon women must be heard

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