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June 12, 1877, The Sun, Hydrophobia; Nature of the Malady--Cases in which the Turkish Bath has Proved Efficient,

November 6, 1877, The Daily Graphic, A Hot Contest; A Very Lively Fight in a Turkish Bath,

December 7, 1891, New York Herald, page 10, Cause of Death In a Turkish Bath;

January 22, 1894, The Evening Post, The Police Activity; Accounting For the Recent Raids,
Interesting in another sense was the raid on John H. McGurk's combination bar-room and concert-hall at No. 258 Bowery, and an alleged disorderly house next door. At this place, 211 men and women were arrested, making, it is said, the biggest raid ever effected by the police of New York. The difference in significance between the first two mentioned and the last is that the influence of the owners of the Park Row establishments was because of their connection with the "big politicians." McGurk had his "pull" only in his ward and in his precinct. He was safe only through his arrangement with the small politicians at the neighborhood and with the precinct police.

December 5th, 2012, Bowery Boogie, Down in the Bowery Dives: The History of McGurk’s Suicide Hall, by Allison,

Sep 10, 2010, Daytona in Manhattan, McGurk's Suicide Hall -- 295 The Boweryby tom Miller -  - Everything on the Bowery, however, was not innocent. Just after the ... It was the sort of environment that attracted John McGurk. McGurk had ...

Oct 12, 2007, The Bowery Boys: New York City History, FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER: McGurk's Suicide Hall,  - One had to have fallen pretty low to even enter John McGurk's tawdry ... The bar became the destination of a great number of suicides, either from carbolic acid ... example of new yorkers being kicked out to make room for mallrats. .... U.S.A. ·

Full text of "Wretches of Povertyville; a sociological study of ...
The stream of life which flows through Poverty- ville is not a gentle stream flowing ..... There are two types of concertor music hall on the Bowery. ... and chairs, with one long table in the backroom, a bare- looking bar with a row of pewter ..... After McGurk's Sporting House was closed the other Bowery dives either closed ...

June 29, 1913, The Evening Telegram, page 9, Eleven Turkish Baths Fail to Heal Frenchman's Sorrows;

August 8, 1913, The New York Press, When Is a Man Drunk; Raised in Woman's Suit,

May 9, 1918, The Evening Telegram, page 1, Police Here Take 100 as Slackers on U.S. Order of Wide Raids,

May 26, 1918, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Harlem Slacker Raid Nets Forty,

June 16, 1918, The Evening Telegram, page 1, 300 In Slacker Raid; Half Free After Quiz,

May 26, 1973, The Geneva Times, page 2, London sex scandal worries lawmakers,

August 5, 1920, Buffalo Evening News, page 1, Bandits Raid Turkish Bath House, Get $8000,

June 11, 1897, Iowa State Bystander, page 10, Race Echoes; J.G. Bergen,

A History of the New York Stage; From the First Performance in 1732 to 1901, by T. Allston Brown, In Three Volumes, Vol. II, (New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1902)

May 27, 1977, AP - The Milwaukee Journal, Windows Sealed in Fire,
New York, NY — Fire officials said Thursday that illegally sealed windows at the Everard Baths contributed to the deaths of nine persons killed In a fire at the ...

May 26, 1977, AP - The Morning Herald [Uniontown, PA] page 17, 8 Die In New York Blaze,

November 23, 1905, St. John [N.B.] Daily Sun,
Interfering With Chauffeur Fatal; .Secretary Snatches The Steering Wheel as Machine Goes Seventy Miles an Hour,

May 26, 1977, AP - The Morning Herald [Uniontown, PA] page 17, 8 Die In New York Blaze,

[August 21, 2008 web capture] Legendary Gay Bathhouses of New York City,

James Everard's Russian and Turkish bath house at 28 and 30 West Twenty-eighth street, just completed, was thrown open to public inspection last evening, and the rooms were thronged. The establishment is claimed by the proprietor to be superior to any Russian or Turkish bath in the world. The visitor passes through a side room, where there is a buffet, to the main room. It is two stories high, with a gallery around it on all sides. Around the sides of the main room are private dressing rooms, and around the gallery above are sleeping rooms. In the centre of the main room is a skylight surrounded by a railing. The skylight is exactly over a tank which is in the Turkish bath room, and which is the pride of the establishment. The tank is 50 feet long and 20 feet wide, and it has a depth of from 4 to 6 feet. An artesian well supplies it constanly with 65,000 gallons of water at a temperature of 60 degrees.

In the rear of the Turkish bath room is the Russian bath room of marble. In the centre of the room is a plunge bath holding 20,000 gallons. On each side of the hall between the Turkish and the Russian baths, is a needle bath. A young man in a dress suit attempted to show a young llady last evening the working of the valves by turning them one after another. The young man unfortunately turned a valve which directed a stream on himself, and before he could escape he was wet to the skin from the knees down.

The manager is Mr. James W. Collier, well known as an actor and theatrical manager, and formerly of Shook & Collier of the Union Square Theatre.

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